Screw the Cheerleader…
[Yet Another Realities Lemon]

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Foreword: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk.

As with the others of this series, this is definitely not canon Shampoo ½ universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his ’Realties’ series. It’s also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It’s just an excuse for some lemony fun.

This occurs shortly after Dancing to Distraction

[Special thanks to TH Tiger for looking this one over]


Standing off to the side, Yuriko surveyed the scene in Furinkan’s main gymnasium. The place was packed, mostly with guys, as the pep rally was about to begin. Her fellow teammates were already assembled and would be on stage with her when the time came. Once the curtain was thrown open, the fun would begin.

Not too much fun, though. Neither Silver nor Akira was present at the rally. Silver claimed she’d be there, but Yuriko hadn’t seen her, and as to Akira, well, Yuriko figured she would be too busy with the rally to find the time to give her boyfriend the attention he deserved, and leaving him unattended around Furinkan’s female population was not a good idea, especially with Arisa Sanzenin lurking around. The bitch had made a number of caustic remarks about how unworthy she thought Yuriko was to have a boyfriend as hot as Akira, and made veiled threats at seducing him away from her. So Yuriko had left him ‘at home’ so to speak. She also made sure her parents didn’t try getting him to work the restaurant in her absence. After what happened the last time he ‘filled in’ for her, he hadn’t been able to get it up for a week. There was no way she was giving them a chance to ‘borrow his cock for a while’ as her Mama had put it the last time they had exhausted him. If Yuriko had to go without, then they could as well.

The buxom blonde was about to head backstage when she saw the ringmaster of the circus currently going on in the gymnasium. She approached him, saying, “Hey, Saionji, how’s it going?”

Saionji Kunou ran a hand through his long black locks before bowing before the girl. “Greetings, Miss Kuonji.”

“It’s just Yuriko,” she assured him. “Thanks again for throwing this pep rally for my volleyball team.”

“It’s my pleasure.” The words flowed smoothly, like grease thrown on ice. “It is my duty as school president to see every school sport’s team is properly recognized for their achievements. Though I confess that I was more eager than usual since it is your team, and you are its captain.” He smiled warmly.

Yuriko flushed slightly. Saionji had a way with words. He was even smoother than Akira, and certainly more than the rough-edged Silver. “Why don’t you come on the stage so I can give you the credit you deserve?”

A flash of regret flashed across his features. “Alas, I’m afraid there’s some important paperwork that needs attending to. Duty first and all that. Perhaps I’ll see you after the rally. Drop the by the student council room if you have the time.”

“Okay, I will.”

Saionji headed toward doors that led to the interior of the building while Yuriko once more headed to the stage. However, she barely made it halfway there when she spotted two figures at the far side of the crowd. “Auntie! Uncle!”

Ranma and Shampoo turned their eyes to her as the blonde enthusiastically bounded their way.

She stopped in front of them. “You guys came.”

Shampoo smiled lasciviously. “Well, not yet, but if you want, we can find an empty classroom and take care of that.”

Yuriko blushed furiously, and made sure none of the students were in earshot of the comment. Worse, an image of doing just that flashed through her mind. She found herself looking at a clock on the wall before tearing her eyes away. True, it had been a few days since she had sex, which was a few days more than usual, but she was no slut. She could keep her legs shut when she really wanted to.

Yuriko decided to change the subject. “Is Silver with you?”

Shampoo and Ranma looked at one another. Shampoo said, “Ah, no. She had work at home. An exercise in learning responsibility.” Actually, Shampoo and Ranma had felt like slacking off. Visiting Furinkan during a rally sounded like fun, so they ditched work and stuck Silver with running the night’s martial arts’ class.

“We’ll be cheering for you in her place,” Ranma said.

Elektra complex still in full swing, Yuriko beamed at the two male (well, Shampoo was sometimes male) authority figures, who really turned her on, giving her their approval. “Thanks.” She headed for the backstage area to make last minute preparations before starting the rally.


“Are you ready?” an impatient Arisa Sanzenin asked, staring crossly at the man who was adjusting his outfit. Her foot tapped impatiently on the empty classroom’s floor.

“Of course.” The man was in his late twenties, dressed in a shiny glistening body suit. “My futuristic garb will convince everyone I’m a time traveler.”

“It looks like you raided that from the set of ‘Prince of Space,” Arisa said acidly.

Heero coughed nervously. That was exactly where it came from, since he worked at the studio and rifled through the old costume props.

Arisa appeared less convince than ever. “You do remember your lines, don’t you?”

The man drew back, openly offended. “Of course. I am a Shakespearean trained actor. This role is child’s play for one of my extraordinary talents. I could perform it in my sleep.”

“For what I’m paying you, you damn well better be awake.” Tired of talking to her latest employed lackey, Arisa began regaling herself with the genius of her master plan. “At last, that tramp, Kuonji, will finally get what’s coming to her. Everyone in school will see what a slut she is. She’ll be publicly disgraced and humiliated, and Akira Tendou will be all mine, and it’s all thanks to my perfect, foolproof plan. Nothing can stop me now. Nothing! Wahahaha—“

“Your sinister laugh is a pitiful snicker,” Heero informed her. “You need to use our diaphragm more, and project harder in order to have a laugh they will make all quake in fear before you.”

“Everyone’s a goddamn critic,” Arisa grumbled.


“…And I want to thank everyone for coming!” Yuriko shouted into the microphone to the crowd before her. There were at least four hundred people present. Still, she was used to packed houses when her team played. And it wasn’t because the guys liked watching her boobs bounce around, like Arisa claimed. They were impressed by her athleticism and supported the team for school spirit. That and her team was good. Not as good as the rugby team was doing, perhaps, but they had a more than respectable record. They might even make the playoffs if they were lucky.

With her teammates behind her, Yuriko continued addressing the crowd. “It’s your encouragement and attendance at the games that inspire us to victory. We—“

It was at that moment a huge cloud of smoke suddenly appeared behind the crowd. No one panicked, weird things happened at Furinkan all the time, and a sudden cloud of smoke ranked low on the weirdness scale, barely rating at all.

As the smoke dissipated, the form of the silver-clad Heero appeared. He held up his hand and made a nonsensical gesture with it. “Greetings, everyone. I am a ‘Heero’ from the future.” The actor smirked inwardly as his pun. “I have come to the past on a mission of great urgency.”

One of the students shouted, “Prove to us you’re from the future by telling us tomorrow’s lottery numbers.” A number of students pulled out pens and paper.

Heero was momentarily taken aback. He hadn’t counted on anyone questioning him like that. It was time to adlib. “I never gamble. It’s a sin and everything. However, that is not what’s important. What is important is that the fate of the world hangs in the balance.”

Another student piped up. “Is that metaphorical, or will the fate of the planet literally rest on a tremendously gigantic scale?”

Great. This was going to be a hard crowd. “Metaphorical.”

“Okay. I just wanted to be clear on that.”

Heero let out a sigh. “Do you want to know how to save the future or not?”

The crowd reached a consensus and told him to continue.

Heero cleared his throat and began again. “Well, since I’m from the future and have important information, I can’t explain it to you in a precise, straightforward manner. It’s simply not done.”

The crowd thought about that, then nodded their heads.

“Instead, I shall give you an enigmatic statement which will seemingly have nothing to do with saving the future, but will eventually make sense in hindsight, allowing you all to be ‘Heroes’.”

“And what is that statement?” One of the students asked.

Heero pointed to the stage and said in overly melodramatic tones, “Screw the cheerleader, save the world.”

Everyone went silent, save Arisa, who coughed violently while shooting the actor a glare.

Heero shook his head. “I mean, Screw the captain of the volleyball team, save the world.”

Now every male eye turned to Yuriko, who was standing alone in the front of the stage. Lascivious grins spread across the gathering like a lusty form of the ‘wave’.

Then one of the students said, “Wait.” He turned to Heero. “Do you mean the captain of the girls’ volleyball team, or the captain of the boys’ volleyball team?”

“The captain of the girls’ team,” Heero said through gritted teeth.

“Just so we’re clear on that. There’s a big difference between the two.”

Once more all eyes turned toward Yuriko. The mood of the crowd solidified to that of desire as it began to sway in her direction

Yuriko stood there, struck momentarily dumb, until the lust emanating from the crowd hit her like a tangible thing. “Wait a minute. You guys can’t be serious. You can’t believe some lameass, who looks like a glittering prophylactic, who pops out of nowhere and tells you you have to sleep with someone to save the world.”

“Why not?” one of the students asked.

“Because it’s obviously a trap of some sort directed at me, and only a complete idiot would fall for something so blatantly stupid.”

“It’s a good plan!” Arisa shouted at the top of her lungs. Seeing eyes turn toward her, she added, “If it was a plan, but I believe this man because his words have the ring of truth to them.”

All eyes shifted back to Yuriko.

“They do not!” she shouted.

One of the students shouted, “Maybe it is a blatantly stupid set up that only an idiot would fall for, but the big question is, can we take that chance?”

“No way!” the male members of the crowd shouted as one and surged toward the stage.

Survival instincts coming to the fore, Yuriko knew there was no way she could dissuade several hundred horny guys from having their way with her, even if she had her combat spatula. Her only chance was to run for it or she was going to be on the receiving end of the biggest gangbang ever.

While some of the guys were reigned in by their girlfriends or thoughts of what would happen to them if their girlfriend’s found out, three quarters of the males still went surging forth to follow Yuriko. Her teammates tried to block the way, but it was like trying to stop an ocean wave with a single sandbag as they were buried under the tide of male testosterone that pursued Yuriko.

Ranma and Shampoo stood away from the crowd, watching the carnage unfold.

“Think we should help her out?” Ranma asked his wife.

Shampoo considered it. “Nah. Little Slut can handle herself. I don’t think she’ll get caught unless she wants to. She is a horny little thing.”

“But there are a lot of guys after her,” Ranma reminded her.

Shampoo focused her senses on Yuriko. She locked onto the girl’s chi pattern and kept a subconscious tab on it. It was easy since she knew it so intimately, and she was always better with that technique then her husband was. Subtlety was her strong point, not his. “There, I have her locked in. If she gets caught we’ll give her, say, a half hour then ‘rescue’ her from the crowd’s evil clutches.”

“Yeah, a half hour of constant dick would do that girl some good. Take the edge of her. And if it doesn’t, well, we can take over were the group left off.” Ranma snickered. “In the meantime, what do you think we should do?”

Shampoo pointed at the gloating Arisa. “How about getting revenge on Yuriko’s behalf on the one responsible for this mess?”

Now it was Ranma’s turn to smile lasciviously. “Oh yeah. I sure wouldn’t mind teaching a Sanzenin the errors of her ways, and in what better manner than by giving her a taste of her own medicine?”

It was at that point Arisa left to help hunt down Yuriko. Ranma and Shampoo subtly tailed the girl.

Heero, who had been forgotten in the chase, quietly walked into the school and out of sight. Now all he had to do was ditch his costume, and walk home a good bit richer thanks to that crazy girl who came up with the stupid scheme.

As Heero made it out the door, he was surprised to find someone waiting for him. A student wearing a white lab coat and glasses which seemed to give off a sinister glow, preventing his eyes from being seen.

“Err, can I help you?” Heero asked.

“Am to understand you are from the future?” Shiro Gosenkugi asked.

“Why, yes. I am from the year 2295,” Heero said proudly.

Gosenkugi rubbed his hands together and a disturbing smile crept across his features. “Excellent. I’ve been looking for a way to conduct some time travel experiments of my own. The problem is a need a quantity of chronal energy, like that a time traveler would have clinging to their form.”

Heero suddenly felt very scared. “I see, well, I’d like to help you, but I have to get back to the future and make sure you guys saved it.” Heero began to back away.

“Oh no, I insist you stay. After all, one of my inventions might save the world.” Gosenkugi thought about that. “Actually, it’s more likely one of my inventions would doom the world, but you know what they say, can’t make a time machine without frying a few time travelers.”

“Who the hell says that?” Heero quailed as he found himself backed up against a wall.


And the world suddenly went dark for Heero.


Yuriko ran for her life through the school building. Luckily she was fast and had a head start, so the main body of people hadn’t caught up to her yet. The problem was she could see some of them through the windows, surrounding the building and running about the grounds. That was the problem with having a couple hundred people literally after her ass: they could go everywhere and do anything. Luckily the crowd was spreading out, thinning itself, and the faster runners were outpacing the slower ones.

Yuriko stopped for a moment to consider if she should try to go outside to run away, and risk being brought down by the mob, or go up and hope to find a decent hiding place, though risk getting cornered. As she ran through the halls, she found unexpected company: Miss Hinako in her younger form, looking tired and bored as she emerged from her private teacher’s room.

Hinako’s attitude perked up, and not in a good way. “What are *you* doing here, Miss Kuonji? I thought you had a pep rally to attend for that pathetic volleyball team of yours.”

The sounds of approaching feet reached Yuriko’s ears. “Some idiot claiming to be from the future told everyone they had to screw me to save the world, and of course the idiots believed him even though it’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. You have to save me from them.”

Hinako’s eyes widened, then she doubled over in laughter.

“Oh, right, what was I thinking,” Yuriko said acidly.

A group of the fastest guys suddenly ran into the hall. Seeing Miss Hinako, they came up short.

For a moment, Hinako considered draining Kuonji and leaving her to her well-deserved fate. However, while Silver would probably let her refusal to help Yuriko slide, actively trying to throw the slut in the hands of her paramours would not be so well-received. Instead she followed the tradition of the Swiss, by casually walking past everyone, saying, “I’m soooo tired, I think I’ll go straight home and get some rest. La de da, la de da.”

Seeing the teacher leave, the pack of two-legged wolves returned their attention to their prey. “All right, Kuonji, why don’t you stop running and help us save the world?”

Yuriko backed away. “You mean why don’t I let you catch me so you can screw me.”

One of the others said, “Hey, Kuonji, you were just going on about how you’re all about the team being more important than the individual players. This is your opportunity to put your money, and my dick, where your mouth is by standing there and taking one for the team.”

“No way!” Yuriko went to run for it, but someone had slipped up behind her and grabbed her from behind. Or more specifically, grabbed her breasts from behind.

“I’ve got them! I mean, I’ve got her!” the guy on her back shouted.

“Not for long!” Yuriko shifted her body, effortlessly flipping him over her back and sending him sailing toward the other guys pursuing her. However, she underestimated his death grip. While he loosed his hold on her breasts, he kept his hands on her volleyball shirt and bra underneath, holding on for dear life. With the force of the throw, and Yuriko’s inherent strength, the material tore, taking the entire front of her shirt and brassiere with it.

“Crap!” Yuriko shouted as her massive breasts spilled free of their confinement.

While her improvised missile took out most of the group confronting her, one of them narrowly avoided getting flattened by his ally. As Yuriko turned to run, the youth made a lunge for her. While he didn’t grab her, he did catch the waistband of both her shorts and her panties. As he went down, so did Yuriko, both ending up with her garments around her knees.

Yuriko squirmed in his grasp. “Get off me.” She was about to kick him free when she saw a second group, larger than the first, appear from the corridor. One look at a nearly naked Yuriko brought them to a halt.

It was a mistake on their part, since if they had gone for her, they would have gangtackled her, bringing her down with sheer numbers her martial arts couldn’t defend against. Instead of kicking the guy free and pulling up her shorts and underwear, Yuriko brought her legs up, sliding free of the garments. She was now essentially naked from the waist down, save for her tennis shoes and socks.

All of the guys, already consumed with lust, nearly came in their pants with seeing all of the attributes of the voluptuous girl.

And then Yuriko was off. It took a moment, but the group raced hard on her heels.

Now Yuriko had no choice. The confrontation had held her up long enough that if she tried emerging from the building, some group would probably be waiting for her. Instead she took the only recourse she had and went upstairs.

She ran as hard as she could, outdistancing the group. She got up to the third floor, wondering how she was going to escape. She might be able to leap the roofs, but it was a long jump, and she was never that great at that. There was also the fact there was a fence on the roof that she would also have to clear in order to make it to the next building.

As Yuriko ran through the hall, she noticed a light on in one of the rooms. For a moment she panicked, then realized what room it was and who would be occupying it. Yuriko dashed into the room, slamming the door shut behind her.

Saionji looked up from the papers he was filling out. His eyebrow shot up, the only concession he made to the sight of a naked Yuriko barging in. “When I recommended you drop by, I really didn’t anticipate you being so au natural.”

Yuriko gave him a quick lowdown on the situation. As she finished, she heard the shouts of her pursuers. Dozens of them, from the sound of it.

Saionji said, “Ah, you require refuge then. There’s no time to go to my private chambers, so you’ll have to slide under here.” He indicated the mahogany desk where he sat. It was far more luxurious than what even the principal owned, a subtle sign of who truly ran the school now.

He moved his chair just far enough to allow Yuriko to slide into the space near his legs. He slid in just far enough that his waist and body effectively hid her from view. Lucky the desk was massive, and there was enough room for the nearly naked girl to squat out of sight.

Yuriko was barely out of sight when a large party of the guys burst in.

“Can I help you?” Saionji asked in an icy tone.

The guys started to back away in fear, knowing the influence and ability Saionji wielded. However, before they could retreat, Arisa forced her way into the room. Being vice-president of the council, and from a wealthy family of her own, she was not intimidated by Saionji in the slightest. “Have you seen that slut, Kuonji?”

“I believe Miss Kuonji was at the pep rally,” Saionji said.

Arisa continued looking over the room. “Well, she’s needed for a special… event to make the pep rally one people will remember for years.”

“How terribly interesting. I’m sorry I had to miss it.”

Arisa turned to the guys. “I’ll search this room. The rest of you keep looking.”

Sensing they were being dismissed, and eager to track down their prey, the guys left, shutting the door behind them.

“Those men seemed agitated,” Saionji’s said.

“It’s nothing you need to concern yourself about.” Arisa assured him as her voice became heavier and she swayed her hips seductively as she approached. “So, how are things with you?” Arisa asked in a playful way, moving so she was sitting on the edge of the desk, opposite Saionji.

Under the desk, Yuriko grimaced as she realized that bitch, Arisa, was obviously going to be around for a while, trying to seduce Saionji. Luckily it was well known Kunou had refused her advances, one of the few to resist the allure of Arisa’s talented mouth, the suck-slut, Yuriko thought acidly.

Yuriko waited patiently for a couple of minutes, fuming. Now that the initial fear had passed, boredom was setting in, and hearing Arisa’s chirping voice annoyed Yuriko.

It was as she was staring at the only sight before her, Saionji’s crotch, that a way to pass the time came to her. Not only that, it would reward Saionji for helping Yuriko out, as well as one-upping Arisa by obtaining something the bitch had failed to get.

Saionji feigned interest in Arisa’s talk, not wanting to arouse her ire by shooting her down, but having no intention of falling pray to her oral talents, which had bound many a man to her. Saionji continued his verbal fencing duel when he felt his fly pulled down. Even he was a bit taken aback when he felt his cock freed from his pants.

Saionji hunched over his desk slightly, ensuring Arisa could see nothing as he felt something warm and wet engulf his cock. Suddenly, it was very difficult to focus on what the person before him was saying as the one under his desk started giving him a case of first class head.

Saionji’s concentration drifted to the tongue making its way up and down his shaft, caressing every inch of it. Then the mouth engulfed the head, the tongue making its way all around it, bathing it in a healthy coating of saliva.

“…it’s rising.”

That caught Saionji’s attention. “What was that?”

“The money we’re making on school functions is rising,” Arisa repeated. “We might be able to afford that skiing vacation we’ve been discussing.”

“Ah, yes,” Saionji nearly cooed as he felt Yuriko suddenly deep throat him. The buxom blonde was really quite talented at giving head. A bit sloppy, but very enthusiastic. Saionji had no shortage of woman to compare it to, having had many girls over time, enough that most of them bored him. But not Yuriko. She was very interesting, and not just because of her association with Silver or with that damnable Akira Tendou. There was something about the girl that triggered a fairly potent lust reaction in him. He could control it, of course. But it was there.

More words caught Saionji’s attention. “…going all the way down.”

“What was that?”

“I said student complaints are going all the way down. To almost nothing, I mean. I think the students are responding rather well to the more… liberated policy we’ve been using in regards to catching people in compromising positions.”

“Oh, I see. Quite correct.” Now Yuriko was deep throating him like a pro. He was getting close to popping.

“You seem a little distracted,” Arisa said.

“I am,” he answered honestly.

Now Arisa had a fully seductive smile. “I have an idea. Since you aren’t getting any work done anyway, why don’t I give you a blow job?”

It might be a bit crowded down there, he resisted the urge to say. It was unfortunate that Arisa and Yuriko hated each other, and that Arisa was so potentially dangerous and that Kuonji was connected to Silver. Seducing both girls and having them slobber over his cock would have been quite enjoyable. But there was a difference between taking on a challenge and attempting the impossible. The girls were natural born enemies, especially on Arisa’s part. He would have to be content with the situation as it was: Yuriko secretly giving him head underneath the table.

“I think not. But there are plenty of men roaming about that would be more than enthusiastic about receiving your favors,” Saionji said idly.

“But I’ve already done all the ones that interest me,” Arisa said tiredly. “And I’m not like that slut, Kuonji, who opens up for anyone.”

Saionji grimaced as he felt teeth nearly clamp down on his shaft. Receiving a blow job from a temperamental girl was rather like waving one’s dong in front of an open bear trap: potentially dangerous. The risk did make things a touch more exciting as well.

“So how about it?” Arisa urged.

“Not tonight. But I’m sure if you try you’ll find someone to wrap your lips around,” Saionji assured.

Slightly miffed at the cavalier rejection, Arisa left the room in a huff. Once the door slammed, Yuriko began to groan around the cock in her mouth. The vibrations turned Saionji on further.

Now he closed his eyes as Yuriko went to work on him with abandon. No longer holding back, she went wild on his cock, working her mouth up and down on it, making loud slurping noises that added to the eroticism of the action.

He grunted, “Yuriko, dear, I hope you’re thirsty, since I’m about to give you a nice, ,long drink.”

In response she left her mouth on his shaft. Getting her approval, he began unleashing a torrent of spooge down her throat. He could feel her gulping down her seed, wagering she wasn’t spilling a drop as she sucked down everything he had to offer.

After milking his shaft for all it was worth, Yuriko removed her mouth. Saionji backed away on the rollers of the chair, looking down to see Yuriko licking her lips like a cat that just swallowed a canary. Or at least a healthy quantity of milk.

“You rather enjoyed doing that with someone standing around, didn’t you?” Saionji said.

“I had to do something to pass the time,” Yuriko said mischievously, delighting in sucking off Saionji right under Arisa’s nose.

“Wait there.” Saionji got up and went to the door, sealing it with his special lock. No one save him had a key to it, not even the janitor. With the glass to the door frosted and the windows darkened for privacy (two additions Saionji had installed), no one would be able to interrupt them.

Now the fun could really begin.


Arisa left Saionji behind, irritated at his insufferable arrogance in once again denying her the opportunity to seduce him. She knew if she could wrap her lips around his cock and work her magic, he’d be eating out of the palm of her hand and she would be the most powerful person in Furinkan, not just the most powerful girl.

Still, there were happier things to look forward to, like Kuonji, getting her just desserts. Arisa really ought to find out if the slut had been nailed yet, or if she still eluded capture. Even if she had, she shouldn’t be able to do it much longer. There were too many people after her fat ass. Someone would bring her down sooner or later.

A noise behind Arisa caught her attention. She turned to see two large guys, in boy’s school outfits that were a bit too small for them, right behind her. What was more bizarre was that both guys had nylons over their faces, hiding their identities.

“You guys don’t need to bother with masks when you nail Kuonji,” she assured them. “You’re doing a public service, after all, and will be treated like heroes.”

The two looked at each other behind their masks, and then returned their attention to the girl. The slightly smaller one said, “Actually, we’re more interested in who set Yuriko up.”

Arisa twitched. “I don’t know what you mean. That man was clearly from the future.”

The taller one said, “I’m sure if we have a nice little conversation, we can do the bottom… I mean, get to the bottom of things.”

It was obvious who the comment was directed toward and what they were implying. Arisa went on the attack, “I don’t like the implications you’re making. Maybe you don’t realize who I am. I am the vice-president of the student—“

The shorter one said, “You’re a Sanzenin slut that’s going to get what’s coming to her.”

Arisa stared at him in shock, then turned crimson. “You can’t say things like that to me!”

The taller one grabbed her by the hair and forced her to look up into his masked face. “Oh, we’re going to be doing a lot more than ‘saying’ things to you, as you’re about to discover.” He then began dragging her by the hair.

Arisa cried out in pain, but resistance was futile, and she soon found herself dragged into a nearby classroom. She tried screaming, but a hand wrapped itself around her mouth.

“Now, now,” the taller one said. “They’ll be plenty of opportunities to scream later. But for the moment we want you a little quiet.”

The shorter guy moved in on her. She tried to resist, but they were far too powerful, and soon she was stripped naked. Then the taller man released her. “Now if you scream, everyone will come in and see you naked instead of Yuriko.”

Arisa covered her body as best as she could and stared evilly at her captors. They were right. Even if they nailed that slut with the obscene chest, it would be the much more beautiful body of Arisa Sanzenin that everyone would remember, especially since she didn’t put out, at least not for too many people. She was almost always fully clothed when handing out blow jobs. Moreover she had a much better body than Kuonji. Her breasts were slightly above average, rather than the disgusting rack that earned Yuriko the nickname of ‘Big Tits’ Kuonji. Arisa’s bottom was firm as well, unlike the fat ass of Yuriko’s (though guys insisted on calling it voluptuous). Arisa worked out to keep her body in great shape, and she was of good height, even if Yuriko had long legs. In all, Arisa knew she was the hottest girl in school.

As Ranma and Shampoo-kun watched the naked girl, they could feel their cocks harden. Arisa was correct in that she was very attractive, just in a different way than Yuriko. Both mentally thought they were going to enjoy their ‘interrogation’ of the girl. Stealing a couple of uniforms from a locker and wearing his wife’s stockings on their heads would keep their identities a mystery and allow them the degree of anonymity to get the information they needed to peacefully resolve the dilemma Yuriko was currently in. And if they had some fun in the process, who could blame them?

Ranma brought a small camera out and began filming Arisa.

Arisa blushed more furiously and became angry. She was barely able to keep her voice low enough to not be heard outside the room. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“We’re going to film your confession,” Ranma explained, keeping the lens trained on the girl.

“What confession?” Arisa said innocently.

Shampoo-kun took over the role of chief interrogator. “The confession of what you had to do with the man from the future.”

“I have nothing to do with him,” she said defiantly.

Shampoo-kun smiled underneath his mask. He had been hoping her admission would have to be extracted the ‘hard way’. “Very well, we shall take this interrogation to the next level. We have ways of getting confessions out of people. Very interesting ways.” He started to move toward the girl when Ranma’s hand landed on his shoulder and halted him.

Ranma said, “You usually get to dole out the punishment when your ‘Little Slut’ gets out of hand. I think it’s my turn for some fun. Besides.” He glared at the girl behind his mask. “I have a personal axe to grind with the Sanzenins, and it’ll be a lot more fun punishing her for her family’s crimes than it would be punishing her father.”

“What does Daddy have to do with anything?” Arisa asked. She was the epitome of a Daddy’s girl. When she turned on the charm, she could get away with anything from him. Arisa could do no wrong in his eyes, even if he was presented with evidence to the contrary, though she was careful to cover her tracks. He trusted her so much he actually thought she was still pristine rather than having blown more than a hundred different guys already.

“Let’s just say he committed some serious transgressions that someone still has to pay for, and I’m sure a dutiful girl like you would be more than happy to take his place.” Ranma grabbed the girl’s wrists and forced them away from her body.

Arisa began struggling, though she kept as silent as possible in order to avoid attracting attention. She wasn’t even sure if the door had been locked. But it was to no avail. She was no martial artist, and only worked out to keep in shape, not to build up any real strength. She soon found herself bent over a desk, her firm derriere pointed upward. A hand was pressed into the middle of her shoulderblades, pinning her in place like a butterfly that was part of an etymologist’s collection. Her legs flailed about helplessly.

Now Arisa began to panic. She was not one for physical confrontation, which was why she operated through others, or in groups. “Stop it. If you lay one hand on me, I’ll personally see to it someone does something—“

“Oh, be quiet.” Ranma’s hand descended to her backside.

Arisa yelped as the crack of callused flesh on soft unblemished skin left a red hand print on her backside. “What do you think you’re doing?” she screeched.

“Keeping you in line.” Ranma swatted her bare ass again.

She tried protecting her backside with her hands, but Ranma snared her wrists, then brought them into the small of her back. He switched hands so that the one trapping the wrists also kept her pinned down. That left him with one hand free again.

“There will be none of that,” Ranma informed her as he smacked her ass again.

Arisa screeched in pain again. “How dare you! You can’t spank me! Even my Daddy doesn’t spank me!”

“Well, we can see one reason you’re such a brat, then.” Ranma began paddling her more enthusiastically.

Shampoo-kun kept the camera on the action as his husband took expert care in turning the girl’s ass a bright red, making sure not to harm it in anyway. Oh, Arisa probably thought someone dipped her backside in lighter fluid and threw a match, but after a couple of days her ass would be back to normal. Ranma had done that to Shampoo a couple of times when she had been a bit… unruly, and he got the drop on her, or outfoxed her and got her to agree to be at his command. Not often, but every now and then the circumstances arose where such actions were not unwarranted. And it wasn’t as though Shampoo-kun hadn’t turned Ranma-chan’s butt red as well on many an occasion.

But now Arisa was ‘enjoying’ her indulgence in corporal punishment. It took surprisingly few swats before Arisa began babbling that she would do anything they wanted if only they would stop smacking her ass. Shampoo-kun was disappointed she gave in so quickly. Hell, he wanted his turn to work her cute little behind over. Still, Arisa was complying with their demands, and it would be cruel to torment her when she lived up to her end of the bargain. Fun, perhaps, but definitely cruel.

Shampoo-kun reluctantly tore the camera away from that delightfully red bottom and redirected it at Arisa’s face as she was bent over the teacher’s desk. Moving in very close, he asked, “What role did you have in that ‘visitor of the future thing’?”

For all her pain, Arisa managed to sob in an innocent voice, “I hired him. It was only supposed to be a joke. I didn’t think anyone would take it seriously. He’s some crummy out of work actor that sucks. And he improvised a lot of those lines. I never told him he was supposed to do anything like that to Yuriko-chan,” her tone turned acid as she said, “Even if that big-tittied slut would probably enjoy gangbanging half the school—“

Ranma smacked her ass again.

Arisa went from vicious back to innocent in the twinkling of an eye. “I mean, Yuriko-chan doesn’t deserve to have so many guys after her. So this was really just a joke that went horribly wrong. The moron that couldn’t outact Ben Affleck is not from the future, and that is the truth.” Arisa looked longingly at the men, eyes still red-rimmed from the tears.

That was what they needed. Reluctantly Shampoo-kun turned off the camera. He said to Ranma. “Well, not the best confession in the world when it comes to owing up one’s responsibility, but it proves ‘Mr. Future’ is a fake and let’s Yuriko off the hook in regards to her having to spread her legs to save the world.”

“Won’t leave a lot of the guys happy about it, though,” Ranma said, releasing Arisa.

Arisa sniffled, as though not believing these two really would be satisfied with her confession. She had been certain they wanted to do something much worse to her. It appeared she was going to get out of this thing with only a sore bottom. It wasn’t that bad, really, even if her father never had spanked her before and she was unused to it.

As the guys played back the confession on the camera, Arisa’s mind went from relief at dodging a bullet to anxiety as she realized what that confession would do to her reputation at school. Everyone would know she set Yuriko up and Arisa would look like the bad guy when it was really the blonde bimbo who was the true wrongdoer. Arisa couldn’t allow her reputation to be trashed while simultaneously allowing Kuonji’s to get better. She had to get that tape back by any means necessary. Her ass had already been put on the line in every sense of the world, now it was time to expand on that.

The two guys sounded like real thugs, and certainly had no reservations about treating her like she was unimportant. Aggressive types like that preferred quiet types that acted submissive and non-threatening to them. Arisa went with her ‘demure’ schoolgirl look, batting her eyes in doe-like fashion. “Excuse me.”

“What?” Shampoo-kun asked with a touch of irritation in his voice.

Arisa saw how he was shifting uncomfortably. She had seen that movement before. He was sporting some serious wood, and his friend wasn’t any better. That would make them pliable to her plan. “I was a bad girl and really wrong. I’m so glad you made me realize the error of my ways. I just wanted to repay you in some way for setting me on the right path.”

Both guys eyed the girl hungrily. “What did you have in mind?” Ranma asked.

“I was thinking maybe I could give you,” she half-turned in feigned shyness, “Blow jobs, maybe.”

Ranma jerked in surprise, but Shampoo-kun was quicker to react as he dropped his pants. Seeing his spouse quick to take up the offer, Ranma followed suit, freeing his own raging hard-on.

Arisa drew back a bit startled at the size of the monster the larger guy sported. Having sucked off well over a hundred different cocks, the girl could tell by visual examination alone the damn thing was over ten inches, by far the longest she had ever seen. And it was thick around as well. Regarding herself as a connoisseur of cock, she found her competitive juices, as well as the ones from her pussy, begin to flow at the idea of wrapping her lips around that thing and finding out what it was like.

A warm up first would be for the best, so Arisa tore her eyes from the giant sausage and examined his partner. While she had expected a typical one, perhaps one even on the small side to average things out between him and his partner, she was delighted to see he was well above average in both size and girth. What a wonderful way to kick things off. And once she used her god-given gift of oral perfection on the pair, they would be eating out of her hand, just like every other guy she had sucked off.

She went up to Ranma and fell to her knees before him. Up close, his dick looked more appetizing than before. She was really salivating over it as she pulled the foreskin down and revealed the head of his cock. She stared at the purple-helmeted warrior that started back at her with its cyclopean eye. A bit of pre-cum started to well at the tip. Unable to help herself, she bent slightly forward and allowed her coral pink tongue to lick it. Even that little bit was enough to give her a hint of his flavor, and she could tell he would be a tasty one.

Next to her, a deep voice warned, “Hey, don’t forget about me.”

Due to her being on her knees, when Arisa turned toward him, she found herself staring right at that mammoth cock. God, that thing was huge. While she had blown several guys at once on a multitude of occasions, none of them had been this large. In this case she really didn’t want to have to go back and forth between the two and be forced to split her attention, preferring to focus on one, and then the other. She opted to give him a hand job, not one to make him come, but rather one to keep him from getting too impatient, as well as arousing him further. She reached out and grabbed at it, but it was so huge she couldn’t get her hand completely around it. That one was going to be a real challenge.

As Arisa started to work her hand up and down that mighty shaft, Ranma’s hand grabbed her by the hair and forced her to stare at his cock right in front of her face. “Time to get to work, girl,” he warned.

Arisa was surprised at the tone of voice. Muffled or not, these two sounded much older than high school students, and certainly more authoritative. One thing Arisa didn’t like was being ordered around by any guy. She was always the one in charge, and if the guys didn’t like it, they could go without her mouth. At least ordinarily. These two were definitely different. Apparently they felt their anonymity afforded them liberties with her. That and their strength. Still, after this was all over, she’d find out who they were and deal with them. Guys with cocks this big wouldn’t be hard to track down. In fact, Arisa was astounded she hadn’t heard about the dick in her hand already. Silver Saotome had the reputation for being the most hung ‘guy’ in the school, which was quite the blow to the rest of Furinkan’s male egos. Arisa had never tried finding out since she always thought of Silver as being female no matter her form, and she had no interest in girls. She wondered if this guy was Silver, but found herself doubting it. He was too tall, and even though his voice was muffled, it sounded different.

Vengeance would have to wait. There were more important things in her hands and, soon, in her mouth.

Not wasting anymore time, and eager to try out her new toy, Arisa wrapped her lips around Ranma’s cock and began to work her magic.

Almost as soon as Arisa’s mouth touched his cock, Ranma knew he was in for a treat. There was no hesitation on the girl’s part as she began working his cock in an expert manner. She started out slow, but efficiently, and more importantly, effectively. While he had been plenty aroused to begin with (spanking hot teenager ass had that effect on him) Arisa was really sending him over the top. She was like a maestro conducting an orchestra, the wand she was using was located between his legs. He was as stiff as ever in his life as she licked up and down his shaft, alternating between it and tantalizing and tormenting his increasingly sensitive head. But then she’d back off a little, then start up again.

After several minutes of this, Ranma groaned, “This is the best blow job ever.”

“Oh?” said Shampoo-kun, a touch of warning in the comment.

Ranma quickly corrected himself. “Er, well, maybe not the best ever. Just one of the best ever.” Arisa hit a particular sensitive spot, making him groan some more. “Definitely one of the best ever.”

“I can’t wait to receive mine, then,” Shampoo-kun said in a slightly threatening manner. Still the hand job he was receiving made his anger melt fairly quickly.

Arisa picked things up by eagerly deep-throating Ranma. That was no real test for her --she had never met a cock she couldn’t swallow to the root-- though the ball bat in her hand might prove a bit of a challenge. Still, she was determined to come out on top by milking all of the tasty come out of their cocks and render them insensate.

Ranma’s groaning increased and he began thrusting his hips up to meet Arisa’s head as she bobbed it up and down as if to the tune of a song only she could hear. He wasn’t going to last long, and while a part of him wanted to impress the girl with his stamina, he really needed to get his rocks off.

Lust won out as he stopped trying to hold back and bellowed, “Here it comes,” which was followed by his tubesnake spitting its milky white venom into Arisa’s oral cavity.

The girl had felt him building up for some time and was ready for it. She was easily able to handle his spermy deposit in her stomach as he began popping. She sucked it down eagerly, always enjoying the taste of sperm, and this one being no exception. It had a nice flavor, just as she thought it would, and she kept her mouth attached to his rod, trying to coax as much as she could out of it as she mentally tallied sucking off yet another guy. Maybe she could hit a thousand by the end of her high school career if she tried hard.

Once the orgasm passed, Ranma sighed in delight. The girl was keeping her mouth on his rod, continuing to suck like it was a straw and his seed the drink. Eventually she got all she could out of it, though it didn’t stop her trying.

“Damn, that was something else,” Ranma intoned.

Arisa was just finishing up, cleaning the shaft of every tasty drop that might be clinging to it, when she felt her head forcibly removed from the cock in her mouth. She had a tight suction on it, so there was an audible popping noise as she pulled free. Her protest at being interrupted died on her lips as her face was forced to draw up next to the still hard cock in her hand.

Shampoo-kun looked down at the girl, eyes blazing in lust. Even though the nylon, Arisa could feel the stare and felt frightened by it.

“I think it’s time to work on mine.” It was a command, not a suggestion.

Arisa was ready for it anyway, having been momentarily caught up in the eagerness of sampling the tasty new treat she had discovered. Now it was time to move on to the main event.

Now that she had a chance to look at the tree trunk up close and personal, even Arisa felt a bit intimidated. This one was really going to stretch her jaws to the max. Still, Sanzenin pride refused to allow her to back down. In fact, she felt more excited about this than anything she had in quite a while.

Arisa started out slowly, licking all the way up and down the outside of the shaft. It took a while, and was hard work—working on something that hard—so she used both hands to wield it while she took her time savoring the contour of the stiff mast in her power.

Shampoo-kun began groaning as the girl started her work on him, taking her time, showing off her technique. While her airen gave him head (always in Ranma’s hot female form), she was usually eager to try and stuff all of Shampoo-kun’s sausage down her throat. Not that he complained, since after the first couple of times, Ranma-chan became a very enthusiastic cock-sucker. But the short redhead with the big chest was definitely someone that wanted her payoff as quickly as she could. Yuriko usually only sucked him off as a way of making a cock hard again so it could give her a good ride. Arisa was different from both girls, content to work Shampoo-kun as slowly as she could, and boy did it feel good.

Eventually Arisa stopped working on the outside and decided to go for her insides. She stretched her not-so-tiny jaws wide as she engulfed the entire bright purple, bulbous head of Shampoo-kun’s monster.

Now the cursed Amazon groaned as the girl began sucking on the plum-sized head of his shaft. Her tongue darted over his slit, making pre-cum trickle from the top. He felt her tonguing that up, showing both eagerness and talent at the same time.

Arisa played with the head for a few more minutes, feeling him really start to bubble. Then she started working some of the shaft down her throat. It was big, really big. Still she went after it with abandon. She made certain to play with his nutsac at the same time, not squeezing hard enough to hurt, but making sure he was aware of her presence.

Shampoo-kun groaned as she started to work the shaft down her throat. “You right, Air… er, partner,” he quickly corrected. “This is the best blow job I ever have.”

“Oh, really?” Ranma said, arms crossed.

“Er, I mean just as good as others I receive from a certain someone,” he corrected. Still, he now understood why his airen had been so quick to bestow such accolades on the girl. She had a mouth that was born to suck. Moreover, she was getting increasing amounts down her throat. Ranma-chan couldn’t manage more than three quarters, and that was quite the feat for someone with such a small throat (though there wasn’t a soul alive that would claim Ranma-chan had a small mouth), Yuriko about an inch beyond that. But Shampoo-kun had a feeling that this girl might be able to manage the whole thing, given enough time.

However it quickly became evident that given her rate of movement up his shaft, he wasn’t going to be able to hold out long enough. He was at a quandary. Then an idea occurred to him. It was a little habit of his he had picked up over time. He grabbed the girl by the back of the head, surprising her as he took control of the tempo. He shifted his hips back and forth a few times in her mouth, getting another inch down it, when he grunted, “Here I come.” And blew his load down her throat.

Arisa took it like a pro. She had long since become used to guys fucking her mouth, sometime from start to finish, and other times right at the end. She was ready for it as she sucked down squirt after squirt of his love juice as it entered her oral cavity. He was a tasty one too, rivaling his partner. The only thing that pissed her off was that this guy was something of a premature ejaculator. Of course, she had been hand jobbing him the entire time. Perhaps she should have restrained herself better.

After loosing a healthy load, about the same copious quantity as his partner, his giant rod stopped squirting. However when Arisa went to back off his rod, he kept her in place.

Shampoo-kun said, “You not done yet, naughty girl. You going to swallow all of this down before you through.”

Arisa discovered he remained hard, despite having climaxed. So the guy was pulling off a double-header. Lots of guys she knew could do it. One thing about her male classmates was that they were a horny lot, even the ones with smaller dicks. And she had to admit, she was secretly glad he remained stiff. She really wanted to prove to herself she could swallow his whole sword. If she could deep throat him, she could handle just about anything.

Going back to work, Arisa made loud sucking and slurping noises around the cock in her mouth. Shampoo-kun loosened his hold, so she could control the tempo again. She was about three-quarters of the way down when she found it nearly impossible to go any farther. She decided to try and make things easier on her poor little throat by standing up while remaining bent over, lining her throat up with the cock. Now she could get more of it down. She redoubled her efforts to work on the shaft.

Standing by the side, a fully reinvigorated Ranma was more than annoyed. While initially he was proud of lasting longer than his spouse, Shampoo-kun’s refusal to allow Arisa to go back to him irked him off. She was getting a back to back oral action, leaving him out in the cold. And it wasn’t like the girl was sticking up for him.

Seeing Arisa’s derriere wag back and forth as she sucked down Shampoo-kun, Ranma figured it would only be just if he stuck it up her in retaliation. He positioned himself right behind the girl, noting how dripping wet she was. Only women that really enjoyed blow jobs could get that wet without any stimulation. He was intent on giving her some more enjoyment to go along with her expert blow job.

His cock still wet with Arisa’s saliva. Ranma positioned himself behind her, grabbed her hips, and wedged his cock right up to her slit. He felt her stop moving, and sucking, at the contact.

Sensing her unasked question, he said, “Don’t worry about entertaining me, too. You keep sucking on his dick and I’ll find a way to entertain myself.” And with that he tightened his grip and shoved his dick inside her.

Arisa’s eyes widened as the large head she had been sucking on only minutes before began to force its way into her body. She panicked for a moment, not counting on getting fucked as well as handing out blow jobs. While she might have been a proud suck slut, she almost never parted her legs for anyone. The last guy she had was Akira in that darkened hotel room the night she stumbled on him and Silver together. That had been the best fuck ever, by far, which was one reason she was desperate to make him her boyfriend. It had been so long since that outstanding fuck that she had become very horny, and while she had toys to masturbate to, they just couldn’t compare to Akira’s expert skill and large rod.

After a moment, Arisa relaxed. She was running so hot with these two big new cocks that she actually wanted to get that long-term itch scratched. Besides, this would be good practice at becoming a hot lay as well as a talented blow job artist.

She parted her legs slightly to help accommodate the large cock that was invading her body. While she hadn’t been loosened up much, she had been slick with her love juices. She found herself relaxing fast, allowing increasing amounts of the rigid staff to slip up into her body. And as it shuttled its way back and forth, she continued to loosen up, as well as enjoy the sensations the large cock produced. It felt good, real good. Almost exactly like Akira’s when she compared the two.

Before long Arisa felt the heat in her loins build up to one large orgasm. Her breathing became raspy and she tightened her grip around Shampoo-kun’s waist. She could feel her lover’s crotch meet her ass as he buried himself all the way in, and still the intensity grew. He ground his hips into hers for a while, then backed out a few inches, only to force his way in again.

Ranma repeated the motion a half dozen times when he felt her love tunnel tighten around his mighty staff. While her snatch was nice and tight, she wasn’t so snug that he couldn’t keep fucking her while she came.

Shampoo-kun watched his spouse give it to the girl. He could tell Ranma was still feeling the girl out and holding back some. Had it been Shampoo he’d been doing, as wound up as he was, he would have really been pounding her, just the way she liked it. But now he was getting a feel for the girl, and starting to cut loose a little.

While Shampoo-kun had been content to allow Arisa time to adjust to getting double-teamed, it was time for the girl to get back to the matter at hand. He firmed his grip on the back of her head and growled, “It rude to leave your mouth full and not do anything about. Time to take care of it as well.” He thrust his hips once, impaling her throat with his meaty shaft.

The motion revived Arisa’s senses. She had never gotten it at both ends before. It was very different from sucking off several guys at once. Much more stimulating. Much more carnal. And she could really get off on it. No wonder Kuonji was such a slut if getting it at both ends felt this good. She could almost sympathize with the big-tittied bitch. Almost.

But Arisa did indeed have a job to finish. Adjusting to having a cock in her pussy while handing out a blow-job, Arisa went back to work. She sucked and worked on the shaft, slowly but surely getting more of it down her throat. This one was stretching her like no other, and she was close to her limit. Still, she only needed a couple more inches to go, and she’d have it all.

Ranma started to really give it to her from behind, making her breasts sway and ass flatten with each thrust. His sack slapped against her clit with the force of his pelvis mashing against her. In the middle of her blow job, Arisa had another orgasm, though not quite as large as the initial one.

She slowed down, but didn’t stop her oral work while coming around the cock that continued to pound away at her. In fact, he was now doing her so hard she started using the momentum generated from his pounding to help shove more of the cock down her throat. Another inch slipped down. She was almost there. She could feel his well-trimmed pubic hairs tickling her nose.

And then she had it stuffed up to the root. It was huge, but not so big she couldn’t suppress what little gag reflex she possessed. To a suck slut like her, taking the whole thing was as satisfying as a martial artist defeating a rival in combat.

Shampoo-kun’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as his shaft was completely engulfed by a mouth for the first time in his life. It got better as Arisa drew back far enough to catch a breath, then took it all the way again. And again. Between her two holes, she was able to handle well-over a foot and a half of cock stuffed into her body. And reveled in it as she felt another big orgasm looming on the horizon.

Shampoo-kun gasped, “Oh shit. She’s taking it all. She’s sucking it all down.”

Ranma was too busy enjoying Arisa’s pussy to feel jealousy at the girl being able to orally handle more cock than him. “Her pussy’s doing the same.”

“I about to come,” Shampoo-kun said.

“Yeah. Me too.” The pair began to build up a rhythm, timing things. It didn’t take long before both were on the edge.

“I coming!” Shampoo-kun shouted as he blew another load deep into Arisa’s belly.

“And here’s my contribution to your redemption,” Ranma informed Arisa he emptied his balls for the second time this evening, right into her waiting womb.

Feeling two rods coming together at the same time in her body sent Arisa over the edge as she came too. She shook in the grip of her lovers as they impaled her with their mighty spears at both ends, unable to do anything else. They filled her with sperm in what felt like everywhere, and she found herself loving it.

The orgasm passed, though everyone remained where they were. Enough of Shampoo-kun’s shaft remained outside of Arisa’s throat so she didn’t choke to death, but not much else.

Eventually the guys detached themselves from the girl. Both of them slumped into chairs next to one another, while Arisa leaned against a desk, obviously exhausted.

Ranma said, “See? I told you that girl can give a top notch blow job. Pretty good pussy, too.”

Shampoo-kun nodded. “That girl probably could suck a golf ball through nine feet of garden hose.”

“Twelve, and it’s really a very idiotic thing to do. I don’t know who came up with that sort of thing as a test of one’s oral abilities,” Arisa informed them as she began dressing.

Ranma and Shampoo-kun looked at each other.

Arisa finished dressing, then bowed before the pair. “I thank you for your object lesson and allowing me to repay you. I’ll never forget tonight, and promise to be better behaved from now on.” She turned and exited the room.

Ranma looked at his spouse. “And you said we shouldn’t go out tonight.”

Shampoo-kun made a play at look miffed, though it was obviously insincere. “Everyone makes mistakes.”

The pair pulled up their pants and started to leave them room. Right before they did, Ranma said, “Hey, where’d the camera go?”

“It was right on that desk.” He pointed at the one it had been on.

The one where Arisa’s clothing had been resting.

Ranma scowled. “Why that little brat. She outfoxed us.”

“We’ll really give it to her the next time we see her,” Shampoo-kun vowed.

They barely kept from drooling as they fantasized about it.


Yuriko had just climbed out from under the desk, licking her lips and shooting Saionji a satisfied look similar to how cats appeared after eating canaries, as she finished removing the tattered remains of her clothing.

Ah yes, the girl was definitely ready for more, just as Saionji hoped. Time to bind her tightly to him by using his deft hand with women. Soon she would leave that annoying Akira Tendou for the promise of becoming Saionji’s mistress. And hopefully that could be used to lure Silver Saotome to him as well. Having both girls on his arms would only boost his prestige in school, since they were arguably the hottest girls in school.

Yuriko drifted over to one of the long tables lining the room, the one the student council, save Saionji, sat it. “Where does Arisa usually plant her skinny ass?”

“Over there.” It was right on the end, closest to Saionji, since she was vice-president of the council.

Yuriko hopped up on the table in front of the spot, sitting right on the edge. She leaned back, spreading her legs and wiggling an enticing finger at Saionji. “Why don’t you return the favor?”

Ah, so the girl really wanted to get back at Arisa as well as getting another taste of Kunou cock. He would have preferred she simply lust after him, but he would take what he could have. The most important thing was getting between her legs and showing her what he could do once again.

Saionji pulled up a chair and sat between Yuriko’s spread legs. He smiled as he looked at the girl’s alluring pussy with its tiny strip of blonde hair running up the middle. Her offered meal appeared quite appetizing, much better than many other girls. It was curious, but he supposed it was in part due to Yuriko’s feminine allure. There was something about the voluptuous girl that could arouse a eunuch, and even Saionji was not wholly unaffected by her charms.

Accepting her invitation to dine, he did so. He found her already wet in arousal. He decided to open slowly, running his tongue up and down her slit. Using his fingers, he spread her lips surprisingly wide, then realized she had been probably fingering herself while sucking him off underneath the desk. She was far hornier than he realized. With her lower lips spread wide, he ran his tongue up one side, then the other.

While his first inclination was to go slowly and savor the sensation, as well as build the blonde up slowly to a boil, Yuriko would have none of that. She was already plenty aroused, and she wanted it hard and fast. She grabbed him by the back of the head and buried it in her muff. “Faster, go faster,” she insisted.

Well, it would hardly be gentlemanly to refuse the lady’s request. Saionji went after her pussy with gusto. Yuriko responded favorably by bucking her hips as he drove his tongue deep into her muff. The girl’s pump was definitely primed to produce this sort of effect so quickly.

While he ate her, Saionji’s fingers probed her cleft until he located her clit. It had already been coaxed out from its protective hood from their previous indulgence, so he began to finger it, which made Yuriko buck harder. Taking a chance, he pinched it just a touch on the hard side.

Yuriko cried out and came all over Saionji’s face. He found her musky scent splash on his tongue, and he had to drink fast to catch all the nectar of her loins. The girl could certainly gush when she came, but he was hardly complaining since she had such a delectable flavor.

Saionji continued to eat her out through her orgasm and beyond. By now she had released his head and was using her hands to help her writhe on the table as she vocally gave her approval at his oral talents.

After another ten minutes of enjoying her bounty, Yuriko began to cry out, “Fuck me. Stick your dick in me and fuck me. I need it.”

Saionji considered remaining where he was, exerting control over the situation and showing who was in charge. However he sensed Yuriko was a girl who, when she demanded satisfaction, wanted it then and there, and if her partner wouldn’t provide it, she would seek it somewhere else. Given her looks and body, she could have the first person she came across, even a monk.

Saionji rose up from the chair and brought his hardened member up to her pussy. Her lips were fully engorged from his oral work, and she was more than ready for a male to fill her void. He was about to remove his uniform, then changed his mind. He rather liked the idea of remaining clothed in his council president’s uniform while mounting a naked Yuriko.

He grabbed her ankles and hoisted them upon his broad shoulders. While his frame was nowhere near Hibiki-sized, he was in good physical shape thanks to his mastery of his family’s kendo style. Yuriko was spread wide enough for him to have unrestricted access to her pussy, and he took advantage of that as he buried his staff into the cleft between her legs.

Yuriko cooed in pleasure as Saionji began fucking her. He wasn’t anywhere near the size of her regular lovers, she began to think she might be just a touch spoiled and becoming a size queen, but even so his average-sized dick was just the cure she needed for her disease: lust. Besides, the idea of getting it on right where Arisa usually sat, with a guy the stuck up bitch failed to seduce, made Arisa more lustful. Only having Silver-kun pound her on that cow, Hinako’s, desk, would be better.

Yuriko shouted out words of encouragement as Saionji worked her with slow, steady thrusts. That was good for keeping her in an aroused state, but not sufficient to get her off. She allowed him to keep his skilled, steady pace for a while, but the situation only stayed as it was. She was horny and wanted to get off now.

“Harder. Fuck me like you mean it,” she insisted.

Saionji stopped long enough to say, “As the lady commands,” and then began to pound her much harder. Her love channel was loosened up enough to allow him to build up a real head of steam. Her breasts began jiggling madly as he pounded her with a relentless rhythm, showing that for all of his slender, bishonen build and looks, he could generate some serious force.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. I’m coming!” Yuriko cried out as the hard fuck finally put her over the edge and she had a satisfying orgasm.

Saionji continued to hammer away at her as she came. He was hoping to make her come again before he had to pop. He held off another ten minutes, but eventually he had to give up the ghost and released his second load of the evening, this one in the place where nature intended it. He felt an unusual satisfaction in dumping his load in her womb. Yes, once she was a proper concubine, he’d have her off whatever contraceptives she was using and, when they did this, she would eventually give him heirs, since Silver might not be able to do it due to her gender curse.

Going limp, he remained in the blonde. Leaning forward, Saionji began to shower her massive breasts with the attention they deserved. While he was never so crude to use her official nickname of ‘Big Tits’ Kuonji, he had to admit, it was an apt descriptor. While Saionji would never call himself a chest man, Yuriko could make a convert out of just about anyone. The blonde had been blessed with quite the bounty, and her enormous breasts were incredibly firm, like a girl half, no, a third her size.

So he sucked on her nipples, much to Yuriko’s delight. Saionji was as good as any of her partners at this, sucking on her bullet-hard nipples with his mouth while squeezing the other with his hand, then going back and forth. Occasionally he would nip at the buds, making her squeal from the stimulation. Only a second mouth would have made things better.

As Saionji sucked on her chest, his rod became hard once again in near record time. Yuriko was only vaguely aware of it, but Saionji realized it, and he knew just how to take her next.

He rose up from her, withdrawing her rigid staff from the inviting confines of her love canal. Yuriko rose her head up in surprise mixed with anger at being interrupted. Before she could verbally berate Saionji, he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her slightly past the edge of the table. He then spun her around so she was lying on her stomach and her feet were on the ground.

Yuriko continued to keep her mouth shut as she wondered exactly what Saionji was up to. She found out as his hands pried her asscheeks apart and his cock nudged against her rosebud.

As he began to push his rod, still slick with her love juices, into her sphincter, he said, “I seem to recall you having an interest in having your plumbing examined. It just so happens I have a plunger to check things out.”

“Ahhh!” Yuriko sighed as he pushed himself in none too gently. While he might not exactly have left her feeling overstuffed with cock when he took her in the front door, her back alley was a different story. He felt much bigger back there, and she admitted to herself anal sex had become something she enjoyed a lot. It was all that darn Silver’s fault for insisting Akira tailpipe her at the beach.

All too soon Saionji was stuffed to the hilt in her backside. While he wasn’t as large as some of the other dicks that made their way back there, he hadn’t bothered with any preliminaries, the way Silver-kun of Shampoo-kun would have had to do, since accommodating them that fast would have been more a matter of discomfort than enjoyment, at least until she loosened up. Or if she was super horny from going without sex for a week.

Saionji began to give her slow but firm strokes. She relaxed her insides so that he could move inside her, while nowhere near as fast as her front door, still at an increased speed.

Saionji watched as her tight little anus hugged his cock much more tightly than any mere pussy could. It was so rare finding a girl that would take it up her backdoor (at least before the now infamous demons sperm incident), and certainly not as enthusiastic as Yuriko did. He was barely working her ass for a handful of minutes before she came harder and more vocally than before. Yes, the girl was quite the sex kitten. Definitely one worth possessing. And right now, he had her ass right where he wanted it.

He leaned forward, grabbing her dangling breasts and digging fingers into the firm, yet pliable flesh. He whispered in her ear, “I must say, Yuriko, my cock and your ass do seem to be the perfect fit.”

Yuriko wouldn’t say that. Silver, Akira, certainly her Auntie, Uncle Ranma, even Mr. Hibiki, coincidentally all hung guys, fit better in her opinion, not there was anything wrong with what Saionji was doing. He was quite skilled. Just that he was hardly the be all and end all. Not that she would say that to his face. Guys went limp way too easy with a little verbal barrage. Actually, she was on the verge of coming again, so instead she said, “I’m not convinced. Better keep fucking me so I can form an opinion on it.”

“I can’t seem to deny you anything.” Saionji continued hammering away at her back door with the same vigor he had her front door. He was rewarded by her climaxing within minutes.

Having come twice in a short amount of time, Saionji continued pounding her ass for another good twenty minutes before the tightness was too much and he dumped his third load of the evening into her body. As he popped, Yuriko kept ramming her backside into his pelvis, feeling her tighten as she tried to milk all the remaining sperm out of his balls. It felt like she succeeded as, after he released one last, tiny squirt, he felt drained to the point of dehydration. He was barely able to keep from collapsing on top of her. Damn, but the girl was a sexual dynamo of energy.

Realizing the ride was over, Yuriko finally stopped trying to stretch things out. She relaxed, enjoying the haze that came after copulation.

Slowly Saionji disengaged himself from his partner’s backside. As he pulled back, he said, “My, who could have guessed saving the world would be so enjoyable? I must confess, I found your pussy delightful enough that I can believe the fate of the world rested on it.”

Yuriko preened a bit at that. She couldn’t wait to tell Silver that one.

Saionji continued. “Why don’t I get on the public address system and assure everyone the matter of saving the future had been personally taken care of by me?” He went toward the communication’s board which had an override on the PA system, a necessity since his orders were at time more important than the principal’s.

Yuriko suddenly came out of her post-coital bliss with a serious look on her face. “No, wait. Don’t do that. People will think I’m a slut.”

Wanting to get screwed in every hole as a form of revenge against a rival, and the rival would be unaware of it, sort of did make her one. Not that he would voice such an opinion, nor did he care how promiscuous she was. It wasn’t as though he hadn’t made the carnal acquaintance of many women himself. But public acknowledgement of their actions would go a long way between cementing a relationship between them. “How else can we protect you? There are still hundreds of students eager to get between your legs under the assumption it will save the world. They’ll grab you the instant they see you.”

“Maybe I can sneak out?” Yuriko said hopefully.

Saionji looked her over. “Completely naked? With a body like yours, you’d catch the attention of a blind man.”

“Maybe I can pretend to be a guy?” She looked down at her chest. Maybe it had worked for her mother in the past, but there was no way Yuriko’s chest was going to be bound down with anything that could convince people she was of the male persuasion.

“You’ve got a point,” she finally conceded.

It was then the PA system came alive, and Saionji was nowhere near the control.

The voice of Gosenkugi came over the PA. “Attention, everyone. Attention. I, Shiro Gosenkugi, have made a startling discovery. ‘Zippy’ isn’t funny. I exhaustively tested every single comic strip of it ever made, and couldn’t discover any humor at all. Not one iota. It defies explanation. Even if the author was actively trying to not be funny, the law of averages dictates he should have slipped up somewhere and been unintentionally humorous, but he never did. It’s quite amazing.

“Oh, yes, there’s one other thing. I have discovered the so-called ‘Heero from the future’ isn’t from the future at all. After attempting to extract his chronal energy, as well as a host of other useful things from him, I discovered he doesn’t have any. It was all a hoax. He’s just some actor. And I just found out my werewolf potion still has a few bugs in it. It makes hair grow three times as fast, makes people howl at the moon, and compels them to ‘mark their territory’ instead of using standard lavatories. So anyone wanting an experience in lycanthropy will just have to be patient. That is all.”

The message ended.

Yuriko smiled at Saionji. “Well, that takes care of that problem.”

“Indeed.” Saionji was not happy on the inside. But he supposed he could live with a round of hot sex with the attractive blonde.

“I don’t suppose I could borrow a shirt?” Yuriko asked.

“I have some spare uniforms. Let me grab one for you.”

It took Yuriko only seconds to get dressed in a spare girl’s school uniform. It was tight around the chest, and the skirt was high, but it fit.

Saionji found his ardor increasing once again. He gave Yuriko his most suave smile. “Perhaps I can give you a ride. In fact, why don’t you spend the night at my place where we can continue to… indulge in each other’s company?”

Yuriko waved him off. “No thanks. Since the pep rally ended early, I’m going to see if my boyfriend wants to go out. Thanks anyway.” Yuriko let herself out of the room.

Saionji was left a touch in awe. It took quite a woman to have wild, intense sex with one man, then head right back into the arms of another for some more, and not act the least bit guilty about it. Or that there was anything wrong at all.

He was more determined than ever to make her his concubine. She and Silver would make quite the pair.


[End chapter]