One straw: Chapter 4


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/ Seven months ago, Juuban \
/ Kasumi \

He’d been her doctor, she’d known it in her heart for so many years. She hadn’t been the only one who knew it either as all the locals made a point of telling her about his antics when she wasn’t around him to see the effects the mere mention of her name had on him. In the beginning it had been kind of amusing and flattering that such a serious and professionally minded man could be that way with just the mention of her name, a glimpse of her could send him into paroxysm of rapture, and the older members of the ward would watch with gentle amusement as the good doctor danced through the streets of Nerima, from a safe distance of course. As the years went on though things didn’t change between the two as she thought they should, as she turned twenty he should have made the move that told her that she was truly special to him, and make some attempt to overcome his unusual reaction to her. He’d come to her alright but he’d made sure he couldn’t see her, smell her or even hear her voice as he’d asked in the note that she listen to him only.

He’d explained that the depth of his feelings hadn’t changed since he’d first laid eyes on her when she was fifteen and forbidden to him. Of how he felt when he was told that she felt something for him in return. Then he’d gone on to say how his lack of control was causing him to be a danger to all those around him, and that he needed to go away and find his centre again before this craziness became all that he was ever capable of. Dr Tofu hadn’t touched her in all the time they’d known each other for fear of what he might do, but that one time he’d reached out a tentative hand and caressed her cheek. He’d called her his ‘special one’ to her face and even though he’d told her he’d be gone for a time she’d floated home on a sea of emotions that she couldn’t define. Joy sounded much too tame a word for what she felt at that moment.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months the joy she felt had faded a little but that was to be expected. A simple thought of him would renew the feeling inside of her though and nothing could touch her even though the world around her seemed to turn crazy with the arrival of Ranma and his father. The weirdness factor had escalated over the months but it seemed to happen to someone else, Kasumi could face any of these strange things for she had the knowledge that she held ‘his’ heart in her hand and visa versa.

Then came the fateful day that Akane had been kidnapped and taken to China by Kiima, the whole household had seemed empty for weeks as everyone went after her youngest sister to save her and while they were gone she realized that her world had moved on without her. A whole year had passed her by without seeming to touch her in any way she’d been so insulated by her love. From Dr Tofu there had been no word, not even a quickly jotted note. No news reached her from the local market either as he hadn’t kept in touch with any of his previous patients.

Then things changed, and as is often the case it started with a letter arriving in the mail. She remembered that morning vividly as it was a catalyst for change in her life. Like many such mornings she’d left the house for the short walk that led to the mail box and pulled out a sheath of letters and junk mail, as she usually did to save time in her busy schedule she started to sort it on the way back to the house.

“Junk, bill, bill, junk, junk, junk, Nabiki, and Nabs, junk, Nabs, Nabs, junk, bill, oh, I’ve got mail.” She looked at the rest of the small pile and thought for a second, ‘Nope don’t have to rush with that, there’s no one home but me.’ She picked up the letter and opened it. As she suspected it was from her long-time friend Mina, the usual greetings and salutations followed by a quick rundown of all that had happened in her friends life over the last few weeks since their last exchange, a quick mention of how lucky she was to know who she was destined for, it had been common knowledge between the two since school how Kasumi felt for Dr Tofu, then she’d gone on to state that her love life hadn’t been so great. Kasumi shook her head as she read the words, ‘Not again! You’d think she’d learn by now, pretty doesn’t mean good.’ Oh well she’d pen her commiserations back and support her friend through another break up and maybe try to beat some sense into her friends head about pretty boys, she smiled at the thought for a moment, her beat sense into someone.

She chuckled for a moment before continuing to read the letter. The rest of the letter turned out to be general news about several people they both new. Tacked on at the very end of the letter was an invitation to a warehouse sale being held by her Grand-father for family and invited guests only. She smiled as Mina’s Grand-father was richer than Croesus and liked to share with his family every now and then. This called for a phone conference, she giggled at the Nabiki like thought for a second before dashing for the phone and dialling the number.

“Hi Mina…”

“Kasumi!” Mina squealed excitedly. “Long time no hear!”

‘Well she doesn’t seem too broken up about what’s his name.’ Kasumi thought. “How are you?”

“Me? I’m fine. I’m so over that dirt bag. Aaarghh, why do I have such bad luck with men?”

“Um, pretty boys?”

“Yeah, I suppose. But they’re just so pretty.”

“And they know it.”

“Alright already, enough about Kinomoto. What’s this really about?”

“I just wanted to call and see how you were after what’s his name broke your heart.” Kasumi shared a giggle with her friend.

“You are so full of it Kasumi! You never even rang after Jiro left with that bimbo, so what’s the real reason?”

“Ok you got me. What’s the deal with this invitation thing?”

“That? Grampa’s having one of his family get togethers at one of his warehouses. He’s offering a ninety percent discount to everyone who comes, invitation only of course. Think about it, a years supply of your favourite tea, yeah and I am talking about the one you drink only occasionally because it’s so expensive.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“Nope, it’s gourmet all the way. Everything in the warehouse is like that, and trust me it’s gonna be big. So you’re coming right?”

“I’d love to, only…” she hesitated torn between two desires, on one hand she really wanted to go, on the other she had to be home to receive phonecalls letting her know what was happening with her family.

“Uh-uh there’s no ‘only’ about this one girl, you are coming aren’t you.” It wasn’t a question anymore, it was said as more of a demand.

“I want to, I really do. It’s just my sister’s in trouble and the family’s gone to rescue her. I kind of need to stay here in case they contact me.”

“Right, that’s just too easy. I’m coming over and we’re going shopping.” Kasumi would have questioned her friend further or protested but the click from the handset she held to her ear told her she’d be wasting her breath. That was one of the things she’d always liked about Mina, she had a streak of impulsiveness a mile wide and wasn’t afraid to jump in with both feet, of course on occasion she’d sunk over her head as the water had been too deep, but you had to admire that kind of enthusiasm. She replaced the handset before heading into the kitchen to clean up and make a snack for Mina’s arrival. If she knew her friend she’d arrive in about half an hour. In fact it was more like twenty minutes, Kasumi wondered if her friend had grown wings and flown, with the way things had been over the last few months she wouldn’t be too surprised.

Mina didn’t bother with knocking at the gate she just pushed the latch and came round to the kitchen entrance, she had a standing invitation with Kasumi and the rest of the family treated her as if she were a member of it just like Kasumi did.

“Hey Kasumi-chan how are you?” The usual round of hugs and great beaming smiles were exchanged. “So who got your sister this time? It was some Prince or something last time wasn’t it?”

“Hmm, oh no that was the time before, and so far I haven’t heard from the family so I don’t know who kidnapped her this time. I’m sure they’ll fill me in when they get back.”

“That’s just tacky, you’d think they’d at least let you know they’re still alive or something.”

“I’m not worried about that.” Kasumi smiled at her friend.

“Huh? Why not?”

“Well it ‘is’ Ranma; I mean he always comes through in the end. So there’s nothing to worry about.” Kasumi shrugged as if she’d explained the meaning of the universe and wasn’t it all just too simple.

“I’m going to have to meet this mysterious Ranma one of these days. He sounds intriguing.”

“No, not going to happen. Not unless you want to fight an Amazon warrior, an Okonomiyaki chef and my little sister. Not to mention Kodachi Kuno.”

“Kodachi Kuno?”

“I said not to mention Kodachi Kuno.” Kasumi snickered at her friend before going back to the original point. “Ranma has quite a number of fiancées; self appointed wives and significant others, and most of them are extremely high powered martial artists.”

“Okay, scratch that idea. I’d still like to meet him though even if it is only to put a face to the name.”

“I’ll see if I can arrange a neutral meeting place so that you won’t be accosted while talking to him.”

“You’re serious?”

“Oh my yes, for Ranma to talk to an attractive female without being attacked requires at least forty-eight hours prior notice and I think it’s seven separate phone calls to interested parties to reassure them the woman’s no threat to them.”

“Kami and I thought you and Tofu were messed up.” Mina sat down at the table and picked up her cup of tea, the sandwiches could wait.

“We aren’t messed up, he’s just not here right now.”

“How long are you going to wait for him Kasumi? I know you love him but it’s got to have its limits surely?”

“He’s worth it Mina, I’ve waited five years and I can wait longer.” Kasumi smiled her private smile when she trotted out her favourite fantasy about her life with her new husband. “Anyway you mentioned something about a shopping trip before coming over.”

“Yep! We’re going to get you a mobile phone.”

“A mobile? I don’t need one of those, the only person who calls me is you.”

“You know something? That’s really sad Kasumi, you’re a really nice person and you should have loads of friends.”

“I’ve got enough now, and sometime Tofu will come back for me.”

“Alright if you say so. Now lets go.” Several hours passed and they’d finally found the perfect mobile for Kasumi and arranged for the redirect on the home phone so that she could come to the warehouse sale. “So now that we’ve got that sorted you’re coming aren’t you?”

“I wouldn’t miss it. Do you really have to go? You could come back to the dojo for awhile.” As they exited the shop, she wouldn’t admit it to anyone else but the last couple of weeks had been too quiet and lonely in her estimation.

“Yeah, I’m sorry but I’ve got to work tonight and tomorrow, you could come over the day after and we could head to the sale from my place?”

“Sounds like a good idea, so I’ll see you on Friday.” She waved as her friend walked down the street towards the train station before turning and heading back to the empty Tendo dojo.

The sale on Friday was everything she’d hoped it would be, she’d raided Nabiki’s hidden money stash under the third floorboard under her bed and pulled out nearly two hundred thousand yen, if she was going to get such good prices then she’d be prepared to spend an absolute fortune. Armed to the hip pocket so to speak she’d headed for her friends place, where she’d had to listen to stories of the new love of Mina’s life. Kentaro was a publisher who specialized in manga, he wasn’t rich, or at least not in the way some of them were, but he was well off, he’d even be joining them at the sale. Kasumi had been pleasantly surprised when she saw a photo of him to see that he wasn’t classically beautiful in the manly sense of the word. He was a rather average looking fellow with a serious mien. When she met him later she realized that he wasn’t always that serious, in fact he had a very light manner and she could see immediately why Mina had fallen for him, he didn’t flirt with anyone other than Mina the entire day they were together.

Shortly after arriving they’d split up, Mina and Kentaro going one way while Kasumi headed for the tea section, where she picked up several special blends that she’d never tried before because they made her favoured tea seem cheap, and that one cost several times what normal tea cost. She enjoyed taste testing them and was amazed as the complex flavours developed on her tongue. Two three hundred kilo bales of Koshihikari rice from Uonuma joined her tally as well as sixty kilos of something called Forbidden rice, the black kernels hadn’t interested her at first but then she’d smelt it cooking and seen the dark colour change to a deep purple, she’d been intrigued. The flavour was rather nutty, but made a nice contrast to normal rice, not that the Koshi rice she’d brought was normal, it was after Forbidden rice the most expensive rice on the market. She’d also been informed that the dark rice was high in nutrients and minerals and that had been the clincher as far as she was concerned. By the time she walked away that evening with her friend and Mina’s significant other she’d spent the money from Nabiki’s stash and most of the rest of the money that she’d left behind in it as well. Nabiki wasn’t going to be pleased but them’s the breaks, she’d deal with that when the family returned.

It was a couple of weeks since the sale when the phone rang, she hadn’t heard from Mina or her family yet so she was looking forward to chatting with either of them. The woman on the other end of the line was a stranger though, she had a pleasant speaking voice when she introduced herself.

“Good morning, I’d like to speak to Kasumi Tendo.”

“This is she, how may I help you?”

“My name is Atsuko Ono.”

“Oh my I hope nothing bad has happened to Tofu.”

“That’s why I’m calling, I’m afraid there’s something I have to tell you. I just found out from my husband that he didn’t call you and let you know that we were married.”

“…” Kasumi gazed at the phone for a second. That was strange; she couldn’t see any reason why this ladies husband should have called her to let her know they’d gotten……

“Married?” She whispered the word, but she must have been loud enough for Atsuko to hear.

“Yes, six months ago. Tofu and I were married in Sapporo.”

“But…” then trailed off as nothing coherent came to mind.

“I’m sorry Miss Tendo, I didn’t know about you then, and I had hoped that Tofu would call and tell you himself but he says he can’t face you. Miss Tendo? Miss Tendo?” The phone slipped from Kasumi’s nerveless fingers as the word ‘married’ reverberated around inside her head she didn’t pay any attention as the phone swung from its cable just above the floor, she didn’t see the front room as she walked through it and out into the garden. The house was left open as she headed for the train station, nothing mattered anymore. Now she needed to talk to someone who knew what she was going through, Mina would help her, Mina could…Kasumi sat down on a bench and stared blankly at the wall opposite her, feeling nothing, she didn’t note the train approaching just reacted as she stood and pushed her way on board, twenty five minutes later she rang the bell on Mina’s door, a trip she would never remember for a reason she’d never forget. The door swung open to show her friend who smiled as she saw Kasumi standing on her doorstep, but only for a second as she noted the shattered expression on Kasumi’s face.

“Oh my Kami! What happened Kasumi, tell me your family’s alright.” She barely had time to react as Kasumi threw herself at her and enveloped her in a crushing hug that didn’t feel like it would be loosened anytime soon, somehow she managed to get her arms free and return the hug on the distraught young woman and ushered her inside. Kasumi broke down completely the second the door closed behind her. It took nearly three hours for Mina to get the whole story and when she did.

“That scum…How dare he…..Leave you dangling for years……Then marries….” To say Mina was miffed would be an understatement she was a damn-sight closer to atomic detonation than merely miffed. How could any man treat her friend like that? Kasumi wouldn’t hear of it though.

“He’s not scum.”

“Yeah he is, and I should know, I’ve seen enough of them. I don’t know what else to call a man who’d string a girl along for years, giving her hope and then marry someone else without telling her it was happening. Maybe cretin, asshole, louse, rat, good-for-nothing bastard fits the bill better?” There, that felt better already, Mina took a deep breath to listen to her long-time friends’ rebuttal but decided it wasn’t worth it and interrupted before she could get too far.

“There’s got to be more to it…” but she was cut off by Mina before she could make any excuses for Tofu.

“You might be right Kasumi but that’s no excuse for waiting six months before you were informed about it. Would he have left you not knowing what had happened for the rest of your life? Was it some kind of ego trip for him?”

“Tofu’s not like that!”

“Maybe, but I know one thing he is, and you can’t dispute it Kasumi. He’s a coward, it was his job to tell you not his wives, and it should have been handled face to face.” Kasumi bit her lip as she thought that through, silently she agreed but deep down a stubborn voice kept butting in and telling her he wasn’t. Another hour of off again on again tears and Kasumi gave into emotional exhaustion and fell asleep against her friends shoulder; Mina brushed the hair from her beautiful friends’ forehead and murmured.

“There’s someone out there for you Kasumi, and he’s special, just like you.” She lay her friend down on the couch and went to get some blankets and pillows to cover her. Over the next week Kasumi went about her life as if she’d survived the holocaust. She didn’t sleep unless she was so exhausted she couldn’t do anything else, eating was something she couldn’t face. By the time her family returned they’d find a much slimmer version of the oldest Tendo daughter, not that anyone really noticed.

The house had never been so clean, some might think it was clean before but now they’d be disabused of that notion, she’d been relentless in eradicating even the tiniest scuff marks or stains. Not a weed or blade of grass marred the perfection that the contemplation glade in the backyard had become. Visitors tiptoed from stone to stone in case they unbalanced the delicate wa that could be felt in the previously war-torn area.

It was a phone call that saved her from becoming obsessive compulsive about it all.

“Hey Kasumi, we’re on our way home.” Kasumi tried to reign in her emotions as she formulated a reply, she was the strong sister, her mother had specifically asked her to be strong for her father and younger sisters and she couldn’t go back on a deathbed promise. Swallowing hard she replied.

“Oh that’s nice, so I’ll see you in a couple of hours?” It always amazed her as to how unobservant her younger sister actually was at times. Forever on top of her various business ventures but strangely blind when it came to emotional cues from her own family. How she missed the scratched and slightly cracked tone of her voice she’d never know.

“Wrong coast, it’ll take a few days from here. First chance we’ve had at reliable phone lines in ages. Talk more when we get home, this is chewing up the last of our money. See you later Kasumi.” The click on the other end of the line told her all she needed to know. Two days to get her emotions in order, she’d do it! Wasn’t she the responsible one, not even thinking for a second that the behaviour of each of the sisters was moulded by a similar conversation that had been interpreted in three different ways, and do it she did.

The rest of the family tumbled through the gate at a quarter past seven on a hazy Thursday night to be met by Kasumi’s normal beaming smile. No one noticed how strained it was, or how close to the edge she was. The emotions from her abandonment were still too raw for her to deal with them fully. The only one who seemed to feel anything different was Ranma, but then he’d always been more sensitive to those around him than the others gave him credit for, and even for him it was only a vague sense of something not being right in his world. Like someone had entered a room in an obsessive compulsive’s house and tilted a picture slightly, the difference didn’t leap out at him but niggled in the back of his head.

Kasumi played herself masterfully; in fact she could have taken up a career on the stage with the strength of her current performance. Somehow she made it through the night; she’d even lied to Nabiki about what had happened to her secret stash of money, claiming that Happosai had been in the house while they were away. He’d done enough evil that no one even bothered to look any deeper. She only lied because she couldn’t handle the fallout from something she deemed to be so trivial, not after….She crushed her pillow to her chest and cried again, something she hadn’t done since she’d left Mina’s place, not the great gulping sobs that would have alerted the household to her emotional state, but soft hiccups as she tried to suppress the raw emotions bottled inside her.

The morning came too soon for the matriarch of the Tendo household and was heralded by a sound she hadn’t heard or particularly missed in the last five weeks as Ranma left his room in a shallow arc only to straighten her tank top as she stomped from the koi pond.

“Damn it Oyaji I thought we agreed you’d stop doing that!”

“Oh the suffering, to be graced with such a weak daughter.” Genma stood in the bedroom window looking down at his bedraggled child and fought to keep in his guffaws of laughter, after all it wouldn’t do to let the child know that launching him from the window was more for the expression on her face when she woke up sleeping with the fishes so to speak.

“Weak!! I’ll show you weak old man!” After that any hopes of a lie in or even continuing to lay there resting was forgotten as she rushed to the window and looked down on a scene of wanton destruction, oh the humanity of it all. The delicate balance she’d achieved had been destroyed, and Kasumi was doing something she’d never done before. She fumed; an observer would almost be able to see the steam rising off of her shoulders as she stomped down to the kitchen to ready breakfast. Grabbing some packets out of the cupboard she put on the miso to simmer, not her normal made from scratch style but the instant stuff she kept for emergencies, the rice was the last of the old stuff, she’d be damned if she gave them any of the new Koshi rice until she received an apology for the damage done to her garden. Yes, her garden, father might like to play at gardening but when there was back breaking work it was always her doing it.

‘Oh my, did I just?’ Kasumi sat down at the table and sipped a cup of tea, savouring the flavours of her new favourite as she tried to reign in an unfamiliar emotion, this must be a week for it. First angst, despair and sorrow, and now she was right royally vexed.

Ranma walked into the kitchen from the garden ten minutes later and looked sheepishly at the oldest Tendo sister. “Sorry about the mess Kasumi, I’ll try to clean it up later, or at least I’ll give you a hand with the heavy stuff.” Kasumi who’d been thinking dire thoughts about what she’d like to do with the two rambunctious martial artists revised her plans after that statement, the old man was toast. Ranma had just redeemed himself.

“Why thank you Ranma, that would be good,” and she smiled at him, getting closer to her normal persona than the day before. Ranma frowned slightly, it wasn’t close enough to fool him, but it ‘was’ close enough that he wasn’t going to pry into her emotional state with his ki senses, after all this was Kasumi. In this house she led a charmed existence where none of the chaos and mayhem could touch her.

The panda who’d walked through the house from the front door leaving a trail of muddy footprints, shed fur and puddles of water got a totally different reaction from the girl. Kasumi didn’t bother to hide the glare she directed at the older Saotome.

‘What’s up with her?’ his sign read as she stormed from the room, he swore the light had shifted away from her for a second and the room was suddenly a much colder place than the warm welcoming room that it normally was.

No one was there to answer as Nabiki was still in bed, sleeping the sleep of the thoroughly exhausted, who knew that walking across the breadth of China before fighting an evil Phoenix monster(read watching as Ranma fought said monster) could be so tiring, not even coffee would pry her from her bed before midday.

Akane on the other hand was sitting in her room fuming, she didn’t need rescuing all the time like some useless princess in one of those old fairytales she’d read as a child.

Ranma was sitting on the roof contemplating his toenails, for the first time he had a moment to sit and think about what he’d done, since walking the breadth of China while carrying two other peoples bags before he’d gotten into the fight of his life, ironically for his life, and those of all the people watching from the sidelines, promptly killed the monster and returned all in the space of five weeks. He asked himself how he was holding up and received a mocking laugh from the depths of his martial artists soul. ‘Martial artists don’t kill’, it mocked him only to have Ranma reply, ‘Yeah we do, but only when it really is the only choice, like protecting other people. I’d a died for that.’ Strangely the voice was silent for the first time in nearly three weeks, maybe it was the peace he always felt when he was here but he liked to think that it was that he was finally coming to terms with what had happened. Or as was much more likely, he was just too damned tired to care. His ki reserves had never felt this depleted and it felt like it was taking forever for them to replenish so that he could get back to normal.

Soun Tendo looked up from the paper in satisfaction, yes everything was back to normal. Now all he had to do was propose his brilliant plan to get the two youngest children in the house married to his long-time friend and they’d be set. He took a moment to rephrase that last thought in his head as the thought of his daughter and Ranma marrying Genma, he couldn’t suppress the shudder as what he’d thought was just wrong in his estimation. The name of the ‘Anything Goes’ style would be respected with Ranma acting as a figurehead, of course he was much to young to deal with the financial side of running the dojo so that would fall to the two fathers. It was only natural that wiser heads prevailed in cases like this, surely no one would begrudge them this small indulgence since they’d survived the training of the ‘Master’ all those years ago. Neatly forgetting that it was more than twenty years ago and he should have long since been over it.

A week passed and Kasumi watched, reduced to a mere spectator as those around her went on with their lives. No matter what she thought of it felt like this was all there was to her life. A small voice cried out at the injustice of it, but couldn’t really break free of the fetters she’d placed HHHHHHHHHH

on herself. She felt worthless after Tofu rejected her, and nothing had really changed. No one took the time to make her feel like she was a part of the family anymore, she was just a glorified housekeeper, one who didn’t even get the benefits of having the job. No time off, no pay, she might as well be a slave she thought with some resentment. She watched as Akane and Ranma resumed their normal state of affairs, the two fathers plotted their latest insane attempt to get the engaged couple married. Nodoka had been a surprise, she hadn’t harped on at her son about the state of his manliness since he’d returned from China. Nabiki? Well no one really knew what Nabiki was up to since she’d leave for school early and arrive home late to eat dinner and then disappear into her room. Kasumi wondered if she was trying to replenish her lost funds and figured that it was the most logical assumption. All of this happened as if she wasn’t even there, the only thing that kept her going was the ever cheerful Ranma as he greeted her and thanked her for the things she did for him.

Nabiki for her part had regained the lost money on the first day they returned, she’d set an arbitrary amount for the information on Ranma’s whereabouts for the last month and a half and waited for the student body to come up with it. Why no one thought to ask Ranma for the information she’d never know, but who was she to look gift stupidity in the mouth. She figured the term stupid and horse was interchangeable since one had bucked her off numerous times in the foothills near Jusenkyou and she was always one to hold a grudge.

What Kasumi failed to factor into her ruminations was that Nabiki was often several steps ahead of everyone else in the house, so far in fact that a number of times she’d been left with her plans high and dry after the normal chaos that struck the household shifted events into an unanticipated direction. It should be a required course at Tokyo U she thought as it did wonders for her forward planning abilities. Nabiki had already taken into account a number of the activities of the two fathers and drawn the conclusion that there would be a ‘surprise’ wedding on the weekend, she made a tidy sum from that information alone, followed by the arrival of a large package from China that was promptly hidden, not nearly well enough to escape her notice though and she’d sold the information that there was ‘Spring of drowned man’ water available on the weekend.

Gilded invitations had been posted out to interested parties to a wedding at an undisclosed location, she could almost hear the howls of outrage when they’d sent in the required hundred thousand yen and been told that it was being held at the dojo. She smirked over that one for the entire night before the wedding.

As they’d watched the chaos unfold the next day she’d revised her opinion of the humour value of the situation, the profit from her sales had just evaporated into thin air. The dojo wouldn’t need repairs so much as a total rebuild, done the traditional way as was customary it would take several months and more money than she currently had. Figuring a way to make Ranma do the work for free had been easy, watching the disappointment on her older sisters face as she’d extorted her future brother in law had been much harder, not as hard as looking out into the garden and seeing that gaping crater, or listening to her father mourn the loss of his legacy, but still it had hurt.

Kasumi was a roiling pot of unnamed emotions as she contemplated the actions of the rest of the family and Ranma’s rivals on the previous day, unfair was the mildest word she thought about the whole thing. What’s more after the kids had rushed off to school this morning she’d had to listen to Nodoka lament at her sons lack of anything remotely approaching manly behaviour, which prompted the her to wonder just what it was that Nodoka considered ‘Manly’ in the first place. A thought that was reinforced when the front gate had been smashed open and Ranma-chan had stomped into the house muttering about damned ladle toting ladies who never looked where they were throwing water.

“Ranma that’s hardly manly to be in that form. Go and get changed immediately!” Nodoka looked at her sometime daughter in disapproval and was only mildly surprised when the person in question glowered at her in return.

“Manly? Is that all you ever think about?” Ranma hissed at his mother shocking Kasumi with the intensity of his reaction. Strange as it seemed Kasumi still considered him to be male no matter what form he was currently in, after all body language didn’t lie.

“You won’t speak to me like that young man, it’s not fitting for a manly man to speak to his mother like that.” Nodoka was still reeling from the chaotic events of the day before or she might not have said that to the seething red-head who stood before her. Then again, this was Nodoka so she more than likely would have no matter what happened.

“Manly! You wanna see manly, I’ll show you manly! Come on Kasumi, let’s hit the pillows.” Reaching out he grabbed the hand of the stunned young woman beside her and started dragging her to the stairs. She was too angry to notice that Kasumi was hardly resisting the inexorable pull of his hand. He had no idea how useless she’d been feeling over the last two weeks since finding out about her beaus’ desertion. The feelings of being unattractive had washed over her so many times she didn’t feel like she’d ever find someone to call her own.

/ Ranma \

Ranma bolted upright on the narrow cot that had been left for him to use, his breath came out in great gasping billows as the sweat ran down his face. It’s be ten or more minutes before his heartbeat returned to some semblance of normal. He’d had ‘That’ dream again, it was no wonder that he woke up sweating, it had easily replaced the dream about cats or phoenix kings or any number of horrible things that had been done to him in his short life. None of those made him feel like this though as he thought about it. That had been one of the most intense days of his life, ranking right up there with killing Saffron for sheer emotional intensity.

After screaming at his mother he’d dragged Kasumi up the stairs, not giving her time to protest. It was only after he’d slammed the door to the bedroom shut that he’d turned to her and apologised for pulling her into his problems. She’d just stood there looking like her usual angelic self and smiled as she demurred his apology.

“Don’t worry about it Ranma, I’ll be alright. You just wait here for a while.” She’d slipped from the room after that and he’d decided to take her advice. He’d been surprised when she returned a few minutes later with a thermos under each arm, both of which she’d placed in the corner of the room before turning back to him.

“Hi.” She said softly as she approached the diminutive red-head. Just a short step away she’d turned around and asked for assistance with the zip on her day dress. Oh boy had he swallowed at that, but he’d complied with her request, she’d never had any ulterior motives before. As his fingers brushed the nape of the taller girls neck she’d had to suppress the tingling sensation that had invaded her fingers, and the deepening of her breath as she exposed a slice of Kasumi’s skin to the light of day. This was different to seeing her in a bikini somehow, tantalizing, forbidden. She’d only been asked for help with the zip as she attempted to get her heartbeat under control. Finishing the task she’d expected Kasumi to leave so she could change into whatever outfit it was she wanted to. Ranma gasped as she just turned back to him and shrugged her shoulders letting the light materiel slip down her arms and onto the floor. Underneath he’d been a little surprised to note that she wore some rather lacy underwear, stuff that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a lingerie catalogue, and he knew because Happosai had shoved enough of them in his face trying to get him to wear one outfit or another.

Kasumi stood there with a smile on her face as she reviewed the reaction of Ranma before stepping in close once more, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into an embrace, resting her head atop the red curly hair at the crown of Ranma’s head. She’d felt the shuddering inhalation as Ranma drew in her scent, if she’d expected nature to take it’s course after that she’d be sadly mistaken as Ranma shoved her way out of Kasumi’s arms.

“S-s-sorry Kasumi, I’ve gotta, go, yeah tha’s right!” he was heading for the door when he heard the first sob, she turned round just in time to see the eldest Tendo sink to her knees with tears running down her face and to feel her heart crumble at the sight. “What’s wrong Kasumi?” All thoughts of flight died a sudden death as he felt the need to get to the bottom of this. Bad thoughts she thought to herself as she ran the word bottom around in her head a few times.

“You don’t like me?” Kasumi wailed.

“No! That’s not it Kasumi!”

“You don’t think I’m pretty.” The depth of her anguish kicked up another notch as she took Ranma’s rejection to heart. Here was a young man, one that was supposed to be driven by hormones to want to bed anything that moved and he’d turned her down. Rationally she knew that he had good reason for shielding her from the craziness in his life, but rationality had taken an hiatus leaving emotions in charge. Emotions knew rejection when they felt it.

“Damn it Kasumi, you’re not pretty, you’re damn beautiful and you know it.”

“No I’m not!”

“Yes you are,” Ranma stated finally.

“But you don’t want me, so I can’t be beautiful.” Ranma looked at her in stunned disbelief, how could she ever think something like that?

“Hey I never said that! You’re one of the most desirable women I’ve ever met.” The statement started out emphatic but ended softly as if he realized just how far he’d sunk. He hadn’t taken his eyes off her underwear clad body since he’d turned back into the room. He couldn’t understand why his nipples felt so tight all of a sudden or why the room suddenly felt that much warmer. Her next words stunned whatever higher mental faculties he’d had left and left his emotions in charge.

“Prove it!” she’d stood up and unclasped her bra letting it slide to the floor. Ranma went for one of the thermoses on the floor only to be stopped by Kasumi’s hand, “Not like that, we’ll do this my way.”

Her fingers had trembled a little as they’d unbuttoned the younger girls shirt, pulling it down her arms and off she dropped it to the floor leaving Ranma bare from the waist up. Un-cinching her belt Kasumi had pulled them over the wide flare of Ranma-chans hips, leaning forward she’d dipped close to Ranma’s face with her breasts causing the teenager to draw in a shuddering breath.

“I have to show you something first.” She’d led a naked Ranma over to the futon and laid her down on her back, spreading her thighs she’d placed her hand over the red thatch between her legs and gently pulled her labia apart examining the red-head closely she determined that at some time the martial artist had torn her hymen without even noticing, or maybe she had but just dismissed it as being part of this body. Without any further preamble she’d placed two fingers at the girls opening and pushed them inside up to the third knuckle. Ranma hissed at the uncomfortable sensation, and winced as they were withdrawn, the next few thrusts were actually getting painful when Kasumi drew her fingers from her body and looked up at her.

“That’s what it feels like when a man pushes his penis into a woman when she’s not ready. Did you like the way that felt, did it feel good?” Ranma shook her head, she didn’t want to ever feel that again, and not just because it was wrong for that to happen to a boy either. “And you don’t want to do that to anyone else do you?” Ranma shook her head again, the mere thought of hurting someone like that made her feel nauseous.

“Let me show you how to do it right, okay?” Ranma didn’t bother to answer as her head was too busy reeling with everything that’d happened so far today. When the larger girl had slid up her body to engage her lips in a deep searching kiss that had re-engaged her mind, what followed had culminated in a blinding flash of pleasure that had rolled through her body for minutes as Kasumi drove her fingers deep inside her. At first she’d clenched tight thinking it would be like before, but even with her opening being tighter than the first time the digits had slid home easily making her catch her breath in surprise, a breath she never recaught as Kasumi drove her closer to something she’d never felt before. When Kasumi’s lips and tongue had joined in Ranma went completely over the edge, she even screamed out loud. A noise that wasn’t missed downstairs by her mother, strangely enough said woman had been listening to the noises that had been coming down the stairs and had drawn the conclusion that her son was being very manly indeed.

Kasumi had left the red-head lying on the futon panting in stunned disbelief at the power of the ecstasy she’d felt, while she left to retrieve one of the thermoses, opening it she poured hot water over Ranma-chans body and watched in fascination as the changes occurred, as the baby fat disappeared leaving behind a washboard stomach, hips narrowed and breast disappeared leaving behind pectorals that most body builders would die for. Her mouth went dry as she watched a certain place grow, and grow and then some more. She’d read books on human anatomy and knew that six or seven inches was normal for a man, what she was looking at made him twice the man she’d thought he was.

What followed was in Ranma’s estimation no less intense than what he’d felt before in his female body, in fact Kasumi followed the exact same path down his body. The kissing had been the same, even the duelling tongues, her mouth on his neck had drawn a groan from him, and as she enveloped one of his nipples while tracing circles around the other had felt very nice, not as intense as what he’d felt before but still it felt really good. She nipped at the tiny amount of loose skin around his navel then ‘kissed’ it better as she ran her tongue over the area.

In the ten minutes that it took her to travel the length of his body and back to his manhood he’d felt everything she’d done, and nothing was as intense as what had happened to his female body. He could add sex to the list of things that felt better in his female body along with ice-cream and chocolate. That was until Kasumi’s trembling hands found him, encircling his rock hard shaft she’d gently massaged it gradually pulling his foreskin back to expose the angry purple helmet of his penis. When she reached down and touched it with a tentative tongue he’d groaned louder than at anything else she’d done to him.

Kasumi smiled at the loud groan she’d elicited from him, she really didn’t know what she was doing, she’d only read about this kind of thing in the books she’d borrowed from Tofu sensei to let him know she was ready to move on in their relationship, a fact he’d never taken advantage of. She’d never felt this excited before, oh she’d masturbated like the books had taught her but this, this was even more exciting. She only hoped she didn’t mess this up.

Ranma reached down and rested his hand against the top of her head and she gave into the pressure, taking an inch of his member into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it like she’d read about. Ranma closed his eyes at the sheer intensity of the sensation as she applied suction to the tip of his cock. Then groaned even louder as she sank down to take as much of him inside her mouth as she could, which proved to be about five inches. It was more than enough in Ranma’s estimation as he pulled away causing his eyes to cross slightly as she applied pressure and swirled her tongue against his shaft and then the head again. Thirty seconds later with his eyes firmly closed, his head thrown back and his hands holding Kasumi’s head as she bobbed faster and faster while stroking his balls and shaft with her hands Ranma exploded, while his female half’s orgasm had been a wave of pleasure that had washed over her, this was more like a super-nova that caused him to black out for precious seconds. Kasumi was surprised when she felt the shaft twitch in her hands and while she was prepared to deal with his ejaculate she hadn’t known that a man could produce so much of it.

She looked up in satisfaction as she thought about what she’d just done, there was no way he could deny she was attractive to him after that. The fact that she’d done it right was borne out in the results. She grinned as Ranma opened his eyes and looked at her, and smiled even more when his eyes widened as she stretched her arms over her head before wiping her lips and the bridge clean of the creamy liquid that clung to her. She’d looked down and said.

“My turn?” Ranma wasn’t sure what he’d done to deserve this slice of heaven but he wasn’t going to throw a gift like this away. He remembered everything she’d done to his girl side and decided to see if he could adapt anything he already knew to make it feel any better. The only thing that came to mind was reiki, and maybe some of the shiatsu points he knew. Deciding to give it a try he moved over Kasumi’s naked body after a few minutes of exploring he felt Kasumi shudder beneath him and cry out in surprises as her orgasm washed over her, and he wasn’t even finished with her left breast yet, he still had the other one and a lot of other territory to travel before he was finished, thinking on that he sank a little deeper into the soul of ice as he needed to keep control. By the time he skinned Kasumi’s knickers from her body she was weeping in reaction to the feelings he’d evoked, her body went rigid when she felt his breath against her.

Reaching out a tentative tongue just like she had before, Ranma tasted his first woman, and decided he liked it. The heavy musk that filled his nose just added even more depth to the rich salty, ambrosial flavour that filled his mouth as he ran his tongue from her perineum to her clitoris, before returning to stab his tongue between the folds of her vagina. Dragging the rough surface of his tongue back to her clitoris for another pass he used a hand to hold her hips still as she writhed against his mouth, needing something that she’d never felt before, never needed before, not like this. The middle finger of his free hand slid inside and up to the first knuckle before he met resistance, then he turned it around causing Kasumi to cry out again, this felt so different than when she did it herself. He withdrew the finger and then pushed it slowly back inside her crooking it slightly so that it applied more pressure to the wall of her vagina. Speeding the motion of his hand as he sucked her labia into his mouth he was unprepared as her body clenched around his finger tightly not letting go as the walls of her vagina rippled against the trapped digit. Kasumi screamed as the intensity of the feeling washed through her, pulling on her lover urgently she forced him up her body and grabbed his member before guiding it to her depths. Looking him in the eye she whispered, “Now.”

“You sure Kasumi?” Ranma might not be very experienced but he knew that this was a big step for her to take, then sighed as she merely nodded while gritting out another “Now.” Her body was still coming down from the intense pleasure of her fifth orgasm when Ranma drove through her hymen eliciting a pained gasp from her. He stilled his body as he felt her still undulating vagina grip him like a vice and waited for her to relax. Which she did in rapid order, he wasn’t taking any chances though and remained still while she rotated her hips to simulate a thrusting motion. Ranma pulled the soul of ice around himself even tighter as she threatened to overwhelm him with the power of the sensations.

Kasumi was getting frustrated, she was moving but it wasn’t enough she needed him to move too. “Ranma.” She gasped out as another wave of pleasure washed over her, not anywhere near as intense as the others she’d felt so far. When he met her eyes she’d nodded and murmured that it was alright and he could move. To which he’d responded with a slow thrust and withdrawal, so slow it was almost imperceptible, on the next thrust he was just a little bit faster. No one would ever be able to notice such a minute difference though, not even the person receiving it.

The next minute consisted of exactly seven thrusts, the last of which caused Kasumi to clench around him and gasp, and that’s the speed he continued to thrust at for the next ten minutes, Kasumi didn’t even know where one orgasm ended and the next one began for the entirety of those minutes but she was coming(pardon the pun) to the end of her endurance. Ranma began to speed up as he let his own emotions have more sway, releasing the soul of ice just a little bit, the pleasure built up inside him and eroded more and more of his control until he had lifted her legs and rested them on his shoulders before pistoning in and out faster and faster, but not too fast, she was still rising towards an orgasm when the sensation escalated even further, her eyes widened as her mouth gaped open trying to keep her body supplied with oxygen.

She’d forgotten how to breath properly some minutes ago but now decided that breathing was a waste of time, and just let the sensations build inside her, she would have screamed as the mother of all orgasms washed over her but she didn’t have any breath left for that. Ranma on the other hand roared as his own orgasm washed over him burying his manhood deeply inside this incredible woman he’d shuddered as her body milked him of every last ounce of energy he had. Collapsing on top of her he’d tried in vain to regain his breath so that he could support his weight. While Kasumi lay there stunned her body thrumming with the pleasure he’d instilled in her. That last orgasm had been more intense than all the others put together and she revelled in the feeling of his body lying atop hers. She reached around him and held him close feeling his body relax as he stopped trying to get up. Sleep caught the both of them unawares in its embrace as they both had very pleasant dreams.

/ Downstairs, Nodoka \

Nodoka looked up the stairs when the timbre of the voice changed to the deep husky bass of a male receiving pleasure and smiled, her son was really being manly with the eldest Tendo it seemed, the smile widened when she heard him yell out as his first orgasm washed over him.

A minute or so later a woman’s voice could be heard, but it sounded totally different to what she’d heard before, which puzzled her. Something wasn’t computing unless there were two women up there with her son, she smiled even wider, ‘Oh so manly’. Before the realization of who that first woman might have been crashed over her, that wasn’t very manly was it? The elder Saotome couldn’t think of a positive spin to put on the actions she suspected her son of so she let it go, after all she’d already judged him as a man months ago when she’d realized that Ranko was Ranma. It’d taken a lot for her to adapt to that particular situation but he’d proved himself over and over, so there must have been some manly reason for him to let that happen to his girl side.

Half an hour later the noises upstairs reached a crescendo and then silence reigned. Going up stairs she’d opened the door slightly and seen her son entwined with Kasumi, sweat glistening on both of their bodies as they slept in each others embrace.

There’d be time enough later for the storm that would descend on the couple for what had happened today.

Authors note:- For any purists out there who think I just committed a crime against canon pairings I challenge you to show me proof that Kasumi and Dr Tofu are fated to be paired, likewise with Ranma and Akane. Not that I care, I write because I enjoy writing, and hope that someone out there enjoys my writing too.

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For those interested the rices Kasumi bought from the warehouse sale are real, they exist and can be found on wikipedia.

Koshihikari rice from Uonuma area of Niigata Prefecture is probably the most expensive rice in Japan, though not the only area it’s grown Uonuma rice is said to have the best flavour of Koshi rice grown in Japan hence the hefty price tag.

Forbidden rice would be an interesting style to use for something different. Smells like popcorn when cooking, turns the water bright purple and is high in nutrients and minerals. Tastes nutty. Forbidden rice is an heirloom rice, meaning it isn’t widely available, it is open pollinated and will grow from dropped seed unlike many hybrids today. It also has a history, some stories about the rice go back hundreds if not thousands of years.