Getting it on Managerial Style
[Yet Another Realities Lemon]

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Foreword: I make no aspirations that this anything other than a gratuitous OOC-PWP (Plot, What Plot?) lemon, which is all it is intended to be. It has all the redeeming qualities typical of hardcore porn. So, after having been warned, if you still feel up to it, continue on at your own risk. The events in this take place after Getting One’s Just Desserts I. Here we continue using some of the folks focused on in ‘Just Another Day at School.’

As with the others of this series, this is definitely not canon Shampoo ½ universe stuff. It plays off the hentaiverse Jim Bader created in his ‘Realties’ series. It’s also not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest. It’s just an excuse for some lemony fun.

This occurs shortly after Public Displays of Affection

Special Thanks to TH Tiger


Silver Saotome found herself surrounded by a trio of rather hunky guys. Their posture indicated what they were after, and it wasn’t a look at her homework. Silver leaned back against her locker, looking them over almost as lecherously as they were her. Subtlety was not a strong point of either of her parents, and she was probably worse than either of them.

“And exactly why did you want to meet me at my locker?” Silver asked, trying to sound innocent and failing miserably. Acting was not one of her fortes either.

The leader of the trio, who was easily the most handsome, spoke. “We really enjoyed partying with you on Halloween. Those blow jobs you gave us were sensational.”

“I was a real suck slut, wasn’t I?” she said proudly.

The guys were taken aback by her brazenness, then became more eager in her lack of denial. “Yeah, we can tell you dig cock, and thought you might like to go out with us and have some more.”

“And maybe try out some other things,” another one said.

“Sure, we can do it any way you want.” Silver licked her lips as she stared meaningfully at their crotches.

The guys high-fived one another.

“As long as I get to do you in the ass as a guy.” She checked out their rears.

The high fives suddenly switched to ‘I want my money back.’

The leader said, “I’m sorry, Saotome, but it sounded like you said you want to have sex with us while you’re in your cursed form.”

Silver winked. “You got it. I’ve had a craving for back-dooring guys lately. Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing and use lots of lube. I’ll even let you do me in the ass afterwards.”

“As a girl?” one asked.

“Well, only after I get it as a guy,” Silver stipulated.

All of the men suddenly became nervous. “Ah, why don’t we stick to just straight sex?” one of them suggested.

Silver thrust her nose up in the air. “No way. I’m in the mood to fuck some stud in the ass, and all three of you qualify. Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it. I know I do.”

Seeing how eager she was, the trio backed away, holding their hands protectively over their behinds. “That’s all right,” the leader said. “Actually, I ought to be staying loyal to my girlfriend.”

“Yeah, me too.” Another one seconded.

The third said, “And I’ve had explosive diarrhea. Anything goes up there and it could come blowing out at any time, so anal sex is a no-no. Time to get to class.”

The trio ran away as though their lives depended on it.

“Conservative jerks! You weren’t bitching when you saw two girls getting it on, were you?” Silver shouted out, shaking her fist at them.

Further epithets died as something very solid and metallic struck Silver in the back of the head, impacting hard enough to knock her onto her bottom. She rubbed her now sore head, feeling the knot forming where metal met flesh. Regardless of what some claimed, she did not possess a skull made of granite. Shale maybe, but not granite.

The sensation was painfully familiar, as was the ‘attacker’. "Hey, Yu-chan, what’s up?" Silver said casually from the floor. She hoped looking helpless on her backside would mitigate whatever inappropriate anger her best friend was directing at her.

Yuriko stood over Silver’s sitting form, like the Angel of Death getting ready to take a pizza out of the oven, with the spatula she wielded. "This is all your fault."

"Everybody always says that. It’s the mantra of my life." Silver rose to her feet, rubbing her head. "Could you be more specific as to what you think I did that’s my fault?"

"Does dressing in a slutty belly dancer outfit, stripping, getting fucked by you, putting on a lesbian act, and then pulling a train ring any bells?"

"No, but it sounds like fun." Silver flashed her most winning smile.

Spatula met with head again.

Silver swooned. "Now it’s coming back to me. Either that or it’s a concussion." Silver moved out of the way of the next swing. "Hina-chan had a great time at the party. So what?"

Yuriko sniffed disdainfully. "Everyone thinks it was me doing those things and have been letting me know about it. All the guys are staring at me like they expect me to spread my legs for them on the spot. I don’t know why they thought I was her. I have a much better body than the sagging hag." She handled her breasts, showing off their firmness even through the blouse of her uniform.

Silver’s hand attached itself to Yuriko’s breast and began fondling it enthusiastically. "Even money, I’d say."

Yuriko slapped the hand away. "It’s your fault everyone thinks that!"

Shrugging and not appearing the least bit guilty, Silver said, "No, it’s your fault for putting your voice into that choker. Your little scheme to bug me all night for going out with Hina-chan, while you were out with Akira I might add, backfired in your face."

Yuriko crossed her arms under her bosom and huffed. "It was a prank. I didn’t expect that aging bitch to go total slut just to make me look bad. And why didn’t you stop her?"

Because I was the one asking her to do all those things, Silver did not say since Yuriko’s swing was in rare form today. "I don’t know what you’re so uptight about. Everyone thinks it was great and was really impressed by the performance. It was the most kick ass party anyone’s had all semester. They’ll be talking about it for years."

"Except now everyone thinks I’m a giant party favor to be passed around, and they keep hitting on me!"

"I wasn’t the one that made her sound like you," Silver reminded her.

Yuriko boiled in fury over Silver’s blame-shifting and lack of concern about her reputation. How dare the sex-changing martial artist blame it on her. First of all, Silver shouldn’t have been fucking the geriatric slut since she could have a hot gal like Yuriko whenever she wanted. Secondly, Silver had the voice thing coming for ditching her in favor of the teacher. Third, she should have abstained from sex of any kind since Yuriko wasn’t around. They could have banged the night away after the school dance.

Yuriko continued simmering in anger when Silver’s hand fondled her backside. She whispered in the blonde’s ear, "I’ll make it up to you?"

"You really think sex solves everything, don’t you?" Yuriko asked.

Silver nibbled on her friend’s ear. "Not everything, but I do think it’s a great way to make up when two people have had a fight. Make love not war, that’s my motto. So what do you say?"

Yuriko turned to her, a beatific look on her face. "Only if I get to say how, when, and where."

"No problem." Arousal filled Silver’s voice as she really began to work Yuriko’s asscheek over.

Yuriko pouted very girlishly. "I don’t trust you after the things you did with that cow. You have to promise me."

Arousal became lust. "I give my word as a Saotome." And she was hoping for how, when, and where to be in the pussy, immediately, in the hallway.

Yuriko all but genuflected. "Thanks. It’ll be tomorrow. And no sex for you in between now and then. I want you to have plenty of energy for what I have planned." She darted out of Silver’s grasp and skipped down the hall like a merry child.

Silver stared at her now empty hand. "Tomorrow?" That sucked. There was nothing worse than running hot with no one to fuck. Especially for a twenty-four hours.


It was the next day and Kasumi sat in her nurse’s office, as nervous as she had ever been in her life. She was like a giddy teenager going out on a date for the first time. Well, she supposed this was the first time she had ever done such a thing. At least by design. The time with Yakumo and the three other guys in this very room had been a spontaneous event. Well, not the blow jobs, that had been decided beforehand, but the gangbang that had followed was certainly unplanned. Now Kasumi was entering unknown territory, and while it was a touch nerve-wracking, it was also thrilling and exciting.

The day had finally come to be ‘introduced’ to the rugby team as their new manager.

Kasumi was again surprised to discover a side of her that enjoyed engaging in taboo behavior. It was probably because she had been so prim and proper her whole life and had never considered doing such things. Actually she still was prim and proper, except for her recent sexual awakening, which mostly involved young men. She wasn’t ashamed, though. If anything she was a bit sorry she hadn’t discovered it sooner. Thank goodness for demon sperm, or she still would be ignorant to the sort of bliss she had already experienced and was about to discover.

And now Kasumi was about to engage in something far more exciting than anything she had ever dreamed of. She had gone over the plan with Yakumo numerous times, and it seemed very sound. It would be very difficult for any indiscretions to be discovered. Not impossible, there was always a chance of discovery, but it would be difficult. Given what she would gain, she was willing to take the risk, and risk was not something she had ever flirted with much. Once with Shampoo in her youth, and maybe a few things here and there, but nothing like what she was about to do.

Still, Kasumi had no regrets; only anticipation. If she didn’t have such firm control of herself, she’d probably be squirming in her seat with the nervous energy that filled her.

The final class bell had rung a half hour ago. It would take time for the students to change for their after school activities outfits. Any minute now Yakumo would come through the door and she would follow him to set things up.

She had chosen a specific outfit for the occasion. Not her nurse’s uniform, though she was certain most of the team would find it acceptable. Instead she wore a tight, white pullover blouse and a black mini-skirt with stockings. A bit risqué, but not enough to earn a reprimand should any teacher spot her. It would be certain to produce the desired effect on the team though. It had when she tested it the day before by walking around town, shopping in it. Many men had checked her out, and a few even worked up the courage to ask her out, though she politely diverted their attentions away. She didn’t need a tryst with a man to warm her up. She was plenty warm already.

There was a knock on the door. Kasumi said, “Come in.”

Yakumo was there, looking nervous. Actually his nerves served to calm Kasumi down. She was the experienced adult here, and though Yakumo possessed all the confidence of a handsome young man, he was still a little intimidated by someone older than him, even if he had fucked her on two separate occasions.

Kasumi rose to her feet. “Shall we go?”

Yakumo nodded, visibly relaxing. Kasumi wondered if he had been nervous about her having second thoughts at the last minute. Well, there was no need to fear anymore. She was eager to see things through to the end.

She followed him out the door.


Twenty-four hours seemed closer to twenty four days to Silver as she waited by her locker at the end of the school day. Yuriko had deliberately avoided her during classes, and even lunch. The only faint contact was Silver catching a glimpse of her blonde ponytail at a distance.

The cold shoulder really served to stoke Silver’s fires. She was running hot and eager for a rousing bout of uninhibited sex. It was taking Yuriko a long time to get there. Classes had ended a good half hour ago, and with it so did all the students not sticking around for some kind of after school activity.

Silver was considering searching for Yuriko when her friend finally appeared, bearing a wrapped up package in hand. Her beatific smile from yesterday was still in place as she walked up to Sliver.

“This is for you.” Yuriko held the package out like a gift.

“Aw, you shouldn’t have.” Even as she made that claim, Silver tore the wrapping off with the eagerness of a child at Christmas.

Inside was the wrapping was a small box. “What is it?” Silver asked, hoping it was lube for taking Yuriko up her ass. Not that the horny girl needed it. She could get off from just about anything, but lube made things go quicker.

“Open it and see,” Yuriko prodded, taking a step back, smile locked into place.

Silver did so, releasing a cloud of some kind of substance which all but exploded in her face. She took a deep breath of the mist, smelling something sweet and vaguely like okonomiyaki. She blinked past the cloud to see Yuriko holding a cloth up to her mouth and nose.

“Wha… is… it?” Silver asked as the world suddenly became a tired place.

Yuriko’s voice was muffled by the cloth. “A secret family recipe: knockout okonomiyaki.”

“Dun… care… fer… it.” Silver’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she slumped to the floor.

“I find it has its uses,” Yuriko said mirthfully as the cloud began to dissipate.


Kasumi followed Yakumo to the room the rugby team had been assigned. It was a sporting team room like any other, though a bit small for the whole team to fit in. They had only recently moved into it, largely due to their success this year in rugby. It was bigger than their old one, which had been even more cramped. That was good. Kasumi preferred a little space for maneuvering.

Yakumo opened the door and let Kasumi step in first. The room was filled with seventeen young men, all in the prime of their youth. Every one of them was fit, though they ran the gamut of several shorter men, to the ‘Monster’ Ryo Hibiki, who was larger than any two players combined.

All eyes turned in surprise at Kasumi’s entrance, all except Yakumo and the three others who had their way with her during the examination room orgy. Several of the guys stared rather lustily at her, though they tried to hide it. Well, before she was through today, they wouldn’t have to exert themselves in that manner. At least in private.

Yakumo closed the door behind him. He said to the group, “I have good news. As you know, we’ve been missing a manager for the last few months.” Their former combination coach/manager had had a drinking problem that finally got the better of him just two months ago and he had to quit.

“Yeah?” one of the guys asked.

Yakumo smiled. “Well, I have good news. Nurse Tendou has agreed to take over the role of manager for the rest of the season.”

“What about Mr. Takamoto?”

“What about him?” Yakumo asked.

That met with a chorus of approval. Mr. Takamoto had only agreed to be their official ‘manager’ since technically they needed an adult to manage the team since they were an official sports team and not a club. He had hated the job, and let the team know it, only bothering to appear at games when he was needed. When he had been informed that Kasumi wanted to take over, he was delighted enough to nearly ask her out.

“Sweet,” one of the player said a little too lustily, then shut up as he realized Kasumi had heard him. Embarrassed, he tried maneuvering behind Ryo so he wasn’t in her direct line of a sight.

His sentiment was shared by the others as they looked at Kasumi, many of them barely able to restrain their hungry grins.

“So there are no objections?” Yakumo asked.

A resounding “Hell no,” went through the ranks of the team.

“It’s an honor to serve you,” Kasumi bowed deeply.

More grins came as the guys bowed in return.

Kasumi projected an aura of both assurance and understanding, “Despite me being your manager, I would still prefer to be called ‘Nurse Tendou’. I’ll also be helping with first aid should you need it, since rugby is a rough sport.”

Most of the guys smiled in a way that indicated they would enjoy being under Kasumi’s care.

Kasumi continued. “Well, since that’s out of the way, why don’t we go outside and I’ll watch you practice? You go ahead and do whatever you would have done if I hadn’t been made your new manager.”

“You heard the lady. Get going!” Yakumo shouted, taking charge of things in his role as captain of the team.

The group responded with fluid precision, momentarily forgetting Kasumi as they functioned like a team getting ready for an important practice.

They gathered their equipment and took to the field, which had already been set up for rugby. Since it was one of the smaller practice fields, it was at the far end of the school grounds. With the way the trees and bushes had been set up, it was nearly invisible from the school, close to being isolated. People had to intentionally walk to it in order to pass by.

The team set up and after a decent warm up (Kasumi made a mental note there were probably a few more exercises they should do, since she had taken some athletic medicine during her nurse’s training), the team took to the field.

Kasumi sat on the team bench alone, watching the youths practice. Despite their best attempts to stay focused, their attention kept wandering over to the woman. Whenever she noticed them look her way, Kasumi would smile warmly. Stupid grins broke out on the faces of those that thought she was looking right at them, and they would return to working out.

About a half hour in, things changed slightly. Kasumi crossed her legs, switching them back and forth frequently. As she did so, the short skirt she wore rose up just enough to show the tops of her stockings. The youths began staring at her more frequently, and this time when she smiled at them, they returned to practice working harder than ever. Collisions and impacts increased in number and force, each man going out of their way to prove their prowess on the field, like a pack of wolves vying for a she-wolf’s attention. All the while Kasumi continued watching without comment, though it was obvious her attention was riveted to the action on the field.

Eventually Yakumo called an early end to the practice, saying they were going to have a special meeting with the new manager to discuss what policies would be implemented in the future, now that she had a good look at them.

The men were more tired than usual because of their macho display. Kasumi led the way back to the small on-field sport’s center. Each of the fields had its own building, with a locker room, shower, and a central area to house the whole team. It was at the latter area they gathered, as they always did so the captain could comment on their practice.

Kasumi stood next to Yakumo at the head of the room. Yakumo said, “I think I’ll let our new manager give her reaction to today’s practice. Yakumo moved away from her and took his place at the head of the team, turning his head away from the others so he could wink at her.

This was it. Kasumi made a great production of holding her finger to her chin in thought. “Well, you looked very impressive out there. However, I think you’re not quite up to your full potential, and I’d like to bring it out. Now I don’t know much about rugby, so I can’t show you better playing techniques. I don’t know enough about the way the game is played to formulate any strategies, either. However, I think I can help you with motivation. So, if you boys make the playoffs, I’ll perform a striptease for you.” Kasumi smiled at them.

The youths looked at her in shock. One of the team barely managed to get out, “I’m sorry, it sounded like you said you’d perform a striptease.”

“I did,” Kasumi insisted.

Young minds that had been filled with disbelief started to process what had been said and considered what the statement meant by looking Kasumi over far more closely, focusing on the revealed portion of her long legs and the impressive chest that was constricted by her tight top.

Kasumi continued, “And if you make it to the regionals, I’ll give you all blow jobs.”

A murmur of “Blow jobs” traveled through the crowd as eyes goggled in disbelief once again, though this time they weren’t quite as wide, partially because they had already heard her make an outrageous exclamation, and partially because they had started to become aroused. The mere mention of a blow job meant some of their wonder had been taken up by ardor. Actually a lot, given the way their teenage hormones ran rampant through their bodies. Some of them shifted restlessly in their seats, a number of them had to openly move their cups around to keep their manhoods from being painfully constricted.

Before they had collected themselves, Kasumi finished up with, “And if you manage to win the nationals, I’ll have sex with all of you at the same time. It’ll be a good old-fashioned gang bang. Won’t that be nice?”

“Nice” was not the word that went through anyone’s mind as those whose grasped what Kasumi was offering began to lick their lips in anticipation. Few were the emotions that could override lust in the body of a horny young teenage male, especially when they were being offered access to such an attractive woman.

Before they could become too excited, Yakumo returned to the head of the team, standing next to Kasumi, almost protectively. This time Ryo was with him, a large, thick iron bar in his hands.

“Now that’s motivation,” Yakumo said to the group. “However, since Nurse Tendou is a member of the faculty here, and if word of this offer were to get out, she’d lose her job, everyone will have to take a vow of silence right now. This is sacrosanct and doesn’t go beyond the team under any circumstances. I don’t care if it’s your brother, your best friend, or a total stranger. You’d don’t breathe a word of this to anyone. If you do, not only will everyone else deny it, but you’ll be off the team and have no access to Nurse Kasumi whatsoever. Also every other person on the team will make your life a living hell from that moment on until you graduate. That’s assuming there’s anything left once Ryo gets through with you.”

It was at that moment Ryo laughed in a booming voice. “Ha! I told you I could twist one of these into a bow. Pay up.”

Yakumo handed him several hundred yen as the others gulped in fear at the sight of the metal bar now twisted into a rather artistic bow.

“Now, does everyone agree to this?” Yakumo queried.

Everyone nodded their heads, even Fujikuro who, despite being openly gay and having no interest in Kasumi or any other girl, was ready to be a team player.

Kasumi gave a tiny clap with her hands. “Oh good. Since you all agreed to it, why don’t I give you a small sample of the goal you’ll be shooting for?” With that she reached for the bottom of her blouse and pulled it over her head, displaying her breasts, which were barely restrained by a lacy white bra. She had taken a great deal of time in selecting the piece of lingerie. It was much lacier than most of her other bras, nearly transparent save for the area around her nipples. It also pushed her bust up a bit, thrusting her wares out on display.

She followed up by unzipping her black mini-skirt, letting it fall to her ankles, and stepping out of it. The stockings and garters framing her panties, which matched the bra, again were mostly transparent, save right at the area of her crotch and space between her cheeks. She posed seductively for the men.

Her actions had the desired effect as every one of the youths stared lustfully at her, including the four boys who had already had her. While nearly all of them had seen female flesh before, and in many cases sex, it had been only that of young girls on the cusp of womanhood. Kasumi was a different matter, a filled out mature figure that was only imagined until now. She was on the tall side, but proportional, with curves belonging to a true woman. The difference was more than skin deep. She radiated an aura of sensuality that only experience could create. She didn’t simply wear lingerie, she belonged in it.

The guys’ shorts had raised more tents than a Boy Scouts’ jamboree. Kasumi noted it was lucky Yakumo had laid down the law earlier, or else they might have tried to jump her right then and there. For a moment she envisioned these young studs throwing her to the floor, ripping her underwear off, and holding her down while they gang banged her ahead of schedule. She was surprised to find herself growing aroused at the idea, since she wasn’t into rough sex.

Yakumo was barely able to tear his eyes away from the woman. “All right, everybody. Practice is over. Hit the showers.”

The men groaned in irritation and disapproval, their eyes remaining locked on Kasumi’s nearly nude figure. Kasumi decided to help matters along by saying, “I’ll go with you to the showers. As school nurse, it’s my duty to make sure you’re all healthy, and the best way to conduct a visual examination is without any clothing getting in the way.”

Some of the youths blushed, while the more confident ones grinned. Kasumi walked past them, moving through the center of team before emerging on the other side and heading into the connecting shower area.

The youths were quick to follow, most of them staring at Kasumi’s panty-covered bottom as she led the way. By the time they arrived in the shower area, the team had come up to her and Kasumi found herself surrounded by the men.

Quickly they began to undress, hardened cocks springing into view as they slipped free of the confinement of their jockstraps. Most of the guys pointed their rods in Kasumi’s direction, both during and after they had removed their clothing.

Now it was Kasumi’s turn to admire the youths, and she found her arousal increasing. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. She was literally surrounded by nearly two dozen cocks, more than she had seen in her life. Likewise they were attached to some of the finest physical specimens the high school had to offer. It was obvious every member of the team worked out extensively, displaying their finely honed bodies with almost no fat. Few of Kasumi’s past lovers had been in as magnificent as shape as this. And the way their purple helmeted rods stood at attention as they saluted Kasumi spoke of their virility. Each of these horny young men could get it up at least three times, and probably as many as five or even six in a single encounter.

They ranged in all shapes and sizes. Some were slender and some were thick. Some were above average, and some were a bit below, though not one of them was tiny. Some hung straight out while others bent upward toward the ceiling. Some guys had wild tangles of hair at their groins, while others shaved them bare. It was intoxicating, and Kasumi had to resist the urge to drop to her knees and start sampling them. If she started she wouldn’t be able to stop. And she was the team manager now. She had to keep from giving in that far or it would undermine her authority. They had to make the playoffs at least. Though they would know for sure in only a game or two. Maybe after that she could grant the team some leeway.

None of the youths had headed toward the shower yet, almost as if they sensed Kasumi’s temptation. “You boys should clean yourselves up. I like men who have good hygiene,” she urged.

At first they didn’t move, paralyzed by their fantasies and thoughts. It fell to Yakumo to take the lead. He headed toward the showers with a confident stride. The others came out of their reverie and followed, eager to make themselves presentable to their new manager.

They began cleaning themselves, their usual locker room banter of sexual conquests, more imagined then real, non-existent. But at the same time an air of intensity surrounded the group. All were mindful as they cleaned themselves that they didn’t touch their cocks too vigorously, as though afraid just one more touch would send them over the edge, and no one was willing to suffer the embarrassment of premature ejaculation.

Kasumi sat on one of the benches and watched the team clean themselves. As they lathered soap over their glistening, toned bodies, their cocks remained hard to a man. She noted that none of them were near Silver or Shampoo’s size or width, but they were plenty large enough to please her, especially Yakumo, who was the largest on the team. Being the first one in, he had grabbed a shower nearest to Kasumi, and was not so subtly keeping his cock pointed in her direction the entire time.

It was a meat market, though not the type Kasumi frequented. The presence of the naked youths inflamed her passion further. She had never been this turned on by simply watching. She could feel a damp spot in her underwear, and hoped none of the team noticed. If they realized how turned on she was, and started actively trying to seduce her, she might give in to temptation. She managed to regain enough control over herself to remain sitting and watching, listening to the men talk among themselves as their mannerisms become bolder as the reality of the situation began to set in.

“I knew Naughty Nurse Kasumi was hot, but I didn’t know she was that hot. Did you check out that ass?”

“That ass? Did you see her tits? They’re fucking huge. I could play with those puppies all day long.”

“I sure wouldn’t mind having those long legs wrapped around me.”

“You’ll get your chance if we win the nationals.”

“Nationals? Hell, I’ll win a world championship if it means getting that piece of tail.”

“I thought Miss Matsura was the sexiest teacher around, but Naughty Nurse Kasumi is way better.”

Kasumi made a mental note of who said that. She’d do something extra special for him.

The guys remained under the showers for a long time, using whatever excuses they could to stay naked in front of their sexy manager. Some of them were starting to get a little waterlogged from how long they were there.

Finally one of the guys stepped out of the shower. On impulse Kasumi picked up a towel and said, “Why don’t I dry you off?”

“Hell yeah!” The guy stood before Kasumi, holding his arms a bit out from his side so she could get access to all of his body. While he hadn’t been dried off by a woman since he was a child, he was eager for Kasumi to do it. And it wasn’t because of a maternal nature.

Others rushed out of the showers, shouting “Me next.” They began jostling and shoving one another for positioning.

Kasumi said, “Now, now boys. You need to calm down. There are enough towels for everyone.”

Yakumo exerted his authority once again, lining the team up. Not surprisingly, he placed himself first in line.

With things settled down, Kasumi found herself staring at the first youth’s chest, since he was the tallest rugby player after Ryo. Kasumi started on his pectorals, dabbing at it from the front. He had fine abs as well, and she made certain she felt them through the towel as she dried his glistening body off.

She went after his muscular arms and next, admiring them as she dried them off. Then his neck and hair. She had experience drying Akira off when he was a child, but this was no child, nor her son. And her close proximity to such a virile young man was having an intoxicating effect on her. She knew she was starting to grow wet between her legs even as he was getting dry. It was almost paradoxical.

Kasumi paused at his firm bottom. She had a thing for a nice butt on a guy, and one thing she had to admit, few of the men she had gone out with had buns that firm. Both Silver and Shampoo had very nice ones, though this youth’s was very good as well. She made certain to grab them and squeeze just a little. She was going to take special care of each member of the team’s bottoms. They couldn’t get too dry, in her opinion.

After working his firm ass over for a while, she went to his legs, quickly doing them, as she had little interest in them. Then she came to the grand finale: his manhood. It was more purple than ever. It was a hearty seven incher, though a bit on the slender side. Still it was something she would have loved wrapping her lips around if she could. She had something of an oral fixation, at least when it came to cocks. It wasn’t so much the flavor of sperm (which was tasty) coating her throat as much as the texture of the cock itself. She almost never deep throated, but preferred to ‘make oral love to it’ as Silver dubbed her talented mouth. In any case she loved licking every inch of a man’s shaft, exciting and thrilling the throbbing piece of man meat, and never had a single complaint in her life.

But giving this youth one would be jumping the gun and ruin much of their inspiration to win games in return for their future blow jobs. Instead she dabbed at his manhood, rubbing it lovingly, but not too actively lest he squirt his seed all over the towel. She was a good judge of how aroused a man was and when he was about to pop. Not surprisingly, this one was very close to spewing his load all over her with the way the engorged purple heard all but trembled in her grasp.

As much as Kasumi enjoyed the comfortable grip of the cock in her hand, she released his manhood before he released himself all over her. “You’re finished. Next.”

The rest of the team took their turns. When one guy was dried off quickly, since most of the water clinging to him had already dripped off, the others hopped back into the shower to make sure Kasumi took a while with them. It made things take longer, but she had no complaints. She was delighted to be so close to so much virile male flesh, to be in contact with it, and to have them all at the height of arousal because of her.

All too soon it was over. Some of the guys had been right on the edge of coming in her hand, but she had kept it from happening, though she was certain many of them would jerk off the first time they were alone. One of the guys tried hopping back into the shower, but Kasumi informed him he’d have to dry himself off, so he changed his mind.

As she finished the last one, she realized no one had put on any clothes yet. As much as she enjoyed being around so many nude men, it was time to call it a day. Before something irreversible happened. “All of you have to get dressed and study for your class work. Anyone getting poor grades will not be enjoying any of the rewards I’m offering, even if you accomplish the team’s goals.

That met with a resounding groan, but Kasumi remained firm. She was not interested in fucking them if it meant them failing in school.

“Everybody get dressed and get out,” Yakumo ordered.

The team reluctantly obeyed, their eyes still fixated on Kasumi’s lingerie clad body the entire time. She on the other hand remained as she was. A good bit of juice had leaked between her legs, and she needed to shower herself. No sense in walking around with the musky smell of sex about her, since she hadn’t had any.

When it seemed the team was still dawdling, Kasumi said, “I’m going to be taking a shower. Captain Sakamoto, could you post a guard at the door so no one peeks?”

“Done. Hibiki, you and me are guarding the door.”

Ryo, partially in his aroused state at being near a sexy woman for so long, grunted rather than spoke in consent.

“Everyone out,” Yakumo said, herding the reluctant team out.

Once Kasumi was convinced she had some privacy, she stripped out of her remaining garments and went into the showers. She turned one on, more aroused than she had been in a while, at least from only having limited contact with a man. She really needed someone to screw her hard. Maybe even two men with how hot she felt. That way she could have a cock in her constantly as they switched off with one another.

Kasumi hoped Yakumo and Ryo would invite themselves in once the others were gone. They had already sampled her wares, so there was no sense in cutting them off. The others would just have to wait until after the playoffs. Still, it was tempting to help give them a ‘moral boost’ right now. But she had to behave herself somewhat and show some restraint.

Still, she couldn’t help fantasizing what it would be like for the two of them to take her. They were probably the most desirable of the young men on the team, Ryo with his huge muscles that made Kasumi feel like a little girl and Yakumo with his long shaft. She could see in her mind Yakumo move up behind her and grab her breasts, digging his fingers in firmly but gently. He’d play with her oh, so sensitive nipples, really driving her wild, tweaking them with his hands and rolling them between his fingers. And Ryo would get down on his knees and bury his face in her twat, delving into her folds of flesh with his tongue, which, if anything, was proportionately larger than his huge body. It would feel like a prehensile cock, parting her flesh and driving in deep as it made her juices gush.

After doing that to her a while, Yakumo would grab her and push her against the shower wall, driving his cock all the way in with one thrust with how loosened she was from Ryo’s oral talents. He’d do her hard and fast, since she was so hot, and loose his seed in her and make her come hard. Then Ryo would pick her up and immediately shove his cock in her, fucking her in mid-air, like she was weightless, giving her multiple orgasms as she dug her fingers into his back, scratching like a wildcat.

Kasumi came out of fantasy, realizing she had been so caught up in it she had driven a pair of fingers deep into her pussy and had begun fingering her clit with her other hand. Gasping, she removed them and gazed at the exit, waiting expectantly for the guys to enter. She continued fingering herself slightly, not enough to get off, but with enough action to keep her motor running for when they showed up. They could get right down to business.

Kasumi waited five minutes. Then ten. Then fifteen. She was starting to get waterlogged. She was certain that they guys wouldn’t be able to hold back and would jump her as soon as she entered. But no, they weren’t.

Mentally she sighed. It was just her luck the two guys were able to retrain themselves, able to override their baser instincts and be gentleman. While ordinarily that was a good thing, she couldn’t help wishing they had shown a little less restraint on this one occasion.

Kasumi exited the shower and dried herself off. She was frustrated now. She quickly donned her clothing and exited the facility.

Only to find the whole team waiting there.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

One of the team members said, “We just wanted to make sure your guards didn’t get any funny ideas.”

Yakumo was able to look innocent, while Ryo appeared frustrated.

Kasumi smiled on the outside, even if she was thwarted on the inside. It appeared she’d have to work a little harder to get the right balance of restraint and release on the team’s part.

But that was all part of a manager’s duty.


Silver opened her eyes, disoriented. There was blue sky and clouds above her head. A cool breeze blew across her face. It took her a second to remember who she was and where she had been.

“I see you’re up,” a female voice full of delight taunted.

Silver held her hand to her head. It was rapidly clearing, but there were still a few facts she couldn’t lock onto. She did recognize the voice, though. She turned in the direction of the speaker, saying. “Yu-chan, why’d you do… what?”

Standing before her was a tall, busty brunette with long hair that reached down to her butt. She was wearing a strapless dress that was cut scandalously low on the front and even more shockingly high on the bottom, showing off the lower curve of her voluptuous ass. And it was so tight it might as well have been painted on. Silver was about to ask who this person was when she identified the face beneath it as indeed belonging to her Yu-chan.

“What’s with that getup?” Silver asked, thinking it was awfully familiar. She knew she had seen something like it before. Not exactly like it, but damn close.

Yuriko crossed her arms under her large bosom, practically making her breasts pop out of the top. “Do you like?” She spun around for Silver’s benefit, stopping when she was facing her friend again. “Since Miss Hinako tried to impersonate me, I decided it was only fitting that I impersonate her.”

“Uh, yeah, that’s kinky, all right.” Silver laughed nervously. This was so playing with fire. If Hinako found out about Yuriko’s ‘impression’ she’d blow her top, and not in the sexy way. The two already got along like cats and dogs. This would be the equivalent of putting them in a sack and spinning it around a few times.

It was then Silver recalled her current surroundings didn’t match her previous one. She looked around and saw they were on a rooftop of the school, the tallest one that overlooked one of the playing fields. A tall chain link fence surrounded it on all side, though if she was pressed, she could leap over it. It wasn’t that high.

“Why are we here?” she asked Yuriko.

“It’s where we’re going to have sex. You did agree I could choose the where.” Yuriko tried to match Hinako’s throaty purr. With her high-pitched voice it sounded like a nasally squeak.

“Uh, yeah, I did,” Silver reluctantly admitted. “I didn’t see this coming.”

Yuriko clapped her hands in girlish delight. “Good. I wanted to surprise you. Now, what do you think of your change in clothing?”

Silver looked down at her own clothing and saw she was in a standard girl’s uniform, except the skirt was cut so high her ass was practically sticking out. To complicate things, she wasn’t wearing any underwear, though the boxers she normally wore would look kind of silly sticking out the bottom. Still, she had come to school wearing one of her standard uni-sex Chinese ensembles, like her father had worn to his school all the time.

Then she noticed a few strands of hair falling down to her forehead. Instead of the platinum locks she had been born with, they were brown. She grabbed her long main of hair and pulled it around to see it was brown too.

“What the hell is up with this?” Silver asked, anger in her voice.

“Hair dye. It’ll wash out under water. We’re doing what’s known as ‘role-playing’. You did agree I can say how we’ll have sex,” Yuriko reminded her.

“Uh, yeah, I did.” This was totally unlike Yuriko, and that was cause for concern. She was up to something, but Silver couldn’t put the pieces together. “Maybe we should try something a little more traditional?”

All delight disappeared from Yuriko. “Not a chance. We’re doing it my way, just like we agreed upon.”

So much for sweet talking her. Once Silver thought about, she realized that all of their lives Yuriko was pretty much immune to her sweet talk. Most guys she could get eating out of the palm of her hand, only Akira being able to resist her. Girls were even worse, at least when she was in her male body. But not Yuriko. She was made of stone. Sometimes that stubbornness ended up getting her in trouble –actually it got her in trouble a lot of the time-- and Silver had to bail her out. But in any case this was not the sort of situation that Silver could talk her way out of.

Yuriko sauntered up to the martial artist. The way the outfit hugged her defined all her charms, and Silver’s loins began to override her caution. That slutty outfit really made Yuriko hot. Of course, she was one of those girls that could look hot in a burlap sack, but that painted on outfit was something else.

“Now it’s time to have some fun,” Yuriko said teasingly.

“All right.” Silver began to drool in anticipation. Yuriko usually had to be talked into having sex as girls, so to have her volunteer for it was definitely one for the books.

“Over here.” Yuriko indicated she should follow to the edge of the roof, next to the fence.

Now Silver became hesitant. Yuriko was heading to the side where the soccer practice field was. Voices of the members of the team practicing drifted up to the roof. “Ah, I don’t think we should. People will see us.”

“But that’s the whole idea. I want people to see us,” Yuriko informed her in a far too sweet voice.

“I’d rather they didn’t.” Silver turned to leave.

“Stop!” Yuriko ordered before her best friend could take more than two steps. “You gave your word as a Saotome that you would let me call the shots. Are you going back on your word?”

Silver gulped. As much as she could wheedle out of things with the best of them, and frequently did, Yuriko had planned well. Silver hadn’t thought twice about giving her word, not to Yuriko, whom she’d trust with her life. She couldn’t back out of a promise given on the family name. Even if she felt so inclined to dishonor it that way, both of her parents would make her go through hell for even considering it. There was no way out. Yuriko had her trapped in a cage of her own making.

This was going to be a bad one.

Silver turned around, as though she were walking toward the gallows she said, “Fine. Do with me what you will.”

“That’s more like it.” Yuriko was all smiles now. Her lighthearted nature was weighing Silver down in equal proportion. “You shouldn’t worry so much. I hid both our identities, and we’ll be far enough away no one can get a good look at us. No one is going to know a thing.”

While it sounded good on the surface, Silver knew it wasn’t going to end up like that. Nothing in her life had been that easy up to this point, there was no sense in things changing now.

They went to the edge of the fence. Silver looked down and saw the baseball diamond was full of her fellow students practicing hard. Not that they were any good, unlike the rugby team, who were getting ready to make a run in the playoffs. Well, from the way Yuriko was acting, they were going to be getting a treat despite their lousy record.

For a moment Silver hoped the team would be too wrapped up in practice to notice a couple of people standing on a roof that was, well, not really far away, but maybe far enough. All hopes were dashed as Yuriko called out at the top of her lungs (still in her awful faux-Hinako voice), “Hey everybody, pay attention. Class is about to begin.”

The practice stopped as all eyes turned to see what the cause of the commotion was. While they were far enough away they couldn’t easily make out facial features, they had no problems telling Yuriko’s outstanding body dressed as it was in her tight dress. A hot chick dressed that slutty captured all of their horny attention.

Silver remained quiet, trying to will herself invisible. Given her exhibitionist nature, it was an almost unheard of thing.

Yuriko shouted, “As you all know, I’m Miss Hinako. All of you greet me in the proper manner.”

While most of the team was dumbfounded, a handful, like the captain, Hiroshi, realized it was some sort of prank being played and decided to go along with it, shouting out, “Yes, sensei!”

“Better.” Yuriko said. “Now, I can’t help noticing that people have not been showing proper decorum in the school lately, doing such things as making out in the halls, saying naughty things, and sometimes even going further than that. Frankly, that makes an uptight, aging bitch like myself quiet irritated.”

Silver held her face in her hands. When word of this got back to Hinako, she was going to go to the ends of the earth to hunt down the perpetrator. If she ever found out Silver was involved, lover or not, she’d drain her dry for the rest of the semester.

Some of the students laughed, while others looked around nervously, as though the disciplinarian might pop up at any minute and drain them all for being within earshot of such a slander against her character.

Yuriko grabbed Silver by the hair and forced her forward. “This student has been one of the worst perpetrators. Not only has she been helping people slander a good student’s names, she cheats on her sex partner with ugly cows. I don’t mean me, of course. I hide my sagging really well. Isn’t that right?” She grabbed her breasts and shook them a little for the crowd.

The show of sex and flaunting of such a huge rack made all the guys hoot and holler, even the ones that had been afraid but moments before. Suddenly they were trying to one up one another in their shouts of agreement and encouragement.

Seeing she had the crowd eating out of the palm of her hands, Yuriko said. “Now, obviously this slut needs to be meted out a firm helping of ball-busting bitch chastisement. Now usually I’d just drain her, but I think that punishment is too archaic, just like me.”

“So dead,” Silver murmured.

“What are you going to do?” Someone finally asked.

Yuriko pulled up a crate and sat on it like a chair, but turned it so her side was pointed to the team. She then grabbed Silver by the collar of her outfit and pulled her across her lap, pointing Silver’s bottom toward the crowd of guys. She then grabbed the hem of Silver’s skirt and flipped it up, granting the men a clear view of her bare ass.

“I say she deserves a spanking!”

That met with a resounding cheer, as though the team had just won the World Series by ten runs.

Silver blushed as she realized what was about to happen. In a voice too quiet for the team to hear, she said, “Yu-chan, why don’t we go with something else?”

“Be quiet,” Yuriko hissed. “If you hadn’t let that geriatric disgrace my good name, I wouldn’t have to get back at you and her for it.”

“Maybe we can do something else for me to get back in your good graces?” Silver flashed her most winning smile.

“We’ll let the audience decide. If they think you should escape unpunished, I’ll abide by their decision. Probably.”

“I’m so doomed,” Silver moaned.

Yuriko shouted to the crowd, “Do you guys think I should let this delinquent go, or that I should turn her ass red?”

“Turn her ass red!” the guys practically shouted as one.

“You heard the verdict,” Yuriko said, obviously enjoying the situation. She practically had a crazed gleam in her eye.

Silver braced herself as the hand came down hard on her bottom. While Yuriko was only a middling hand-to-hand combatant who relied far too much on her weapons, she still had an upper-level martial artist strength, and she wasn’t holding anything back. Her hand cam down hard on Silver’s bottom, hard enough to make even the only Saotome offspring yelp in pain.

“Geez, go easy on me, will ya?” Silver asked.

“That only makes me want to spank you harder.” Yuriko brought the flat of her hand down on Silver’s bottom again. It struck so powerfully the crack was heard clearly across the field.

The guys below were too much in lust at seeing Silver’s firm backside (even if they didn’t know it was hers) that they weren’t the least bit sympathetic. Instead they shouted words of encouragement for ‘Hinako’ to swat Silver harder for being a naughty girl and that she had a good spanking coming.

The words spurred Yuriko on as she began whacking Silver’s ass again and again. While she couldn’t summon any more strength (much to the young martial artist’s relief) her prey’s bottom turned increasingly tender with each smack.

Silver stopped yelping and held in her longing desire to cry out for Yuriko to stop. She was feeling more than a little bit humiliated at being treated like a little kid in front of her schoolmates. She prided herself at being at the top of the pecking order in school, and getting her bottom tanned threatened her sense of stature.

Worse, she felt herself start to get turned on. While she knew Yuriko got off hard on being administered corporal punishment by Silver’s mother (and a couple of times when Silver did it herself when Yuriko got way out of line), and Hinako adored it as well (though she preferred a variety of ‘punishments’ for her wrongdoings) Silver had never really been into that sort of thing. But between having her ass being put on display, the guys all lusting after it, and having gone without sex in what felt like forever, her motor began running hot. She felt her loins begin to grow wet enough that a single drop ran down the inside of her thigh.

Soon Silver’s bottom turned so red everyone down below was able to see. She was actually wincing in anticipation of her friend’s hard hand to come down on her behind, a testament to the fact Yuriko wasn’t just spanking Silver as a form of kink. She was working out some of her aggression over her perception of being labeled a slut thanks to Silver and Hinako’s actions at the party.


Yuriko finally stopped, deciding Silver had been properly ‘warmed up’ and smacking her bottom anymore would be counterproductive. Besides, her hand was sore from abusing Silver’s firm behind. She would have preferred using her combat spatula, but that would tip off everyone down below as well as to ‘Hinako’s true identity. That would just reinforce the erroneous idea that Yuriko was a slut, which she wasn’t. This public act was a form of punishment, not some twisted need of hers to get off.

Yuriko was delighted to see the crowd was fully focused on what was happening above them. Many of the guys had been shouting words of encouragement to Yuriko as she administered her righteous punishment on Silver’s behind, their eyes fixated on Silver’s very well-formed (and surprisingly durable) ass and pussy. Well, if they thought was something, they hadn’t seen anything yet.

Grabbing the zipper of Silver’s skirt, Yuriko undid it and let it drop the ground. Silver offered no words of protest, which was good. Yuriko didn’t feel like reminding her every other minute of her promise of obedience for this little sex session. As the skirt fell Yuriko caught a glimpse of Silver’s engorged pussy lips. She ran a finger up and down the slit, feeling it already moist and making Silver tremble at the contact. Good, that would help facilitate what was about to happen next.

Yuriko picked her up from her lap and stood up. It took her a second to position Silver on all fours, now sideways to the audience down below.

“Whu… what’re you doing?” Silver asked, voice husky.

Yuriko winked. “You’re about to find out.”

The blonde (temporary brunette, technically) stood up and struck her ‘disciplinarian’ pose for the audience’s benefit. Not realizing how poor her imitation of Hinako was (voice wise, her body was actually a great deal like the teacher’s), she stated in authoritative tones, “It is not enough that some delinquent who drags other decent girls’ names though the mud only gets spanked. Oh no. She will feel the full force of my uptight bitch discipline. Behold the discipline stick!” And with that Yuriko pulled up the bottom of her skimpy dress until it was around her waist, showing everyone below the strap on dildo around her loins.

It had taken Yuriko some time going through her parents’ collection of sex toys to find just the right one. It was flesh toned and about the same length and width as Silver’s nearly ten-inch monster (her height wasn’t the only things shooting up with her latest growth spurt, which Yuriko had approved of wholeheartedly). It had an extra wide bulbous head to really stretch a pussy. Yuriko had test ran it once just to make sure it was a good size. Okay, she had masturbated with it, but masturbation was something lots of people did and a good way to release sexual tension. Using it for an hour… well, two, didn’t make her a slut: it just meant she was healthy.

The dildo was attached to a device identical to the one Ukyou had used as ‘Captain Peg Leg Kuonji’. The harness of the device was like a broad banded thong, the back strap bisecting Yuriko’s voluptuous bottom. The front covered her sex completely and was thick. The inner surface penetrated Yuriko only about an inch and a half, but the lead shot in the thicker section would move with the user’s hip movements. While Yuriko had never used the device herself, she knew both her parents, but especially her mother, really enjoyed them.

To keep the monster from poking out of the bottom of the ‘Slut Hinako’ outfit she had picked out (and in Yuriko’s opinion it really wasn’t any worse than some of the revealing outfits the cow wore) she had to strap it between her legs, riding under her crotch. Something no male could have done with a real erection. She reached behind her to release the dildo, letting it bounce free from her body. She then pointed it right at Silver’s pouty lips.

Silver’s eyes bulged as she saw the faux-cock jutting from Yuriko’s loins. She said, “Ah, Yu, than is, Miss Hinako, that looks pretty big. Maybe you got something smaller?”

Yuriko scoffed. “Don’t be such a wimp. I’ve taken bigger than this lots of times.” She waved it tauntingly at Silver.

Cries of, “Stick it in her!”, “Fuck that pussy!”, and “Discipline that delinquent!” filled the air.

“You heard the jury’s verdict.” Yuriko fell to her knees behind Silver.

“Wait, I ain’t on trialyyyyya!” Silver bellowed as Yuriko shoved the large head right past her lower lips, sending a couple of inches as company along the way.

Yuriko couldn’t help smirking at the role reversal. Usually she was the one on the receiving end. Well, she preferred being stuffed with cock –she wasn’t a true bi-sexual like her mothers— but Silver tended to blur lines, and given the environment Yuriko grew up in she saw nothing wrong in engaging in sex acts with women. And in this instance it had more to do with showing Silver she couldn’t get away with anything, and that it would be wiser to just keep her cock out of Hinako’s elderly snatch.

“Shit, that’s big!” Silver gasped.

“Now you know how I feel when you pull me to the ground and fuck me.” Well, Yuriko actually liked it forceful and rough, so it was more like a statement of fact than a complaint. “Besides, there’s a whole lot more.” Yuriko backed her hips up and shoved some more of the dildo into Silver.

“Ah, fuck,” Silver grunted.

“Sure. Be glad to.” Yuriko took her hard again, slipping in another inch before things became too tight to go further, at least on this thrust.

Yuriko forcefully took Silver, more than if they were in a normal sex session. Not enough to truly hurt her, the spanking had to be worse and Silver got stuffed with Akira’s own large manhood on a regular basis, but it wasn’t the most pleasant sensation in the world. At least, not yet. And this was punishment, not an act of pure pleasure. By the time Yuriko was done with her lover, Silver would know better than to sully her good name.

Besides, Yuriko was eager for a little more stimulation. While forcing her way into Silver the lead weight in the strap on wasn’t moving all that much. But what little was there started to warm Yuriko up. It was strong enough that she could tell once the ‘ball’ got rolling, she’d be getting off in no time.

So it was with a sense of urgency that Yuriko rammed her fake organ into Silver’s pussy, eager to get some satisfaction herself. It was unfortunate there was no more Instant Nannichuan to be found. Like her biological ‘father’ Ai, Yuriko had nothing against temporarily acquiring a dick (she had grown up around three people that could change genders all the time). But with the destruction of Jusenkyou there was none to be found anymore. Yuriko wagered have a real cock would have been far more enjoyable, especially given how eager Silver was to stick hers into nearly anything with a pussy. Really, sometimes she thought her friend’s balls ruled her life as bad as any guys, even if she only had them part time.

A smile crossed Yuriko’s features as nearly ten inches of lifelike rubber stretched her girlfriend’s vaginal lips wide. It was very different than seeing herself spread wide when a big cock was entering her. Not as arousing, but Yuriko could see a certain appeal in being the backseat driver when doing it doggie-style.

Since this was a once in a lifetime situation, with Silver her virtual slave, Yuriko was going to make the most of it. Deciding to really give it to her, Yuriko began saying, “Take it. Take all of my big cock and show those guys down there who the real slut is.”

“Ah, fuck, you’re big,” Silver moaned as eight inches penetrated her.

Yuriko decided to go for broke. Her fingers dug into Silver’s hips until they were white from the circulation being cut off. She drew back the dildo slowly, making Silver feel every inch of it. Silver groaned at the slow movement back. With only the large head inside, Yuriko thrust home with everything she had, burying the final two inches and grinding her covered pelvis into Silver’s backside.

Silver’s head jerked up and she “Ahhh!”d, loud enough for the people on the ground to hear.

While the team was too far to see very well, they realized what had happened and cheered more encouragement at “Hinako,” telling her to discipline the hardcase with everything she had.

Yuriko gave Silver a few moments to adjust to the sizeable intruder, noting she could have handled it quicker and better than Silver had. Still, as feminine as Silver was, (at times), Yuriko knew she was the sexier of the pair, and superior at fucking. Not that she was a slut, just that she was good at giving and receiving as a woman.

Yuriko leaned over and whispered in Silver’s ear, “You like that, don’t you? You like being stuffed with cock?”

“Yeah,” Silver groaned, smiling.

Yuriko rose back up and slapped Silver on her tender ass, making her yelp. “Then you’ll be fucked like a slut.” Living up to her promise, Yuriko backed nearly all the way out and slammed home much more quickly than before. Silver grunted in pleasure from the hard thrust. But more importantly to Yuriko, that metal weight had moved, vibrating against her pussy and clit.

Eager for more stimulation, Yuriko thrust into her slave again. And again. With each thrust Silver loosened up more and more, enabling the blonde to start to build up a real head of steam.

“Ah, shit, I’m coming!” Silver wailed, shuddering in Yuriko’s gasp as she climaxed at that very moment.

Yuriko kept pounding away, fucking Silver through her orgasm. In her own loins a familiar fire was being stoked, and she was very hungry for it, having abstained for nearly a week thanks to the horrible Halloween she had spent in a janitorial closet. It had been doubly frustrating since there had been so much fucking going on outside. And then there was the buildup to this situation with Silver. She rarely went more than a couple of days without cock, and frequently had one in her every day of the week thanks to having a boyfriend, girlfriend, and an occasional master. And then there were her other sexual mishaps, like with the demon sperm added to that. So she was really eager to feed on an orgasm having been denied feasting on one for so long.

Yuriko thrust into Silver so quickly that her low cut top, which had only been supported by her massive chest, slipped down. The tight material slid downward until it was under her breasts, leaving them unfettered. With how hard and quickly she pounded Silver, her breasts bounced wildly back and forth.

The crowd down below cheered at the sight of Yuriko’s bouncing mammaries springing into view. It spurred her on further. She pounded Silver so hard she flattened her mount’s tender backside as she stuffed her repeatedly with ten inches of meat. The thrusting filled Silver with a mix of pain and pleasure, which only fueled both their lusts.

“Coming,” Yuriko finally moaned as she felt herself have a satisfying climax. Not earthshaking, but definitely good. She came enough that her own juices flowed from out of her pussy and past the harness, trickling down her legs.

“More,” Silver groaned, having a serious need to get off a second time with how hard Yuriko had fucked her.

“Oh, you’ll be getting plenty more.” Yuriko had had her orgasm, now it was time for upping things and showing Silver what it meant when everyone thought you were a slut.

To the crowd Yuriko announced, “I can see you’re a difficult one to administer punishment to. You’ll just have to have more.” The blonde shifted her grip on Silver’s waist and rose to her feet, leaving the dildo buried up to the hilt. As she rose up, she lifted, bringing Silver’s lower half up, making her straighten out her legs while she remained bent over, hands on the ground instead of her elbows.

Shifting her grip again, Yuriko grabbed the upper right leg of Silver’s from underneath, then lifted up. Since that was the side that was pointed in the direction of the team. With all of Silver’s weight now on one leg, her body tilted in the guys’ direction, giving them a perfect, if distance, view of Silver being split open by the huge hunk of plastic.

Yuriko began fucking her hard again. Silver let off a gasping litany of how great it felt to get fucked by the blonde’s toy. Yuriko had to admit, it was fun calling the shots on the constantly bragging Silver, especially in front of everyone, even if no one knew it. Still, it did much to boost her ego, making her wonder if this was how guys felt when they fucked her.

Silver came again, but Yuriko kept pounding away. She loved the way the crowd prodded her, cheering her on. That she was disguised as Hinako satisfied her desire for revenge as well. The teacher was going to be an object of derision for months now.

Yuriko climaxed a second time even harder, visions of an enraged Hinako thrilling her. She almost wished it was the teacher she was pounding in front of everyone instead of her girlfriend. Now that would be something.

Really feeling her oats, Yuriko released Silver’s leg. Then she reached over and pulled Silver up by her hair.

“Watch it,” Silver hissed.

“Quit whining. Your mom dragged me by mine lots of times and you didn’t hear me bitch about it.” Actually it turned her on, but she wasn’t about to openly admit it.

That shut Silver up. Saotome pride refused to make her seem weaker than her friend. If Yuriko could take it, so could she, even if she didn’t enjoy it the way the blonde did.

With Silver’s back molded to Yuriko’s front, the blonde reached in front of Silver and tore her blouse open, allowing her braless breasts to spill free. Yuriko then guided Silver by the hair, with the dildo still thrust up into her, to the fence. She pressed Silver hard against the steel mesh, her breasts pressed hard against it, digging a crisscross pattern into her bosom.

The audience down below increased their cheering at the display of flesh. It looked like they wanted to scale the walls to join in the action with how wild they were. Worse, with how wired both girls were, they’d probably welcome the intrusion.

The taller Yuriko grabbed the fence for leverage and began to bang away at Silver, really making her howl. Their positioning was such the blonde couldn’t get the whole dildo in, but that didn’t matter as the force of the fucking was what really set the girls off. Silver became so aroused she began having multiple orgasms as she was put in public display like a hunk of meat hung in a butcher’s shop, almost a reverse of what she had done to Hinako in front of the room of people during the Halloween orgy.

Yuriko, while not running quite as hot, was still extremely aroused thanks to the unusual role she was in. While her personality was definitely on the submissive side, a little change of pace wasn’t bad, and this was one of the handful of times where she had a chance to put her lifelong friend in her place.

They continued that way for nearly ten minutes when Yuriko saw someone had found the fortitude to leave long enough to retrieve a camera from somewhere. That wouldn’t do. Photographic evidence could positively ID her, and then she really would be to blame for getting a reputation as a slut.

She grabbed the nut sack below the dildo that was filled with the substance that was so carefully designed to be identical to sperm and squirted it up through the fake cock and into Silver. The pressure from the stream sent a vibration through the harness that rubbed Yuriko just right, making her climax incredibly hard.

Silver’s response was to scream and convulse in Yuriko’s grasp as she had her hardest climax yet as well. Then she went limp against the fence.

Yuriko quickly pulled the two of them away from the fence. She stumbled over her own feet and fell on her back, Silver falling on top of her. Luckily Yuriko was a martial artist, and a little fall like that didn’t hurt her, but she was momentarily exhausted enough to just lay there, even with Silver on top of her. They were away from the edge, and unless they guys below could learn how to fly, out of sight of any prying eyes, and more importantly, cameras. They’d have to leave in a minute or so, since the team might call of the rest off baseball practice and decide to go up to the roof and try their hand at using a different set of bats and balls to practice with.

Yuriko fondled Silver’s breast as she breathed huskily into her ear. “So now you know what it’s like for everyone to look at you like a slut.”

Gasping, Silver said, “If it means getting fucked like that, it’s worth it.”

“You’re incorrigible,” Yuriko sighed.


Yuriko skipped through the halls, delighted at how yesterday’s events turned out. All around the school everyone was talking about the ‘Miss Hinako Doles out the Discipline’ performance she and Silver had put on. No one had been able to confirm their identities, though both her and Silver’s name had been bandied about. Most people didn’t care, more entertained by the notion of the real Hinako doing that to a student then discovering the participants’ true identities. Silver was even behaving herself. Truly things had turned out all right.

And then suddenly Yuriko’s skipping stopped as she felt drained of every iota of energy she possessed. Her body withered until it was nothing but a crumpled sack of flesh on the floor.

Miss Hinako walked from behind Yuriko, eyes blazing down at her. In carefully controlled tones, she said, “I heard a little story today about a delinquent impersonating me, going on a wild sex binge with one of the students on top of the roof. She even used some very derogatory descriptors regarding me. Now I said to myself, what slut could be suicidally stupid enough to do such things? And then guess whose name sprang instantly into mind?”

Weakly, Yuriko said, “Yours? No, wait, you didn’t say, ‘Aging slut’, so I guess not.”

Hinako smiled. The kind of smile that ordered cities burned to the ground. “Why don’t we come to my office and we’ll discuss this matter further.”

Yuriko winced as best as she could. No matter what happened, it had still worth it.


[End chapter]