Return of the Vengeful Perverted Ninjas
[Yet Another Realities Lemon]

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Warning: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk. And as always, you have to be at least 18 years of age to read.

As with the others of this series, this is definitely *not* canon Shampoo ½ universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his ‘Realties’ series. It’s also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It’s just an excuse for some lemony fun. And in this case some truly corny dialogue.

This takes place after Getting it on Managerial Style

Special thanks to TH Tiger for looking this over.


Deep in the secret underground lair of the Torso (Sentaro Yagyu’s parents’ basement) the ninjas were enmeshed in a planning session. Their goal: Revenge.

The Torso’s newest elected chairman (Sentaro Yagyu since it was his home) spoke. “Now, we of the Torso must decide on our next plan to avenge ourselves on our arch-nemeses: Clan Saotome. They have not only committed the unspeakable crime of defeating us numerous times in combat, but had the audacity to prevent us from ravishing that big-tittied blonde at the hot springs.”

“As well as committing unspeakable acts upon our persons,” someone else sobbed, rubbing his backside.

Another ninja said. “Oh, come on, taking in that ass wasn’t that bad.”

“You would say that, you buttfucking freak.”

“Yeah, you probably thought Brokeback Mountain was a great film.”

“It was. The acting in it really made me feel for the characters as a person,” the ninja protested, then added, “And Heath Ledger was sooooo hot, I thought I’d come in the theater.”

“We are losing focus,” the chairman said.

After one last round of name calling, the group quieted down.

Sentaro said, “The floor is open to suggestions on how to deal with our arch-nemeses.”

A ninja spoke up. “I think we should get up close with our katanas and finish them off.”

“Nah, they’d just beat us up like the always do. I think we should throw our ninja stars at them.”

“That won’t work. They’d just dodge them, or worse, catch them out of mid-air and throw them back at us. Remember when they pinned us to the wall by our clothes with our own stars? We had to tear out of our ninja gear and run around in our underwear.”

At least they let us wear out masks, too”

“Maybe gas?”

“Yeah, I have a lot of gas today. Had three servings of beans yesterday and boy, am I paying for it now.”

“I meant knockout gas.”

“No. Gas is too dangerous, especially in light of our bad tendency to gas ourselves.”

That met with a sigh of despair.

“Perhaps you should use your foes’ strength against themselves.”

“Nah, that trick never works,” one of them said.

“Actually it works quite well when properly implemented.”

It was then the group realized the idea had been phrased unusually, and in a refined voice that spoke of confidence and ancient wisdom. And that it had a Chinese accent. No one in the Torso was Chinese.

All eyes turned to the doorway to see a man dressed in resplendent Chinese robes of style more at home in a bygone era. It appeared as though they were woven by a master weaver and cost millions of yen. The man himself was Chinese, and carried himself in a regal manner that spoke of being used to lesser men prostrating themselves before him, and that all men were lesser than him.

Two people flanked him, both were teenagers. One was a boy of about seventeen dressed in similar robes and genuflected in the man’s presence. The other was a girl that looked like she was straight out of a gothic Lolita magazine, and acted like she’d rather be anywhere on the planet then a ninja group’s secret underground headquarters.

Sentaro said, “Who?”

The man said, “No. Not ‘Who’. Fu.”

Their eyes widened. The chairman said with disbelief in his voice, “Manchu?”


A gasp went up among the ninjas.

“I can’t believe he’s here to help us.”

“It’s like a dream come true.”

“I’ve read about him. I always thought he was just a legend.”

Sentaro bowed before the man. “The Saotomes, no, all of our enemies shall fall before us now that we have the great and noble Fu Manchu helping us in our cause.”

The man gave him an inscrutable stare. “You misunderstand. I am not Fu Manchu. Rather I am… Manchu Fu.”

Everyone in the group said, “Huh?”

Manchu Fu didn’t react to their disappointment. “Fu Manchu is highly overrated. Let me assure you that I am the far superior of the two of us.”

“Then why have we heard of him and not you?” someone asked.

“Because my schemes are so sublime, they are never even noticed, while his fail so spectacularly all cannot help but notice them.”

The ninjas pondered that, then nodded their heads in understanding.

Manchu continued, “Yes, I am far superior to that famous simpleton. I have been assured by a reputable seer that I am destined to rule the world.”

The Gothic Lolita girl spat, “I said you’re destined to *never* rule the world! Goddamn it, you never listen to what I say! What’s the point in asking a seer the future if you’re going to ignore what they say and go ahead and do whatever it is you planned on doing in the first place?!”

Manchu stared tiredly at the girl. He turned back to the Torso. “Forgive Fal Lo. As my daughter, she is inclined toward bouts of teenage rebellion in which she makes statements she does not mean. I am destined to rule the world. Really.”

Fal was about to blow up again when Manchu handed her a credit card. The girl’s eyes took on a euphoric gleam, like a drug addict finally getting a hit.

“Now will Daddy rule the world?” Manchu asked.

“Duh huh.” The girl was nearly drooling in delight.

Manchu turned back to the crowd. “Now, that that matter has been taken care of, it is time to get down to business.”

Sentaro said, “You’ve come to help us because you want us to be your minions, right?”

Another ninja spoke. “Yeah, every evil mastermind needs an army of faithful ninjas.”

“We are so at the top now. Those assclowns in the Hand and the Foot won’t be able to make fun of us anymore now that we’re working for a real mastermind.”

“Who’s Chinese, even. Everyone knows evil foreign masterminds are much more impressive than domestic ones. They’re more exotic.”

Manchu interrupted them. “Alas, no, I do not wish to make you my minions.”

A sigh of depression was released by the gathering. Crestfallen, Sentaro asked, “But why?”

“Because minions cost money. I would have to feed, clothe, and set up medical benefits for you. That is not cost effective. Instead I wish to offer an exchange of services. In return for my providing you with the means of dispatching your enemies, with minimal risk to yourselves, you will do a favor for me in return.”

“Group huddle!” the chairman called out.

The ninjas formed a large football huddle and began speaking in whispered tones.

Manchu Fu waited patiently as the group’s language became increasingly loud. Eventually a show of hands was conducted, with all of the ninjas hands raised.

Sentaro turned back to Manchu. “If your advice to us succeeds, we’ll do it.”

“Excellent,” Manchu said, steepling his fingers. “Now, whom is it you wish revenge upon?”

Sentaro gave an assessment of their situation and resources, which did not take long as they were pretty much focused on revenge against the Saotomes, and had next to nothing to use against them, other than their wits.

The chairman finished up with, “And we were thinking of ambushing Silver Saotome and raping her as a message to send to her parents that we are not to be trifled with.”

Another ninja said, “Besides, she’s hot. I’d fuck her anyway, even if she wasn’t a Saotome.”

“And I have to pay her back by drilling her in the ass.”

“She didn’t do me in my bottom, and I still want to tap her ass.”

Shouts of agreement went out among the group.

Manchu gave a wave of his hand to calm the group down. When that had no effect, he nodded to the youth at his side. The teenager pulled out a bull horn and shouted, “Silence when his August Personage demands it!”

Seeing he had their attention, Manchu spoke. “Your plan is foolish. She would easily defeat you all, and if by some miracle you were to defeat her and successfully execute your plan, the Saotomes would hunt you down and commit unspeakable acts upon your person.”

The ninjas grabbed their asses protectively.

“There is a much better way of going about this matter. What you need to do is set a foe that is a match for the Saotomes against them. Using the daughter is a good idea, but you need a powerful cat’s paw.”

“Wait. You want us to cut off a tiger’s hands?” one of the ninjas asked.

Again Manchu had an inscrutable expression. “I meant a powerful dupe to utilize as a weapon against them. Now, I believe this Ryouga Hibiki person, who is a father to one of the Saotome girl’s friends, will be appropriate. By all accounts he is powerful and not especially brilliant, operating mostly on emotion rather than analytical thought. He would be the perfect instrument in this endeavor.”

Sentaro said, “Yeah, we used Ryo Hibiki in our last plan. We’ve been keeping tabs on him ever since. Here’s his dossier.” He handed Manchu a folder with a number of papers stuffed haphazardly in it.

Manchu looked over the contents of the folder. “Ah so. Already a brilliant plan forms in my mind, one that is flawless, and that I came up with it faster than Fu Manchu ever could. I see something that we can use to manipulate him as the fulcrum in my plan. I have the item that is needed; now it is but a question of proper timing. Once that happens, you shall get your wish for revenge while having no chance of it being attributed to you. Silver Saotome shall be raped, and the Saotomes will engage in a quest for revenge that will leave them either destroyed, or at the very least weakened so that they will be ripe pickings for you.”

A cheer went up amongst the ninjas.


Ryo Hibiki grumbled to himself as he walked through the mansion that served as his home. Money had never been a problem as far back as Ryo could remember. His father was one of the most famous professional wrestlers in the world, and was paid like it. His mother had won numerous beauty contests and lived the life of a supermodel, even if she was cutting back on her work. Still, that meant an income of hundreds of millions of yen every year.

Despite that, the Hibikis never really spent extravagantly, except when it came to the creature comforts of home. There they had indulged themselves. The house was a mansion by any standard. It even had a very special addition only the truly wealthy could afford: An enclosed heated pool and beach area. A heated pool was necessary due to Ryouga’s bat curse he had picked up in Jusenkyou, one he never wanted to get rid of since it allowed him to come straight home whenever he wanted. That wasn’t the only extravagance. Special light filters were put into the dome ceiling, similar to what Furinkan’s old principal had used. The glass shell dome of the addition could be programmed to show a hologram of a blue sky and a bright sun. Special lights could even produce UV radiation, giving one a tan, and possible sun burn if they remained under them too long. It meant one could have the feeling of enjoying a beach getaway even in the dead of winter at midnight.

To round things out the entire area was covered in sand, just like a real beach. Beach chairs, umbrellas, a slightly salty scent to the water, all of it made one think they really were at a beach in the middle of the Bahamas instead the middle of Japan, miles from the seacoast.

It was Saturday. Ryo wanted to relax and take the day off, but he had been given a shopping list of things to pick up for his family. His father was at some special meeting, and his mother had a local shoot and wouldn’t be back until later that evening. That left Ryo do to do the chores. That was something his parents had been insistent upon: him acting like a normal child, despite their wealth. They even allowed him to attend Furinkan, like they did when they were his age. Ryo didn’t mind it. He didn’t have expensive tastes either. In fact, most people didn’t realize he came from money given his down to earth habits and lifestyle.

And now was one of those ‘character building’ days as he was to go out and pick up groceries, the dry cleaning, and a few other errands. He supposed many people didn’t get much in the way of time off in their lives, and apparently today was not going to be an exception for him either.

Ryo had firmed up his resolve to do his errands. He grabbed his wallet and had nearly made it to the door when the doorbell rang. Not expecting any visitors, he opened it and found Silver and Yuriko standing in the doorway, dressed in tank tops and shorts.

Silver acted as spokesaquatransexual of the pair and said, “Hey, Ryo. We came by to swim around in the pool for a while.”

Ryo winced inside. There was nothing he’d like more than to swim with the girl of his dreams. But he had responsibilities that needed to be taken care of first. “I’m sorry. I have to go out, and my parents don’t like leaving people alone in the house. Even completely trustworthy ones such as yourselves.”

Silver pouted with excessive girlishness. “But Ryo, you’ve got the only heated pool around and Yuriko and I just got these new bikinis. See?” And with that Silver lifted her tank top over her head. Beneath was a platinum-colored bikini that hid less than a third of her very impressive breasts. The material was so sheen and her nipples so pointed they poked clearly through the material. She shimmied out of her shorts and showed off an even smaller bikini bottom.

Yuriko followed suit. She took off her top slowly, almost luxuriously, showing off her own bikini. Her top had even less material than Silver’s miniscule amount, and she had a lot more to hide with her huge chest. The tiny red triangles barely hid her nipples, and when she shimmied out of her shorts, she revealed bottoms that were basically a collection of strings with a small patch of material in the front that came close to not hiding anything. She had to have practically no pubic hair to be able to wear it, and only a string bisected her asscheeks. Since her bottom was so voluptuous, the string was completely hidden in her crack, making her appear nude from the rear. As much as Ryo knew Silver was the only girl for him (since her sexy mother was married), he still couldn’t help noting just how incredibly attractive Yuriko was as well.

The girls posed sexily for Ryo. Silver said, “You see? We simply have to try these out.”

Nodding as he drooled, Ryo ushered them inside. A day by the pool would be pretty damn fun, as far as he was concerned, chores be damned.


Outside the Hibiki estate, two masked ninjas nodded in approval. They went to the mailbox on the grounds, and slipped in a package, then disappeared into the shrubs.


Ryouga Hibiki pulled up to the front door of his home, his car’s automated driving and homing system working infallibly. While he could find his home unerringly in his bat form, he couldn’t carry around very much in the guise of the world’s only true flying mammal. So he installed an expensive homing system in his car that would automatically guide him to any destination he verbally stated. It was expensive, but definitely worth every yen.

Before entering his home Ryouga looked through the mail, which his car had swung past when he commanded it to head toward the mailbox. After sorting through the obligatory bills and junk mail, he found a small cardboard box at the bottom of the pile. His hands trembled as he read the return address. He tore open the box and examined the contents. When his eyes fell upon the bottle marked, “Exotic Erotic Elixir’ he practically cried. In his hands and was the solution (maybe) to his sexual problems.

While to the casual observer it would appear Ryouga’s life was perfect, that wasn’t the case. While it had certainly turned out a thousand times better than he had dared hope in his youth, and he was grateful for it, there was one problem that gnawed at him like nothing else did, one thing which kept his life from being as perfect as it appeared on the surface.

It was his wife, Kyoko. While she was one of the most beautiful women in the world (she placed second in the Ms. Universe Pageant the year she had entered), and the perfect wife, mother of his child, Ryouga’s soul mate, and every other blessed descriptor he could think of, there was one issue which bothered him like few things in his life ever had.

His wife had no sex drive.

That hadn’t always been the case. In the early days of their marriage there had been sex. A great deal of it. Enough to tire him out, though only from time to time. He was man enough to keep up with her, of course. But after Kyoko gave birth to Ryo, things began to change. It was a gradual decline, but became noticeable after the first year. By the second year it had dwindled down to almost nothing. Oh, she was willing to perform sex acts, she hadn’t turned frigid, she simply didn’t have any interest in sex. She was still very affectionate, and there as no doubt in either his or her minds that she was still devoted to Ryouga. She wasn’t the least bit attracted to any other guys. But when it came to sex, it was like there was a void in her.

Eventually Kyoko saw a doctor and underwent a battery of tests. It turned out that her pregnancy had altered her body chemistry in a subtle, but seemingly permanent way, eradicating her sex drive. They tried a number of chemicals to reignite her interest, but most of them were ineffective. The few ones that worked had negative side affects that made the cure worse than the disease. Ryouga still shuddered as he remembered the smile on his wife’s face when she tied to work out her newfound desires by carving him up with a kitchen knife. They stopped trying that one fast.

They still occasionally experimented with new drugs that had been developed over the years, but none of them had the least bit of success. They had attempted to have sex without it. Kyoko tried her best to pretend she enjoyed it, but years of knowing every subtle nuance of his wife meant Ryouga could see through the deception, and Kyoko’s lack of enjoyment meant he couldn’t enjoy it. So they stopped having sex altogether rather pretending there was something there that wasn’t.

Every other aspect of their relationship remained unchanged. In some ways their love grew because they knew it was more than physical, but as the years passed, Ryouga became increasingly horny. Kyoko had noticed his sexual frustration, and knowing she could not give her husband what he desired, she tried prodding him into having affairs. Ryouga was aghast at the idea, but Kyoko insisted she didn’t mind. She had complete faith in Ryouga’s love for her, and that while he might enjoy having sex with someone that was genuinely responsive to his interests, he would remain loyal to her no matter what.

Ryouga refused, of course. At first with no hesitations, but as the years went by, and his wife continued to politely encourage him, he began to develop doubts. There were always plenty of opportunities to have sex with many beautiful women. He had grown a good six inches since his high school days, and was even more muscular (though nowhere near as massive as his huge son), and was regarded as quite handsome. He had a great deal of fame and fortune thanks to his wrestling career, and as in all such cases many women tried to seduce him. He had resisted them all, but not without some effort, especially of late. All too often his dreams had become very lurid, often featuring the latest beauty that had thrown herself at him. He felt guilty about it, but it didn’t stop him from becoming very hard when he thought about how attractive they were. Worse, he was now so horny he had a perpetual hard on. He thought about sex so much that it was starting to affect his wrestling abilities. He didn’t know what he was going to do if it got any worse. He didn’t think he could bring himself to cheat on his wife, even if it technically wasn’t cheating, but he was so frustrated he thought he might explode, and in more ways than one.

Ryouga had become desperate enough to resort to using an alternative to drugs to cure his wife. If science failed, then he would try to use magic. Of course, magic was a bit unpredictable, but he was desperate. After perusing mail order catalogs, he discovered someone who claimed to have a potion that would give anyone the sex drive of a normal person. That was exactly what Ryouga had been looking for. He had sent the mail order out months ago, and was about to give up hope, when it showed up in the mail today. Now he clutched the bottle to his chest, praying the potion worked as advertised.

Ryouga exited the vehicle and entered the house. Arrows on the wall indicated which direction rooms lay, a necessity given both he and his son’s problems with directions, even if Ryo’s case appeared slightly less bad than his. Ryouga started heading to his bedroom when he heard the sounds of frolicking coming from the pool addition.

Ryouga followed the noises until he came to the pool. His eyes narrowed as he took in the sight before him.

Ryo sat in a beach chair, watching two scantily-clad girls cavorting in the pool. Ryouga knew both girls well, and frowned. Yuriko Kuonji had spent a lot of time over the last couple of years following after Ryo like a lost puppy, all but throwing herself at him nearly every time they met. However Ryo had never responded to any of her advances in the slightest, being gentlemanly enough to not openly rebuke her, but by playing dumb. Still, the buxom blonde didn’t want to take that subtle ‘no’ for an answer and kept coming on to him constantly. Well, until recently. Ryouga thought the girl had finally gotten the message and stopped flirting with him, but it was obvious she was up to her old tricks. Why, what she was wearing could barely be called a swimsuit with how tiny it was. It barely constrained her massive bust, and Ryouga would wager a too quick movement on her part might snap the straps, sending her huge boobs bouncing all over the place. And that tiny string she was wearing as her bottoms. She must have shaved to wear that, given how small the patch of cloth was in the front, and the way the slender string rode into her voluptuous bottom made it appear she wore nothing at all. The girl was obviously trolling for cock. The slut.

Ryouga shifted uncomfortably as his cock stiffened to rock hard status in seconds.

Silver Saotome was even worse. She was dressed in a bikini that, while probably having a little more material than Yuriko’s little piece of nothing, was semi-transparent when wet. Ryouga could just see the darker area of her areoles around her top, and the front of her outfit toward her pussy looked darker as well. In many ways, just barely being able to see them was worse than seeing them outright since it left the imagination to fill in the rest of the bits. It made Ryouga’s blood boil.

That she was Saotome’s get was bad enough, but worse, Ryo seemed to be interested in her! There was no way Ryouga wanted Ranma’s offspring as his daughter-in-law. Ryouga had tried to drop hints toward his son about finding some nice girl to date, but while Ryo never openly admitted it, it was obvious he had eyes only for Silver. Luckily Silver had never tried to seduce him, although what she did was in many ways worse. She was a goddamn cocktease. She flirted with Ryo, acting all sexy, her body sending all the right messages to any guy, but never actually acting on those implications. She was a tease through and through. Why, if she was Ryouga’s daughter, he would have smacked her hot ass until it was red for her naughty ways. It was wrong for a girl to strut her goods like that, making guys walk around with hard-ons all day and not willing to do anything about it. Oh yes, there was little more he’d love than to tear off her bottoms and put her over his knee. And after administering a little discipline to her teasing ass, he’d….

Ryouga turned red as the rod in his pants was nearly impossible to contain.

He had to take control of the situation. The perfect approach occurred to him. He shouted out, “Boy!” to his son.

Ryo turned around, shocked out of the drooling stupor Silver’s outfit had rendered him to. “Dad.”

Yuriko turned, her large breasts jiggling slightly with the movement. She placed a hand on her hip and seemed to her jut her pelvis toward Ryouga ever so slightly. Silver turned toward the older man as well, displaying her semi-transparent wares almost in offering to the older man.

“Hello, Mr. Hibiki,” the girls said innocently. It was the only thing innocent about them.

Forced to be polite, Ryouga gave a gruff, “Hello, girls.”

Ryo sort of snapped out of his semi-insensate state and said, “Hey, Dad,” before returning to ogling Silver.

That made Ryouga turn to his son. “Boy, did you do the errands that we left for you?”

Ryo blushed. “No, Sir. Silver and Yuriko came over and I figured I should be a host for them and I could just do them later. The errands, I mean.” He blushed at the Freudian slip.

“Chores first, fun later. Go do them.” Ryouga pointed at the door.

“But it would be rude to kick the girls out when they just came over,” Ryo pleaded.

“I’ll be around to keep an eye on them. Now go do your chores.” The ominous way Ryouga said it left no room for arguing. It barely left room for anything.

Ryo gulped, recognizing that his father was pissed. While Ryo was incredibly powerful, his father was insidiously strong as well, and he was a far better fighter. The few times Ryo sparred with him he was always dispatched within seconds. Given his father’s current state, any arguing might result in such a match on the spot. Not wanting to be humiliated in front of the girl of his dreams, and being a dutiful son, Ryo reluctantly left the poolside area and headed toward his room, more depressed than he had been in a long while.

The acquiescence pleased Ryouga to no end. The tramps couldn’t get their hooks into his son if he wasn’t around. They’d probably lose interest and want to leave before Ryo got out the door. Maybe even right now.

Instead of the expected question, Silver dove into the pool, then surfaced. She looked at Ryouga and asked, “Why don’t you come in, Mr. Hibiki? The water’s great.” She kicked off the bottom and floated on her back, an easy task given the size of the flotation devices on her chest. Ryouga had a perfect view of her breasts as she floated slowly away.

Yuriko mounted the diving board they had at the deep end. “We’d love for you to join us.” And with that she made several leaps on the board, each one higher than the last. Each one with more jiggle from her tits than the last.

Even Ryouga couldn’t keep his eyes off those huge knockers. Yuriko took one more high leap, then dove into the pool, flashing her ass at him.

For a moment, Ryouga almost thought about joining them. Well, his dick thought it, but his higher functions rebelled at the very idea of responding to their blatant attempts to dicktease him. Thinking he was master of poise, when in fact he was sweating profusely and staring at the girls like he was in a desert and they were a couple of tall cool glasses of ice water, Ryouga hoarsely said, “I have better things to do.” And walked off to his bedroom, package tucked under his arm.

Once there he breathed a sigh of relief. Thank god he had Kyoko’s cure with him. He didn’t know how much longer he could abstain. Today he had come far too close to frolicking in the pool with two girls that were young enough to be his daughters. Two young, nubile teenage martial artists with finely toned bodied and curves in all the right places that could take the sort of hard pounding someone with his titanic strength could muster.

Ryouga shook his head clear of such thoughts and once again focused on the package that was the key to his salvation. Kyoko wasn’t due back for another four hours, having an evening modeling shoot. But when she returned, he’d be waiting at the door, ready to give the elixir to her the moment she stepped inside. It would work, and then they’d have hot sex for the rest of the week. And the rest of their lives.

But then a sudden thought occurred to Ryouga and he slapped his forehead in stupidity and shame. How could he be so foolish as to consider for even one second giving his wife an untested magic potion? Why, there was no telling what might happen. He only had the mail order’s promise of what the bottle contained and what effects it had. What if it was toxic, or caused bad cramps? That would kill any sex right there.

There was only one way to be certain it wouldn’t harm the love of his life. Ryouga had no choice but to use himself as a guinea pig. If there were no ill side-effects, then he’d give her some and hope for the best. And if there were, he’d just have to deal with it. Or become a eunuch.

Ryouga opened the bottle of his liquid salvation. The fluid smelled sweet, like honey. It was a very alluring scent, one that compelled him to drink it. That was good. He wouldn’t have trusted it if it had a noxious odor. Bad breath was a major turn off when it came to sex, as far as Ryouga was concerned.

He took a swallow of the recommended dosage. The liquid was even sweeter than it smelled, almost fruity, as it went down his throat. Wherever it touched his insides it seemed to leave a trail of warmth the likes of which he couldn’t compare. Unable to resist, he finished the whole thing.

“Not bad.” Ryouga said as he wiped his mouth. He could feel it settle in his stomach, producing the same warmth there. It wasn’t a bad feeling at all. Quite nice, actually. Even if it didn’t work as an aphrodisiac, it would make quite the fruit drink.

Ryouga sat on the edge of the bed for a few moments, then felt odd as the warmth seemed to travel down to his loins. The hard on he had been sporting (thanks to those cockteases) suddenly became even harder, taking on a rigidity that made it feel as though it had undergone its own version of bakusei tenketsu training.

“Whoa!” Ryouga said, seeing the tent in his pants was even more prominent than usual.

And that wasn’t all. The warmth seemed to flow up his spine, going all the way up his back, then neck, then seeming to go straight into his mind. Suddenly, the world came into crystal clear focus for him. Sex was natural, normal, necessary, like food, and he had been starving for years. His wife had understood that, had even given him permission to seek as much sustenance as he desired, and foolishly he had deprived his body of something that was an essential part of his being. And his body was letting him know how hungry he was.

A feral grin broke out across Ryouga’s features as arousal started running the show. He absolutely needed sex right this minute. Had Kyoko been there, he would have taken her on the spot, even if she didn’t have a sex drive. But she wasn’t. Jerking off wasn’t going to get the job done. No, what he needed was a woman.

Or maybe two.


Silver rotated from back stroke to front, completing her tenth lap before pausing along the edge of the pool. She looked up to see Yuriko standing on the edge of the diving board again, preparing to take another leap. Silver watched with rapt attention as her friend dove into the water once more, producing a bit of a splash. Yuriko always did. It wasn’t like she could exactly just cut into the water with the way she was built. She had the same problem with swimming. She just wasn’t built with the proper water dynamics give the size of her chest. Not that Silver would change a millimeter of her buxom lover’s cleavage.

As Yuriko surfaced, Silver said, “Did you see the way Mr. Hibiki was looking at us? Man, I know he has it hard with his wife’s problem and all, but he really looked like he was ready to jump our bones, even if his mouth said otherwise.”

Yuriko looked over at her lover suspiciously. “I thought we agreed that sleeping with him was a no-no since it would make things awkward.”

Actually, Silver and Yuriko knew Kyoko Hibiki’s problem, courtesy of the woman herself. Only a month ago, when the girls had been over to hang out with Ryo, Kyoko had taken them aside and asked them if either of them were interested in dating Ryo, or were actually his girlfriend and he was keeping it secret. Silver politely laughed it off, saying she was neither. Yuriko was a bit more serious when she said no. After all, had it been six months earlier, before she started dating Akira, she would have given a wholehearted yes to wanting him. As satisfied as she was with her current arrangement of sexual partners (and the situations she seemed to fall into where she had sex with others), she couldn’t help imagining what sex with Ryo would be like. Still, she had plenty of people that got between her legs, and didn’t need another cock added to the mix.

When the girls had responded with a negative, Kyoko smiled and then suggested that if they felt so inclined, they could try to seduce her husband. Even Silver was stunned into silence over that one. Kyoko then elaborated on her condition and that she felt Ryouga needed to get laid in the worst way. She thought if either, or both of the attractive girls, were to put their best efforts forth, they might successfully get him in bed. Kyoko was certain his resistance was weakening, and she hated seeing her husband so miserable and she was unable to satisfy him. She figured that if he had a mistress on the side, one he wouldn’t grow romantically attached to, that would satisfy his urges.

It took a second for the pair to absorb that one. They had needed to talk about it in private. After a discussion in which both agreed Ryouga was hot, and that on a physical level he was attractive, actively seducing him would be a bit awkward, especially if Ryo found out since he wasn’t getting into either of their panties. He’d probably get pretty damn jealous, and who knew what tensions would suddenly crop up in the family. They agreed to politely decline the offer, though both had reservations about passing on the opportunity to fuck such a handsome hunk. Kyoko said she understood and didn’t press them about it, but if either one changed their minds they could go ahead and do it with her blessing.

“Yeah,” Silver said, “but you got to admit, he really looked like he was hurting there. I feel sorry for the guy. I can’t imagine what it would be like abstaining for ten years.”

“You can barely make it for ten hours,” Yuriko said primly. And more than a touch hypocritically considering how often her legs were spread.

“You got that right!” Silver lunged for her friend, managing to snag her top, twisting it slightly. Yuriko ‘eep’ed as she suddenly found her breasts freed from their flimsy material.

Yuriko swatted Silver’s hand away and darted backward through the water and out of reach. Silver was content to leave her alone as the blonde tried to put her top back on. Yuriko had trouble though, and decided to remove it altogether.

“Mmm. Topless swimming. I can go for that,” Silver cooed. However, when she tried to get close, Yuriko backed away to the side of the pool, then hoisted herself out.

“I didn’t come here to have you molest me, thank you. Besides, I don’t want to piss off Ryo’s dad and have us not be welcome here anymore,” Yuriko said primly.

“Ha! You mean to tell me you bought that skimpy thing because of how it helps you swim faster?” Silver snorted. “Bull, that’s a ‘come on over and fuck me please’ bikini if ever there was one.”

“And what about your see-through swimsuit?” Yuriko snapped back.

“It’s a ‘come on over and fuck me please’ bikini, too.” Silver smiled.

“Humph! I am going to put this thing back on and use the restroom.” Yuriko said disdainfully as she turned and walked into the main house to use the bathroom.

Silver shrugged and began swimming again. Yuriko was in one of her ‘I’m no slut moods’, never mind how slutty she actually behaved. At least by now the blonde had accepted that on the inside she loved cock and couldn’t get enough of it. She just had problems openly admitting it, or maybe she liked putting up a token protest to make herself feel better. But Silver knew her friend better than she knew herself in some ways. She could tell from Yuriko’s body language she was in the mood for a hot fuck. She had been since Silver had come up with the suggestion of dropping by Ryo’s to break in their new swimsuits. Had things fallen a certain way, Ryo might have gotten lucky with the two of them, but since he had to leave, it was just his tough luck that he missed out on the opportunity. But who knew what the future would hold? Given her and Yuriko’s nature, he might get a second chance somewhere down the line.

Silver returned to swimming laps through the pool. She had only completed two when there was a splash from next to her, disrupting her concentration. Being in the shallow end, she stood up, expecting to see Yuriko having gotten revenge on her by startling her. However, much to her surprise, it was Ryouga who had jumped into the pool with her.

It took Silver a second to recover from her surprise. She looked at Ryouga curiously. He was topless, and she took a second to admire his body. While not as heavily muscled as Ryo, it was obvious he was a serious powerhouse that looked like he could bench press a truck. He was quite handsome as well. All the girls had always thought Ryo’s father was a real hunk, and Silver was inclined to agree.

Being so close to a handsome man, Silver couldn’t help flirting as she batted her eyes and made certain her nipples were just above the water. “Decided to join me in the pool after all?”

“Oh yes,” Ryouga said with a feral grin, one that Silver would have recognized if she had mirror, since she tended to wear it whenever a handsome guy or hot girl was in front of her and she was in the mood for some fun.

But since she didn’t, all she knew was there was something awful different about that look in his eyes. Something she had never seen before in him. Something awfully predatory.

If she could have read Ryouga’s mind, she might have tried to exit the pool just like Yuriko had earlier. The drug coursing through Ryouga’s system was not what he had ordered, but a special concoction courtesy of the apothecary of one Manchu Fu, delivered by agents of the Torso. The ninjas had been rooting through the mail of the Hibikis for weeks, having used the mail once to use Ryo as a lure for Silver during the disastrous Hot Springs Campaign. They had seen the mail order for an aphrodisiac for Ryouga, erroneously believing it was for him due to some impotency problem. Discovering this, Manchu concocted a far more potent elixir, one that would drive the user into a sexual frenzy that could only be relived by having sex, and lots of it. Manchu then instructed the Torso to lie in wait until Silver visited the Hibiki residence, then place the substituted potion in the box and let nature takes its course.

And the plan worked. Ryouga was afflicted with uncontrollable lust, one that Silver was perfectly suited to cure him. Knowing Silver had the cure to his condition, Ryouga went to the pool, his mind having done a one eighty as he openly prayed the girls had not left yet. While Yuriko seemed to have disappeared, Silver had remained behind, much to his open delight. Seeing her lithe form dart through the water, he knew he had to have the girl, Ranma’s daughter or not. Not wasting a moment, he shucked off his clothing and leapt into heated water right next to Silver.

And now Ryouga had his prey within his sights. With her nipples evident through her semi-transparent swimwear, it was no different from blood in the water to a shark to Ryouga in his aroused state. All that was left was to corner his prey and bring it down so he could feast upon it.

Ryouga drew closer. The way he moved toward her set off Silver’s martial artist’s senses. Instinctively, she backed away. However, she wasn’t able to go very far as she found herself backed against the side of the pool. Looking into those blazing eyes of his made her actually gulp.

Ryouga moved forward until he was within arm’s reach of Silver. Then he paused, seeing his quarry had nowhere else to run.

Leering, Ryouga said, “I don’t think I mentioned it before, but that bikini looks very good on you.”

Due to his not moving forward any longer, and that she was a sucker for a compliment (especially from a hunk like Ryouga), relaxed Silver’s guard. In fact, she posed for his benefit, thrusting her chest out slightly once again. She would have complimented him on his trunks, but she couldn’t see them underwater. All she could tell was that they seemed to be flesh-colored. “Why, thank you.”

“But you know what would make it look even better?”

“What?” Silver asked.

“If it was off you!” Ryouga lunged forward and grabbed her top, ripping it from her body. Silver was so stunned by the act that she only stared at Ryouga in shock. He had always been so reserved that the idea of him ripping off her clothing was inconceivable.

Any chance she had to escape was lost in her hesitation. Ryouga tossed her top away and grabbed her breasts, pushing her back by them. He had her pressed against the side of the pool so hard there was no chance she could wiggle out of his grasp and flee.

With her ample tits in his hands, Ryouga couldn’t resist playing with them, squeezing them like they were plush toys in the clutches of a rambunctious child. He kneaded them roughly, on the verge to discomfort for Silver. But only on the verge.

Ryouga continued mauling her breasts, all but drooling over them as he said, “Nice tits, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering what cocktease stock you come from.”

“Whu, what do you mean?” Silver gasped.

Ryouga became livid. He turned on her nipples, pinching and squeezing them ruthlessly. “I mean that slut father of yours. Whenever we have a fight that little bitch always does it as a girl. Worse, she’s always acting like a cocktease, sticking her tits in my face, all but rubbing her ass on my cock, just like you do with my boy.”

“Nuh, no, I don’t.” But Silver knew it wasn’t true. She did tend to act like a cocktease around Ryo when the mood suited her. And she knew her father was just as bad in general. She actually remembered her father coming back from a fight with Ryouga once, wearing little more than a torn top and a g-string. Despite the apparent physical ‘damage’, she claimed she had won, laughing up a storm as to how easily she had beaten Ryouga. Evidently she had learned how sexually frustrated Ryouga had become, if not the reason for it, and had been using her body as a weapon against him. Well, it looked like Ryouga had finally snapped, and Silver was the one who would be paying the price.

That wasn’t exactly true. While Ryouga was angry at Ranma’s ‘cheap’ tactics, his desire to ravage Silver was not as a Ranma substitute. He was turned on by the girl in her own right, just like any red-blooded male would. She had a body built for fucking almost as much as Yuriko’s was. She was in top shape, with a first-class rack and an ass to match. She had womanly curves in all the right places, and great looks that were a combination of her Amazon mother and father’s cursed form’s female. Nature had given her a generous bounty, and Ryouga was eager to sample them.

He looked down at the breasts in his hands and decided to utilize them in a more intensive examination. “Let’s see if these things are as tasty as they look.” He lowered his mouth and began sucking hard on the nipples.

Ryouga was in heaven as for the first time in a decade he had a nipple in his mouth. The first real sexual contact was like a damn burst inside him as he sucked hard on her nipple, engulfing as much of her breast as he could. There was no longer any sense of restraint as his already lust filled brain went into overdrive and he wildly devoured her breast, filling the pool area with loud slurping sounds.

Silver went almost as wild in his arms. She had been primed all day for some hot sex, and having her nipples ravaged by such a superior specimen of manhood was driving her into a frenzy. She loved the sensation of his mouth on her breast, and was delighted to be used in such a manner.

Ryouga began going back and forth between the breasts, showing no favoritism as he sucked away on both, leaving love bites behind on both with his powerful suction.

But that wasn’t enough for Ryouga. He needed more. He released her nipple, making Silver moan at the absence of sexual contact. She had really begun to juice under his assault, and wanted nothing more in the world at that moment than for him to continue.

She wasn’t neglected for long as Ryouga pressed his body against hers. She felt his hard cock press against her flat abs, and the contact excited her further.

Ryouga was so excited he fumbled with her for a second before instincts finally took over. He grabbed her by her bottom, pulling the gusset of her bikini to the side as well as encompassing a good portion of her firm backside. He lifted her up his body until her pussy was just above the head of his cock. She parted her legs, wrapping them around his waist and helping him have unrestricted access to the opening he so desperately longed for.

The gusset was pulled aside just enough to allow his cock to get inside her. He was poised outside her lips for one brief second, lining up his cock with her slit. Feeling he was in the right spot, he pulled her down on his rod.

Silver shouted as his wide head and a good three inches went right up into her. She tightened the hold around his waist with her legs, ensuring he couldn’t escape as the object of her desire had finally found the spot she wanted it in.

Ryouga was in seventh, no, eighth heaven. Finally, a pussy was around his cock. This was where it was supposed to be. How could he have been so foolish as to abstain for so long? It had been so many years he had forgotten the delight of the warm, tight feeling of a woman’s vagina clamping down on his stiffened rod. But now that he remembered it, he would never abandon it again. One way or another, he was going to be having pussy on a regular basis once again.

But what he had wasn’t enough. Only a little over a third of his rod was in, and he wanted the whole thing to know that wonderful embrace. And this cocktease was going to give it to him in every way he wanted.

He pulled her up his rod until only the head was inside. Silver moaned in complaint at the feeling of emptiness where she wanted to be filled. But the evacuation didn’t last long as he pulled her down on his dick hard, filling her with almost five inches this time. The strength of the intrusion was forceful enough to make her feel discomfort, but the pleasure she felt from his large cock overrode it. She was a martial artist, and could handle a little ache if it meant receiving the orgasms that were looming on the horizon.

Ryouga repeated the motion, all of his higher functions taking a back seat as he forced her down on his cock, making him feel better than he had in years. God she had a great pussy. The best he ever had outside of his wife. Well, the only one he had outside of his wife. But he could tell it was a great pussy, in fact her whole body was outstanding.

Ryouga continued lifting her up and forcing her down until he felt her groin meet his, her pussy clutching the entirety of his cock. Once again Ryouga stopped as he reveled in the sensation of his dick being fully engulfed by her wonderful tightness. He was happier than he had been in ages with a girl riding his cock.

It got even better as Silver orgasmed, her pussy tightening on his manhood further. Once again he rested for a moment as he absorbed every second of amazing pleasure the act of sex was giving him. The feeling of bringing his partner to orgasm so quickly was ego soothing, knowing he hadn’t lost his touch in all the years he had foolishly abstained.

As the orgasm passed, Ryouga felt her love channel lighten its hold on his cock slightly. That was a touch disappointing. He wanted to feel that sensation again. He pushed her so her back was pressed against the wall, her breasts mashed against his rock hard chest, pinning her tight. He adjusted his grip, firmed his hold on her ass, then really started pounding her. Sensing she was really enjoying the ride, he began pounding her with his full strength, something he would rarely try with his wife and never with a normal girl for breaking bones. Like his son he was just too powerful. But someone as sturdy as Silver could definitely take it, and maybe then some.

Silver wailed as his cock really started to ravage her pussy. God, the man could fuck. And he was pretty long and wide. Not quite Akira-sized, but damn close. What made it more intense was the fact that she truly was helpless in his grasp. While she was no true submissive, like Yuriko, getting dominated by a powerful partner was erotic when she was in the mood, like now. But there were few guys that could overpower her, or outfight her. But Ryouga could do both, and quite easily. There was no play acting involved in her being what would have been rape, had she not wanted to get fucked. Ryouga was going to have his way with her and there was nothing she could do about it. No wonder someone like Yuriko loved being dominated so often if the feelings of eroticism were this intense.

The pounding went on for nearly a full minute when Silver shouted, “I’m coming!”

Feeling her tighten around his cock was more than Ryouga could take, especially with years’ worth of a need to ejaculate running through his groin. Ryouga howled as he brought Silver next to him, his grip tightening on her ass, nearly bruising her flesh. He erupted like a volcano, spewing what felt like a decade’s worth of sperm into Silver’s pussy, which made her come ever harder. Every contraction around him made him spew more sperm into her, until eventually even a magically aroused Ryouga’s flood abated momentarily.

Silver slumped lifelessly in his arms, and even Ryouga felt a touch winded.


“I’m bac—“ Yuriko’s declaration ended abruptly as she beheld a spectacle she had never conceived in her life. In the water were Ryouga and Silver, obviously naked as the water around them churned like a miniature tide pool. Equally obvious was the fact they were fucking up a storm in the water. It wasn’t so much the lewdness of the act as that she and Silver had agreed not to seduce Ryouga, and here Silver had gone and done it behind her back.

In truth, Yuriko had never confessed to Silver just how attracted she was to Ryouga. She had a wicked crush on Ryo for years, and the son was the spitting image of the father, if a bit larger. She couldn’t help but be turned on by Ryouga on the basis of looks alone. And he was an older, powerful, firm male parental figure, something her Elektra complex had always desired. After Shampoo-kun and Ranma, Ryouga was the adult who had played the biggest role in her sexual fantasies. Sometimes alone, sometimes in a double-team with Ryo, and sometimes in a three-way with Shampoo-kun and Ranma. She had only resisted Kyoko’s offer by the slimmest of margins. Left to her own devices, she might have talked herself into fucking him after all.

As Yuriko thought this, Silver declared her impeding orgasm and did so, Ryouga obviously following suit. She couldn’t believe the audacity of that bitch, getting a boatload of Hibiki sperm shot up her before Yuriko had a chance to.

Yuriko drew closer to the pool, her feet at the edge of the sand. She stared down angrily at the pair, who were still locked in a gasping post-coital embrace.

“What is the meaning of this?!” She really didn’t care what the answer would be. This was a just a token gesture. After Silver made her pathetic excuse, Yuriko would hunt down the nearest blunt object and bludgeon her with it until she as black and blue.

Rather than Silver answering (since she was still enjoying a bit of post orgasmic bliss) it was Ryouga who glanced up at the blonde. Rather than looking at her with his normally firm expression, what was in place was a look of pure, unadulterated lust she had rarely seen on a human being. Only her auntie ever glared at her like that, and just like those times, Yuriko felt like a mouse under the gaze of a cat. She lowered her head, trembling slightly in both anxiety and, more importantly, arousal.

The shift in her body language, from that of angry woman to submissiveness, was picked up subconsciously by Ryouga, retriggering his own magical arousal. Under ordinary circumstances, after coming so hard, Ryouga would have gone limp for at least a few minutes. Instead, thanks to the drug, he was still just as hard, and horny, as when he began. He withdrew his rod from Silver, pulling free and allowing their combined juices to mix with the water. Once free of Silver’s body, he leapt from the pool and onto the edge of the ‘beach’ landing right next to Yuriko.

Yuriko gulped as she saw just how muscular Ryouga was, and how large his cock was. After having seen so many, she was becoming something of an expert in them. She estimated him to be slightly longer than her Uncle Ranma, but not quite as wide. It was by far one of the larger cocks she had seen. She grew wet at the sight of a stud like him standing right in front of her. Still, it was obvious from his gaze what he wanted from her. Yuriko’s submissive side came to the fore, and she backed away slightly, though her body language still indicated she was aroused by his presence.

Before she could back any distance away, Ryouga lunged for her. She tripped over her own feet, falling on her backside on the sand. Now she felt trapped by the big bad cat that wanted to have its way with her.

The longing in her eyes, the slight spread of her legs, spurred Ryouga’s lust further. He fell on top of her, pinning her to the sand. He snarled in her face. “So, the slut makes an appearance.”

“I’m not a slut,” Yuriko insisted with none of her usual vehemence. Maybe it was the wet spot forming in the front of her suit which prevented her from protesting harder.

“Wrong!” Ryouga grabbed her breasts and began clutching at them. While Silver had a large rack, Yuriko’s was unbelievable. His hands didn’t even come close to engulfing the whole thing, but as long as his grip was filled with tit, he could live with it.

He said, “You’ve been strutting these,” he squeezed those firm yet plush breasts, “in my face practically since the day you got them. I know a slut like you wants to seduce my boy, and by some miracle he’s managed to resist you, considering what a fuckable piece of ass you are.”

Yuriko’s breathing became deeper and rapid at the tongue-lashing, mostly because it was true. She had deliberately flaunted her body in front of Ryo, and even Ryouga occasionally. Once, when she came over to use the pool, she was aware of the bathroom being occupied as someone showered in it. She thought it was Ryo, so she stripped, then ‘accidentally’ barged in, only to discover it was Ryouga who had just wrapped a towel around his waist. She stared at him for a handful of seconds, admiring his form and more than a touch sorry he had gotten the towel around him in time. She was all but chased out by an angry shout from the man. Now Ryouga wasn’t shouting, at least not an in effort to make her go away. She felt her heart skip a beat when he referred to her as a ‘fuckable piece of ass’.

Ryouga continued. “But he’s not interested in you, not that you seem to get the message. Still, if you want some stiff Hibiki cock, I’ll be more than happy to oblige.” He rubbed his schlong against her body.

Yuriko felt his manhood rub against her. The contact made her squirm, though with the way he pressed her down she couldn’t escape any more than Silver could.

Her wiggling rubbed the head of Ryouga’s purple-helmeted warrior, turning him on further. He released one of her breasts, but only so he could snare her wrists and hold them above her head, pinning them to the ground and not leaving her the opportunity to try and push him away. He leaned up over her so he could look down upon his prey. While not normally dominant, there was something about Yuriko that could bring the beast out in any man, especially one who was under the influence of drugs and had been sexually frustrated for over a decade.

Ryouga roughly pulled her flimsy swimsuit away from her breasts, baring them for him to see. He remembered that time he had caught a glimpse of those gorgeous knockers in the bath, (actually they had been burned into his mind) and it had taken a great deal of restraint on his part to not attack her on the spot. In hindsight, that had been a mistake on his part. Well, here was a chance to make up for lost time.

Her large mammaries were something else. While Silver had inherited a bit from both parents, Yuriko was all Ai’s daughter, except in the eyes, and those green orbs were not what Ryouga was focusing on at this moment. All of his attention was riveted to those huge breasts. He would never have described himself as a tit man, but Yuriko could make anyone a convert with her rack.

Hungry once again, his mouth descended upon her pointy nipple. Again he applied a powerful suction to the tit, making his partner/victim moan in approval. Sampling back and forth between them, his cock kept rubbing against her body, making both of them gyrate against one another in a carnal horizontal dance.

Yuriko couldn’t believe the hunger with which he ravished her. He was almost as animalistic as her auntie, who could never seem to get enough of her body no matter how many times Shampoo enjoyed it. Still, Ryouga was coming in a close second as he threatened to orally devour her.

As he attacked her upper regions, his free hand reached down and pulled her string bikini bottoms to the side, allowing him access to her lower lips and to open up the ‘battle’ on two fronts. Already wet, it took him only a matter of seconds to jam a couple of his fingers up to the hilt in her. He was a bit rough, but as with Silver, he knew she could take whatever he dished out.

Eventually Yuriko’s constant squirming against his cock set Ryouga off once again. He stopped sucking, leaving her breasts coated in a healthy bit of his saliva. He moved his body down hers until his rod was below her engorged lips. This time he teased her, rubbing his cock up and down her slit. “Is this what you want, slut? You want my big dick inside you?”

Yuriko mewled in desire.

Taking that as a ‘yes’ (which it most assuredly was) Ryouga drove more than half his rod into her with one thrust. Again he sighed and basked in the wonderful sensation of having a woman’s pussy enveloping his lonely rod.

But not for long. Ryouga brought his hips up and drove down into her, making the blonde squeal at the force of the penetration. She was more vocal than Silver, which was a bit of misdirection as she was more capable than her friend of accommodating big cocks in a short amount of time. Like her Uncle Ranma was fond of saying, she was built for sex, and her pussy was no exception. She had yet to encounter a man whom she couldn’t handle, no matter the orifice and how rough the penetration. She always derived pleasure from it. Always.

Ryouga pounded her roughly until he was all the way in. She had a tight little teenage pussy, like Silver. Warm and wet, he could wile away hours in there and want even more. Feeling how tight the girls felt made him sorry he hadn’t had a bit of pussy before he married Kyoko. He had really missed out on something. Not that his wife didn’t feel good, but even when they first started having sex, she was never quite as tightly hugging as these girls. Not that he had any complaints about his wife, other than he never got a chance to fuck her anymore.

Ryouga pulled back, looking at their groins and becoming turned on as he saw a ring of Yuriko’s pink inner flesh hugging his manhood. She groaned in lust of her own at his withdrawal. Then she shouted in delight as he thrust into her hard, filling her with his entire rod once again.

Ryouga continued that way, going a bit slower than he had with Silver, his needs not quite as urgent. Still he was none too gentle. While his tempo might have been slower, his force was not as he drove her into the sand with each thrust.

Yuriko was so wired it only took a handful of thrusts before she was coming all over Ryouga’s cock. Again she was more vocal than her friend, crying out “Oh my god, Mr. Hibiki!” as he made her climax.

“That’s right, show some respect to your elders, Girl!” Ryouga snarled as her body rubbed wildly against him. He especially loved the way her nipples poked his chest. He didn’t even wait for her to come down from her climax as he continued fucking away.

Yuriko loosened up even faster than Silver had. Ryouga’s ass rose and descended as he jackhammered the blonde’s pussy with a ruthlessness he had never shown before in sex. Her body was going to leave an impression in the sand with how hard she was being fucked. Yuriko’s legs flailed up in the air as he took her with almost as much animalistic hunger as her auntie did. The eroticism of having a powerful male screw her literally into submission made Yuriko so hot she orgasmed two more times before Ryouga let out a grunt and busted his nut. Thanks to the elixir, he filled her womb with nearly as much sperm as he had Silver’s.

The eroticism overloaded Yuriko’s senses briefly and she slumped to the ground in exhaustion.

Ryouga took a second to admire his handiwork. He had given the big-tittied slut a ride she’d never forget. Better yet, despite orgasming a second time, his rod remained as stiff as when he had first entered her. He could have even more fun, like a starving man, and that elixir was the equivalent to being given a free pass to a buffet.

Seeing his current partner temporarily too worn out to be much fun, Ryouga instead turned to look over at his first ‘victim.’ Silver had just hoisted herself out of the water, and was lying sprawled out on her side. Seeing her more functional, and not having satisfied himself with using the body of Ranma’s hot little progeny, Ryouga walked toward her, cock leading the way.

Silver had just risen to her knees when she found Ryouga looming over her, his large rod pointed right at her face. She started to say, “Wha—“

She got no further as Ryouga grabbed her by the sides of the head, keeping it in place, and shoved his cock into her open mouth. She nearly gagged as the head of Ryouga’s cock made its way past her lips and nearly hit the back of her throat. While Akira was larger, he never forcefed her cock this way. In fact, he tended to take it easy, making Silver show how much she wanted him by seducing him rather than the other way around.

But this was closer to rape than seduction, not that Silver was complaining. It was sort of her fault for driving Ryouga to this. She had known he had been enduring an unwilling abstinence for ten years, and still she had dickteased him with her body. Maybe subconsciously she was hoping he’d snap and take her, since she had agreed that openly seducing Ryo’s father might make things awkward and couldn’t take the initiative. But this didn’t make her feel guilty at all, even if she was to blame.

Ryouga’s mind would never have been able to wrap itself around even that with how focused it had become. Instead, all he was concerned about now was getting off for the third time in less than twenty minutes. Keeping his grip on Silver tight, he began drawing back his hips and facefucking her mouth the way he had Yuriko’s pussy. He went much slower, but was still very forceful.

After a trio of thrust in which he got increasing amounts of cock down her orifice, Ryouga felt the tip of his head touch the entryway to her throat. Ryouga decided it was time to try something new. When he and Kyoko had had oral sex, she was the one that set the pace, and never tried to deep throat him. But now, with someone he was nowhere near as emotionally attached to, he decided to be a lot more forceful and see if deep throating was all other guys said it was cracked up to be.

“Here it comes, Girl,” Ryouga snarled as he forced his cock down her throat.

Silver’s eyes bulged as she felt her throat expand to accommodate Ryouga’s hunk of meat. While she enjoyed cock, she was far more interested in tasting the sperm, and preferred licking to shoving it down her throat (as opposed to Yuriko, who was so good at it she could handle Shampoo-kun’s huge dong). That wasn’t to say Silver couldn’t do it, she could handle Akira, barely. Ryouga wasn’t quite that big. Still, the forced deep throating showed her by example who was in charge and calling the shots.

On Ryouga’s part, he couldn’t believe how great it felt. It was almost as good as a pussy with the wet and warm embrace her esophagus was giving him. Still, unlike a nice snatch, he couldn’t remain buried in there too long, or she’d suffocate, and as horny as Ryouga was, necrophilia was not his thing.

He withdrew his cock from the throat, but not her mouth, allowing Silver to take in some air. When he was convinced she caught a quick breath, he shoved his sausage down her throat again.

Silver moaned as his pubic hair mashed against her face, and felt more turned on. She looked up into Ryouga’s grinning face. None of the lust from the first time he had taken her had been lost. If anything he was perhaps worse than before. Not that she could blame him. She was a hot fuck, and Yuriko almost as much so. To an old guy like Ryouga, banging two hot school girls was every man’s fantasy. Although she couldn’t really think of him as being a ‘dirty old man’ as other girls might. After all, Silver got turned on by the idea of fucking two hot schoolgirls as well.

Seeing the attractive, naked girl on her knees, his cock buried to the hilt in her throat, and her eyes looking up at him almost doe-like, really stoked Ryouga’s fires. He began fucking her more fiercely.

Silver remained on her knees, really just along for the ride as Ryouga continued controlling the situation.

While Ryouga enjoyed everything about this round of intense oral sex, he realized something was missing. It took him a second to think of what it might be, but once he thought of it, he became commanding. “Start using some tongue, girl!”

With uncharacteristic obedience, Silver did so, tonguing his veiny shaft as best as she could while timing his thrusts so she could take a breath between his cock making its residence in her throat.

“Got a top notch mouth there, cocktease,” Ryouga said, really feeling his oats.

He continued facefucking Silver for a good fifteen minutes, his endurance up having come twice already. Silver was beginning to worry about him wearing out her jaw when his hands snared her hair, twisting it almost painfully. She was about to try to hit his pelvis a bit to make him stop when he buried his cock all the way in her mouth and starting coming.

Silver went limp in his grasp, concentrating on swallowing all of his warm jisim. There was nothing like tasting a man’s seed on her tongue (except for pussy juice on her lips and even then it was a case of six of one and a half-dozen of the other), though in this case most of it was going straight from throat to stomach. Still, he would leave some residual flavor in her mouth, and she had yet to have a guy not taste great. She handled it like a pro, though she noted he seemed to be blowing as much down her throat as he had in her pussy, never mind he had already come twice recently. He really must have had a lot pent up sperm to still have that much loaded in his weapon.

But eventually Ryouga tapered off. As soon as he was finished ejaculating, he withdrew, allowing Silver to catch her breath as well as his flavor. She was left on her knees, gasping as she licked her lips to taste the white payload that had trickled out as he removed himself from her.

“Not bad, cocktease.” But looking down he discovered he was still hard and still horny. A part of him was almost concerned about his perpetual hard on, but after how long he went without, he was entitled to as much as he could get. Let it stick around for the next few days, or at least until he exhausted himself of both girls.

Ryouga considered doing Silver again, but it would be the height of rudeness to pay attention to her and not her lovely, bouncy companion. In fact, he knew exactly what he wanted to do with the vivacious blonde who was only now starting to rise to her feet after the hard fucking he had given her.

By the time Yuriko had recovered enough of her wits to stand, Ryouga was before her, the familiar lust in his eyes. Not that she felt bad about it. While she might have been fucked into senselessness by the powerful man, it was only temporary, and she was still horny herself. More cock was just what she needed.

Ryouga grabbed her by the hair and pulled her along with him as he walked toward the pool. Yuriko yelped briefly but went with him. She was able to follow easily, since her Auntie used her hair as a leash every now and then when he was really forceful or she was defiant. But there was no defiance in Yuriko now. She would do whatever Ryouga wanted.

He led her to the diving board. “Get up there.”

Yuriko hesitated for a moment, but a swat to her ass, hard enough to leave a handprint, spurred her forward. She got up on the board, stopping about halfway on it. She wondered if he was going to have her jump up and down on it. Her Auntie had made her skip rope when she was naked once. It had been pretty kinky, knowing how much her breasts had been bouncing, and the fucking she had received when Shampoo-kun hadn’t been able to take it anymore was particularly memorable.

Ryouga followed her up, then forced her downward so she was lying down flat on the board. She positioned herself as much to the center as she could. Luckily it was fairly wide, and she was able to lay on it without any risk of falling off.

Then she felt Ryouga lay on top of her, mashing her tits on the board and effectively pinning her once again. She felt his hard rod rest in the crevasse of her ass, and moved her bottom a bit so it would rub his shaft. She was rewarded for her actions with a much lighter swat than the one used to prod her.

“Stay still!” Ryouga warned.

“I’ll be good,” Yuriko said in a little girl voice, a natural submissive reaction to strong male figures dominating her like this.

That voice turned Ryouga on further, making any doubts about his plan banished from his mind. He placed his still saliva-coated cock next to her rosebud and began to force it up her rectum.

“My ass,” Yuriko wailed as he brutally shoved the head of his cock into her backside. While the saliva was a fairly good lubricant, he really could have worked her sphincter a bit beforehand to help pave the way. Still, Yuriko had long since grown used to taking it in her backside, enjoyed it, in fact, and she had handled larger than this. She took the head of his cock with only a touch of discomfort, especially since she knew once she loosened up a bit, she would be in for a real ride.

Ryouga sighed in delight as her snug little anus hugged his cock tighter than any pussy ever had. He had always wondered what anal sex was like, but didn’t want to risk hurting his wife, or implying normal sex with her wasn’t good enough, but over the years he had fantasized about just about any and every type of intercourse there was, and might have invented a few that didn’t as well. He was going to take this once in a lifetime opportunity for everything he could.

Luckily for Yuriko, Ryouga went slowly, savoring the loss of his own anal cherry. He gave her plenty of time to adjust to his size as he slowly made love to her bottom. Within minutes he was all the way up her, scolding himself for not trying this with his wife when she had been feeling up to it.

“Always knew you had a great ass, girl, but even I didn’t suspect it was this great,” Ryouga said.

“It feels so good, Mr. Hibiki,” Yuriko cooed.

“And it’ll feel better in a second.” Ryouga slowly, excruciatingly, pulled his cock out of her bottom. He felt how tightly she continued hugging his rod as he pulled about halfway out. He stopped there, deciding he didn’t like so much of his cock out of her. Halfway was more than enough for what he wanted to do. He drove his cock back in her hard, making Yuriko yelp as she was unexpectedly filled so quickly once more.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Ryouga repeated the motion harder this time. She seemed to be loosening up, which would help him build up some speed.

“Oh god. My ass. My ass,” Yuriko sighed as he began drilling her in it. She could feel her buttcheeks flattening with each forceful thrust. He was giving it to her hard, just the way she liked it.

Ryouga thrust so powerfully, the diving board began bouncing up and down, just like someone getting ready to leap into the water. The additional bouncing motion really turned Yuriko on, and made his cock shift in unique ways in her bottom. Her cries of encouragement grew louder as she was pounded in her rear again and again. Within seconds the eroticism proved too much, and Yuriko came loudly.

Ryouga realized what was happening beneath him. He continued pounding away mercilessly on her bottom. “That’s it, slut, get off on your ass fucking. It’s the least you deserve for sticking it in my face all these years.”

“Yes, I was naughty! Fuck me! Fuck me good!” Yuriko squealed.

Ryouga did so, really pounding her ass as Yuriko came vocally again and again. The board was bouncing so much from their action that it threatened to break with the force used against it.

It was just starting to crack when Ryouga groaned and dumped another load of his hot seed into the girl. Yuriko hung on for dear life a she came the hardest yet, feeling him fill her backside with his man juice and loving every second of it.

They remained on top of the board for a while, gasping for breath. Though as Yuriko lay there, she was stunned to discover Ryouga remained hard. The man was a sexual juggernaut. If Ryo had inherited that sort of stamina, it would make her wonder if maybe she had made the wrong selection in choosing to become Akria’s girlfriend. Or at least maybe she should have tried to get into Ryo’s pants harder when she had still been available.

She felt Ryouga pull out of her, making her moan at the emptiness in her backside.

Ryouga seemed to pick up on her disappointment. “Don’t worry, girl. I’m not through with you yet. You and that cocktease have a lot more coming before you’re shown the error of your ways.”


“Oh god, it feels so good,” Silver moaned as Ryouga slammed his meat into her pussy.

“Put it back in,” Yuriko cried out from her position beneath Silver.

Had anyone been around, they would have been treated to quite the sight. If they had a camera, they could have made millions selling the video. Silver and Yuriko were prone, naked and facing one another, the platinum-haired girl lying on top of her best friend and lover. Their bodies glistened with sweat as their breasts were mashed together, and they rubbed one another. Their pussies were poised directly on top of each other, no more than a handful of centimeters separating them.

Ryouga was behind them, feeding his cock to their hungry pussies. He switched back and forth from one set of engorged lips to the next, bringing one girl to the edge of climax, then pulling out and screwing the other one, repeating the motion until they were on the verge, then switching back once again. He was driving both of them into a sexual frenzy, the empty one pleading for his staff as he screwed the other. They were eating out of the palm of his hand.

“Almost there,” Silver sighed, then cried out as Ryouga removed himself from her again.

“Quit being greedy, cocktease, your slut buddy wants some more.” And with that he sunk his shaft to the hilt into Yuriko’s sopping wet pussy.

“Yes, yes, oh yes!” Yuriko cried out as Ryouga fucked her hard. The time between switches was shortening, and she was still incredibly near an orgasm. If she could keep him there a couple of minutes, she was certain she could get off.

Silver was of a different mind. “Put it back in!” she commanded.

Ryouga paused in his fucking long enough to spank both her asscheeks hard, her bottom turning a deeper shade of crimson.

“You just don’t learn, do you, girl?” Ryouga asked. “Like I said before, you’re going to find out what it means to be on the receiving end of cockteasing.”

Silver wasn’t sure she would call it teasing as much as torture. She wanted to get off in the worst way, but Ryouga just wouldn’t let her. Worse, any time she tried making him angry enough to finish her off, like insulting his manhood, he’d spank her rather than trying to prove her wrong. And she had been desperate enough to try it so many times that her bottom was getting sore, and not because she had been reamed in it.

As much as Yuriko enjoyed the pounding she was getting, she could see Silver’s frustration, a mirror of her own. To try and lighten her friend’s mood, she began kissing her aggressively, driving her tongue deep in Silver’s throat.

Silver was surprised for a moment, Yuriko still rarely initiated things when Silver was a girl, though that was slowly changing as she became more used to openly accepting Silver’s female attentions. Still, something this aggressive was a rarity for her.

But Yuriko’s plan had the desired effect on Silver. The feeling of their nipples pressed against one another, of their tongues dueling, was enough to make Silver feel more pleasure than frustration.

Their unleashed girl-on-girl action had an unanticipated effect. Ryouga was like just about every red-blooded heterosexual male in having a fascination of seeing to attractive women get it on. That his dick was buried in one of those women made things worse. All of a sudden doling out the punishment wasn’t as important as getting his rocks off.

He really went hellbent for leather as he fucked Yuriko more aggressively. He felt the girl really go wild underneath him and Silver as he picked up the tempo, and knew she was on the verge of climaxing.

Silver too became more turned on by the urgency of her friend’s writhing, and became more turned on as well, staying as hot as when Ryouga had left her. All she needed was a little something more to send her over the edge.

It had been taking all of Ryouga’s willpower to tantalize the girls, but now that he was letting it go, he felt his seed boiling in his balls for the fifth time in just over an hour.

Yuriko cried out in orgasmic bliss beneath him, and her pussy tightened on his cock, sending him over the edge. His cock pumped a trio of shots of his white fluid in her. Then he pulled out, and stuck his cock into Silver, slamming into her pussy as he came.

That was enough to send Silver over the edge as well as he filled her pussy with his seed. She came on him too, relishing the feeling of him emptying his load into her again. God, the man was a stud. Even at full force, she couldn’t come this much in an hour, at least as a guy. He was like a sex machine. She was a touch jealous of his virility.

As Ryouga’s peter petered out, the last of the elixir burned itself out of his system with dramatic effects, and showing why it had never been sold or marketed as he gurgled, then fell backward, his cock making a ‘pop’ as he slipped out of Silver’s pussy and collapsed onto the sand on his back. His eyes rolled into the back of his head.

Silver heard the groan and looked behind her, her eyes widening as her afterglow was forgotten in the wake of what had happened. She got off of Yuriko, saw Ryouga’s motionless form, and screamed. “Oh my god! We killed him!”

Yuriko, who had been on the bottom and unaware of anything amiss, sat bolt upright, staring at him in stunned horror.

Silver continued wailing, pacing back and forth in a panic. “Oh god! We should have seen this coming. We should have known better. Of course any old guy like him that tried to fuck two hot girls like us into submission that fast would go too far. We gave him a heart attack because he tried too hard to fuck us. We killed him with sex. How are we going to explain this to our parents? Or Mrs. Hibiki? Or Ryo? He’ll never want to speak to us again! No one will want to sleep with us since they’ll think we’re black widows or something, even though it was Mr. Hibiki’s fault for trying to do too much. Although he was really good.” She paused for a second. “Wait, maybe we can hide the body and nobody will know it was us. I mean, it’s not our fault for what happened, so why should we be misunderstood and take the blame? We can dump it somewhere that no one can find it!”

“He’s still breathing,” Yuriko said as she examined the ‘corpse.’

Silver instantly calmed. “Oh, okay. Let’s get cleaned up and head out, then.”

Even Yuriko was taken aback by the instantaneous change in her friend’s behavior. “Shouldn’t we do something for him?”

“Nah, just throw a towel over his crotch and let him sleep it off. We wore the poor guy out, he should be allowed to get some rest.”

“Well, I guess you’re right,” Yuriko admitted. Getting caught in the buff with Ryouga would make things pretty awkward. This way no one would know what had happened and any potential embarrassments could be avoided.

“And the next time he screws both of us, we make sure he gets rest periods in-between no matter what,” Silver said.

“Who said there’ll be a next time?”

Silver smiled at her friend. “Come on, I can’t help being a ‘cocktease’ anymore than you can stop being a ‘slut’. At some point he’s going to want to get his rocks off again, and it’ll be our duty to help him blow off some steam until him and his wife can have normal relations again. After all, if he had done that to just about anyone but us, he might have gotten arrested or something.”

Yuriko nodded. Silver had raised a good point. It was obvious the poor man had had too little sex and simply snapped. It was her solemn duty as Ryo’s friend to keep his father out of trouble, and if it was up to her to do it, well, she was always willing to lay her body on the line for a friend.

The two cleaned up, satisfied they had done their honorable duty.


Two hours later, Ryouga recovered, barely cleaning up in time before Ryo came back from his errands. That had been something else. His dick was still sore from having been used so much in so little time after having been allowed to atrophy for having been ignored for so long. And while Ryouga ached, it was a good ache. God, that had been intense, and though the drug was no longer fueling his mind, he still felt relieved at having had a chance to get his rocks off on not one, but two hit girls. And lucky for him, they had seemed to enjoy it. Of course he knew they were loose girls, but still, he didn’t know how loose until he experienced it firsthand. Well, they were tight in the ways that mattered, and loose in the other ways that mattered.

In any case, Ryouga saw them in a new light. While neither was acceptable as a daughter-in-law, if Ryo wanted them to hang around, maybe Ryouga wouldn’t be so against it anymore.

But that really didn’t matter. What did was when he let his wife try the elixir. He’d have to reorder some, but when it did, he wouldn’t have to worry about sex ever again.


A week passed as the Torso had their weekly meeting once again, Manchu Fu and his offspring in attendance.

The chairman of the Torso said, “Bad news. It seems the Saotomes have not gotten into a death battle with Ryouga Hibiki for raping their daughter, like we planned.”

“Did you do as I instructed?” Manchu asked.

“Yep, to the letter,” the chairman assured him. “They were certainly in there long enough to have screwed their brains out, and both girls were walking pretty gingerly in that ‘I just got the shit fucked out of me’ way when they left, but aside from that, nothing.”

“I told you it wasn’t going to work,” Manchu’s daughter said, applying black nail polish to her nails.

Manchu became the personification of poise. “I see. It appears our enemies are more resourceful than evidence would indicate. Be that as it may, I have another plan that is sure to lay them low.”

“We’re going to give him another dose of that elixir? He sent out a reorder slip for it,” one of the ninjas said.

“No, such a plan can only be used once,” Manchu said. “Rather, I have a better plan.”

“What is it?”

“It won’t work either,” Manchu’s daughter said.

“I have not said it, yet,” the inscrutable one pointed out.

“And I can see the future and know what you’re going to say before you say it.”

“Very well,” Manchu said. “How about—“

“No, not that either.”

“Then I can—“

“You’ll fail, as well as ending up in traction for two months—“

One of the Torso opened his mouth.

“I will not go out with you!” the girl said tersely.

“Wow, she really can see the future,” the ninja said in awe.

“This will take some careful planning,” Manchu said pensively.


[More weeks later]

Ryouga watched eagerly as his wife quaffed the elixir. Curiously, it didn’t look anything like the last one Ryouga had gotten, but it was from the same company, and they claimed it was the same product. Maybe they had experimented with the formula. Hopefully it would be better than when Coca Cola tried their ‘New Coke’.

“Do you feel anything?” Ryouga asked, undoing the belt on his pants.

Kyoko thought about it, “I feel….”

“Yes?” he got his pants around his ankles.

“I feel….”

“Yes?” eh dropped his underwear and displayed his raging hard on for his wife.

“I feel sleepy.” And with that her head hit her bedroom pillow and she began to snore.

Ryouga looked at his wife’s sleeping form. Great, yet another failure. Obviously her body chemistry was such that the drug didn’t have the same effect on her that it had on him. For the first time since banging the two girls, Ryouga felt depressed as he slid in next to his wife and spooned with her, in a platonic way, on their marriage bed.

Life was so unfair.


[End chapter]