A Different Path: Chapter 6

Null Factor

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A Different Path

Chapter 6

The Next Day, Saturday, Early Afternoon

“Man! What a waste of time!” Ranma grumbled out loud as he crossed off another dojo’s name from the list he had made with the help of Soun’s martial arts magazine. “And after today started so nice, too!”

He had begun his day early, helping Kasumi in making breakfast. Much to the older teenager’s surprise she had found him to be very interested in food preparation, a point he made clear by his numerous questions about her cooking, observing that he had mostly learned to cook in Southeast Asia and was thus not very familiar with Japanese cooking styles. That topic was, of course, one of Kasumi’s favorite things and having an attentive audience was for her a rather new situation, thus the two had spent a very enjoyable morning, chatting together about the different ways of cooking they knew about. Ranma had introduced her to some new spices he had brought with him and she, in turn, had educated him about traditional Japanese cooking methods. They had both found that the morning simply flew by and they had certainly heard no complaints about their efforts from their families when they had brought their results to the breakfast table. Well, except from Akane who refused to eat anything ‘foreign’ that the ‘pervert’ had cooked.

After that, Ranma had set out visiting local dojos, observing their styles and occasionally challenging them to see what they had to offer. So far he had visited seven or eight of them and come up with nothing. About half were new-style dojos that were more like health clubs than real martial arts schools; designed for people looking to lose weight rather than serious students of the Art. The others the teenager had been to were simply too basic, they had nothing to teach that he didn’t already know. Of course, there were some differences in style or approach, but nothing really major. Ranma was finding the whole thing quite discouraging.

He was just about to leap off the street onto a convenient nearby rooftop on his way to the next place on his list when he noticed something that made him stop. Coming down the street was a woman heavily overburdened with grocery bags. Even as he watched she started to trip, threatening to spill her purchases all over the street. Ranma sprang into action, catching her and her bags from the front before they could fall over. “Are you OK?” He asked.

“Yes, fine! Thank you so much!” Ranma looked around one of the bags he had caught to get a better look at the person he had just helped out. Mm mm mmm! Was his immediate reaction. Very nice indeed!

She was a beautiful young woman, probably in her early or maybe mid-twenties by his guess and quiet curvaceous, a fact that was evident even though she was fairly tall, an inch or so taller than he was. She had long, thick, chestnut-brown hair and very deep green eyes. It looks like my luck just got better! Ranma thought as the woman spoke again.

“Thanks so much for catching me. I really thought I was going to drop everything in the street!”

“Not to worry, saving beautiful women in distress is my duty! My name’s Ranma Saotome and I’m entirely at your service.” Ranma gave a bow even as he kept a hold on the bags he had caught earlier. “Would you like a hand in bringing these home?”

“Oh, no! I couldn’t ask you to! It’s really no problem for me to take them back myself; I was just a bit clumsy back there, that’s’ all.”

“I’m sorry; it’s against my principles to take even the slightest chance that you might risk even one single hair on your lovely head. Now if you’ll just show me the way, I’ll bring these straight to your home.”

“Well, if it’s really no trouble…”

“Not only is it not any trouble, it is my pleasure to do so.” Reassuring the older woman with a wide smile, she finally agreed and started walking down the street, Ranma close by her side. “By the way, if it’s not too rude of me to ask, would you mind telling me your name?”

“Oh, I’m sorry! How very rude of me! My name’s Midori, Midori Ikeda. It’s nice to meet you.” She bowed.

“Likewise,” Ranma returned the bow. “My name’s Ranma Saotome. Midori, huh? How suitable! Your lovely green eyes make your name fit you perfectly. But I think we’d better stop being so polite to one another. Otherwise your milk will go bad!” The two laughed at this little joke and continued on their way to Midori’s house, chatting with each other as they walked along.

Arriving at her building they took the elevator up to the floor her condominium was on. After she opened the door, Midori turned and smiled at Ranma saying, “Since you went through all the trouble of brining my groceries up here, won’t you join me for a cup of tea?”

“Well…I wouldn’t want to make you go outta your way for me,” Ranma replied, feigning reluctance. After the older woman encouraged him, however, he quickly accepted her invitation. In no time at all the groceries were put away and the two were sitting in her living room, sipping tea and continuing their discussion from the street.

“Being a teacher must be tough,” Ranma commented as they talked about Midori’s job. “Especially teaching such young children!”

“Oh, well,” Midori demurred. “It’s really not so difficult…”

Ranma shook his head, “Aw, c’mon! You can be honest with me! Kids have so much energy, don’t they run ya ragged?”


“And you must be on your feet all the time,” Ranma continued before his host could truly respond. “I bet your feet are killin’ ya by the end of the day!”

“Well…sometimes, yes, that’s true,” Midori admitted. “But…”

“I know!” Ranma interrupted again. He set his half-finished cup of tea on the table and then slid it aside. Before the startled young woman could react to his actions, her guest had her pantyhose-covered feet in his lap and was beginning to massage them! “Now, don’t worry about a thing,” Ranma reassured Midori. “Like I told ya before, I did a lot of travelin’ all around and I picked up a few things along the way. So you just tip your head back and relax.”

Midori tried to protest against the liberties this teenager was taking with her body, but it was difficult. She had, after all, invited him into her home. And he was trying to help her. And as a well-brought up young Japanese woman it was tough for her to simply come right out and say ‘No’. And…And…And…Actually, that feels quite…quite nice! The young teacher suddenly realized. She let her eyes fall close and set her cup of tea on the ground so that she wouldn’t drop it. Oh! I hadn’t realized how cramped and tense my feet were!! Mmmmm!! This feels sssoooo good!!!

Ranma smiled up at the reclining brunette as he felt a shudder run through her body. His strong, nimble fingers continued their expert work; hitting all of the muscles and nerve endings in her feet in just the right combination to soothe not only her feet, but her entire body. After a few minutes of massaging his ears caught the sound of a stifled moan from Midori and he began expanding the area his hands were rubbing to include her calves and lower legs. By this point Midori was so into the martial artist’s kneading skills that she didn’t even notice except to feel that the massage had gotten even more comforting.

Midori reveled in the relaxing sensations her guest was causing in her for close to thirty minutes before something started to dawn on her. It came slowly, a realization that gradually percolated its way through the calming effects of Ranma’s busy fingers and hands. The teenager was not just massaging her feet. He was not just massaging her calves. The martial artist had actually worked his way all the way up to her thighs, rolling her light cotton dress up high enough to expose all of her pantyhose as well as the light green underwear she was wearing!

When that awareness finally blossomed in the school teacher’s mind, her eyes popped open as did her mouth. Before she could voice any protest, however, Ranma’s blue eyes fastened on her green ones and another thought struck the young woman: She was really, really, really turned on. Her teeth clicked together as her mouth closed.

Taking that as all the encouragement he needed, Ranma thrust his head in between her slender thighs and began licking and sucking on her cunt through the two thin widths of fabric separating their flesh from one another. Midori’s legs, which she had unconsciously spread wide during the massage, clenched closely around the teen’s head as he first began to use his mouth on her. Soon, however, she relaxed slightly and draped her legs on his shoulders, giving him greater access to her body.

Aaahh! It’s been so long! Midori thought, letting her hands comb through Ranma’s black hair while he upped the pace of mouth, lips, teeth and tongue. Sssooo lloooonngg… Being a teacher, especially a single female one of young children, she had always felt the need to be careful about her personal life. She couldn’t give the impression of any improprieties or it might endanger her job and standing in the community. She’d had boyfriends of course, and had had intimate relationships with a couple of them, but she wasn’t currently seeing anyone and…And… And no one I’ve ever been with before was so good at eating me out!! Soon the young woman’s groin was sopping wet and not only with her young lover’s saliva.

“Ranma! Ranma!!” Midori gasped out, dragging the teenager’s head up from her lap. She was so close, but she… “Ranma, I want you…I want you inside me!!”

Ranma kissed her, his tongue thrusting inside her mouth, dueling with Midori’s. While they kissed, she could feel his hands at her crotch, ripping her pantyhose open. Then the martial artist’s fingers pushed the crotch of her panties to the side and Midori’s breath caught in her chest when she felt him brush one digit gently up the length of her seeping slit. She clutched his shoulders tightly when she felt something thick and warm pressing up against her cunt and then broke free of Ranma’s hungry mouth to gasp aloud as he entered her.

“Uuaahh!!” Midori groaned at the sensation of the teenager’s cock slowly pushing inside her, but, getting used to its thickness, she was soon nuzzling Ranma’s neck. While the teacher was nibbling on his neck and sticking her tongue in his ear, he had his hands on her hips keeping her body in place as he maneuvered himself deeper into her. “Mmmmppphhh!!” She bit down hard enough to draw blood as she felt him achieve the deepest possible level of penetration, knowing it was only the beginning.

“Uh! Uhn! Aahn! Aaahh!! Oaahh! Uuaahh!!!” Ranma grunted with each of his hip movements, his dick slicing into Midori and making her gasp with delight. The teenager could feel her cunt getting wetter and wetter as he fucked her. His earlier oral assault on her had prepared her well, but now he was truly forcing her inner lust to rise higher and higher, her legs flopping from where they hung in the crooks of his arms.

“EEAAAIIIIAAAUUHHH!!!” Midori let out a piercing scream as Ranma suddenly surged to his feet, leaving only her head and upper back on the seat while he held onto her waist, continuing to thrust into her time and again. The new position forced his dick to enter her body at a new angle and as a result she came and came hard. For fifteen minutes the two kept that position, Ranma using his leverage to screw the young woman senseless, trails of sweat streaking his features, but no signs of fatigue at all in his actions.

Midori felt herself gasping for breath and did her best to roll her hips to match her lover’s movements, but in the current arrangement she was basically his to do with as he wished. And that was just fine with her. “AAAUUUHHH!!” Her fingers clawed at his forearms as another orgasm racked her body, then a third. With that third climax she felt her young lover’s cock suddenly swell up and his body tensed just before he erupted inside her, spraying her cunt full with his hot cum. The feeling of that thick, steaming liquid shooting into her caused the school teacher’s just fading orgasm to suddenly surge upward into a fourth, ripping one. Both Ranma and Midori groaned with pleasure as they concentrated solely on the feelings coursing through them, before finally beginning to relax as those passions ebbed.

In the aftermath of such a wonderful sexual experience Midori felt completely and thoroughly drained. Drained of all tensions, drained of all thoughts, drained of all emotions. It was a rather comforting feeling so she simply lay there, eyes closed, lazily reveling in it. A corner of her mind registered the fact that Ranma had gathered her up in his strong arms and was taking her somewhere, but she was completely unconcerned and uninterested in that fact. Soon enough she felt her back being placed on the soft surface of her bed and then the teenager’s hands were on her again, this time unbuttoning her blouse and slowly, gently beginning to undress her.

As she was stripped by her young lover, Midori’s mind was oddly reminded of the times when she was a small child and she had fallen asleep after being taken to a movie of fireworks festival by her parents. As Ranma quietly manipulated her slack limbs she experienced the same sense of warmth and security as she had felt when her parents had prepared their drowsy child for bed. Unconsciously the young woman’s lips curled into a smile as she thought about how reversed the situation was now with a young man, probably a decade younger than herself, treating her in the same way.

In no time at all the teacher was stripped naked and was placed under the covers of her bed. Shortly after that her bed dipped downward as Ranma joined her and Midori was soon cuddled in his muscular arms, her back up against his bare chest, showing that he had finally taken the time to strip off his clothes as well. For several minutes she simply reveled in his warmth and the feeling of his skin next to hers, a wide smile making her face even more beautiful,

Eventually, however, she opened her bright green eyes and turned her head to look at the teenager who had given her so much pleasure. Ranma was looking right at her, a gentle grin on his lips, one that grew as he looked into her eyes, before he leaned forward to kiss her. As their lips gently pressed together, Midori closed her eyes once more and sighed. The two continued kissing for several minutes before the older woman realized that something hard and long was pushed up against her butt cheeks. She gave and experimental nudge with her derriere and heard Ranma moan softly into her mouth. The school teacher pulled back from the sensual lip lock she had been sharing with the teenager.

“Again?” She asked her eyes bright with merriment.

Ranma had the grace to blush slightly, a sheepish smile on his face. “Well, I mean…If you don’t mind that is…I’d certainly….Well…Aaahhhh!” He groaned slightly louder as Midori again gyrated her hips slightly.

Her young lover’s vocalizations caused Midori to giggle impishly as she said, “I don’t mind at all, Ranma!” She began to shift her weight, getting ready to roll over so the black haired teen could move into position between her legs, but stopped in surprise when she realized he wasn’t moving at all. She looked at him questioningly, but he simply smiled and wormed his right arm under her and began caressing her right breast, which lay on the surface of the bed. While she gave a soft gasp and trembled slightly at that action, Ranma’s left hand took a hold of his rod and used it to lightly stroke its broad tip along her slit.

Midori’s passion had of course cooled since the end of their earlier sexual encounter, but it swiftly started to rise again as she felt her body being expertly handled. In a short time Ranma could feel moisture beginning to ooze out of her swollen vagina and he smiled as he slowly began to nudge himself forward, into her channel. The brown-haired woman sucked in a sharp breath of air at that intrusion, but was quickly gyrating her hips in order to get further penetration. Her lover wouldn’t allow it, though. His left hand no longer necessary to guide his penis, Ranma moved it to rest on her left hip, gently caressing her rear, but simultaneously keeping her from forcing the pace of their coupling. Nibbling her skin from her shoulder up along her collarbone to her neck, the martial artist slowly fucked the school teacher as his hands continued to lightly massage her breasts and backside.

Midori let her head collapse to the pillow, her brown hair draping across her face like a veil as she panted into the soft cloth beneath her. This second sexual experience between the two of them was quite different from the first, which had been hard, driving and forceful. This new position, with them both on their right sides and Ranma spooned up against her back side, was far gentler and more leisurely, but she soon had to admit it was just as enjoyable. “Uuhhnn!!” A rosy flush suffused her face and chest as a climax swept over her, not as high and sharp as the ones she had felt before, but intense for all that. The black-haired teenager screwing her made no change in his activities, however, keeping the same steady rocking motion of his hips that continued to drive his hard erection into her, penetrating new areas and hitting new spots with each stroke. Similarly, his hands continued to lightly brush over her quivering body, seeming to know exactly where to touch her at just the right moments to increase her rapture. Finally his lips and tongue kept up their assault on her neck and even occasionally her ear, kissing and nipping her expertly.

“Mmmuuaahhh!” Midori moaned again as a second orgasm hit her and now Ranma’s left hand left her hip, letting her push back against him as he swept it low along her long, slender leg, squeezing it tenderly. Given a little freedom, the gasping young woman tried to take advantage of it but discovered that, even without his controlling hand, the position they were in simply didn’t afford her much ability to force the pace of things. Still, she did the best she could to encourage and please her lover, shifting her hips back and forth as best she could as well as squeezing her internal muscles in order to make her already packed full vagina feel even tighter for him. She smiled in success when she heard Ranma gasp in reaction to her maneuver and felt him squeeze her breast tightly, but the grin quickly left her lips and she was soon biting at the pillow beneath her head as she felt a third climax rumble through her.

It was as that third moment of ecstasy was passing that Midori realized something. The orgasms that were hitting her while she and Ranma were having sex were different not only in their sharpness from the first time, but also in their style. The first time had been like a series of explosions; massive, abrupt and self-contained. The current ones were more like an incoming tide with each crashing wave rising and swelling before sweeping upon her, but her feelings never falling as far down as before, each one pushing the ocean of her sensations higher and higher, which meant…I can only hope there isn’t a tsunami at the end of these waves! The school teacher thought fleetingly even as a fourth peak hit her.

While she was still recovering from that, the brown-haired woman felt Ranma suddenly shift his grip on her and pull her toward him as he rolled over onto his back. Midori quickly placed her arms on the bed behind her and curled her legs up somewhat in order to help support her weight. She was in the midst of trying to get used to this new position when her lover’s right hand shifted from her breast down along her smooth stomach to the top her sopping vagina. Midori felt her eyes flutter and she gave a small cry as Ranma’s fingers pressed down on her erect, swollen clit even as he started to thrust up into her with his hard cock. “AAAaauuuuuuuhhhhhhh!!” The young woman keened in pleasure as the combined sensations quickly pushed her body over the edge for a fifth time. Unable to support her upper body with her suddenly weak arms she fell back onto Ranma’s muscular chest, her sweaty hair pooling in his face, but he didn’t seem to be bothered in the slightest as he continued to fuck upward into the willing, but increasingly tired young lady.

“MMMmmuuuuaaaagggghhhh!” Midori’s cries were quickly rising in volume as her climaxes began to hit her faster and ever stronger. Her legs were splayed open to allow Ranma full access to her body while her arms flopped uselessly to the sides. As the teenager’s hands began rubbing her body more forcefully, the right one still on her clit while his left one had taken possession of her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples, Midori felt like she could dimly sense that tidal wave she had been concerned about earlier starting to head for shore.

“AAAAHHHHH!! OOOOOHHHHHH!! UUUUAAAHHHH!!” A small, dim part of the young woman’s mind, the only part sill somewhat functioning as sexual ecstasy tore repeatedly through her body, was glad that this was a relatively new apartment with thick insulation which should prevent any of her neighbors from hearing her shrieks of pleasure. Ranma’s hips continued to pound upward repeatedly, a sloshing sound clearly audible as Midori’s climaxes caused her vaginal fluid to flow with abundance. Faintly she was aware that his thrusts were starting to become erratic, a fact that only made her own sensations rise even higher. Partly that was due to the knowledge that he would soon be cumming inside her once again. Partly it was because his dick seemed to be increasing in size as it prepared to release its load within her. Finally it was because those uneven strokes were making his large dick push up against the insides of her cunt in new and unexpected ways.

“MMMMMMMAAAAAAHHHHH!!” Ranma abruptly groaned from deep within his chest, his breath hot against Midori’s ear as he began to erupt within her. As he did so his hands pinched her clit and the painfully erect nipple of her left breast hard. Those sensations were enough to make the tsunami come crashing down upon her. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!” The two lovers thrashed against one another repeatedly as they came, their minds overloaded with rapture.

Several minutes later, when the feelings had finally faded sufficiently and they had recovered their breath at least partially, it was Midori who was the first to speak. “Call the UN,” she mumbled, her body still twitching slightly in the aftermath of such an incredible fuck. “I think there needs to be a massive rescue effort…”


“Never mind, dear.” In moments Midori was asleep, laying on top of the teenager who had just given her the most ecstasy she had ever felt in her life.

A Few Hours Later

Midori blearily opened her eyes in her darkened bedroom and stretched out an arm toward the young, handsome teenager she knew would be stretched out…Her body suddenly froze as she felt nothing. Quickly she patted up and down the bed, before spinning over to regard….Nothing. Gone?! Her mind tried to grasp the fact. He’s really gone?!?!

“I’m over here, Midori-chan,” Ranma’s voice quickly relieved the school teacher of the abrupt fear of abandonment that had swept over when she thought he had left her.

The school teacher twisted back over and as her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting that was making its way into her bedroom past her thick curtains she could see Ranma seated by her bedside smiling as he looked down on her. From his refreshed, as well as dressed condition, Midori realized that as she slept he must have washed up and put his clothes on before coming back to watch over her. She smiled happily at the thought of Ranma looking at her as she slept, but her grin quickly turned into a yawn. She stretched out on the bed, her arms pushed far above her body as she twisted her exhausted body slightly. Her eyes glinted naughtily as she saw how her teenaged lover’s eyes appreciatively swept over the body he had taken possession of four times already that afternoon.

“I’m sorry, Ranma,” She finally admitted with a sigh. “But I just can’t. I’m afraid you’ve worn this old lady out!”

“You ain’t no old lady, Midori-chan,” Ranma objected as he leaned over to kiss her plump lips, a kiss that became wetter and longer as she draped her arms around him. Eventually, however, they broke off and he sat on the bed next to her, cupping her beautiful face. “And I know you’re not ready for more…fun right now. Anyway, I gotta get goin’ myself. There’s still some things I need to do today.” He kissed her again, and once more she returned it happily, but when they broke apart the martial artist noticed a sad, pensive look on her face.

“Ranma,” Midori began seriously, frowning slightly. “What we did today was…Incredible. Amazing. The most fantastic thing ever! But-”

Ranma kissed her again, silencing whatever the young woman was about to say. “Look, I know you’re a school teacher and I’m just a kid. I don’t want anymore than you’re willin’ to give.” Another kiss then, “If you want this to be a one night…Well, one day stand then…I can understand that. On the other hand, if you’d like to see me again…” Ranma’s hand reached out to lightly caress the brown-haired woman’s magnificent bust, forcing her to sharply inhale in pleasure. “I’d definitely like that too. It’s all up to you, Midori-chan. Whatever you’re comfortable with is fine with me.”

“Thanks, Ranma,” Midori’s arms again reached out to pull the pigtailed boy in close for another lust-filled kiss. When it finished she asked with a blush gracing her cheeks, “Could, could I have your phone number? Because I’d like to…”

Ranma grinned and showed her the pad of paper that the school teacher kept on her night stand. On it was written the name ‘Tendo Dojo’ along with a phone number. “That’s the place I’m stayin’ right now,” Ranma explained. “So if you call there you should be able to leave a message for me if I ain’t around.”

“Uh, do you have a cell phone?” Midori asked, her face turning even redder. “I’m not sure it’d be a good idea to leave a message with somebody…If you know what I mean.”

“A cell phone?” Ranma seemed confused by the idea. “To be honest, I ain’t never had nuthin’ like that before. Are they expensive to get?”

Midori blinked in surprise at this, given how ubiquitous cell phones were in Japan. But then again he did talk about all the traveling he’s been doing, she thought even as she answered his question. “Oh, heavens no! They’re very easy to get and quite inexpensive as well. Depending on what model you get, of course.” While Ranma thought that over, the young woman reached over to the night stand to get a pen and began writing on another sheet of paper, explaining as she did so, “Here are my home and my cell phone numbers. During the day I have to work, of course, but I’m usually home by six or so. Feel free to call anytime!”

“All right,” Ranma agreed happily as he tucked the piece of paper into a pocket. “I’ll look into this cell phone thing and let you know when I get one. I think I know someone who can help me out.” He refocused his attention on the nude woman lying on the bed before him. “How about one little kiss for the road?” He asked even as he leaned down.

“Oh, I suppose,” Midori answered mock regretfully before hungrily wrapping her arms around the teenager. It was a good twenty minutes before Ranma left her apartment, springing from her balcony onto a nearby rooftop.