Storm Warning-Part 2: Chapter 14

Null Factor

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Chapter 14
Continuing From the Previous Chapter

“Miluska!” Tank called on finishing the drink, having to speak loudly to break the Artit Wolf’s focus from the sexy Pokegirl she was playing with. “Come to me, girl! Rei, see what you can do with Asuka. Eila gets Kodachi this time around.”

The Pokegirls quickly followed his commands, the big, muscular wolf Pokegirl bounding over to him and starting to lap at his cum-slick dick and groin with her tongue. Rei scurried over to Asuka’s side after a final plunging of her fingers in Kodachi’s ass. When she was jointed by Eila she looked up in surprise, but swiftly turned the Succubus over onto her side at the Snowmandy’s gestured command. That done the lizard Pokegirl opened her mouth and let a stream of sperm leak out onto the bound Succubus’ face. Asuka was already feeling sexually blitzed by the previous intense sessions with Eila and Miluska, especially since the Aura Damper cinched around her neck didn’t allow her to drain her partners’ energy like she was used to. The presence of her owner’s cum once again roused her, however, so that Rei and Eila could soon hear her whining from deep within her throat as she writhed about, trying to taste the spunk sliding over her face. Rei thought it would be a shame to let that cum go to waste so as the Snowmandy moved over to Kodachi she leaned over and began kissing her new bed partner, taking the opportunity to also start tasting her Tamer’s semen.

Meanwhile Eila was lying on the Killer Queen and dribbling the last bits of Tank’s spunk onto her, doing her best to aim it so it would make it under Kodachi’s hood to make as much contact with her skin as possible. That accomplished the Snowmandy kept her body on top of her Harem Sister’s, luxuriating in the larger Pokegirl’s plush, voluptuous body. The two Pokegirls’ skins were both extremely pale, but Eila’s scales had a slight iridescence so the sight of them rubbing along one another was quite an erotic sight. And it was something that Tank’s eyes were almost completely focused on at that exact moment.

When Miluska had come over to his side he had allowed her to lap at his groin for only a few moments before getting her to spin around. Once she had done so Tank had immediately rammed his hips forward, slamming his dick into the Artit Wolf. He knew the large Feral Pokegirl liked it hard and fast and since they were both already highly aroused from their previous actions he didn’t bother with any foreplay and went right to the Taming. The force of his thrust was hard enough to shuffle even the heavy Miluska forward several steps so that by the time she and her Tamer settled into a strong, steady rhythm with the Pokegirl yipping with each impact of his hips on hers her forearms were up on the bed, pushing the wet, cum-stained sheets up off the mattress. This position, pounding into his wolf Pokegirl from behind, half on the bed itself, gave Tank an excellent view of the way Eila and Rei were playing with Kodachi and Asuka.

Even as he watched, Eila reluctantly pulled her body off of her Harem Sister’s and flipped her over so that that pale, round, perfect ass was facing her. Then with a grin she once again threaded her tail between her legs and approached the Killer Queen. Kodachi’s head tried to jerk upright as she felt the blunt tip of the Snowmandy’s tail begin to wedge into her anus, already prepared for a good fucking by Rei’s earlier manipulations. The nature of her bindings, however, meant that she was completely unable to do anything except moan in pleasure as the feelings of being taken up the butt once again started to sweep over her. The lizard Pokegirl’s tongue hung out of the corner of her mouth as she began cramming as much of her tail as she could fit into the Black Rose’s rear end, one hand keeping that flexible appendage steady, the other tightly gripping her bound partner’s butt cheeks, the strength of her grasp leaving bright red marks on the normally flawless pale skin.

While Kodachi was anally violated again, Rei was busy with her companion. The puppy Pokegirl was continuing to use her mouth and lips on the gagged Asuka’s face even as her furry breasts pushed into the even larger mammaries of the Succubus. The new Pokegirl’s bushy tail waved vigorously back and forth as she enjoyed the feeling of her Harem Sister’s hot, crimson skin rubbing against her body. Eventually she let her hand wander downward to the steaming, sopping groin of the other Pokegirl and started frigging her strongly, just as she had been doing previously with Kodachi. She did use a different hand, however, as the session with the Killer Queen had made the first one feel a bit tired and cramped. Soon Asuka was twitching and bucking her hips as best she could in her restrained state, her tired body reacting almost automatically to yet more sexual manipulation of it.

Enjoying the sights on the bed so close to him, Tank nevertheless eventually let his gaze rest on the Pokegirl he was humping so strongly. Beneath her thick, white pelt he could see her powerful muscles bunching and relaxing under the impact of his own thrusts as well as her own movements. Miluska started whining deeply in her throat as she felt a huge orgasm quickly building within her caused by her Tamer’s forceful Taming of her. “AAAAAAAWWWWWAAAAAAOOOOOOOO!!!” Tank felt the hairs on the back of his neck raise as the Artit Wolf howled and quaked in conjunction with her climax, her immensely strong fingers ripping the sheets she had been clutching into shreds. The teenager didn’t stop, though, simply grunting at the pleasurable feeling of the Feral Pokegirl’s cunt clamping down closely on his cock even as he continued to force it up her suddenly constricted channel.

When Miluska’s muscles finally relaxed as her orgasm passed, she slumped down onto the bed’s mattress, a little drool leaking from her fang-filled mouth and her blue eyes rolling crazily. She whimpered slightly as she realized her owner wasn’t finished with her yet, his hard dick continuing to slash in and out of her body. A sudden yelp of surprise escaped her lips when she felt Tank’s strong hands move off of her butt and to her heavy, swaying breasts. Grabbing them in either hand he squeezed them firmly as he kept up the quick pace of his thrusts, her hard nipples poking out from between his fingers so that he could pinch them gently by closing the correct digits. Such treatment soon had the effect of increasing the Artit Wolf’s arousal and the sounds of her pants were soon audible to everyone in the room, despite how busy they all were.

Eila was continuing to screw Kodachi up the butt with her tail, but was now slamming so hard into the other Pokegirl that her stomach was lying flat on the bed. In such a position the Snowmandy was coming down almost directly vertical into the Killer Queen, hissing in pleasure as she delivered an extra hard Taming to her Harem Sister. Rei on the other hand had completely switch positions and actions. Instead of continuing to diddle Asuka with her fingers, the Growlie had scissored their legs together so they could achieve the maximum amount of pussy-on-pussy contact. Because the Succubus was so completely restrained, however, she couldn’t help much in ensuring she stayed in the correct position. After a few attempts, therefore, the frustrated puppy Pokegirl had pulled her partner’s groin up into the air and was now standing directly over her, wildly grinding their groins together. The large amount of mixed vaginal juices being generated in the maneuver was thus soon streaming straight down Asuka’s sexy, crimson-skinned body. Most of it was blocked and diverted by her massive breasts, but enough of it trickled between those huge globes that the Succubus’ face was soon sporting a thick coating of Pokegirl cum on it.

Tank felt his balls tingling at the incredibly erotic sight of his two newest Pokegirls so thoroughly plundering the voluptuous bodies of his two oldest ones. Then he realized that there was a new sensation running across his testicles; Miluska was reaching down beneath her body to rub and fondle his sack with her lightly-furred fingers. Somehow the knowledge that the Feral Pokegirl could easily rip his balls from his body but was instead doing her best to give him pleasure only heightened his arousal rather than scaring the hell out of him as it probably should have. Gritting his teeth, he gripped her large breasts even harder than he had been, hunching over the Artit Wolf’s body as his hip movements became increasingly erratic with the feeling of his impending climax rising within him.

“Nnnngggghhhhhh!!” With a grunting cry the teenager felt his seed start to spurt in his Pokegirl, quickly followed by the tight sensation of Miluska’s vaginal canal squeezing his dick as she too came. Tank’s hips gave a few more sharp jerks forward as his mind temporarily blanked out under the intensity of his climax. The young Tamer was only aware of the incredible ecstasy of unloading into the hot, slippery cunt of his Artit Wolf for several moments. Eventually the all-too-brief period passed and he slumped forward, resting his sweaty torso on the furry back of his large Pokegirl. He could feel her body heaving beneath him as she too concentrated on the pleasure wracking her body, but after several minutes her breathing started to slow.

“Artit Wolf!” Miluska said in a combination of both happiness and tiredness, craning her head back to swipe her tongue over her Tamer’s face, mostly getting his forehead and nose. Tank laughed at that and could have stayed in the comfortable position for hours, luxuriating in the closeness and warmth of the Pokegirl, but he knew he still had work to do. Asuka’s and Kodachi’s education was still not complete. With a regretful sigh he pulled his cock out of the Artit Wolf and reached down to snag another bottle of Washu’s revitalizer. Only one left, he noted as he downed the disgusting liquid, soon feeling a wave of energy sweep through him. That should be enough.

Looking at the two couples on the bed he realized that his Pokegirls could probably do with some kind of energy drink themselves, but the potions were only designed with humans in mind. At any rate their role in his plan was pretty much finished. It was time for him to take a personal hand with the Succubus and Killer Queen.

“Rei. Eila. You can stop now.” The two Pokegirls’ stopped their actions with a combination of reluctance and gratefulness. Reluctance of course since they were Pokegirls and thus bioengineered to enjoy sex a great deal and the bound Pokegirls lying twitching on the stained, torn sheets of the bed were superb examples of their kinds. Just perfect little Taming toys for any horny Pokegirl. Gratefulness since even for Pokegirl there were limits after all! They had been involved in nearly non-stop fucking for several hours with both Pokegirls and their Tamer. For a Pokegirl experiencing a Taming with their owner was always a more intense kind of experience than any other kind of combination. In addition, all of their encounters had been happening without the benefit of the stamina potions Tank had been using. Add all that up and… They were damn tired! Therefore the gratefulness they were feeling much outweighed the degree of reluctance in their body language as they separated from their partners and looked over at their Tamer, waiting for his next command.

“Untie them,” The teenager ordered. As they moved to obey he added, “But leave on Asuka’s Aura Damper, Rei.” While the Growlie and Snowmandy went through the complicated task of removing the bindings from the other two Pokegirls, Tank felt Miluska rub against his leg.

“Artit Wolf?” She said in a questioning tone of voice, continuing to push against his hip with her shoulder.

“No, that’s OK, Miluska,” Tank replied, dropping to his knees and kissing her before hugging her into his chest. The Artit Wolf woofed happily at that, setting her panting head on his shoulder and returning the hug. “You did a great job today. Now it’s time for you to rest, OK?” When she nodded her head he snapped her up in her Pokegirl.

Turning back from placing the now occupied Pokeball on the table, he saw that Rei and Eila were just finishing up their tasks. Asuka and Kodachi now lay on the bed without any restraints beyond the Aura Damper still wrapped around the Succubus’ neck. They didn’t seem aware of their freedom, however, as they were barely conscious, an occasional tremor running through their bodies which were clearly still overwhelmed by the feelings that had been roaring through them since the Taming Session began. “You both did fantastic as well, Rei. Eila.”

“Thank you, Master.” “Snowmandy!” The two replied to their Tamer’s compliment.

“All right, then. I think you deserve some rest as well. Return!” Once more the crimson light always generated by an activated Pokeball flashed throughout the room and the Growlie and Snowmandy were soon back inside their portable containers. Glancing at the two remaining Pokegirls, Tank realized he had plenty of time so he quickly pulled on a pair of boxer shorts, gathered up the three full Pokeballs and went to the hotel room door. Opening it slightly he peered out.

“Don’t worry, Tank!” Came Washu’s voice from right outside the door. “There’s no one for you to report you for flashing!”

The teenager chuckled at this and opened the door further, but only poked his head and upper body out. Sitting on a chair to his side was his Alpha in her little girl form as usual, a large array of floating screens about her. He quickly transferred the three Pokeballs he was holding to the Brainiac saying as he did so, “OK. Take these to the PokeCenter and have them run a complete cycle on them. Then get out the others and meet Gourry and his Harem for training.” He looked down at his wrist, sighing in exasperation as he saw only bare skin having taken off his watch prior to beginning the Taming session. “Uh…I’ll be with you as soon as I can.”

“No problem,” The little redhead replied confidently, tucking away the Pokeballs inside some hidden pocket. “So…How’s it going in there?”

Tank opened his mouth to reply, then shut it abruptly as he mentally changed what he was going to say. “Pretty fair, I think. But I’ll know better in a while.”

Washu’s green eyes glinted naughtily as she looked down at the tent his fully erect cock, still under the influence of the potions he’d been drinking, was creating in his boxer shorts. “Are you sure you don’t need a little…help? I’m more than willing to…”

“Yes, I’m sure you are,” Her Tamer replied dryly. “But you have other things to do right now. Like I said, I’ll be down as soon as I can.”

“I don’t think you’ll be going down anytime soon as far as I can see!” Washu started cackling as the teenager sighed and closed the door, locking it after he did so. “No one appreciates good humor these days,” The Brainiac huffed out loud, but her good humor returned as he looked at her screens, streams of data continuously scrolling by on them. “But never mind! These readings are outstanding, though there does seem to be a bit of interference,” The Brainiac frowned at that. “Nothing I can’t correct for, but still…I wonder where it’s coming from?”

Inside the hotel room Tank finished locking the door and looked at Asuka and Kodachi beginning to stir on the surface of the bed as they came more fully to their senses. Quickly stripping off his underwear he went to the foot of the bed and stood there with his arms folded in front of him, carefully schooling his features into an impassive expression. Then he waited.

Asuka was the first to recover enough to be able to notice her surroundings. Even with the Aura Damper preventing her from draining her partners’ sexual energy during their sessions together, her mind and body were much more closely geared to such encounters than Kodachi’s was. Groaning and looking blearily about her the Succubus’ violet eyes soon fell on her Tamer standing at the end of the bed looking sternly at her. Looking at his large, muscular form streaked with sweat and his big, fully erect cock pointing straight out at her from his groin, red, throbbing and soaked in the cum of both its owner and the Pokegirls he’d been screwing, Asuka felt her heart lurch within her. In seconds she was scrambling forward toward Tank, despite the aching tiredness that seemed to have invaded every cell of her body. Her desperate hand was just about to touch her Tamer’s mighty pole when she was brought up short.

<STOP!> Asuka went stock still as that command echoed through her Bond with Tank, her arm just a short distance from the target she so wanted to touch, lick, kiss, feel inside her…<Are you still only thinking of yourself, Asuka? Is it still only your desires that matter?>

The Succubus blinked in confusion at that. Isn’t it also what he wanted? She knew he desired her! She could feel it through their Bond, his arousal, his lust and even stronger his love for her was like a warm tide running through her! So what was so wrong with…Asuka let her arm drop to the bed as she let her senses more fully explore the Bond with Tank. She had always known it was a special sign of their relationship with another, a tie between them that let them share their thoughts and emotions with each other, but now…Now she realized that under the flow of feelings between the two of them were other currents. Following them she realized the depth of her master’s caring, not only for her but for all of his Pokegirls. His connections with the others poured out of his soul, not only tying him to those he had Bonded: Ryoko, Kodachi and herself, but to the others as well. And the power of his love for her, his very first Pokegirl, was no more or less than what he felt for his newest one, Rei.

Asuka almost thought she could feel something clicking into place within her as she finally came to the realization that she had never had to compete for Tank’s affection with Kodachi or anybody else for that matter. He loved her as he loved them all and the depth of his feelings for one of them didn’t take away one iota of his love for the others. They truly are my Harem Sisters! Asuka felt a sense of awe filling her and a swell of emotion rising up inside her soul and mind. Love for Tank, of course, but also for the other Pokegirls who shared her Tamer: Washu whom she had always somewhat resented for being chosen as Alpha. Miluska, the Feral whom she had been basically indifferent to before. The Succubus knew tears were starting to leak from her violet eyes, but she didn’t care as she felt a sense of peace and…belonging like she had never known before. She loved all of her Harem Sisters! All of them! Even…

<Yes, we are Harem Sisters…Truly we are blessed!> Asuka turned at that husky voice in her mind to see that Kodachi had come up to kneel beside her while she had been deeply immersed in communing with her Bond.

<We have been so foolish in the past, my Sister…>

It was unclear who made that last comment, but it didn’t matter as it was how both of the Pokegirls were feeling at that moment. They leaned forward at the same time and crushed their titanic chests together as they engaged in a soulful kiss with one another, a kiss that became increasingly hungry as the two hugged one another closer and began dueling tongues. The two had never had a Taming session together in the past due to their attitudes with each other. If their Tamer had told them to have sex with one another back then they of course would have obeyed his orders, but it wouldn’t have been done happily no matter how much their bodies would have responded to the other’s touches. Now, however, Asuka and Kodachi eagerly attacked their partner’s body, hands roaming over smooth expanses of skin, both crimson and pale, to find the perfect erotic zones to caress, pinch and rub to bring pleasure.

<Uhum!> Violet and black eyes blinked in surprise at the mental equivalent to someone clearing their throat interrupted them. Looking over to the foot of the bed they saw Tank looking down at them with a wry smile on his face. <Not that I’m not happy about your changes in attitude, ladies, but do you think you might…?> The teenager trailed off with a meaningful look downward at his hard cock, pulsing with desire and pre-cum beginning to trickle from its tip.

The Killer Queen and Succubus started giggling at that but quickly moved to the end of the bed, kneeling on the mattress so that their heads were in perfect position. “Ddddaaaaammmmmnnn!!” Tank’s groan was long and heartfelt as the two Pokegirls expertly began fellating him; first with Asuka suckling greedily at the head of his dick while the Black Rose licked and kissed his scrotum, occasionally taking one of his balls fully into her mouth and rolling it around while making the sexiest, wet, slurping noises. Then with nary a word the two expertly switched with Kodachi beginning to swallow his length while the other Pokegirl used her wickedly long and talented tongue on the portions of his shaft still out in the open. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!” Tank tangled his fingers in the hair of the two Pokegirls; one in the wavy, blonde and red-streaked hair of his Succubus, the other grabbing the tight bun of midnight black hair Kodachi’s hair had been arranged in prior to putting the leather mask on her. Now that the mask was off she could probably free her hair if she wanted to, but it was obvious that she couldn’t care less at the moment.

“OOOAAAAAHHH!!” Both Pokegirls groaned their own pleasure as their Tamer’s cries rose in volume as they continued their masterful blowjob. They switched positions several times, but were always using their lips, tongues, mouths and hands to increase the arousal they could feel rolling off of their master. Finally, at a point when they were on either side of his saliva-coated penis, swiftly running their mouths up and down its length while often pausing for wet, tongue filled kisses with one another across its broad head Tank yelled, “Gonna cum!!! Gonna cccuuuummmm!!!”

<On our breasts, Tank-dono!!> Kodachi begged, moving back slightly to present her massive rack as a landing zone for his jism while placing one hand on his dick and beginning to stroke it vigorously. Despite the opaque, black nature of her eyes, her desperate desire for his cum was clear as she gazed longingly up at the teenager.

<Yes!!> Asuka eagerly seconded, quickly moving into position by her Harem Sister, the four gigantic breasts seeming to provide acres of space for Tank to spray his seed on. The Succubus’ crimson hand was soon working in perfect conjunction with the Black Rose’s pale one, both Pokegirls trying hard to milk their Tamer of the contents of his balls. <Shoot it all over us, Master!! Make us drip with your cum!!!>

The mental urgings of his two Pokegirls combined with their hands’ expert ministrations and the incredibly erotic sight of them kneeling with their big, bouncing breasts presented for him was soon more than enough for them to get what they were pleading for. “AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!” Their was no subtlety in Tank’s scream of release nor in the way his load was blasted onto Asuka and Kodachi. Despite the large amount of sex he had already had that day, Washu’s incredibly potent potion ensured that this latest batch of semen was as large if not even larger than the first one.

The two Pokegirls squealed in joy and experienced minor orgasms of their own as his white cream began to spurt all over them. Partly their climaxes were from the feeling of their owner’s cum spattering on their bodies, long streamers falling onto their jiggling tits, more jetting onto their cheeks and dripping off their chins. Partly they were due to the Bond they shared with him and the feeling of his release roaring through it to trigger the same in them. Partly they were because the Pokegirls had gotten nearly as excited as their Tamer from the act of blowing him and sharing him with one another. At any rate when Tank finally recovered enough from his orgasm to crack open his eyes he was met with the sight of Kodachi and Asuka kneeling slightly back on their heels, their eyes closed as their bodies quivered and shook slightly from their orgasms. The two had gotten their wish in asking him to spray them with his cum and he felt slightly impressed with the amount he had managed to pump out as it slowly slid over the smooth, round surfaces of their breasts, oozed off their nipples, trickled off their foreheads, eyelashes and lips and even speckled their hair.

As soon as Asuka and Kodachi opened their eyes they immediately turned to gather one another in their arms again. The two gigantic sets of tits smashed up against each other, sliding slipperly over the other’s flesh due to the effects of the cum coating them. While their breasts spread the semen around, the two Pokegirls’ lips and tongues were busy on one another’s faces gathering it up and swallowing it down. Watching them consume his seed off each other Tank felt absolutely no diminution in the potency of his erection.

<Kodachi, lay on your back! Asuka, on top!> The Killer Queen and Succubus quickly obeyed the commands, not even needing to cease in their cum feeding fest as they did so. In no time at all their Tamer was met with the sight of the two bustiest of his Pokegirls making out with one another while their semen-drenched tits pressed into one another, their legs open and their wet pussies facing toward him, waiting for his cock. He wasn’t going to make them wait.

<Tank-dono!> <Master!> Both Pokegirls cried as he first entered the Killer Queen’s sopping wet cunt, his thick erection making an almost obscene sound as it pushed through her grasping folds. Tank gave a few hard thrusts into the bottom Pokegirl even as he tightly clenched Asuka’s ass cheeks. Then he pulled out of her and drove himself to the hilt in the hot channel of the Succubus, making them both scream mentally again, <Master!> <Tank-dono!>

“Mmmhh! Nnnggghh! Uuuhhhnnn!” Tank grunted again and again as he began Taming the two Pokegirls with quick, hard pumps of his hips. Every few stokes he pulled out of one of their quivering vaginas before thrusting himself into the other’s. To be honest though, it didn’t seem to make much difference in their reactions. Evidently what they had experienced during the previous hours of the Taming session at the hands, mouths and tails of the other Pokegirls combined with the connection they now felt with one another had tied them together so much emotionally that when their Tamer’s dick was plowing into one of them, both seemed to feel it. Tank wasn’t quite sure how that could be true; what he did know was that he had two extremely responsive Pokegirls on his hands. As well as on his cock. And the teenager was enjoying that fact very much indeed.

Tank grimaced in slight annoyance as Asuka’s flexible, whip-like swung back and forth in reaction to the sexual ecstasy running through her body as well as the force of her Tamer’s dick on both her and her Harem Sister. The quick gyrations of her hips were making it smack back and forth across his face and chest and although it wasn’t painful it was definitely…bothersome. With his left hand the young Tamer finally managed to grab a hold of it and pin it down onto her taught butt cheek. Thus freed from its stinging impacts, he did his best to redouble both the speed and force of his pumping hips.

<OOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!!!> <EEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIAIAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!> The mingled mental screams of Asuka and Kodachi reverberated in Tank’s skull as he bore down hard on them, ripping repeated climaxes out of their voluptuous bodies. The trio’s lustful pleasures were increasing exponentionally, spiraling upward as their physical perceptions, emotional sensations and the shared Bond between them all combined to make their pleasures rise and rise again. What one sensed was quickly experienced by the others, then passed back to the originator along with new feelings created by each participant’s passions. Thus it wasn’t surprising that the human and Pokegirls were quickly lost in the intense bliss sweeping both through their physical and mental senses.

The sound of flesh smacking onto flesh resounded throughout the Elemental Inn’s specially designed room for Tamers. Accompanying those hard, cracking noises were the pants and sensual cries of the trio and a wet, squishing sound as the Tamer’s hard cock was repeatedly pounded into his Pokegirls’ sopping cunts. By this point the Succubus and Killer Queen were so aroused that their juices were literally squirting out of their bodies with each of his thrusts into their bodies. The force of Tank’s driving pumps also made for an incredibly appealing visual experience as Asuka’s and Kodachi’s extraordinarily sexy bodies bounced, jiggled and swayed in ways that would make any red-blooded, heterosexual male stand up and take notice, so to speak.

Given all this it wasn’t surprising that it wasn’t long before Tank was ready to explode. His fingers were gripping his Succubus’ ass cheeks extra tight as he slammed into her and her Harem Sister even faster than he had been. Sweat was dripping off his features to fall onto the Pokegirls below him, whose own face were trailing tears of joy as the shared ecstasy of the Taming threatened to make them go completely comatose. “UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHNNNNNNN!!!!” Their Tamer’s cry was both mental and physical as he began to orgasm, continuing to switch between the two Pokegirls’ pussies as his cock spurted streamer after streamer of thick cum. At times his dick missed their honey pots due to his body’s involuntary twitching under the impact of the climax, but that only meant his semen was sprayed onto the legs, asses, or, when he thrust between their bodies, stomachs of the Succubus and Killer Queen which was nearly as enjoyable for them as having it shot directly into their cunts.

In time, however, his orgasm faded and the teenager fell backward, his chest heaving like a bellows as he tried to regain his breath. He was beginning to feel the explosive, almost violent impact of the Taming session deep in his bones despite the use of Washu and Ruri’s powerful revitalizing potions. Through his Bond with Asuka and Kodachi he could feel their heads and emotions still swimming under the impact of the sensations the trio had shared with one another. After a short while he could hear them moving around but he was content to just lie peacefully for the time being. His reverie was soon cut short, though.



The two Pokegirls’ cooing mental cries echoed in their Tamer’s mind and forced him to raise his head. His green eyes were immediately met with the sight of the Succubus and Killer Queen in a new position. Asuka was now on the bottom, but on her stomach while the Black Rose lay on top of her, also face down. In addition they were both pulling apart the globes of their asses in order to expose their rosebuds to Tank while they simultaneously begged through their bond with him, <Ppllleeeeaaaasssee!!! Take my/our ass/asses!!! Ppplllleeeeeaaaassssseee, Mmmaaaasssstttteeeerr/Tttttaaaaannnnkkk-ddddooooonnnooooo!!!! Wwwweeeee nneeeeeeeeddddd iiiiiiittttttt!!!!>

Tank gulped at this plea and quickly scrabbled under the bed to get the last bottle of the super stamina recovery drink. Sukebe’s ghost! He thought as he chugged the putrid tasting liquid and tossed the empty canister away. Who’s really getting educated here, them or me?!!? Drawing a muscular forearm across his sweaty brow, he had to admit a slight degree of trepidation as he saw the looks his Pokegirls were flashing at him over their shoulders while they continued to hold apart their butt cheeks in order to encourage him to continue his pleasuring of them as soon as he could. The teenager soon shrugged off his hesitation, however, and as Washu’s potion did its work, making renewed strength flow through his body, he took a hold of his once again rock-hard dick and moved into position above Kodachi’s pale, upturned ass. After all, a Tamer’s gotta do what a Tamer’s gotta do…