Storm Warning-Part 2: Chapter 13

Null Factor

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Chapter 13
Early the Next Morning

Tank grimaced as he downed one of the potions that Washu and Ruri had quickly produced over night. This tastes like dirty socks! He thought as he swallowed the thick liquid as fast as he could. Despites its taste he could soon feel a surge of energy flowing throughout his body, wiping away any trace of tiredness he had had from waking up so early. Another effect of the potion was quickly evident as well as his cock swiftly swelled to a state of full erection, and since he was completely naked, there was nothing to hide that fact from the Pokegirls who were in the room with him.

Rei began giggling, raising her hands in front of her face to hide the fact somewhat. She had recovered from hre Taming Shock and seemed to have accepted the fact that she was now a Pokegirl, but she was still adjusting to her new life and things like the casual nudity of herself, her fellow Pokegirls and their Tamer still made her a bit nervous. Miluska and Eila, on the other hand, were Ferals and were completely at ease in such situations. The only thing bothering the Artit Wolf and the Snowmandy was the fact that their Tamer wouldn’t let them take advantage of his clearly more than ready state for some good hard Taming!

Tank, however, was insistent pushing away the two Ferals as they rubbed up against him then herding all three Pokegirls into the bathroom. “Now stay in here and try to keep quiet, for Sukebe’s sake!” He admonished them as he closed the door nearly completely. “I’ll call you when I want to come out, all right?”

“OK, Master,” Rei’s soft voice agree, barely audible over Miluska’s short bark and Eila’s hissed, “Snowmandy!” He figured they’d be fine for the short time he needed them to stay in there.

That part finished he went over to the nightstand next to the large bed that dominated his hotel room and hefted the two Pokeballs that were lying on it. He paused for a moment to mentally prepare himself, then released the two Pokegirls inside onto the surface of the bed.

When they appeared, Asuka and Kodachi at first only had eyes for their Tamer, standing at the foot of the bed calmly looking them over. Then they realized that there was someone else on the bed beside them and their eyes simultaneously moved to look at the other. At that they both frowned and their muscles began flexing and twitching angrily as they tried to get as far away from each other as they could. When their efforts failed, however, they turned their furious gaze on Tank who was shaking his head as he watched his first two Pokegirls’ antics.

The reason they were unable to move apart was due to their current, extremely well-trussed states. The very first thing that Tank had done that morning after Washu and Ruri had tiredly informed him they were finished with the extra-strength stamina potions was to retrieve Kodachi from her Pokegirl and let her know they would be having a little Taming session together and that he wanted her bound for it. Of course, the Killer Queen had been only too eager for such sexual practices. As much as she liked to dominate others, it was even more arousing for her when her Tamer did it to her. Thus, in no time the tall, incredibly sexy Pokegirl had found herself with her head covered in a black leather hood which kept her from using her long, serpentine hair to free herself. The hood also had a convenient spot to strap in a ball gag, which Tank had taken advantage of, although he left the eyeholes free so she could look around at her surroundings.

The Killer Queen’s wrists were manacled to immensely strong metal bars attached to a broad band of the same metal about her neck. Her legs had been doubled back so that her heels were pushed into her generous rear end and her calves and thighs had been tightly strapped together to ensure that they stayed in that position. That done an intricate webbing of leather ties had been closely cinched about her body, helping to proudly display her massive breasts and simultaneously causing just enough discomfort to the Pokegirl to make sure her juices were flowing freely. It was at this point that Kodachi had been much surprised to be placed back into her Pokeball to stew for a while.

Tank had then taken out Asuka and using the same reasoning had soon gotten her equally bound and helpless. He hadn’t bothered with a hood for her as her hair was no danger, but he had cinched a ball gag tightly into her mouth. Her arms were bound forearm-to-forearm behind her back with metal bands even her extreme strength couldn’t rip apart. Their positioning behind her made it uncomfortable to lie on her back and forced her to arch her chest upward only drawing more attention to her incredible rack. The Succubus’ legs were bound calf to thigh just like her fellow Pokegirl’s, but in her case there were additional chains running from them to connect them to her elbows. The short length of these chains meant that her legs were forced upward and outward, presenting her slick pussy for anyone to see, touch, fondle…

Asuka had had one further sign that it wasn’t going to be just your normal, straight forward Taming before her young Tamer had placed her back in her Pokegirl. That was because, prior to doing that, Tank had placed an Aura Damper around her neck. The Aura Damper was a rare piece of Tamer’s equipment that most PokeCenters didn’t have as it was rather expensive. When placed on a Pokegirl and activated it prevented Pokegirls from sucking energy, emotions or what have you from those around them. For a Succubus like Asuka, this meant that when someone had sex with her while she was wearing an Aura Damper, she received no sustenance or psychic replenishment from it like she normally did. It also of course meant that she couldn’t use any of Her Draining attacks. Tank had wanted his two Pokegirls to feel as weak and helpless as possible in the upcoming sessions, so an Aura Damper was incredibly helpful in achieving this. Luckily Gash was a fairly large city and thus had some well-equipped PokeCenters from which he could borrow the equipment he needed.

All of these thoughts flashed though Tank’s mind in a few moment as he calmly regarded his thrashing, heavily bound and completely vulnerable Pokegirls. Finally, he said, “I guess this had been coming from day one, hasn’t it girls? You’ve both been with me since then; the first Pokegirls I ever had on my first day as a Tamer. Normally, you’d think that’d mean you’d be my best-behaved, but it’s just the opposite, isn’t it?” He shook his head in contemplation as Asuka’s and Kodachi’s bodies both shook as they desperately tried to deny his accusations. The teenager paid no heed to their attempts at nonverbal communication, though. “I don’t know…Maybe I was too lenient with you both. Maybe I needed to do something like this right from the start. I guess I was just too stupid to see it…”

Suddenly his green eyes burned with determination and fierce authority and both of his Pokegirls felt themselves tremble as those eyes speared into them. “But I do know one thing. Your stupid feuding ends now! I’m not expecting you two to be best friends, but I do expect you both to work together you and cooperate for the good of the Harem!! By Sukebe’s blue balls, I won’t have your childish actions getting others hurt or killed!” One of thick fingers thumped himself in the chest, “I’m the Tamer!” Then it turned to indicate Asuka and Kodachi, “You’re the Pokegirls.” Finally it gestured between them as if drawing a line to tie them together, “And you’re each other’s Harem Sisters! Today, you’re either gonna figure that out for once and all or…” The Succubus’ and Killer Queen’s reaction to this unspoken threat was a redoubled, violent movement of their tightly bound bodies as they tried to show their willingness to be good girls to their Tamer, but he had already turned away from them.

“Girls! Come on out!”

At those words the bathroom door crashed open and Miluska bounded over to Tank’s side, pushing up against him and growling deep in her throat, but in arousal rather than anger. Eila and Rei were only a few steps behind so that Asuka and Kodachi were soon presented with the sight of their owner sandwiched between three Pokegirls whose bodies he caressed even as he looked at them. “Let the education begin,” he stated calmly. “Miluska, go over and show Kodachi how Harem Sisters should behave to one another. You do the same with Asuka, Eila. Rei you stay and…entertain me.” The teenager hooked a heavily built chair over to the foot of the bed so he could sit in it and have a close view of the double Pokegirl-on-Pokegirl action that would be going on in front of him. As he sat down he gathered the young Growlie into his arms and placed her on his lap.

Upon hearing their Tamer’s commands neither Miluska nor Eila wasted any time in getting up on the bed with their new playthings. Luckily that piece of furniture was quite large and very solidly built, having been designed specifically for Tamers who stayed at the hotel after all. Thus, there wasn’t much danger of it collapsing under the weight and…activities of the four Pokegirls even with the Artit Wolf topping seven feet in height and both Asuka and Kodachi being over six feet tall themselves.

Miluska had been the leader of a rather large pack of Artit Wolves before being captured by Tank and his Harem, so she was quite used to having helpless Pokegirls beneath her. Given that fact she wasted no time in draping her large frame over the bound body of the Black Rose, her fur-covered breasts crushing and flattening the Killer Queen’s. The Feral ground her hips into her Taming partner, her hair causing an interesting sensation in Kodachi’s crotch, especially as she felt the heat of the other Pokegirl’s cunt rubbing into her as well. The overly proud Pokegirl felt her own lusts rising within her as Miluska tucked her muzzle into the crook of Kodachi’s shoulder and, baring her gigantic fangs, began to bite down ever so slowly.

Eila took a different approach with Asuka. First the Snowmandy flicked her flexible tongue all over the Succubus’ face then began sweeping that extraordinarily long appendage over every inch of the trembling Pokegirl, paying particularly close attention to her tremendous tits. The contrast between the snow lizard’s smooth, pearlescent scaled hide and the bound Pokegirl’s crimson skin made an interesting show for Tank and Rei as they let their hands wander over each other’s bodies. Eventually Eila had gotten enough of a taste of her Harem Sister so she dove into the helpless Pokegirl’s crotch, her fingers spreading apart Asuka’s glistening folds to first nibble on the edge of her cunt and then beginning to spear her flexible tongue deep within her. Meanwhile the Snowmandy rubbed her own seeping pussy over the Succubus’ gagged face.

“What do you think of the view, Rei?” Tank asked in a normal tone of voice, making sure both Asuka and Kodachi would hear them being talked about even as they were taken advantage of by the two Feral Pokegirls.

“It’s really hot, Master,” the Growlie admitted, her voice that of a normal teen schoolgirl like she had been only a few short weeks before. Tank had told her she didn’t have to call him ‘Master,’ but for some reason she preferred to do so. Perhaps it was one of the ways she was adjusting to her new life after gong through Threshold. Right now her dark purple eyes were fixed on the Pokegirl-on-Pokegirl sex taking place right before her even as her Tamer manipulated her body, one hand squeezing her nice, round breasts while the other quickly slipped two fingers in and out of her squishy cunt. She trembled through a minor orgasm at one particularly deep thrust of those digits.

She wasn’t being completely passive, though. Even as she enjoyed Tank’s ministrations her own hands were busy. Her right hand was giving a brisk hand job to the teen’s erection where it poked up from between her legs while her left one reached down further to caress and lightly scratch his testicles with her sharp nails. In addition, she was continually rubbing her back up against her Tamer’s muscular chest, her dark crimson fur creating a feeling like an incredible massage for him.

Finally, Tank had enough and even as he heard some muffled cries and moans coming from Kodachi and Asuka which he figured signaled their first orgasm, or series of orgasms from the way Asuka was flopping about, he moved his hands to Rei’s hips and lifted her up. Then, with some eager help from the Growlie, he lined her up with his dick and slowly let her fall, using gravity and her own degree of wetness to help control the pace of penetration.

“Aaaaahhhhh!!” The Pokegirl and her Tamer both sighed at the feeling of his large erection wedging into her. Tank, however, was in no hurry and although his body was crying out for more and deeper contact with the puppy Pokegirl, he let her continue to slowly slide down, his hands on her hips only lightly caressing and rubbing the soft fur that covered them. Rei, on the other hand, quickly decided that this was a bit too slow for her tastes and, putting her hands on the arms of the chair, began to pull herself down more quickly. Tank was somewhat surprised by her action, but simply smiled and decided to let her control things for now. In no time at all her plump rear was fully seated on her Tamer’s lap so the Growlie paused for a moment, than rolled her hips in a short, abrupt, circular movement, causing her teenaged owner’s hips to involuntarily jump upward. “Ooooaah!!” Rei cried as that short movement was enough to trigger another small climax. Encouraged by that result she kept rotating her groin first one way, then the other, rapidly increasing both her and her Tamer’s sexual excitement. Due to this the smells of the Growlie’s juices were soon extremely evident in the air.

While the crimson-furred Pokegirl in his lap worked his cock with a high level of eagerness and skill, especially for such a new one, Tank shifted his eyes from her sexy body to the bed. As soon as he looked at what was happening there he could see that the fairly slow pace of his and Rei’s coupling was nothing like the frenzy taking place there. Beneath both Asuka’s and Kodachi’s groins there were sizable wet stains that gave clear evidence of the number of climaxes they had been experiencing at the hands and mouths of Eila and Miluska. In fact now that he was paying some degree of attention, Tank wasn’t sure how he had missed the moans, cries, growls and other sounds of the four Pokegirls’ pleasure with each other.

As he watched, Eila sensually crawled off of Asuka’s sweat-streaked body and began to reposition herself. When she moved, Tank could see that the Succubus’ face was completely drenched with the other Pokegirl’s cum; evidently just rubbing her slit over Asuka’s face had been enough for the Snowmandy to orgasm several times. The Tamer’s view was quickly blocked, however, as Eila moved in between the red-skinned Pokegirl’s widespread legs, curling her own while scaled tale in between her thighs as she did so. Asuka tried to shake her head in denial, but she was in no position to deny the Feral anything at the moment. In no time at all the lizard Pokegirl was penetrating the Succubus with her slender, flexible tail, the tight grip of her muscular legs and one hand keeping the extremity rigid enough to slip into Asuka’s dripping hole while also making sure it rubbed up against the Snowmandy’s own cunt. While she fucked away at her partner, Eila’s free hand pawed at one of the massive breasts bouncing before her and her wicked tongue licked at the coating of her own juices that coated the Succubus’ face. And despite the fact she had at first not wanted the lizard Pokegirl’s attentions, in a short time Asuka’s violet eyes were rolling back in her head as she was repeatedly brought to orgasm.

Tank could have watched that cock-stiffening action for a long time, but a sharp cry from the other pair of Pokegirls switched his attention there. Miluska too had obviously decided a change of positions were necessary and had shifted Kodachi so that the Killer Queen was slightly leaning to one side. Next the hulking Artit Wolf had scissored her own legs in between Kodachi’s so that the two Pokegirls’ cunts were pressing directly against one another. That accomplished the Feral wolf Pokegirl started using her superior strength, weight, height and the fact that her Harem Sister was completely helpless to begin using her like a sex toy. Rocketing her hips rapidly back and forth she moved the tightly bound Killer Queen about like a doll, but a doll which reacted to her domination like the S&M queen she was. Miluska was soon experiencing powerful orgasms from her actions, but each of the yipping cries she emitted to announce a crest in the waves of sexual feelings rolling through her were doubled or tripled by the number of muffled groans, screams and cries coming from the constantly climaxing Black Rose.

“OH! MASTER!! SSssssoooooo nnniiiiicccceeeee!!!” Rei’s gasping moan brought Tank back to what was taking place in his own lap. His newest Pokegirl had switched from simply grinding about on his cock to pumping herself up and down on it. From the soaked state of his groin and thighs he realized she must have cum at least two or three times that way as he was watching the four Pokegirls on the bed. One of his hands had been absentmindedly squeezing her superb ass cheeks while the other was rubbing up and down her slender back. Despite the fact that she had climaxed so often, the Growlie wanted to feel even more pleasure. She moved her hands from the chair’s arms to her Tamer’s knees and leaned forward slightly. This new position allowed her even more leverage for her hip movements and she took advantage of it to greatly increase the speed and depth of her bounces.

“Mmmhhh!!” Tank’s head fell back at the sensations running through his body due to his Pokegirl and both of his hands took a tight hold of her jerking butt. Without his being aware of it his own climax had been coming closer and closer as he watched Eila and Miluska play with Asuka and Kodachi in addition to the fantastic work Rei was doing to him directly. As Rei’s dark hair swung back and forth and her round breasts jiggled erotically with each of her quick movements the teenager new it wouldn’t be long before he was blasting a huge load of sperm deep within the sexy puppy…

“RRRrrreeeeeeiiiiiii!!! OOOOOoooaaaaaaaaagggghhhh!!!!”

“MMMMMAAAAASSSSSSTTTEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!” Tank’s groan of ecstasy was music to Rei’s ears and the sensation of his strong hands tightening on her rear, squeezing her cheeks hard and slamming her fully down on his twitching cock was enough to cause her to crash into an all-consuming orgasm even before the first heavy rope of his jism jetted in her. When her pleasure-befuddled brain and body did register the impact of her Tamer’s hot cum drenching her insides it only served to up the intensity of her feelings. And of course the sensation of the Growlie’s fluttering vaginal walls clamping down hard on his spasming dick made Tank’s own climax more powerful as well.

When the two finally felt the wave of sensation ebb somewhat they slumped back in the chair, Rei still rocking her hips lightly as the gooey evidence of their mutual orgasms slowly began to drip out of where their bodies were still tightly joined together. Tank’s hands slowly scraped along her soft fur from her generous ass, up along her sides and stomach to finally rest on her round, perky breasts which he lightly squeezed. His Pokegirl gave a light gasp at that and turned her head so the two could exchange a deep, lustful, tongue-and-saliva-filled kiss. Eventually the kiss ended and Tank looked over to see that their own actions had broken into the four Pokegirls’ pleasure as they were all looking over at them both. That being the case he decided to move on to step two in his plan to break Asuka and Kodachi from their feuding.

“Eila? Please come over here,” Tank ordered his Snowmandy, his voice seeming slightly too loud in the silence that had come after the climax of his and Rei’s Taming session. “Miluska, why don’t you switch over to Asuka and see how you like her? Rei can have some fun with Kodachi.” The two Ferals immediately began moving in response to their Tamer’s commands. The white lizard Pokegirl got off the bed and began wriggling her arms, legs and tail vigorously to work the kinks out, then she walked over toward her owner, her hips swaying seductively. Miluska simply let Kodachi drop to the soaked bed covers before moving over to Asuka, licking her lips at the sight of the bound Succubus before her. Before he let Rei pull herself off of his dick, however, Tank whispered some instructions in her sensitive ear in a voice so low only she could hear it. She quickly nodded her head in comprehension and slowly, carefully pulled her body off of his still erect cock.

That accomplished the Growlie made her way to the bed, moving in an oddly stiff manner. As she passed Eila, the other Pokegirl intercepted her and laid a deep, tongue-filled kiss on her Harem Sister. Rei was hesitant at first, still getting used to her new body’s attraction to other Pokegirls. Pretty quickly, however, she was enthusiastically returning the Snowmandy’s affections. While the two Pokegirls made out, their Tamer reached under the bed and pulled out another bottle of Washu’s super energy drink. With a grimace he downed it quickly wanting to make sure he stayed at the top of his game as the Taming session continued. As he tossed the empty container into a nearby garbage can he felt Eila’s slender, powerful arms curl around his bare torso, her smooth hide feeling like the supplest leather imaginable as she lightly caressed his body.

Tank turned around with a smile and leaned down to kiss the smaller Pokegirl hungrily, his arms gathering her up into his chest. The Snowmandy’s incredibly long, flexible tongue snaked into his mouth as their lips smashed together and soon the teenager was giving little twitches of surprise and arousal as one of her warm, delicate hands grabbed a hold of his hard dick, still wet with the juices from his tryst with Rei. The lizard Pokegirl continued her smooth hand job even as she let her other hand squeeze her owner’s muscular rear end. Returning the favor, Tank let his large hands wander over his Pokegirl’s lovely, petite body, paying particular attention to the taught globes of her ass especially Eila’s most sensitive area, around the base of her tail. His actions were soon forcing moans of delight from his partner even as she continued her own arousing moves.

While he played with his Snowmandy, Tank looked up just in time to see Rei carrying out the task he had whispered into her ear. Shuffling up onto the bed, she crouched over Asuka’s head while Miluska was still positioning the Succubus for their time together. Once she was sure that she was in the right place, the Growlie relaxed the tight hold she had been keeping with her vaginal muscles, the source of her odd walking style previously. That done a thick mixture of Tank’s semen and Rei’s own cum dribbled out of her and directly onto the gagged mouth and face of the bound Pokegirl beneath her. Feeling and smelling her Tamer’s essence dripping on her, Asuka went crazy, bucking her body and twisting her head in an attempt to taste what was to her one of the most delicious of tastes: her owner’s cum. The gag stuffed between her plump lips had small air holes that allowed some of that precious liquid to trickle into her needy mouth. In addition, more of it seeped in from the corners of her mouth, but it wasn’t enough for the highly sexed Pokegirl who desperately tried everything in her power to get more.

While the Succubus’ body quivered and quaked as a result of her efforts, Rei moved over to Kodachi and gave her the rest of the pool of sperm Tank had unloaded into her pussy. The results on the Killer Queen was much the same as it had been with Asuka, perhaps even more so as the leather mask covering her head let even less of the juices she desired to enter her mouth or make contact with her skin. The Black Rose certainly got more of it smeared on her head, though, as the Growlie crouched above her quickly let her groin fall downward and began grinding it on her face, once again following Tank’s commands. The teenaged Tamer had known his newest Pokegirl still wasn’t entirely comfortable having…close relations with her Harem Sisters so he had told her to do this in order to help her get into the session with the usually extremely dominant and intimidating Killer Queen.

As she rotated her hips, rubbing her swollen pussy on the squirming Pokegirl, Rei looked over to the side and saw that Tank’s cum had attracted the fourth Pokegirl on the bed’s attention. When the puppy Pokegirl had moved off of Asuka’s face, Miluska had immediately surged forward, her heavy, hairy body crushing down on top of the tightly restrained Succubus’ massive breasts. As she squashed that impressive bosom with her own large attributes, the Artit Wolf lapped eagerly at her companion’s face, her big tongue scooping up as much of the juices Rei had deposited on her as possible. That sight only served to turn on the Growlie even more and she began increasing the speed of her hip movements as well as beginning to fondle and squeeze her own breasts, paying particular attention to their hard nipples.

The Puppy Pokegirl hadn’t been the only one observing the actions on the bed. Tank too had been watching the Pokegirls and their reaction to his cum and it was a sight that only served to increase his sexual arousal. Eila was nibbling on her Tamer’s neck when she felt the cock in her caressing hand start to jerk and throb even more strongly than it had been in reaction to her hand job. Smiling, the Snowmandy dropped to her knees and quickly began sucking on the teen’s large erection, hoping to get some semen for herself to taste. Using that amazingly flexible tongue of hers, the white scaled Pokegirl began lavishing attention on the hot member in front of her. Tank dropped his hands to the top of Eila’s head, running his fingers through her silky, light blue and white hair as she went to work on him. The only one in his Harem who could compare to the lizard Pokegirl in giving fellatio was Asuka. The Succubus probably had greater overall technique and skill, but that talented tongue of the Snowmandy! He could actually feel it curl all the way around his dick as he lightly pumped his length in and out of her busy mouth. The young Tamer had to grit his teeth and close his eyes to what was happening on the bed or else the combination of visual and tactile sensations would undoubtedly be enough to make him unload in Eila’s face. He knew that’s exactly what she wanted, but he wasn’t ready to do that quite yet.

For nearly ten minutes Tank kept his eyes shut, simply enjoying the pleasure his Pokegirl was giving him with her mouth, lips and tongue. He basically let her control the pace of the blowjob only occasionally bucking his hips forward at some particular intense maneuver. While Eila bobbed her head up and down and went to town on her Tamer’s dick she used her hands as well. One gently caressed his large testicles, massaging them in order to increase his pleasure as the other more roughly squeezed his muscular buttocks. Although she wasn’t being touched by her master, except for his fingers running through her hair and caressing her scalp, the Snowmandy could feel her own juices leaking from her cunt and trickling down her slender, muscular thighs.

For the young Tamer the feel of the lizard Pokegirl’s mouth action was not the only sensation causing his lust to increase, but so too were the sounds he was hearing. Of course Eila was making some incredibly arousing noises with her wet, almost sloppy fellatio. In addition to that, however, were the moans and cries her could hear coming from the bed; an erotic din that rang in Tank’s ears and made his mind whirl with images of what kinds of actions might be making his Pokegirls groan and sigh like that. Finally, he had to see for real.

Opening his previously tightly clenched eyes he saw that Miluska had flipped Asuka over onto her stomach. With her arms and hands tied behind her back, this meant that the Succubus’ sweat, saliva, and cum wettened face was jammed into the mattress, her own large tits as well as the bindings on her legs forcing her crimson skinned ass upward into a perfect position for the wolf Pokegirl who was hungrily eating her out. From the amount of vaginal juices staining her quivering legs, Tank was sure the Succubus had already experienced a number of climaxes.

Kodachi wasn’t in much better condition, her pale, sensual body shaking and jerking in response to Rei’s ministrations. The young Pokegirl was lying next to the Black Rose, her teeth, lips and tongue eagerly nibbling, kissing, licking and generally feasting on the expanse of tit meat bound into position for her. While her mouth enjoyed her Harem Sister’s breasts her hand was busy in between the Killer Queen’s legs. The Growlie was furiously thrusting three fingers in and out of her partner’s cunt, Kodachi’s cum squirting with regularity as she came repeatedly in response to the sensations tearing through her body.

“Uuuhhmm!!” Tank groaned and barely held off from blasting his load into Eila’s mouth, much to her disappointment, as he saw what his other Pokegirls were up to. Not wanting to tempt fate, he pulled the slight Pokegirl upward and kissed her hungrily on the mouth. He only paused there for a moment, however, before moving his hands down to cup her ass cheeks and lift her upward. The Snowmandy gave a squeak of surprise at that, but she quickly began doing her best to assist her Tamer. Draping her arms on the teenager’s muscular shoulders she used her own very impressive strength to support her own weight and shift her legs so that they were draped over the crooks of his elbows. That accomplished, she reached down between their bodies to position Tank’s large cock as he lowered her body until everything was line up properly.

“Oooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!” The Pokegirl and her Tamer both moaned as he entered her, his erection pushing into her extremely wet and willing body. The lizard Pokegirl’s channel was tight despite her high level of arousal, but the effort in shoving his length up into her streaming pussy was work that Tank was more than happy to engage in. The feelings as he jammed more and more of his cock into the Snowmandy were intense for them both. The teenager could feel his partner’s blunt but extremely tough fingernails digging into his shoulders as he bottomed out in her, Eila’s breath rasping in his ear and a sudden spasm shaking her body as she orgasmed. Then Tank used his grip on her butt to pull her up until only the tip of his penis was in her before rapidly pulling her downward, a loud ‘SLAP!’ echoing out as their groins smacked together. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!” Eila hissed her pleasure into his ear as she came again, but her owner didn’t let the sudden clamping down of her cunt slow him down for an instant. Instead he once again lifted the Pokegirl up and forced her down, adding his own hip thrust at the last minute to increase the impact of their sexual organs. Once again the joining of the two together made a cracking sound as his flesh hit her smooth hide.

That was a sound heard repeatedly in the room and at increasingly frequent intervals as Tank started moving the Snowmandy on his dick as quickly as he could. His biceps bulged impressively as he gave the lizard Pokegirl as hard a screwing as he could, making her scream in pleasure. Sweat was trickling down the teenager’s bare body as he pounded into Eila again and again and at one point his right hand slipped on her smooth scales slightly. The new position of his hand put his fingers in the crack of her ass and he took advantage of that to begin teasing the rosebud of her butt with the tip of his middle finger. “UUUUAAAAUUUHHHH!!!!!” When her Tamer began edging his finger into her backside, the Snowmandy’s lustful pleasure redoubled and Tank felt her cunt fluttering rapidly around his cock as she climaxed and climaxed hard. That reaction also gave him an idea.

“Rei!” Tank grunted, both as a result of his physical efforts in fucking the Pokegirl in his arms as well as the effort he needed to make in order to hold off his own orgasm “Rei! Why don’t you play with Kodachi’s ass for a while? She really gets off on that!”

The young Growlie looked a bit uncomfortable at that, but since it was an order from her Tamer after all… The puppy Pokegirl shifted her sopping digits, completely drenched with the Black Rose’s juices, from her partner’s swollen cunt to the entrance of her butt. The Killer Queen’s body shook and trembled as she heard Tank’s command and Rei’s response. Anal sex was indeed one of her greatest pleasures and in her already oversexed condition she didn’t know if she would be able to handle the overwhelming sensations it would wrack her body with. Kodachi’s eyes were a completely inky blank with no whites, thus making it impossible to read them, but from the way the Pokegirl’s body was reacting if she had to guess Rei would bet that they were completely dilated from a combination of arousal, anticipation and even a slight degree of fear. She didn’t let that stop her, however, and it was only a short pause before she jammed one of her clawed fingers as deep as she could up the other Pokegirl’s butt.

“MMMMMUUUUUMMMMMPPPHHHHHHLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Kodachi’s gagged mouth did a good job in at least partially stifling her cries, but her orgasm was so intense at her anal plundering that her shrieks were still incredibly loud. Rei watched in amazement as the Killer Queen started bucking and flopping about like a landed fish. She quickly resumed her digital manipulation of the Pokegirl’s ass, however, even adding a second one to the first. The Growlie wanted to make sure that her Tamer would have no complaints about her service.

“EEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” Both Rei and Tank turned to look at the other couple on the bed at that abrupt cry of erotic release even as they continued to pleasure their partners, who were so intent on their own pleasure they remained oblivious to everything else. Evidently the teenaged Tamer’s command had also been heard by Miluska and even though it hadn’t been directed to her, she had taken action. Thus, when they turned to look at the pair of Pokegirls the Growlie and her owner saw Asuka still face down with her attractive rear high in the air. Instead of using her large tongue on the Succubus’ cunt, however, the Artit Wolf had spread her Harem Sister’s crimson ass cheeks apart and was sloppily working over the entrance to the Pokegirl’s anal passage. Clearly this was just as pleasing for Asuka as having her pussy eaten out and her cum was quickly mixing with the saliva of her partner that was dripping off her groin.

“Uunnggghh!!!” The sight of his two tempestuous Pokegirls all tied up and cumming their brains out as their butts were plundered was the last straw for Tank. He was oh so close to blowing his own load, but he suddenly decided he didn’t want to do it in his Snowmandy’s warm, grasping cunt. When he thought about that mouth and tongue of hers… “Eila! On your knees!!” He gasped out as he tried to get her off his dick and in position as quickly as he could without actually dropping her.

“Ooooohhh!! Sssssssssnnnoooooowwwmmmmmmaaaaaannnnndddyyyy!!!” Eila moaned in disappointment as she was removed from her Tamer’s cock, but when she saw it bobbing in front of her, actually dripping with her own juices, she enthusiastically leaned and reached forward to take it back inside her mouth. At the first touch of her hands, however, the large erection began firing off, accompanied by Tank’s deep groans. Thus, two large streamers of hot, slimy jism splashed across her features before she could get that organ into her mouth where she wanted it.

“Uuuuhhhhhnn!!! Yyyeeeeeaahh!! Ttttthhhhhhaaaaattttt’sssss ssssooooo gggooooodddd!!!” Tank moaned as he felt Eila’s tongue vigorously caressing and working on his spasming dick while he continued to blast his seed into her mouth. Her greedy gulping as the Snowmandy swallowed his semen brought Tank at least slightly back to his senses. “Eila!” The Pokegirl looked up at her Tamer even as she vigorously worked over the large hunk of meat in her mouth. “Don’t swallow… Uuuhhh! all. Aaaahhh! Keep some to share with your…Mmmmhhh!...Harem Sisters.”

At Tank’s command the lizard Pokegirl stopped drinking the cum he was spraying into her hardworking mouth, but it was clearly with a great deal of reluctance. When she had finally finished milking the last trickles out of his cock, Tank helped her to her feet. He pointed her over toward the bed, giving her a light spank on the ass to get her moving, making Eila give a muffled “Eep!” of surprise through her over-full mouth. While she made her way onto the bed, her Tamer again quickly downed one of the foul-tasting energy drinks as this Taming/Training session still had a ways to go.