Dancing to Distraction
[Yet Another Realities Lemon]

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Warning: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk. And as always, you have to be at least 18 years of age to read.

As with the others of this series, this is definitely not canon Shampoo ½ universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his ‘Realties’ series. It’s also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It’s just an excuse for some lemony fun.

Foreward: Events in this take place after Revenge of the Perverted Vengeful Ninja.

Special Thanks to TH Tiger for looking this one over.


Standing before the full length mirror in her bedroom, Kasumi Tendou took a moment to admire her nude form. Watching what she ate, in combination with a steady regimen of exercise either at the Saotome dojo or frequent jogs around the neighborhood, had kept her body in very good shape. Her stomach was flat without a hint of fat. Her posterior was firm, neither voluptuous nor skinny, and proportional to the rest of her frame. Her breasts were full and lush, and, if not as firm as when she was a teenager, had only the barest hint of sag, a remarkable achievement for a woman just over forty. Her muscle tone was firm, though not that of a workout fanatic. Her legs were a touch long, since she was on the tall side for a woman, but no unsightly veins or cellulose were visible. No hint of gray resided in her hair, and her face, while obviously that of a mature woman, lacked any wrinkles or crow’s feet.

All things considered, it wasn’t a surprise she could still turn students’ eyes. Her team would love it when she performed a striptease for them. Assuming they won their next game. They certainly seemed up for it in the week she had been helping them train, albeit as inspiration rather than a tactician, but it appeared the system worked. She was becoming familiar with the game, of course, she did take her status as team manager seriously, but she was still a far cry from knowing enough to design plays for them. No, she would serve them better by cheering them on from the sidelines and encouraging them to perform at their very best.

Realistically, Kasumi needed to make plans in case the team won, and that meant trying on a few things for her own upcoming performance. She had never done a striptease before, so she had rented some instructional tapes, and even gone to a club to watch strippers perform live to pick up some pointers. She was happy to note her body was as good as many of the younger, professional strippers, and even better than some. She had been tempted to try her hand at it on an amateur night, but decided against it. There was no sense in risking being seen by someone she might know. It would look bad for the school’s reputation if members of the faculty were thought to be frequenting such places. So she practiced in the privacy of her home until she thought she could give a passable performance. She was tempted to invite Silver over and give a private showing to gauge the male reaction, but Kasumi was pretty sure she’d end up with the Saotome heir giving her a hard screwing regardless of matter how well she did.

Kasumi pulled out several garter belts of various colors. Those had been part of her lingerie ensembles since she turned twenty, and she wore them more often than not. She enjoyed the feel of silk on her hips and as a method of keeping her hose up. It took time, but she whittled the choices down to either black or purple. She chose a black one with eight garter straps instead of the purple with four (the greater number to build up more excitement) and tried it on first. After donning the garter belt, she decided to slip the panties on before attaching the stockings, the reverse of her usual habit, since it made dealing with nature’s calls more time-consuming. But the panties should come off after the stockings, she decided. She didn’t want the payoff to occur too soon, after all.

After attaching her stockings, she posed sexily as she examined herself in the mirror. Not bad at all, she decided.

It was at that moment that the door to her bedroom flew open and her son, Akira, burst in. He was in an openly agitated state, as he bellowed, “Mamma, I just heard you’re managing the school’s rugby tea…” His eyes goggled as he saw the pose she had struck. “Put some clothes on!” he shouted, going for a blanket on the bed. He grabbed it and wrapped it around her before she had a chance to react.

“Stop it, Akira,” Kasumi protested, wriggling out of his grasp. She was tempted to shuck the blanket altogether, but acceded to keeping it wrapped around her like an oversized bath towel. “I was just trying on some underwear.”

“You can’t wear things like that!” he protested.

Kasumi stared at him in open irritation. “And exactly why not?”

“Because it makes guys think bad thoughts about you. You should wear decent underwear like a normal mother.”

IE: something extremely frumpy which no man would look at, was what the suggested boiled down to. Kasumi engaged in one of her very rare scowls. Not this again. Akira had been painfully overprotective of her since the day he grasped the concept that not all men viewed his mother in the same terms he did. No man was good enough for his mother, in his eyes, and he had always made it a point to vocally disapprove of them, both to her face and theirs. Dating became so difficult she had to arrange for him to be at someone else’s house, usually the Saotomes, to keep him from putting a damper on the festivities. When he got older, she would date on the sly, or when she knew he would be out of the house. Now that he had moved out and to a dorm, things had gotten better. In fact, this visit was a surprise, since he had said nothing about dropping by.

“I happen to like the way it feels on me,” she said.

Akira’s face remained red. “Dressing like that is one of the reasons guys stare at you. It invites them to think unthinkable thoughts.”

“That’s part of the point to wearing them, yes.” Kasumi explained. “It just so happens I like it when men show me attention.” The younger the better, of late.

Akira looked like he was about to have an embolism. “You don’t need men in your life! You have me!”

Kasumi sighed. “There’s a significant difference in their attention toward me as opposed to yours. Now, what brings you over here without calling ahead?”

That seemed to bring Akira’s mind back on track. “Silver just told me you were managing Furinkan’s rugby team.”

“Yes, there was a position open on the team and I took it.” If the team did well, she’d have an open position for them as well.

“I forbid you from managing the team!” Akira blustered.

Kasumi crossed her arms and gave her son a disapproving glare. “I beg your pardon, but I think you’re getting our familial roles reversed. I am the one who decides who gets to do what, not the other way around. Or do you need me to give you a reminder?”

That disapproval drained a touch of the protestation from the young man. “Well, I don’t like you being around all those guys. I went to Furinkan. I know what guys are like and the dirty things they think and say about you. Joining a team full of a bunch of testosterone-filled jocks is like putting a sheep among a pack of ravenous wolves.”

The imagery actually served to turn Kasumi on as she imagined the team ‘devouring’ her. “I can take care of myself around young men, the way I have for years. It’s not like I haven’t worked in a high school for the last decade.”

“And that’s another thing. I don’t like you being a nurse there, either. Why can’t you get a job that isn’t around guys? Like…” Akira thought about it. “A nun?”

Kasumi’s mood darkened. “I’m not Catholic.”

“So convert.”

That was the last straw. “That is enough out of you, young man.”

Akira flinched. When his mother called him ‘young man’, that meant he had stepped out of line and he’d better step back. Her disapproval was more than enough to berate him.

Kasumi continued. “I am very happy being a nurse at the school. I also enjoy participating in extracurricular activities, like managing the rugby team. While I love that you are concerned about my well-being, you are overreacting and making irrational and unreasonable demands on how I live my life. Akira, I love you, but it’s time for you to leave for today.”


“No buts. Go back to your dorm and think about what I had to say about the difference between giving advice and being controlling.” She shooed him away with her hand.

Akira sulked, not one of his more common moods, and headed out.


As Akira walked around, he pondered many things, but not what his mother had recommended. He knew he was right and she was wrong. She believed the best of everyone, no matter how crummy or lousy they were. She was too trusting. Just look at every single guy she had ever dated. Akira could tell they were a bunch of sleazeballs, jerks, or amorous scum that only had one thing on their simple lust-driven minds. But whenever he told his mother, she dismissed his opinions as though he couldn’t see right through them. Oh sure, they all seemed like nice guys on the outside, but he knew what was really going on under the surface, and it made him shudder. Akira always made certain to make his disapproval known to the guys, but when his mother caught him, she’d shoo him away or foist him off with the Saotomes or one of his aunts. She was so trusting; it made him fear for her chastity.

The males at Furinkan were nothing but a bunch of hormone driven animals when it came to his mother. It was bad enough back in the days when he had attended school and could properly punish anyone that made an improper comment about his mother. When he had first started attending, he had nearly keeled over from a heart attack from some of the unforgivable comments they had made about her. When he overheard someone refer to her as ‘Nurse Jiggles’ that had been the straw that broke the camel’s back. He had punished the youth with all his righteous fury to highlight the impropriety of the libidinous comments. The school had to get a set of the ‘Jaws of Life’ to pry the animal out of the locker Akira had stuffed him in. After that Akira let it be known his mother was not to be talked about, looked at, or even thought of in an improper way. She was as pristine as the virgin snow, and anyone that thought otherwise would be punished in suitable fashion. He had spent a lot of time watching his mother’s back to make sure his warnings were enforced. After a few examples were made out of some guys that stepped out of line, everyone respected her angelic nature.

But Akira had graduated two years ago, leaving his mother to the tender mercies of those vulgar, lustful guys. Sometimes he had nightmares of them calling her other offensive names, or staring at her, or thinking other unthinkable things that made his stomach roil. And now she was having after-school interactions with the rugby team? The idea that she should be around a bunch of horny jocks made him tremble in fear. What if they were to corner her in some locker room when all the other teachers were gone, surrounding her and…?

“Stay away from her!” Akira cried out, grabbing his hair and pulling it in frustration, terrifying other passersby. He couldn’t do it. He had to protect her somehow. But she was unwilling to listen to reason. He’d have to approach things from a different angle. Maybe it was time to visit his alma mater.


Akira waited until the next school day, right after classes ended but before the clubs began. It wasn’t a large window of opportunity, but it was enough to do what needed done.

As Akira arrived at Furinkan, he saw it was exactly as he remembered. He had many fond memories of the place, outside of having to protect his mother’s reputation. He would have enjoyed reminiscing, but he was here on a mission, and the best way to complete it was to ask around.

He approached a pair of girls talking to one another as they left school. “Excuse me.”

The girls broke off from their conversation, and, upon getting a good look at him, all but began drooling. It was a reaction he was used to. Most girls considered him very handsome, and he never wanted for attention wherever he went. Not that he wanted much attention. Between pleasuring his two girlfriends (and the occasional sexual misadventure Silver tended to get him into) he didn’t have a whole lot of extra energy for other girls. Although he was in the middle of a dry spell due to a number of important tests he was taking. He had to refuse conjugal visits from both girls. In fact, after he was finished here, he would go back to studying for the rest of his tests.

One of the girls said, “You’re ‘Heartbreaker Tendou’ aren’t you?”

Akira blushed. He really hadn’t broken any hearts, at least by design. He had dated a lot of girls during high school, but none of them had really captured his interest enough to go out with more than a couple of weeks. It wasn’t until Yuriko and Silver that he found his interest piqued. “It’s just Akira.”

“I can see why you’re still talked about,” the other girl said, openly eyeing him up.

Akira was a touch surprised about the brazenness of her gaze. He didn’t remember Furinkan girls being this aggressive. At least not until they got him alone with them. “Yes, Yuriko’s boyfriend,” he offered as a warning.

One of them sniffed disdainfully. “You could do so much better than that tramp.”

The other one nodded. “You guys are always falling for the biggest rack. But you know, gravity will get them eventually. You should settle for more proportional girls.”

Akira was aghast to see the girl actually fondle herself through her uniform to demonstrate for him. Well, not aghast at her breasts, which were nicely-sized, but that she would do it for some man she had just met. “Yes, well, I’m not here to see her, actually. I need to talk to some guys from the rugby team.”

The girls looked at each other, and then shrugged. “I saw Seiji and Kurosawa over by those bushes.” She pointed at a cluster of them a short distance away.

“Thanks.” Akira felt them staring at him as he walked away. Actually, they were probably staring at his butt. The girls were certainly a lot more aggressive than he remembered. He recalled Silver mentioning things getting wilder after a tentacle demon incident a while back. Maybe that was what she had meant. If so, it was all the more reason to find the rugby team.

Akira found two guys in the general area the girls had said. They were sitting down, out of general sight behind the bushes, discussing something. He called out their names and both guys fell silent.

Akira walked over to them. “Are you guys on the rugby team?”

“Who wants to know?” one of them asked suspiciously.

Akira sat down. “Actually I’m a former alumni that’s come by for a visit. I’m a big fan of rugby. Used to follow the team when I was school. We didn’t do too well, though. But when I heard you guys were winning, I wanted to stop by and congratulate you.”

Both guys went from suspicious to relaxed at the attention, their egos stroked. “Yeah, we do kick ass.”

“Especially lately,” one guy said, a twinkle in his eye.

“Yep, we’re going to win the nationals, no matter what it takes.” His gaze bordered on fanatical.

“Good luck. I hope you win them.” Akira said in a friendly manner. “By the way, I heard you have a new, attractive manager.”

The guys looked at one another, exchanging eager glances. “Oh yeah, ‘Naughty Nurse Kasumi’ is managing the team.”

The other said to Akira. “Let me tell you, she’s gotten even hotter than she was back in your day. With her helping us, we’ll win the nationals or die trying.”

Akira cracked his knuckles, his voice quavering. “Oh, you might not have to wait for the nationals for that to happen.”


“Where are those two idiots?” Yakumo snarled. Looking the locker room over, everyone was present except for Seiji and Kurosawa. In the past, he’d be lucky if half the team showed up so early, but now everyone was eager to start practice as soon as classes ended, and it was obvious who was responsible for that. Kasumi was proving herself quite the manager. If they didn’t show up in the next two minutes, they would get to be ‘tackle dummies’ for the duration of practice.

Time was almost up when the door to the locker room burst inward. Someone Yakumo didn’t recognize had the unconscious, beaten forms of Seiji and Kurosawa over his shoulders.

Everyone in the room tensed up. “Who the hell are you?” Yakumo said, trying to identify their foe.

Kyosuke, one of the team’s best forwards, said, “He beat up Seiji and Kurosawa.

Kyosuke’s twin brother, and fellow best forward, Kenji, said, “He must be with a rival team, trying to take out our guys before the game.”

That made sense. Well, whoever this idiot was, he had just stepped into a hornet’s nest of pain. Yakumo turned to the largest man, not just in the room, but in the entire school. “Hibiki, show this guy what we think of cheap shot artists.”

Ryo placed his hand behind his head and gave a nervous, “Hey, Akira, how’s it going?”

Seeing Ryo so nervous at the presence of a stranger that just took out a pair of teammates made the others edgy. Yakumo asked, “You know this jerk?”

“That’s Akira Tendou. You know, the nurse’s son. Surely you’ve heard about him.” Turning his face away from Akira, Ryo silently mouthed, “Locker Room Squeegee Incident”.

Yakumo certainly recalled the details of that incident. Everyone did. It was still told five years after it happened. A dozen members of the kendo team decided to be big shots and knock Akira Tendou down a peg by ganging up and beating on him. In order to prod him into throwing the first punch (so they could claim they were defending themselves), they described his mother in very lurid terms.

The kendo team had to forfeit the rest of their matches that year.

Yakumo gulped. Akira’s overprotectiveness of his mother was the stuff of legend. Rumor had it for three years no male went into her office for fear of arousing Akira’s suspicions. At least until he graduated. Nowadays the male students were eager to have the ‘Naughty Nurse’ administer health care to them.

But now the shadow of doom had returned to Furinkan and darkened the rugby team’s locker room. Yakumo tried putting on his best smile and bowed, “It’s an honor to meet you.”

Akira smiled, the sound of teeth gnashing filled his voice as he gritted out, “And it’s an honor to meet you, too.”

Yakumo felt very, very uneasy all of a sudden, like somebody named Akira Tendou was digging his grave specifically so he could start walking on it. “So, what brings you to our locker room? Your mother isn’t here at the moment. She told us she’d be a little late due to her nursing duties.”

“Actually, I wanted to talk to you guys privately,” Akira said.

Yep, definitely walking all over that grave now.

Akira continued. “It seems my mother is being her usual, noble self in going above and beyond the call of school duty in managing your team.”

“Why yes, she is.” Yakumo was trying to be as friendly and passive as possible, like when one found himself confronted with a rabid dog, and any fast movement might set it off.

“Yes, well it has come to my attention that some of you.” Akira tossed the unconscious bodies of Seiji and Kurosawa onto a table, knocking it over. “Seem to view her as something other than just a member of the faculty. Some have the audacity to refer to her in obscene, unspeakable nicknames, suggesting she is something other than a pure, virginal woman.”

Kyosuke said, “Virginal? She had you, so how can she be—“

The rest was cut off as Ryo slapped his hand over Kyosuke’s mouth. “Virginal as a nun who’s been raised in a convent. Got it.”

“Exactly,” Akira said in approval. “Personally, I think she’s out of her mind spending time with guys like you.”

Now Kenji became belligerent. “What’s that supposed to me—“

Another hand got slapped over his mouth, courtesy of Ryo. “Far better than lowlife scum of the earth like us deserve. We tell ourselves how blessed we are every day.”

“Exactly,” Akira said, his temper seeming to abate, though his eyes continued to gleam with a near madness. “But she is determined to help you. So, since you’re going to have to be around her, alone with her, I shall make it abundantly clear that if even one of you were to think of her in anything but the most innocent, chaste of terms, I will take you apart piece by piece starting with…” Akira ran down a very long list, eventually stopping at, “…. the left little toe. Oh yes, and the toenail on it first, then the toe.”

“I didn’t know I had that many body parts,” one of the guys said, so ghastly pale that it appeared he had been dead for a little while.

Seeing everyone in the room had taken on a similar white pallor, Akira smiled. It was a chilling thing that sent even more shivers down the team’s collective spines. “Are we clear on what my mother means to you?”

“She’s just our manager and, as far as we’re concerned, has the attractiveness of a decaying garden slug,” Yakumo said.

Akira’s smile remained chilling, despite Yakumo’s declaration. “Good, now remember, I’ll be watching you all the time, and if I think you stray even once, you won’t have enough time to feel sorry before you end up in permanent traction, just like all the others.”

The team wasn’t certain if there really were any others that ended up that way, or if it was just an attempt at intimidation. In any case they didn’t care to find out. They simply nodded their heads in acquiescence.

Akira moved backward, almost floating across the floor, like a vengeful wraith, his eyes not blinking even once watching them all the time. Once outside the door, it seemed to close on its own with a loud thud, making everyone jump.

No one said a word for a full minute. It took a while before Kenji said, “I thought all those stories about him were made up or exaggerated, but the reality was way, way worse than anything I dreamed of.”

Everyone in the room nodded.

But then Yakumo stopped nodding, and instead balled his fist. Holding it before him, he said, “Wait a minute. We’re overreacting. Okay, he might be tough, but there’s almost two dozen of us and only one of him. And we got our ace in the hole.” He pointed to Ryo. “Nobody stops ‘the Monster’. Tell ‘em, Ryo.”

Ryo looked nervously at Yakumo. “Actually, Mr. Saotome says Akira has the potential to be one of the best martial artists around. Probably as good as Silver. Mr. Saotome says the only thing holding him back is he’s not really motivated about becoming really good at martial arts. But when he does get motivated, like when he’s pissed off, he can make even Mr. Saotome break a sweat. Maybe even my dad. And you heard what Akira said. If he even thinks we stared at his mom’s butt, even if it’s on fire, he’ll be very inspired to do bad things to us.”

That sobered the excitement that had started to go through the team.

Yakumo said, “I guess maybe we’d better call off all the ‘motivational programs’ Naught… I mean Nurse Tendou had in store for us if we’d win.”

Some of the team began wailing at the top of their lungs.


Kasumi Tendou walked briskly to the team’s quarters next to the athletic field. Now that her nursing duties were finished, she had time to take up her extracurricular activity as the rugby team’s manager.

Sometimes work was a lot of fun.

Kasumi was almost there when she pulled up short, scarcely believing her eyes. Akira was walking in her direction, bright smile on his face. Her first instinct was to smile at her son visiting her at work. She was about to greet him when she realized there was something wrong with the way he was approaching her. No, it was the direction he was coming from. It wasn’t from Furinkan’s gates: it was from the team’s locker room.

Suspicious, Kasumi waited, watching her son with almost jaded eyes as he walked up to her, smile still plastered on his face. Now she was really apprehensive. Given their talk the day before, he should have still been sulking. “Akira, what are you doing here?”

Akira beamed as he hugged his mother, and then stepped away from her. “Good news, Mamma. I’m going to be sitting in on all the practices and games from now on. We’ll be able to spend lots of quality time together. I already asked the team and they were all for it. Isn’t that great?”

Kasumi found an unusual emotion wash over her. She wanted to blow up, like Akane frequently did. She had never yelled at Akira, but was tempted to do so. Instead she controlled her temper and gave a terse. “Leave. Now.”

Akira stared at her in shock. “But Momma—“

“That’s it, young man. I will not tolerate this behavior. It goes beyond interfering with my life. You’re affecting the lives of these young men who are trying their hardest to achieve their goals. I will not permit you to ruin their dreams of glory and success with your suffocating jealousy. I assure you I can take care of myself, and I know these young men well enough that they would never lay a hand on me without my permission.”

“But Momma—“

“Enough! You are forbidden from attending any practice or game. Or even talking to any member of the team.”

“Momma,” Akira pleaded.

“Did you hear any stipulations in that? No. That’s because I am not asking. I am telling you what will happen. I am your mother. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Momma. I’ll do what you say.” The look on Akira’s face was one of reluctant acceptance, but it was genuine, and Kasumi released a sigh of relief. Her son couldn’t lie to her when she turned the pressure on. He was terrible at it. He might be evasive, but he couldn’t outright lie.

Kasumi was a bit disappointed in his behavior. Usually he was incredibly responsible, but this little incident just proved he was only *nearly* a perfect son, rather than an actual one. Maybe that was for the best. If he was perfect, he wouldn’t need her. As mature as he was, there were still some rough edges he needed honed down. And it felt nice that her son still needed her.

Satisfied he would do as she ordered, Kasumi lightened up slightly. “I love you. Now go away and get back to studying for those tests of yours.”

“Yes, Momma.” Akira walked right for the gates leading away from the school grounds.

Kasumi remained where she was, watching Akira like a hawk as he made his way to Furinkan’s front gates. He paused and looked over his shoulder at his mother, whether to give her one last look or to see if she was gone and he could sneak back in, it was impossible to say. In either case Kasumi pointed at the gates. Shoulders slumped in defeat, Akira obeyed the unspoken command and departed.

Satisfied he was gone, Kasumi headed toward the locker room, concerned over what damage Akira might have caused with his little visit. As she entered the locker room, she saw the team’s eyes were downcast, some of them actually red-rimmed, as though they had been crying.

Yakumo retained enough fortitude to look Kasumi in the eye, though the look of abject misery dominated the depths of his brown orbs. “I’m sorry, Man… Nurse Tendou. But me and the guys talked it over, and we decided it wouldn’t be… right to, you know, let you… strip for us, or do those other things you said you’d do to us if we won.”

Even Kasumi had underestimated the harm could Akira inflict in one brief meeting. This wouldn’t do at all. In their current mental state, the team wouldn’t just lose to any opponent they met: they would be annihilated. She had to act fast to boost their morale or the season would be lost. She had her duty as a manager, as well as the fact she wanted to have all sorts of fun with these young studs.

A plan leapt immediately to mind. She looked right at Yakumo while addressing the team, “Oh, that’s such a shame. I was so looking forward to performing for you gentleman.” She undid the top two buttons of her blouse, showing the starting curve of her bosom and the top of the white brassiere she had chosen to wear today.

She began moving through the crowd, undoing another two buttons as she walked past the defensemen. “I’ve even been practicing in anticipation.” Now the blouse was open past the bottom of her bra, and had opened enough to show much of her cleavage.

All eyes were riveted to Kasumi as she moved through the crowd, as though a goddess had walked past.

Kasumi undid her final buttons. Holding the bottom of her blouse, she spun around, opening it wide, showing off her breasts in their lacy confinement, which was stretched just a bit taunt with how sizeable they were. She rolled her shoulders back, allowing the blouse to shimmy down her arms and to the floor. She then held on arm high, while the other one rested on her hip.

“So, how was I?” Kasumi asked, holding the pose.

The entire team went from sheep to wolves, all but slavering in barely contained lust at the sight before them.

Yakumo asserted his role as captain, shouting boldly to his team. “Comrades, teammates, countrymen. I tell you that on this day, we have met an enemy, not from outside, but from within. We doubted our resolve and nearly paid for it with regret for the rest of our lives. Well, I say to you we must remain firm. No matter what storm we encounter, we will weather it no matter what, because some goals are worth dying for!”

The team roared at the top of their lungs, as though they were about to enter the Coliseum and fight to the death.

Yakumo’s stare burned with intensity nearly frightful to behold. “Victory or death!”

“Or even victory and death!” someone added.

The team cried out in agreement.


They won their next game the next day 76 to 12. The team marched off the field with Kasumi carried off on their shoulders as though she were the one that had scored all the points.


Akira Tendou returned to his dorm room, releasing a sigh of relief. His last test was finally over, and he knew that, while he might not have aced it, he did score very well and cemented his ‘B’ for the course.

He all but collapsed in the chair at his desk, his roommate currently absent. That was just as well. Shun was okay, but far too much of a party animal for Akira’s taste. And some of the lewd comments he made about Akira’s ‘Two Bodacious Girlfriends’ made him a bit wary, though the guy knew better than to poach on Akira’s turf.

And thinking of the two hot girls, Akira found himself growing incredibly hard. Due to his week-long gauntlet of tests, he hadn’t had any of his usual bouts of carousing with either Silver or Yuriko. That might have been the longest period of time he had gone without sex since his inter-dimensional journey with Silver and the debauchery he had been ‘subjected’ to. And given his constant studying (except for his disastrous side-trip to the rugby team), it felt like he hadn’t seen them in a month. Well, it was Friday, and that meant they had a full weekend to enjoy each other’s company, both in a social, as well as carnal, manner. Given how lusty he felt, he was confident he could keep both of them in bed for the majority of the weekend.

Akira’s first call was to Silver. He got lucky as his unofficial girlfriend answered the phone. After exchanging greetings, he made his suggestion.

“Sorry,” Silver said, genuine regret in her voice. “Mom and Pop are taking the evening off, leaving me to teach the classes tonight. They say it’ll be good training for me. I think they just wanted to go out and party.”

Akira said he understood and wished her luck. He was a bit down about her not being able to go out with him tonight. He was horny as hell and wanted both girls to attend to his needs, but Yuriko would be more than enough to scratch his itch. The girl had a sex drive that put even Silver to shame, and that was saying something.

Akira made a quick call to his official girlfriend. She answered her phone on the second ring. Again Akira made his pitch about going out that night.

Yuriko’s response was, “Sorry. There’s a pep rally for the girl’s volleyball team. Since I’m the captain, I have to attend.”

“You didn’t mention a rally before.” There was a hint of irritation in Akira’s voice.

“It was a last minute thing. Even I didn’t hear anything about until Saionji told me a couple days ago.”

For some reason Akira didn’t care for her referring to Kunou by his first name. Akira had met him often enough when he had gone over to the Kunou home with Tachi, Saionji’s older sister and one of Akira’s closest friends when he had attended Furinken. Tachi had seemed to take delight in openly comparing Saionji to Akira, in front of her little brother’s face, and constantly found Saionji wanting. That had seemed to prickle Saionji’s pride, which made Akira wary. Besides, Saionji was a bit too full of himself for Akira’s taste.

“I see,” Akira acceded, not that he had much of a choice. He hung up and considered what to do next. He was very sexually frustrated. Neither of his girlfriends would complain about him seeking out female company since they were unavailable, and tended to fall into bed with various partners with great frequency. There was no shortage of women that lusted after Akira on campus, and had tried to come on to him despite his status of having a girlfriend.

Akira was starting to make a mental list of potential candidates when his phone rang. Hoping it was one of the girls telling him their plans had been cancelled, he instead heard a sultry, feminine voice say, “Hey there, handsome. Long time no see.”

Akira immediately identified the voice as belonging to Ai Konjou, Yuriko’s ‘mama.’ There was no mistaking that throaty purr for anyone else.

“Hello,” Akira said in genuine delight as he envisioned the woman at the other end of the phone. Yuriko was definitely a chip off the old block when it came to her biological father. It was difficult not to sport wood around the woman, especially since she was so sexually aggressive. Akira couldn’t recall a time she didn’t flirt with him since he had started dating Yuriko, much to girlfriend’s irritation.

Ai continued, “Sorry to call. I know you’re busy tonight, but we’ve had some call-offs and are desperate for an extra set of hands. If you come fill in for tonight, we can make it worth your while.”

There was no mistaking what she was implying, but there was something the woman said that threw him off. “Who told you I was busy tonight?”

“Yuriko. When she said she had to bail out for that pep rally, she told us she had already tried to get you to fill in, and you said you were too busy with school.”

“I see.” Akira didn’t care for the idea of Yuriko trying to keep him on a short leash, especially since he didn’t make any demands on her and let her see whoever she wanted (that was partially self-preservation given her high sex drive), and he wanted the same courtesy. Not that he indulged in it all that often given how attentive both she and Silver were. Still, she should have asked him not to go rather than lying behind his back.

“Actually, some things got cancelled, and I’m free tonight. I’ll come down.”

“Thank you. I’ll definitely show you my appreciation for all you’ve done for us.”

Akira listened to the line go dead on the other end. Dear god she had a sexy voice. She could probably give a corpse an erection. In any case, it looked like he wouldn’t have to worry about his unwilling abstinence after all.


Ukyou smiled as Ai gave the ‘thumbs up’ signal. Letting the sexy voice of her lover persuade the young stud had been a great idea. They really needed him, too, since not only had Yuriko and Arisa Senzenin backed out due to the rally, but Yoshiko had called off sick. Ukyou thought allowing the girls off for what was basically a party was stupid, but Ai had been strongly in favor of it, insisting pep rallies were an integral part of school spirit. Ukyou wagered her lover’s stance was probably because Ai had been captain of the cheerleading squad and been an integral part of the rallies. And, knowing Ai, she had gotten a good bit of cock and pussy at the things.

Still, having Akira help out wasn’t a bad thing. He made for good eye candy, especially in the uniform Ukyou had custom made for him. Those tight pants that showed off that outstanding ass of his were something else. Not only that, he did a good job waiting tables, and could draw in more female customers once word spread of him working there. The all-female staff would be delighted at his presence as well, especially with Yuriko absent. Ukyou had no doubt the girls would hit on him mercilessly. She could warn them to behave themselves, but it would be more fun letting them flirt and warn Akira to keep his cock away from them, or else he wouldn’t get his ‘bonus’ for helping out. That way he would really be ready to party after a night of going hungry despite having a full buffet right under his nose.

Ukyou finished prepping the grill. She was about to go to a storeroom and check on the inventory when someone entered through the curtain of the entrance. Ukyou recognized him as a young man who had eaten here on a number of occasions, though not enough to be considered even a semi-regular. She recalled one of the girls mentioning he was captain of one of Furinkan’s teams.

Ukyou said, “We’re not actually open for another half hour. You can sit around and wait, if you like.”

The youth appeared nervous. “Actually, I wanted to know if we could reserve the private room for the evening.”

That grabbed Ukyou’s interest. When they had bought the property next door and expanded the restaurant, she discovered she had far more floor space than she knew what to do with. So she decided to have two rooms for larger parties built. One was semi-private (a glass made it soundproof, but one could still be seen) and the other totally private. The private one was by far the larger of the two, complete with a small stage so talks could be given to the people seated at the very large table. Her hope was that parties and businessmen rent out the room for their functions.

Ukyou really hoped this kid had the money for it. So far business had been less than spectacular. The expansion and remolding had cost twice what she had anticipated, and business had not increased the way she assumed. It turned out they had already been near the maximum customer base when they were smaller and constantly busy, and the additional space did little to entice new customers. The truth was they were stretched thin finance-wise. If business didn’t take an upswing soon, she’d be really worried. No Kuonji had ever lost their restaurant, and she didn’t intend on being the first. They were going to have to do something to increase revenue.

“It is available,” Ukyou said, trying not to sound too eager. Not that this youth seemed like a hard bargainer. If anything, he appeared incredibly nervous.

“Good. I want to reserve it for my rugby team. You see, we just made the playoffs and wanted to celebrate.”

Oh yes, Yuriko mentioned that. “You’ve come to the right place to celebrate, then.” Ukyou told him the rates. If he balked, she’d give him a discount, giving an excuse that Furinkan was her alma mater.

Luckily he said, “Yeah, we can afford that. Only, there’s one thing. My dad rented it for a business party and he said they hired a comedian for it. So we sort of wanted to bring in entertainment of our own.”

“As long as it’s nothing destructive, that’s fine.” And even then that was why they had a refundable deposit for the room.

Despite being given an affirmative, Yakumo appeared even more nervous. “Yeah, well, we wanted our entertainment to be really, really private. So we didn’t want anyone coming in, not even waitresses.”

“Nothing illegal, I hope,” Ukyou said in a weighted tone.

“Oh no, nothing like that,” Yakumo said hurriedly. “It’s kind of… entertainment for guys.” He turned bright red with the admission.

Now things were making sense. They had hired a stripper. “Yes, I can see why you wouldn’t want anyone barging in. Well, don’t worry, we’re discrete, and I guarantee we’ll have someone serving you that won’t be offended.” Ai would be the best choice. Lord knew, she wouldn’t be offended. Actually, she might be tempted to jump on stage and join in. She was quite the exhibitionist.

Yakumo panicked. “Oh no! No one can come in. The girl, she’s… ah, nervous. She doesn’t want anyone seeing her since she’s… new to this and… if her parents find out… you know, she’ll be embarrassed. So it’s got to be totally private or she won’t do it.”

Ukyou read something else in the young man’s distress. She didn’t think it was anything truly illicit. Having two children and seeing similar reactions on them, Ukyou was pretty sure it was a fear of being refused and losing his opportunity for this. The stripper wanted to keep her identity hidden. Well, it made sense. Maybe it was one of his classmates trying to earn extra money and didn’t want word to get out what she was doing.

Ukyou considered the situation. He’d have to sign certain forms anyway promising he and his friends wouldn’t destroy anything or conduct anything illegal. For all of his nervousness, she didn’t get a sense he was up to either one. This was probably the first time he had ever seen a stripper, at least one that he had hired, and he was afraid of something going wrong. Ukyou couldn’t see the harm in it. Moreover, she really needed the money, almost to the point where beggars couldn’t be choosers. Renting the room out for all night would help a lot on the day’s take. In combination with the usual nightly crowd, they’d make a healthy bit of money.

Besides, there was a little safety feature Ukyou had installed in the room. There was a pair of concealed video cameras that recorded everything. In case there was some legal problem, Ukyou wanted her bases covered. She and Ai could keep a surreptitious eye on things to make certain this guy wasn’t really was up to something. It was mentioned in a small paragraph near the end of the four page document Yakumo would have to sign to rent the room, but Ukyou doubted if he would read anything other than ‘print name’, when she handed it to him.

“Okay. We’ll set up a buffet for you gentlemen that you can use yourselves. No one will interrupt you for the time you rent the room. You can even have your… entertainment come in the back door so no one will see her. And if you do need anything, you can send someone out to talk to myself or the head waitress and we’ll help you discretely.”

“Oh, thank you.” Yakumo bowed so deeply his head nearly hit the floor.

“Just remember, Uk-chan’s is always there to help you for your private party needs.”


By the time Akira arrived, business had really picked up. Ai all but dragged him upstairs to get him changed into his tight waiter’s outfit. He noted Ai wasn’t so busy that she couldn’t take the time out to watch him change and whistle appreciatively as he donned his uniform.

When he got downstairs Ukyou took him into the back room and warned him that when it came to ‘her girls’ (meaning the waitresses, not her daughters), he was to keep his hands off or she and Ai wouldn’t give him their personalized bonus for helping them out in their time of need.

Akira agreed, though it turned out to be more difficult than he anticipated. The girls, all handpicked by Ai, were extremely attractive, and their uniforms carefully designed to show off much of the girls’ noticeable attributes. Worse, they flirted mercilessly with him, almost in competition with one another to gain his attention. It made him go around with a perpetual hard on. Even several of the female customers flirted with him, one ‘accidentally’ brushing her hand against his large hard on. All things considered, it was a strenuous evening.

He was about an hour in when he bumped into one of the customers heading to the back. Akira absentmindedly excused himself. It was only when the customer gasped that he caught Akira’s interest. Now the college student focused on the guy long enough to identify him.

“You’re on that rugby team,” Akira said, a touch of venom in his voice.

Yakumo gulped. “What are you doing here?”

“Working. I sometimes fill in when they’re shorthanded.” Akira thought he understood now. The guy thought Akira had tracked him down to kick his ass. Well, Akira wouldn’t do it without some kind of provocation, and the reaction Yakumo had might have been from panic at seeing a potentially dangerous animal instead of a guilty conscience. Time to find out which and react accordingly.

“So what table are you at?” Once Akira found out, he could try to overhear any conversations and see if they were making unspeakable comments about his mother.

Yakumo gulped. “Actually, we rented out the private room. None of the staff is allowed in there.” He made it sound as though it was a force field of some kind that would fend Akira off.

“Oh, right. Ai told me about that while I was getting changed.” And told Akira to stay out of the room, which he was content to do.

Yakumo looked like he wanted to go when Akira added, “Because you hired a stripper.”

Yakumo began trembling, almost convulsing, as Akira looked him square in the eye.

Akira then gave a friendly slap to Yakumo’s back. “I approve. That’s a healthy way to vent your ardor, focusing on attractive women and their hot bodies. It keeps you from looking at women you shouldn’t. Enjoy yourselves.” Akira left him.

“Thanks,” Yakumo all but squeaked. He cursed the fates for bringing Akira so close to what would be ground zero if he found out who the ‘stripper’ was, and that he had just approved of it. Still, there was no way Yakumo was not watching Naughty Nurse Kasumi act out one of the greatest fantasies of his seventeen-year old life.

But this moment was the most critical time: getting Kasumi in without Akira catching them. If he caught even a glimpse of her, neither all the Emperor’s horses nor all the Emperor’s men were going to put the rugby team back together again.

Yakumo watched Akira wait on a table far away from the door leading to the private room, then headed to the back door leading to the alley where Kasumi had just called to tell him she was waiting.

He opened the door and saw her in a long trenchcoat and wide brimmed hat held low over her face, like out of some old film noir. Great. She might not be identifiable, but she was so suspicious she might as well been holding a sign that said, ‘Check Me Out.’ Still, it would have to do.

“Hello,” Kasumi greeted warmly.

“We have to get you in fast.” Yakumo grabbed her wrist and all but dragged her into the restaurant’s interior. When they got to the door leading to the serving area, he made her wait and peered around the corner to make sure there was no chance they’d bump into Akira. Luckily, he was still far away waiting on another table with his back turned. Making certain her hat was low, Yakumo pulled Kasumi along at lightning fast speed until he turned the small corner leading to the private room arrived in front of the door. His fist trembled as he gave the secret knock.

The door whipped open and Yakumo found himself and Kasumi all but thrown into the room by Ryo. Others shut the doors behind them while Fujikuro guarded the entryway with his body in front of it so it couldn’t be ‘accidentally’ opened. He was actually playing a yaoi dating sim, not really interested in what was about to transpire due to his sexual orientation, but he had no problems with his teammates having some fun. He was a team player, after all.

With the door secured behind them, Kasumi removed her hat and surveyed the scene. There were a few absences. She knew a couple of the guys had said they were uncomfortable participating in a group activity of this nature, and a few others wanted to stay loyal to their girlfriends, but that still left over fifteen guys present. Their emotions ranged from eager, nervous, disbelief, and everything in-between. Part of that might have been how she removed herself from their presence immediately after their victory, not having any contact with them in order to build up their desire. It seemed to have worked, as there was a greater hunger than usual in their eyes.

She surveyed the room. There was a buffet set up, but it appeared untouched, as did a wet bar that lacked any alcoholic beverages. That was just as well, since Kasumi wanted them intoxicated on something other than alcohol, namely her presence.

Much to her delight, there was a small stage at the head of the room. The way the table was situated, each person seated would have an ideal view of her. That was prefect. The only thing missing was a pole.

“Greetings, everyone,” Kasumi said in a very prim and proper manner, leaving no hint of what she was about to engage in. She wagered it would be safer to outwardly act like she always did. She was uncertain if she could pull off being a sultry tease. Best to behave naturally and hope for the best.

“Greetings, Nurse Tendou,” the guys said in a chorus.

Kasumi wagged a finger. “Oh no. For tonight I will be addressed as ‘Naughty Nurse Kasumi’. You don’t mind that, do you?”

“No, Naughty Nurse Kasumi.” And this time they were much more enthusiastic.

Yes, that put them in the right frame of mind for what was to come. In talking with Yakumo, Kasumi gathered that since she had become manager and made her declaration, she had become the center of their fantasies, and their pet nickname for her was more appropriate for what she was about to do. It would also help create a line of demarcation between the proper decorum they would have to display in public toward her versus what transpired behind closed doors.

“It’s wonderful to see so many of you here.” Kasumi made a point of walking up to each youth and greeting him personally. No need to feel as though she were playing favorites. As manager of the team she would try to treat everyone as equally as possible, though from what she had seen there were certain members she would probably choose first to… entertain her if the opportunity presented itself.

After making her rounds, Kasumi said, “I believe congratulations are in order for making the playoffs, and in very impressive fashion, I might add.”

“They didn’t stand a chance, not with the stakes involved!” someone shouted, and once more the others chorused their agreement, confidence in their declarations.

Kasumi beamed at them. She was surprised to discover a touch of pride in knowing she was helping her team, just like a manager should. And since the team gave a magnificent performance for her, it was only fair that she give a magnificent performance for the team.

“As we agreed, since you made the playoffs, I shall perform a striptease for you.” With that she removed her trenchcoat to reveal her garments. She had chosen a short leather skirt, and buttoned down blouse with an easy to remove bolero style vest. She had considered high-heeled boots, but opted not to. In practice she could never remove them very quickly or fluidly, and she was worried about maintaining a tempo. Her current clothing wasn’t slutty, that wasn’t her style, it was tasteful, which matched the image she projected in school. Judging by the lusty stares directed at her, she had made a good selection.

As Kasumi removed the coat and made the declaration, the movement stripped away the remaining disbelief from the team. Maybe there had been some residual doubt about her going through with her promise, but no longer. Naughty Nurse Kasumi was standing before them, declaring her intention of performing an act they had fantasized about hundreds of times since her initial joining of the team.

Before Kasumi began, she decided to lay down a few ground rules. She had mentioned them to Yakumo beforehand, and he assured her that he and Ryo would enforce them if the need arose. “Now two things I need to mention. One is that there will be no pictures taken, for obvious reasons. The second is that there will be no touching. You can look all you want, in fact I would be disappointed if you didn’t look.” Judging by the way their stares were riveted to her, their eyes would have to be pulled out of their heads to make them turn their gaze from her. “But no touching. Is that all right with everyone? If not we can always skip the striptease and have a normal party.”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Kasumi gave a tiny clap of her hands. “Good, let’s begin.”

Everyone sat down so they had a good view of the stage. One of them even had the foresight to set his music player to a song appropriate for a striptease. Kasumi was delighted, as she had overlooked that detail herself.

She walked up to the stage, which was slightly elevated for the group. She placed her hands on her hips and asked, “Are you boys ready?”

No one could articulate an answer. All they could do was stare dumbly and nod their heads.

And so it began. While Kasumi was no professional, years of training in martial arts, even mostly as a form of exercise, leant a flowing grace to her movements. She had practiced stripping daily, learning some of the ins and outs until she had a routine she thought the boys would appreciate.

All but Fujikuro’s eyes were riveted to her as she began her carnal dance. She didn’t even remove anything in the first minute, instead toying and teasing with her vest, swaying and flowing to the music for the audience’s benefit. None of the youths felt impatient as they drank in her every move. Time became meaningless as they were transported into fantasy made reality, and every second was to be savored as though it were the last.

For the team, Kasumi became the center of the universe, the goddess of their existence. In seconds she became etched into their minds as one of the greatest experiences of their lives, and from that moment on they would never be able to think of her in the slightest negative term until the day they died.

After moving to the flow of the music for a while, the exact moment for the actual striptease began. Clothing started to come off, opening with the vest which ended up swishing through the air several times before being lowered to the floor. The audience watched in silent lust as the blouse came next, and with each undone button, more silky, perfect flesh lay revealed. The guys basked in her form, drank in her moves, and burned every motion into their memory. She was perfect in every way to their youthful eyes.

While most of them had had sex, it was with girls their own age, and as Kasumi stripped away layers of her clothing, they became intimately aware of the differences between girls and women. As nice as Kasumi was, as much as she projected an image of propriety, she was undeniably a sexy woman, experienced in a manner no teenager could hope to match. Each youth learned the differences between the contemporaries they dated and a mature woman as they bore witness to an act few could ever hope to encounter.

Time lost meaning for everyone, including the new center of existence, but eventually the clothing was removed and discarded until only undergarments remained: a black bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. Rather than continuing, Kasumi came down from the stage. Now the goddess walked among the masses, and each genuflected as their newfound idol came within reach.

Kasumi climbed on top of the table, then dropped to all fours. She crawled away from the edge, equally distant between two sets of youths on each side of the table.

She turned her head to the right and asked the youth there, “Would you mind undoing one of my garters?”

He sat there, dumbfounded for a second until her request registered. He nodded wordlessly, and then leaned forward enough to touch her. His hand brushed against the creamy flesh between panties and stalking, and his hand shook. He fumbled around until he managed to undo the clip, allowing it to spring free.

Kasumi crawled just a touch more before looking to her left and asking one of the guys there to undo yet another one. He wasn’t much better, despite the forewarning. Still he managed to undo a clip.

Kasumi continued that way, moving forward on all fours, offering to every other youth the opportunity to undo her garters. She was almost to the end when they claimed the eighth, and final one.

Now she rotated onto her back and slowly, sensuously, rolled one of the stockings down her leg. All eyes watched the movement as more of her nude flesh was revealed with each inch the stocking retreated down her long leg. As she pulled it free, she draped it over the head of one of the youths. He didn’t touch it, simply staring at Kasumi and her close proximity.

She repeated the gesture with the other one, all eyes transfixed. Again she draped it over another youth’s head. This one quickly pocketed the item, never taking his eyes off the woman before him.

Now Kasumi was near the head of the table, where the gigantic Ryo sat. She crawled over to him, then rose up on her knees, which only brought her up to eye level with him, despite the fact he was sitting. She turned around and offered him her back.

She gathered her long hair in one hand and tossed it over her front, giving Ryo an unrestricted view of her back. She looked over her shoulder and asked, “Would you mind undoing by bra?”

Ryo nodded as dumbly as the others, despite his experience with mature women. Kasumi was that remarkable. He reached out and, after missing the catch a couple of times, undid it on the third attempt.

“Thank you,” she said seductively, which made Ryo smile as dumbly as he ever had. Keeping the bra in place with one hand, she tossed her hair over her back again, only her loosened bra covering her front. She played with the straps and toyed with them, showing increasing amounts of her generous bosom, then covering it back up. She made sure she moved around in a circle, despite being on her hands and knees, so that everyone could bask in her presence.

The game continued for what felt like an eternity, until Kasumi eventually allowed it to fall free, giving them all the first look at her naked breasts.

The guys began drooling, even the ones that had had sex with Kasumi before. Most of them appeared so delighted that even if Akira suddenly appeared and killed them all, they would die happy.

Kasumi continued moving sensuously for a while longer, allowing all of them to savor the appearance of her tit flesh. As much as her swaying breasts had them hypnotized, it came time to move on. Now she crawled to the head of the table and positioned herself in front of Yakumo, not more than a handful of feet away. She sat on her posterior facing him, giving him a nice view of her panty-covered pussy.

She asked, “Would you mind helping me remove my panties?”

At that point he was so in her thrall, he would have agreed to knee himself in the groin. He too, nodded mutely. Kasumi put her legs together and raised them up. He leaned forward and grabbed the thin strings on the side. Slowly he pulled them down, over her hips and past her bottom. He had to stand up to pull them all the way down her legs and free of her feet.

As soon as they were free, Kasumi opened her legs. She gave Yakumo and everyone at that end of the table a good look at her well-groomed pussy and shapely posterior. She had made certain to shave and trim so that not a single tiny hair was out of place. All eyes were focused on her lower lips, as though they were marksman aiming at a bull’s eye.

Kasumi allowed them to stare at her for a while, the rolled to all fours. She wiggled her bottom seductively as she began a sensual crawl back the way she had come, slowly making sure everyone had plenty of time to see the goal they had been aching for since the music came on.

When she got to the end of the table she stepped off and back to the feet, discarding her garter belt so she was totally nude. She went back to the stage and danced briefly, her free breasts swaying as she allowed the men to savor her image one more time.

And then Kasumi stopped, her performance at an end. She was perspiring lightly, and her heart raced, but she felt fulfilled in a way she had almost never experienced in her entire life. She could see the answer on their faces, but had to ask. “How was that?”

The question snapped the team out of their stupor as they gave her a standing ovation for minutes on end. Many of them appeared as though they were exhausted simply watching her. Still they cheered her in a way that truly moved Kasumi.

“If we had to beat the other team by a hundred, we’d have found a way to do it,” Yakumo said, and the others agreed enthusiastically with him.

“No need for that. Winning is more than enough,” Kasumi assured him. Since things had gone so well, she decided to give the youths another treat. Of course, some were going to get a better treat than others, but it couldn’t be helped. Besides, it would give the team even more motivation than before.

With that Kasumi began walking around the table. As she did, the guys she approached turned around in their seats so she wouldn’t be out of their sight for even a second. After making a full circle once, she said, “Now, since I am your manager, I’ve decided on a special award for four members of the team who I feel played above and beyond the call of duty. That is not to say anyone was lacking --everyone turned in a magnificent performance-- but there were a handful who impressed me so much that I would name them ‘players of the game’.”

The guys looked at each other in confusion, wondering what was to come.

“For the first award winner, I choose the one who I felt played the best defense. Stand up, Saito.” It was the youth Kasumi currently stood behind.

He did so, his eyes wide open in wonderment.

“Get up on the table and stand.”

Confused, but willing to walk into an active volcano if she requested, he obeyed, climbing up on the table and looking down.

Once again Kasumi got up on the table as well, though sitting upright on her knees. Saito looked down at the incredibly hot, naked woman kneeling before him and nearly came in his pants.

And then she did something which nearly gave Saito a heart attack to go along with ejaculation as Kasumi undid his pants and pulled both them and his briefs down in one motion. His cock, long since hardened as stiff as it could go, sprang free. It was colored a deep purple due to the tension in his loins.

Kasumi said, “This is your reward for doing such a great job.” And proceeded to wrap her lips around his shaft.

Saito’s eyes goggled as he was sent to heaven without dying.

Everyone gasped in awe, some of the guys shooting out of their chairs as Naughty Nurse Kasumi proceeded to administer a blow job right in front of them. The sound of her licking and sucking Saito’s average-sized cock like an oversized lollipop made all of them shift uncomfortably, some unable to resist grabbing their crotches in an effort to ease some of the ache.

Saito gasped and groaned instantly, like he was running a mile long race at top speed, only to discover it was really two miles. His eyes practically rolled into the back of his head as his hips began to thrust involuntarily.

The reality of what was happening only started to settle in on the crowd when Saito groaned and shook, his knees threatening to buckle as he began to shout and blew his wad in Kasumi’s mouth.

Already having the head in her mouth, Kasumi began to suck all of his spooge down greedily. While she preferred such virile seed going to her womb, she enjoyed the taste of sperm as well, especially if there was a lot of it. She adored the way it felt coating her throat and trickling down her stomach, of the way a cock pulsed in her lips while she cradled his balls, encouraging them to yield their bounty to her mouth. It was one of the reasons she enjoyed cleaning off her partners and making them hard again after they came in her once. She wasn’t much of one for long breaks in-between bouts of intercourse, and enjoyed making guys erect quickly. All of her lovers had complimented her on the talented mouth, and she just hoped she hadn’t spoiled Saito for other girls. Probably not. He hadn’t lasted that long, not a surprise for the state she had thrown him into with her striptease. She hadn’t needed to show off her true talents to him.

Not that Saito was complaining as Kasumi drained him of every drop he could muster. He came nearly as long as it took for him to climax in the first place.

When she was finished, Kasumi went from sucking him dry to cleaning him off, making sure everyone watched her tongue action. She could feel Saito already beginning to twitch back to life in her hand when she removed both her hands and lips and said, “There you go. All nice and clean. I hope you enjoyed your reward.”

“It… it was the best ever.” The youth looked like he was ready to break down and cry tears of joy.

When it appeared Saito would stay where he was on the tabletop, Kasumi prodded him by saying, “You had better get down so I can give my award to the next recipient.”

Dreamily, Saito walked down a stairway from Heaven. Kasumi looked all around the table. Now everyone was riveted to her for a different reason, each praying to every god there was that they had earned the beauteous woman’s carnal admiration.

“For such scoring so often… Kenji.”

The youth shouted at the top of his lungs and leapt up on the table to stand in front of the kneeling Kasumi.

Kasumi smiled at him. He was one of the youths that she had first dallied with during his ‘physical exam.’ He had a nice cock filled with wonderful sperm.

Despite having already been with Naughty Nurse Kasumi once before, Kenji was every bit as eager as the first time, perhaps even more since he knew what to expect. He knew his brother would give him crap about it later, but Kenji couldn’t care less. Naughty Nurse Kasumi was so hot, he would even squabble with his brother over her, though they had sworn they had long ago never to argue over a woman, and had kept the promise ever since.

Kasumi undid his pants and worked on him the way she had Saito. His cock was just the way she remembered it. She went a little slower with him, making a great production of licking the outside of his member in a manner that allowed the others to watch her work.

Still, Kenji couldn’t last long: he was running too hot. He barely lasted longer than Saito when his love juice joined his teammates down Kasumi’s throat and into her stomach. Not that he had a problem with his performance. As far as he was concerned, she was even better than last time, something he thought unbelievable, as though it were warping the laws of the universe.

Dismissing him, Kasumi once again built up the tension as she looked every member of the team in the eye. Then her brown orbs settled on the most massive one there. “For demolishing everything in his path, including a slow-moving teammate from time to time, Ryo.”

Ryo started to get up on the table when Kasumi said, “Wait, I’ll come over there.” She moved forward on her hands and knees once again, everyone watching her beautiful backside as it swayed with each motion. Animal instincts made each of them want to leap upon the table and mount her, competing with one another to fill her with their seed. But for all their base lust, there was a touch of awe for this tremendous beauty, as well as a feeling of her being in charge and that every one of her wishes would be granted no matter what sacrifice the youths would have to make.

Once Kasumi arrived at Ryo’s side, she saw that with him standing, she could remain upon all fours and only have to bend down slightly to administer his blow job. She had him move a half step closer, than proceeded to give him a first class case of head. She took her time with him, even more than the others, wanting to make him last. She didn’t want to be left dissatisfied if they all came too quickly. Still, it would be unwise to either give others blow jobs, or to work over each of the ‘award winners’ twice. The first might lessen their desires to win the next game, since a blow job was that reward. The second might make the rest of the team jealous. Keeping things as she had planned would reward those that had earned it, whet the appetite of the others, as well as encouraging them to play even harder than before.

So she went much slower, almost languorously, as she licked up and down his cock, putting a shiny coat of her saliva over it.

Ryo’s eyes were fixed on Kasumi as she made oral love to his cock. Of all the men there, she might have had the least hold on him, thanks to his encounters with Shampoo. The Amazon held a slight edge in the attractiveness department for Ryo (both in pure terms and since she resembled Silver so much), though with the performance Kasumi had given earlier, it was a close race. Certainly with the way she was slobbering over his cock, he would never dream of passing up the opportunity to have any form of sex with the naughty nurse.

Determined to hold off as long as he could, Ryo tried thinking about anything to keep him from blowing his wad as quickly as the other guys. He tried thinking about how Silver would feel betrayed if she caught him with another woman wrapped around his manhood. However, instead of acting angry, his image of her had her joining in (not that she would ever do such a thing, of course). He tried envisioning an angry Shampoo, but she joined in even quicker. He tried imagining Ranma defending Kasumi’s honor, but Ryo could only visualize the martial artist as a girl, and once more joining in. It was all the more surprising since he really didn’t have a thing for Ranma’s female form. He thought of Ranma as a guy no matter how hot she was. Maybe baseball? No. Oil rigs pumping? No. Akira moving up behind him and saying, “I wonder how much force is required to rip out a man’s heart from behind.”?

Oh, that one worked, especially since he ran into Akira all the time and had seen him in the restaurant. Death really was only a door away. That cooled his ardor a little, and allowed Kasumi a chance to really work her magic on him.

But then that too gave way as something else occurred to him. Ryo did not care for the way Silver fawned over Akira and spent so much time with him. It made the huge youth jealous, especially since Akira had Yuriko as his girlfriend. Of course, during the hot spring adventure both guys had sort of cheated on their girls (well, technically Silver wasn’t Ryo’s girl. Not officially anyway), with the small blonde with the big bust and tight snatch, so maybe Ryo was a bit of a hypocrite. But still there remained something about Akira’s close relationship with Silver irked him, and the idea of getting a piece of Kasumi appealed to Ryo as a sort of way of getting even. Of course, only with Kasumi as a willing participant, exactly as she was now. But that bit of jealousy of Akira made doing this behind his back an added bonus to the top notch blow job Ryo was receiving.

Soon even Ryo couldn’t hold off --Kasumi’s mouth held too much magic-- and, after a handful of minutes, he found himself whitening the insides of her digestive tract just like the others before him.

Again Kasumi took her time cleaning the remnants on Ryo’s cock, savoring the flavor of his sperm. It was the tastiest yet, and there was still one to go.

Once she finished her task, Kasumi turned around to give one last look at everyone around the table, finally settling her eyes on the team’s captain. “And finally, for best all around play, Yakumo.”

He was up on the table in a heartbeat, barely able to resist the urge to drop his pants as he climbed. During her deep throating of Ryo’s pecker, Kasumi really had a chance to bob her head up and down for all to see. Watching the movement made Yakumo hard and eager, which was a good thing.

Kasumi turned him on like no girl ever had, and due to his looks, popularity, and endowment, Yakumo had had plenty. Kasumi elicited a different reaction in him. Not just lust, but adulation as well as adoration. It was almost worship. He stopped questioning and just accepted it, even if why he viewed her as something other than a piece of ass confused the hell out of him.

What Yakumo didn’t understand was that Kasumi was his first true crush. For all the girls he had slept with, or even dated, he had never loved any of them. Kasumi was the first one he really cared for, almost in a way more appropriate for someone of seven rather than seventeen, though his desires were definitely that of someone in the spring of their manhood rather than the fall of their youth.

Yakumo had been rock hard for days, refusing to spend time with any girl, in anticipation for this event. His desire only grew worse when he saw Kasumi. When she started her striptease, he had been as hard as ever in his life, and when she had him pull her panties free, and flashed her pussy at him, he had actually come in his pants, and never even softened up.

Yakumo hoped she didn’t notice the mess he had already made, that she would focus solely on his rigid staff as she dropped his pants and freed his eight-inch rod from its cloth prison. She wrapped her hand around his staff, and then stared at it, confused for a moment. She gave it a surprisingly dainty lick, obviously sampling it, then looked up at Yakumo, meeting his eyes.

Yakumo flushed in embarrassment. Being a premature ejaculator was the worst, and the guys would never let him live it down if they found out. The potential humiliation was almost enough to make him go soft.

But then Kasumi winked at him and began working his shaft with her tongue and mouth. Her keeping quiet made him even more infatuated with her. Now Yakumo sighed in relief, as well as delight, as Kasumi went to town on him.

When Kasumi realized what had happened, she felt flattered that she had turned Yakumo on so much he had climaxed without having to touch him. She wondered if anyone else at the table had done the same thing.

She began to work her oral magic once again. Kasumi was delighted to discover that because Yakumo had already climaxed once, he retained a great deal of control and endurance. There was also the fact he had a large cock. While it was nowhere near the size of Silver-kun’s huge hunk of meat, there was more than she could effectively deep-throat. Not that she used that technique overly much. She didn’t like straining her jaws, instead preferring the delight in the way a man’s organ felt as she moved her tongue all over it, playing with their sac, and driving them into a slow frenzy. Besides, as much as she took pride in her oral talents, she didn’t want the guys thinking her mouth was preferable to her pussy.

Kasumi remained squatting before Yakumo, feeling herself beginning to drip in ardor. She had concentrated so much on the striptease that she hadn’t become too aroused; she had been too concerned with doing a good job. But now that she was handing out blow jobs, something she had familiarity with, she became extremely stimulated. She considered rubbing herself, but decided it was a bad idea to do it in front of the guys, since it might make them a little too wild and unable to control themselves. Best to build up slowly to things. Staring at her nude body while she sucked on cocks would give them plenty to deal with.

Yakumo lasted nearly ten minutes before Kasumi sent him over the edge and he blasted a load down her pearly whites that was nearly as copious as when he had popped in his pants. Feeling four large loads in her stomach made Kasumi feel content for the moment, though she would have liked more. Now she had no doubt she’d be capable of blowing the whole team when they made the playoffs (and they had better). She also had no doubt she would require the attentions of a man to take care of the longing in her pussy in a day or two. She’d have to call Silver and make arrangements.

As Kasumi finished up with Yakumo, one of the guys from the team cried out, “Shit, I can’t take it anymore! I gotta go the restroom and jerk off, or I’m going to explode.”

A couple other guys vocalized their agreement with his sentiment.

Kasumi watched the youths turn to go, feeling a touch of regret over their virile sperm going to waste like that. It was then inspiration struck her. While she couldn’t suck them off without disrupting her long term plans, there was something she could offer them that would be better than their wasting their loads down a toilet. Something she had heard of, but never considered doing. It wasn’t as though the opportunity had presented itself before. But now…

Kasumi said, “Wait. Why don’t you gentleman shoot your tasty sperm over me instead?”

The guys stopped halfway to the door, their jaws open. “Huh?” one of them managed.

“Sure. Instead of wasting it, we could have a bukkake bath. Assuming you’re interested in that sort of thing.” Kasumi lay down on the table, offering her body for them to seek relief over.

The guys looked at each other, then raced to see who could get there first. They climbed on to the table and surrounded her, dicks already in their hands. Instantly they began stroking themselves furiously over her.

The trio popped even faster than Saito had. With the first splash of warm seminal fluid landed on her breasts, Kasumi jerked. Then she settled in as the first guy coated her flesh in his white stickiness. One of the others blew his load on her breasts too, while the third squirted on her pelvis, next to her pussy, getting a few drops on her patch of hair.

As soon as they finished dripping the last drop on her, they were all but hauled off the table by the others. Nearly the entire team tried getting on the table at the same time.

Kasumi felt the table sway and groan dangerously. “Wait!”

Amazingly, the team did so, though they it took a visible amount of self-restrain to deny their instinctual lust.

Kasumi explained the table, as large was it was, couldn’t support everyone. She picked out guys one-by-one. When the sixth crawled up, she could feel the table start to protest, so she ordered the last one to back off, promising he would be the first in the next set.

Just as the lucky five guys started to jerk off over her, the sixth, who was about to cry for just missing his chance, came up with the idea of moving her to the edge of the table so he could stand on a chair and squirt all over her. Others cheered the idea, and pulled up as many chairs as would fit. The ones on the table were reluctant to wait, but majority ruled, and soon Kasumi found herself repositioned on the edge of the table, surrounded by a tight, impenetrable ring of virile young men.

It was only a matter of minutes before she found herself covered in a healthy coating of sperm. It was warm and sticky, but so wonderful as the white fluid struck her flesh, almost as if the energy of their virility was being transferred through her skin. She never imagined being the recipient of a bukkake bath could be so pleasurable. It was unlike anything she had experience before. It was so incredibly naughty, so carnal, that she had a small orgasm from the sensation alone.

Soon everyone had a turn. As Kasumi licked some of the sperm that had struck her face from the last of the first round of guys, she discovered the ones she had sucked off, as well as the first three that had come on her, had stiffened up once more. She said nothing as she was surrounded once again and a second round of action began.

As Kasumi lay there, savoring the warm sperm that permeated her skin and sank into her soul, she smiled beatifically. She took pride in doing a good job in everything, and this was no different.

Kasumi Tendou was going to be the naughtiest nurse ever.


Ai Konjou sat as far back in the chair as she could, watching the scene unfold on the video monitor. One leg was propped up on her nearby desk, her legs spread wide so she could more easily reach up her skirt and plunge her fingers into her the soft folds of flesh in the cleft of her loins. By now she had two fingers buried deep in her snatch, and was working furiously on getting a third in to join the pair. While one hand worked on that, the other played with her clit, teasing it furiously in an effort to get off.

It had all started innocently… well, inconspicuously enough. Ukyou had told Ai about the private room being rented out and why none of the staff were to intrude. Yakumo’s evasiveness made Ai curious, as well as the fact she wanted to see a hot stripper strut her stuff. So during her break she went to the small office where the video monitor showed the events in the private dining room. It had taken Ai a full minute to identify Kasumi Tendou as the one that was putting on an inspired striptease. Even then it took Ai another minute to really process that information. Kasumi literally was the last one Ai would have ever expected to engage in that sort of behavior. She was just so nice and proper. Although there was little of either in the way she strut her impressive goods. Maybe it was like they said, and it was the quiet ones you had to watch out for. Well, and the loud brash ones, like Ai. Maybe it was best to keep your eyes out on everyone, rather than taking any chances.

Even so, someone like Kasumi stripping for a room full of horny teenagers? And she sure as hell wasn’t being forced into it. Every one of those guys (except the one playing the video game) exhibited an almost slavish devotion to the woman. There was no doubt ‘Naughty Nurse Kasumi’ was calling the shots. Ai was more than a touch jealous that the woman had somehow wrapped an entire team of studs around her finger. She was also turned on at the scene on the monitor as Kasumi was the recipient of one hell of a bukkake bath. Ai had been on the receiving end of one back in high school, before she met Ukyou, but that had only involved five guys, not over three times that. The woman was going to end up covered in more cream than a cake.

Ai was felt a nice orgasm on the horizon when Ukyou came barging in. “You’re your break’s been over for….” She saw what was happening and scowled (though making sure to close the door behind her). “Geez, can’t you restrain yourself for a minute? I know you’re looking forward to tonight with Akira, but still.”

Ai continued frigging herself as she said, “Come here. You have to see what’s going on in the private room.”

“This is about the stripper? Just how hot is she?” Ukyou looked at the monitor and her jaw dropped so far it nearly dislocated. “Is that—“

“Kasumi Tendou doing something that’s got even me jealous,” Ai finished.

Ukyou’s eyes practically glazed over at the sight of so many guys jerking their meat. She started to stroke herself through her uniform when something occurred to her. “Shit, this is bad.”

“No, it’s very, very good,” Ai said.

“No, I mean Akira’s here.”

“And I can’t wait to jump his bones,” Ai said, rubbing herself furiously.

“I mean he can’t discover her here. You’ve heard Yuriko complain about how protective he is of his mother, and how pissed off he gets if he thinks guys are coming on to her.”

Ai stopped rubbing herself. “That’s right. He is pretty bad about it. If either of our daughters behaved that way, I’d probably tie them down and force them to watch us have sex until they adjusted to the fact it’s normal to want to get laid at any age.”

Ukyou shook her head. “That’s not the point. If Akira finds out, he’s going to go ballistic. Not only will it mean no sex for us, we might have an incident. One that might involve the police, hospitals, and the besmirching of the Uk-chan’s reputation.”

Ai put her legs back down and stood up out of the chair. “Good point. We’ll need to keep him from finding out by distracting him. I nominate myself for the job.” Ai grinned lasciviously as she skipped to the door.

Ukyou grabbed her by the back of the collar to keep her from exiting. “Exactly why should you be the one to distract him? I am perfectly capable of it.” Her look hinted a challenge.

“True, but it’s still busy, and you’ll be missed at the grill, while if I run off with Akira we won’t be noticed right away. By the time I’m gone long enough, the other girls will be too busy to look for us, and if they bitch about Akira being gone, just say its their punishment for flirting with him instead of working.”

“You’ve been flirting with him more than any two of them combined,” Ukyou pointed out.

“I have more experience flirting. I can flirt more and get all my work done, while they’re too young to multi-task as effectively as me.”

“I’ll just tell them I needed the two of you to fix the lid on the dumpster and leave it at that.” Ukyou said, not wanting her entire waitress staff rioting for hiding Akira from them. The lid on the dumpster jammed all the time, and the girls hated going into the back alley behind the Uk-chan’s, which really was a filthy mess the district needed to clean up. She’d complained several times, with assurances they would ‘get right on it’. It had degenerated to the point that Ai had volunteered to blow a few of the guys on the council if it meant getting it cleaned up.

“Fine, you can ‘distract’ him,” Ukyou said, bitter since she wanted to be the one to do the job. It would have been a hard one, very hard from the difficult way Akira had been walking around at times, but Ukyou was up to the challenge. And she’d see to it Akira was as well.


“Wow, this place is a mess.” Akira said, understanding why Ai wanted help. He was just grateful she hadn’t asked him to fix the dumpster all by himself. There was a great deal of garbage strewn about the back alley. A lot of the businesses along the street connected to it, many of the people living above their businesses adding to that. A single light near the back of the Uk-chan’s provided decent illumination, but the rest of the alley was lucky if there was a sickly yellow light provided by dim bulbs or the back windows of people who lived above the businesses lining the street. The alley was long and narrow, and, in Akira’s mind, the ideal place to get mugged since there wasn’t much through traffic. No one would willingly walk back here, even if it shaved ten minutes from their walk.

He followed Ai to the dumpster allocated to the restaurant. It was tall, and from the looks of things, filled nearly to the top with garbage.

“Now you can see why I wanted you out here,” Ai said. “It’s so dark and creepy, anything could be hiding. Why, if some horny brute were lurking around out here, he could molest me.”

Akira pitied the ‘horny brute’ that tried to molest Ai Konjou. There wouldn’t be much of them left after she dismantled them. Oh, she might be nice enough to put them back together, but according to Yuriko, her ‘mama’ wasn’t too handy with parts, and there were bound to be some left over.

There was a movement among the garbage, and something fell over. Ai squeaked in a surprisingly high pitch, sounding more like Yuriko than her normal, sultry-voiced self. She attached herself to Akira, throwing her arms around him. “What was that?”

“Probably just a rat,” Akira said.

“I don’t like rats.” Ai moved closer to him.

Akira gulped. He could feel Ai’s breasts flatten against his chest. Her nipples were clearly poking him. She never wore a bra at work. The better to earn tips, she claimed. And he couldn’t deny she seemed to rake in as much as any of her equally scantily-clad, younger co-workers.

Feeling her snuggle her outstanding body against him turned Akira on. Or rather, turned him on further. All night the entire, beautiful all-female staff had flirted mercilessly with him (except Ukyou, who seemed calm and collected). Given how lustful he felt, it had been difficult to resist their advances. Even assuming some of them were putting up a show, he was pretty certain any of them would eagerly bed him. Yuriko had always said there was something of a competition among the waitresses over who was the best-looking, the race involving who could earn the most tips. Some of that carried over to who could get the most handsome guy to flirt with them. It wouldn’t have surprised Akira if some of the girls wanted to screw him just to one up the rest of the staff, especially Yuriko, who tended to rake in the most tips. Though Arisa Senzenin was a close second. Luckily she was absent tonight, at the same rally Akira’s girlfriend was attending, which was why he had to fill in.

Still, their behavior had him in a state of perpetual hardness, and with how aroused he was, it was exceptionally difficult to control his libido. Sometime he wondered if Silver was rubbing off on him.

Ai finally detached herself from Akira’s body, much to his disappointment. She said, “Okay, here’s how we’ll work it. Since the dumpster is so high, you’ll stand right next to it while I stand on your shoulders so I can get to the lid.”

“I can just climb up there,” Akira offered chivalrously.

“No, it has to be this way!” Ai insisted just a touch vehemently. She calmed down and said, “I do practice martial arts cheerleading. I can stand on another person’s shoulders for hours on a rocking ship and maintain perfect balance.”

That made sense. Akira placed himself where Ai indicated. The woman leapt effortlessly atop his shoulders and stood on them as though it were flat ground.

Ai said, “Oh dear, it’s a bit airy up here.”

Akira looked up and saw exactly why that was since Ai had no panties on. Positioned as he was, he had the perfect view of her bare, voluptuous ass which was so much like his girlfriend’s, though more mature. Her pussy was large with a well-groomed triangle of blonde hair. That was opposed to Yuriko, who shaved hers except for one little blonde strip up the middle. It was an interesting contrast that made him want to examine it more closely.

With such an entrancing sight before him, Akira was unable to keep from shifting slightly, though as Ai assured him she kept her balance automatically. He knew he should look away and stare at the dumpster, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from that divine sight, one he wanted to fuck so badly.

“I’m so glad you’re looking after me,” Ai called without looking down.

Oh, he was definitely looking after her, all right.

Ai continued, “I’m so vulnerable right now, it wouldn’t take much for some horny brute to overpower me, and have his way with me over and over again.”

Now Akira’s cock was practically trying to punch its way through his pants as he imagined doing exactly that to her. It had become obvious through her repeated mentioning of ‘horny brutes’ that Ai was interested in playing a game, and was asking Akira to participate. Under different circumstances he might have fought it, or at least gone through the motions of trying, but not this time. He had never been more in the mood for playing games with the hot blonde than right now.

Akira was already halfway in the role Ai wanted since he was as hornier than ever in recent memory. Acting like a ‘brute’ wouldn’t be that difficult either, and in a way, fun. While Akira was basically a genuine good guy (some would say too good), that treated women with respect, as he had been raised, he did have a forceful side to his personality that he rarely exhibited. Back when he had played ‘first mate’ to Ukyou’s pirate captain when the pair had their way with a certain fiery-haired swordswoman they had captured last Halloween was the perfect example. After being under so much pressure from tests, going without sex for a week, and being stymied by his two girlfriends, cutting loose with Ai would be liberating. She was offering him an inch, and he was going to take it for a mile.

While Akira made up his mind, Ai finished what she was doing and shouted, “Here I come. Catch me.”

She leapt off his shoulders and was caught around the waist by him, her back to his front. However, once her feet touched the ground, Akira grabbed her breasts through her blouse, gaining a firm hold on her plush, massive mammaries

Ai gave a sultry, “Why Akira, whatever are you doing?”

Akira continued playing with her breasts like they were play-dough and he was a little kid. He leaned close and breathed in her ear. “I can’t help myself. It’s your fault for flashing your pussy at me. There’s only so much cockteasing a guy can take before he snaps, and that’s what you’ve done to me. Now I’m taking what’s owed me.”

“But you’re supposed to wait until after your shift’s over,” Ai moaned, making no move whatsoever to leave his embrace.

“I’ll consider this an advance on my paycheck.” He released one of the breasts, but only so his hand could reach under her skirt and attack her pussy.

Ai groaned. “No, stop.” In a tone that said ‘don’t you dare stop if you know what’s good for you.’

Akira plunged his fingers into Ai’s snatch. He was amazed to find he could slip a pair of them three-quarters of the way in, and his fingers were long and none too thin. “You’re like a waterfall down here. You’ve been dying for some cock all night, haven’t you?”

Playfully, she cooed, “No, I’m a good girl.”

Her feigned efforts drove Akira further into his ‘horny brute’ persona. “No, you’re a very bad girl with a very hot body that needs a good fucking, and you’re going to get one.”

With that Akira removed his hands from her snatch and breast. He grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around so quickly even Ai was taken aback. He pushed her against the dumpster, then pinned her in place with his body. Able to free his hands, he unzipped his fly and barely managed to pull his nine plus inches free from their tight confinement.

He reached down to grab Ai by the back of the knee and forced that leg up, making her put her entire weight on one leg. He pulled the leg out, raising the skirt up and Ai’s limbs apart. He bent slightly at the waist, low enough so his enormous rod could get under her skirt. It did so, and he raised his hips, pressing forward until his cock was right at the entrance of her damp pussy.

Akira didn’t bother with any further dirty talk. His actions would speak for him as he forced his purple-helmeted warrior to advance through the lines of her vaginal defenses. He thrust up hard, almost brutally, though he would never have done so if he hadn’t known how loose and wet Ai already was.

Ai cried out as the massive head of his thick cock speared into her loins, driving half of his rod up in that initial thrust. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close, even as she grunted from the force of the penetration.

Akira didn’t give her time to catch her breath as he backed up an inch, then plunged into her again. Ai squealed, not so girlishly this time, as she was thrust into again.

Akira was desperate in his desire to enter the woman. It was only once he was inside that he realized how much he had lusted after some pussy, and that it was from a woman as desirable as Ai made his desires more urgent. Apparently having a pair of near nymphomaniacal girlfriends, who got him into all sorts of sexual antics, had more of an effect on him than he would ever have guessed. While lust might not have ruled his life, he was a lot more interested in sex than ever before. Or maybe that raging lust had always been inside him, and they had brought it out from years of repression.

In any case, he had business to attend to. Akira thrust into Ai again and again, panting heavily as her warm and wet folds embraced his throbbing tool. Now there was a need to get his rocks off, and feeling her vaginal walls hug his cock, given his constant aroused state, threw him off his normal game. He found the pressure in his balls building until it felt like he was going to explode.

One more thrust into Ai and it was too much. Akira grunted as, with still an inch to go, he climaxed. His cock erupted like a geyser, spraying her insides with a week’s worth of pent up sperm. His buttcheeks clenched as he squirted blast after blast, until the surge momentarily abated. Akira released his hold on Ai’s leg, though left his still hard cock insider her as he rested against her magnificent body, rather than pinning her to the side of the dumpster.

Ai spoke. “Oh dear. That was quick. I hope that’s not the entire advance I’m expected to give you.” There was a touch of disappointment in her voice.

Such a comment in that situation usually elicited one of two responses in the male of the species. For those that had doubts about their ability to perform, it would serve to undermine their confidence and inhibit their capabilities. For those that were confident, it would drive them to do better and prove it was merely an exception, not the rule.

Akira fell into the latter category. Being so fully in his ‘horny brute’ state of mind, it was hard to think in any other terms, Akira removed his cock from Ai, letting some of his seed trickle down her leg from the sudden emptiness left behind.

Her disappointment was short-lived as he grabbed her and, using a touch of real strength, dragged her to the middle of the alley in one of the few spots not littered with garbage. He then forced her to her hands and knees, then fell behind her.

Grabbing her hips, he unceremoniously slammed his still hard cock into her, getting the last inch inside. Once more inside her warm, damp confines, his week of abstinence left him more than capable of pulling off a double-header.

Making sure her skirt was up over her hips so her voluptuous derriere was put on display, Akira held on to her hips for dear life and proceeded to fuck her as hard as he could. He could see even her firm backside wobble under the force of his assault into her womanhood.

It didn’t take long for Ai, who had her own motor running for quite a while, to climax. She didn’t try to stifle her cries as she came hard on Akira’s long, thick hunk of meat that was stuffed into her love canal. The alley filled with the cry of her ecstasy.

As Ai orgasmed, Akira stopped pounding her and leaned forward. He reached under her, targeting her blouse, undoing the few buttons from the top of her bared cleavage to the bottom of it. Lacking any sort of bra, her massive breasts spilled free. Not content with that, Akira forced her arm up so he could pull off her sleeve, then did the other one. He tossed her top aside so she was now nearly naked, with only a bunched up skirt and some stockings covering her.

Ai moaned as he withdrew from her, then gasped as she felt the head of his cock move through the crack of her ass until it poked at her rosebud. For a moment, Ai tensed in his grip, then willed her backside to relax as she remained motionless.

Subconsciously sensing her willingness to proceed, Akira literally pressed onward. It was a tight fit without loosening her up beforehand, but his staff was coated in their mutual juices. With that alone was lubricant, and with a bit of force, Akira forced his fat cock head into her tiny little starfish.

Ai’s hands clenched into fists and she moaned loudly, not entirely in pleasure, but she still remained where she was, not attempting to escape, but rather relaxing her sphincter to make things easier.

Akira slowly and surely made his way past her tight rosebud, until the head of his cock was in her bowels. With firm, patient strokes he forced his ways deeper and deeper into her bountiful backside. Ai pounded her fists into the pavement as the ‘horny brute’ claimed her derriere for his own.

After a seeming eternity, Akira made it all the way in. When Ai felt his pubic hair brush against her backside, she stopped beating on the pavement and gasped in a mix of pleasure and discomfort.

Akira didn’t remain there long as he began working his cock back and forth in her derriere. Even he was a touch surprised how quickly she loosened up, a testament to her ability to take it in the ass.

The more he pumped the more she loosened up, until he was pounding her ass as hard as he had her pussy. Relentlessly he fucked her back door, relishing the way her behind hugged his cock even tighter than her snatch had.

Ai came loudly from being taken in her backside alone. As she did, Akira bragged, “How’s this for an advance, on your hands and knees, getting fucked in your ass in some back alley like a ten yen whore, by your daughter’s boyfriend?”

“It’s… so… good!” Ai gasped out as he continued hammering away. She shouted at him to screw her with his giant cock and make her come until she couldn’t take it anymore.

While he did make her climax again, that was all Akira could manage. Fifteen minutes in Ai’s backside was more than any man could take as Akira erupted again, coming just as hard as before and loosing his second load, this time deep in her bowels.

Akira pulled out, then fell onto his posterior, gasping for air at the intensity of the climax.

Ai, her backside up in the air, a trickle of sperm leaking from it, looked back and shot him a tired, but seductive smile. “If that’s an advance, I can’t wait to pay the total off.”


After the two recovered their wind (and Ai recovered her clothing) she told Akira to wait outside so she could make sure the coast was clear. Akira wasn’t sure what she meant, but agreed.

Once inside, Ai tried to make herself as presentable as she could, for having been banged in a back alley for the last half hour. She went to the main dining room, and saw things had slowed down considerably.

Ukyou was relaxing behind the grill. Ai tried to act casual as she slipped up to her lover. She said in a low voice, “So how’s the action from the private party going?”

“I just checked,” Ukyou said in a low voice while trying not to appear secretive. “They must have come enough to fill a sperm bank, and they’re still going. Most of them were trying for a threepete, and it looked like they were pulling it off.”

“God that’s hot. Are you we’re getting all of it on disc?”

“I put in a new one just to be sure,” Ukyou said, a smile dawning on her features. “And that means it’s my turn to distract our ‘Big Boy’.” She used her and Ai’s nickname for their daughter’s boyfriend. “I know just how I’m going to do it, too.”

Ai cocked in eyebrow. “Oh?”

Ukyou made herself sound like a demure little girl. “There are some heavy bags of flour in that new storeroom of ours that need moving, and I need a big, strong man to help me. That should take enough time for our little private party to finish their celebration.”

Ai asked, “If it’s not, want me to shoo them out after thirty minutes?”

“Hell no! Give me forty-five minutes, at least.”

Ai stuck her tongue out. “Greedyguts. If you’re not back in an hour, I’m sending search parties to bring you back. No way am I cleaning this place up by myself.”


Akira had barely returned to the inside of the restaurant when Ukyou walked up to him and said, “There you are. I’ve been looking all over for you.”

“Yes, it took us a lot longer to… take care of things in the back alley. It was a bit of tight fit to get things to move easily.” Akira blushed. Maybe he could be forceful, but he was still a miserable liar, and even that bit of veiled innuendo felt like a blatant lie.

“Yes, I’m sure it did. Anyway, since you’re back, I need you to help me move some things around in the storeroom. All of my girls are too weak to move them.” She shot a glare at the waitresses, and even Ai, who was working behind the grill now.

“Okay.” Akira was relieved Ukyou hadn’t figured things out and gotten pissed with him, even if it had been all Ai’s idea… well, mostly Ai’s idea, to have a little fun out back.

Ukyou grabbed her giant spatula and led the way to the storeroom. She ushered Akira inside. Upon entering, Akira saw several hundred pound bags of flour stacked as high as his waist. He immediately headed toward them.

As he moved inside the room, Ukyou followed, closing the door and locking it behind her. With his back still to her, she then drew back with her spatula and unleashed a mighty swing.

It connected solidly with Akira’s backside, making him yelp. While Ukyou had obviously not unleashed her full power behind the blow (since he hadn’t been smashed clean through a wall or two) she put enough force behind it to make his butt sore.

“What was that for?!” Akira shouted, looking warily at her. He was wise enough to not mess around with an armed Kuonji of any generation.

Ukyou felt relieved she had the room soundproofed at the same time they had done the private rooms. Now it was going to pay off as she could do whatever she wanted and no one would be the wiser. “The problem is you, Mr. Tendou, and considering the way you’ve been treating your manager this evening, you’ve been very insulting.”

“Er, what do you mean?” If this was about him and Ai fooling around, he was a goner.

Ukyou pouted. While not as good at it as Ai, she still looked put out. “As if you didn’t know. You’ve been strutting around in that tight outfit, showing off that sweet ass and pointing that big piece of yours right at me all night long. Well, we Kuonjis don’t put up with guys that act like a pussytease. We put them in their proper place.”

“Uh, you do?” Akira said worriedly, nowhere near as fast with his tongue as Silver would have been.

Ukyou nodded. She walked over to the stacks of the bags of flour, placed her giant spatula next to one, then proceeded to skim out of her okonomiyaki seller’s tights. She showed off her toned, shapely legs and the pink panties she wore. She then pulled down her underwear, showing off her shaved pubic region and providing an unrestricted view of her bald pussy. It was a bit smaller than Ai’s, but very delectable. Hopping up on the stack of bags, she stayed right at the edge and lay back slightly, spreading her legs. She then reached down and pried apart her lower lips, showing off the inner pinkness that was the goal of every heterosexual male that walked the earth since the dawn of man.

Despite pulling a double header less than ten minutes ago, Akira could feel his dick begin to harden as blood pooled into it.

Ukyou stayed that way, saying, “Since you’ve gotten me hot and bothered with your strutting around like the cock of the walk, you’re going to take care of your boss’s needs. Now get over here and eat me out. If you’re good, and I mean real good, I might be generous enough to let you get off yourself. If not, I’ll personally see to it you’ll have a case of blue balls for the rest of the week.”

Akira gulped. He didn’t know how she intended to make good on her threat, only that life had taught him not to underestimate a pissed woman’s ingenuity, especially when their anger was directed at a man.

Besides, it wasn’t like she was asking was any sacrifice on his part. On the contrary, he’d be more than happy to take any opportunity to eat out Ukyou’s bare snatch. He had done it before, and found her taste very intoxicating.

Akira walked up to her and fell on his knees before the sprawled out beauty, naked below the waist while fully clothed above. It was quite the sexy sight. He could already smell the musky scent of her sex, indicting she hadn’t been lying about being turned on. Lying on her back, she was at the ideal height for a good muffdive, which was exactly what Akira intended to give her.

Since she was spreading herself in offering, Akira went for broke by burying his tongue up her twat as far as he could. Ukyou moaned in pleasure as his tongue made contact with her inner labia. Yes, she was just as tasty as he remembered. Needing no further encouragement, he grabbed her around the upper legs to keep them apart and went to work.

Ukyou began moaning and writhing instantly, indicating he was off to a good start. Remembering her threat, he concentrated hard on pleasuring his boss. Usually he preferred to go slowly, so as not to wear out his tongue (though it had increased in endurance thanks to the demands of having two girlfriends). But this time we went for broke, licking away all over her insides and out. After a few seconds of that, he felt both her outer and inner labia engorge with his stimulation. Now he timed it so he could arrow in on her clitoris. Ukyou’s was one of the smaller ones he had encountered (as opposed to Yuriko and Ai who had very large, sensitive ones). The first time he had eaten her out, he had to work to locate it, but he certainly remembered where it was now. That was not the sort of fact he’d allow himself to forget.

He attacked the hood protecting it, pulling it back. Even if she wasn’t as large as her lover or daughter, she was every bit as sensitive. Still he aroused the area around it, and even touched it lightly with his tongue. It had the anticipated effect of making her writhing double. Another lick and that was all it took to send her over the edge.

Leaving his face buried in her crotch, Akira eagerly lapped up her juices, superior to any okonomiyaki she could cook (it didn’t hurt that he wasn’t a big fan of the dish). He continued to lap away until the orgasm passed. Once it was done, he looked up from her loins and asked, “How was that?”

Ukyou’s response to was to sit up enough to grab him by the back of the head and bury his face in her crotch. “Get back in there. You still have work to do.”

Akira did so, glad he was adaptable when it came to women and their mercurial attitudes. Ukyou was so commanding compared to the far more pliable Ai (though she could be plenty commanding when the mood struck her). Still, having been raised only by a woman, his male ego had no problem with one ordering him about. He obediently went back to work on his boss’s pussy.

Three more orgasms later Akira’s tongue felt like it was about to fall out of his mouth. Once more he raised his head up and asked, “How was that?”

Ukyou was now a sweaty, gasping mess. Rather than telling him to hit the trenches again, she said, “Okay, you’ve done a passable job.”

Even Akira couldn’t let that one slide. “Passable?!”

“All right, a good job,” Ukyou admitted, a touch of playfulness in her voice. “You’ve earned the right to get your rocks off.” She looked at the thick meat pipe popping up between his legs, his pants finding their way around his ankles after the first five minutes of his prolonged muffdiving event. “It looks like you’re raring to go. I like that kind of initiative in my employees. Why don’t you stick that thing up me and take care of it?”

Akira didn’t need to be told twice. As much as he enjoyed blow jobs, as fired up as he was from the oral sex, he wanted pussy more than anything.

He grabbed Ukyou by the backs of her legs to keep her spread wide. He nudged his cock against her well-loosened lips, and lurched forward with his hips. Thanks to his eating her out, in conjunction with finger-fucking her for the last half hour, he was able to sink his entire shaft up her in one thrust.

“Hell yeah! That’s the way, Big Boy,” Ukyou cried out as she found herself impaled on his meaty rod.

Akira paused for a second to enjoy her the way her pussy hugged his cock. He didn’t remain there long, wanting to feel the additional stimulation from movement as well as her tight flesh hugging his rod in its warm confines.

Taking his time, Akira went to town on her, dragging his cock all the way out, then shoving it back in quick. Ukyou became even wilder than before, jerking her hips up to meet him on the in-stroke halfway.

They continued that way for a while, thanks to Akira popping twice earlier in the night. Ukyou hadn’t been blowing smoke about being aroused either, as she came an impressive three times before it was more than Akira could take and he dumped a sticky payload in one of his girlfriend’s parents for the third time of the evening.

The two rested in each other’s embrace, enjoying the afterglow of the rousing bout of intercourse, right under the noses of customers and staff alike.

Akira was actually feeling a bit sluggish as Ukyou worked her way out from under him and began to get dressed. She paid no attention to the sperm and her own juices decorating her legs as she put her tights back on, resolving herself to being a bit messy. Akira did the same, pulling his pants back up.

Ukyou headed for the door, Akira following close behind. She thrust her giant spatula in front of him. “Exactly where do you think you’re going, Mr. Tendou?”

“Ah, back to waiting on tables.” Akira wondered what he did wrong now. He was beginning to see where Yuriko inherited her difficult to please streak.

“I believe I already told you that I need you to move some things around for me.”

Akira looked at her in surprise. “I thought that was just an excuse for us to come in here and… you know.”

“Hardly,” Ukyou said in deadly serious tones. “Move all those sacks of flour over there.” She pointed at the sacks they had just had sex on and indicated a large open space next to the far wall. “And don’t even think of leaving this room until you’re done. In fact, I’ll want to see how good you did. After you’re finished, wait here until I come back and check on you.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said, suddenly very, very glad Yuriko had inherited Ai’s submissive streak rather than Ukyou’s dominating one. If she acted like her mother, he doubted he would have been allowed much rest.


Ukyou left the room and headed for the main dining area. She saw Ai behind the grill, not cooking anything. The restaurant was empty save four sets of customers finishing their meals. Ukyou looked up at the clock and saw it was only five minutes to closing time.

The chef walked casually over to her lover. “Did the private party break up yet?”

“Fifteen minutes ago,” Ai reported, “The entertainment left out the back, and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her trenchcoat, except maybe a thick layer of sperm. I saw some of the guys showing off her underwear and skirt as they left.”

“Athletes and their trophies,” Ukyou sighed. “I’ll put the ‘closed’ sign up and we’ll get the girls started on clean up. Once Akira’s finished, I’ll send him upstairs and get ready for us. He did real good work tonight and earned his bonus.”

Ai smiled in anticipation of the upcoming festivities. “Too bad he’s not interested in a career in the food industry. There’s plenty of spaces for him to fill in here.”

“You sure got that right,” Ukyou said playfully as she started cleaning up the grill, feeling damn good about herself.

When all was said and done, it really was just another night at the Uk-chan’s.


[End chapter]