Pokegirls: Tendo Indiscriminate Taming School: Peekabooty Call (LEMON) [Episode 207582]

by Red Priest of the 17th Order

Walking up to behind where the ‘Alpha Pokégirl’ of the harem she was now part of was sitting on the couch in the PokéCenter room, Kiiro looked over her shoulder. She was curious as she saw the Salusian working with their master’s PokéDex. “What’cha doing, Alpha Asrial?” She asked curiously, her left ear twitching.

“Ack!” Asrial jumped up in her seat in shock, surprised by the sudden voice. Turning around, she soon relaxed as she saw it was only the Peekabu they’d picked up. “Oh... Kiiro...” she let off a sigh of relief. “I was just fiddling around with this PokéDex is all.” She wanted to see if she could fix it so that it wouldn’t read her as a ‘Salusian’. Salusians were NOT pokégirls, damn it! If she was going to have to go around pretending to be a pokégirl, at least let them think her a Skunkette and not go have her go dragging her people’s name through the mud... or mud wrestling as the case could be in this perverted world.

Blinking her large black eyes cutely, the Peekabu had to ask, “Why? It’s Master’s property. Did he ask you to fix something for him?”

“Well... it wasn’t working properly,” Asrial told her. And it wasn’t! How dare they not be able to recognize aliens with devices such as these? Well... maybe it was better that way but she’d be damned if the thing considered Salusians a pokégirl breed!

Blinking her eyes, Kiiro asked, “Really? You want me to take a look at it? I’m pretty good with electronics; I got a lot of on-the-job training as it were...” she smiled lightly. If there was one good thing she had gotten from her time at the garage, it was that. “When Master’s RV is up and running again and you get any new attachments, I’ll gladly hook them up for you.” After all, she wanted to be a contributing member to the harem.

Staring at the Peekabu for a moment in interest, Asrial had to admit to herself that could be useful. “Okay...” though she didn’t mind doing the work herself some help would be appreciated. “Hmm... maybe we should work together on the RV then?” It could get Ranma out of having to Tame that OfficerJenny for one thing! The royal Salusian didn’t know why, but the thought of Ranma having to have sex bothered her somewhat.

The Peekabu tilted her head. “I don’t know...” she said as she jumped over the back end of the couch and sat right next to Asrial. “I worked with electronics, not heavy machinery...”

Asrial smiled at her slightly. “Well I can give you some help then.” Besides, having someone who was pretty good with electronics should be able to help her out in more ways than most people would think. Maybe she could make a machine to get back home...

Seeing her Alpha smile at her, the Peekabu grinned widely. "It'll be my pleasure, Alpha! I'll do my best for the master and you! I promise!" She sat up straight and crossed her right hand over her heart twice. "Cross my heart!”

Of course having done that pointed out to Asrial that the mouse-like pokégirl STILL hadn’t gotten any clothing to wear. “Why don’t you wear clothes?” The Salusian had to ask as she stared at the nude Peekabu.

Blinking her eyes, the Peekabu asked in return, “Why should I? I’m just a common pokégirl. People don’t waste resources getting goods like that for us.” She smiled as she told Asrial, “You’re very lucky Master saw fit to bestow you with such an outfit. Very regal; almost like a military-esque princess.”

With that comment, Asrial had to snort. She was a princess, damn it! “Because you’ll catch a cold?” She asked, half-sarcastically.

“I have fur,” the Peekabu politely countered. “I won’t get cold unless it’s snowing.”

Asrial had to blink her eyes to that. What bothered her the most about that... it was the way the pokégirl said it. She wasn't trying to be picky or start a fight but it was just a ‘matter of fact’ way, as if pokégirls weren’t supposed to... wear... clothes...

Come to think of it,” Asrial thought curiously. “Alice only wears a tight purple one piece and Cyan only has a loincloth and top.” And to be honest, the Salusian didn’t mind going around without clothes, as long as there weren’t people around to embarrass her. Heck, most Salusians didn’t mind going around in the buff either. However, it was the principle that the people here were denying clothing to pokégirls that bothered her.

Unfortunately, the Salusian princess realized there wasn’t much she could do for pokégirls as a whole but she could try to take care of the ones in Ranma’s harem. She sighed and looked over the Peekabu some more and realized just how much grime or dust or possible grease or oil remnants were in it. “You need a bath.”

Blinking her eyes, the Peekabu offered, “But PokéBalls can he run through Healing Machines for a cleaning cycle.”

At the response she got, Asrial just stared at the Electric-type polégirl. “Have you EVER had a bath?” She asked, a sweat-drop sliding down the side of her head. How could she have NEVER had a bath!?

“Well... when I was a kit, they’d spray me and all the others at the Ranch down with a garden hose once or twice a week,” the Peekabu admitted. “Does that count?”

Asrial stared at the mouse-like pokégirl for a moment and shook her head. “No.” Her eyes shimmering with determination, she shouted, “That’s it!” She got up from the couch as she grabbed a hold of the Peekabu by the wrist. She was going to see to it this girl got a bath even if it killed her!

Squeaking in surprise, Kiiro quickly got to her feet. “Where are we going?” She asked as her Alpha dragged her by her wrist.

“To take a bath!” The Salusian told her with a tone of voice that booked no room for argument. “You need to know how good it feels to be able to scrub down!”

Blinking her eyes once, twice the Peekabu looked at Asrial with an odd expression... before a smile blossomed on her face. “You want to take a bath with me?” She asked with a silly grin.

“Yeah...” Asrial nodded as she went into the washroom with Kiiro. “You and I are going to bathe so you can get that grime out of your fur.” Not to mention the smell.

Grinning widely, the Peekabu waited for them to reach the room with the pair of sinks and the laundry hamper which was right outside the actual bathroom. When Asrial let go of her wrist, she sprung on the Salusian. “Thank you, Alpha!” Kiiro cheered as she hugged Asrial tightly, kissing her on the lips.

Asrial blinked her eyes a couple of times as she was kissed. She wasn’t into girls but she had to admit... Kiiro was a pretty good kisser.

Her tongue exploring Asrial’s mouth, the Peekabu’s hands moved a little further south, gripping the Salusian’s rear over her pants.

“H-hey!” Asrial practically jumped as she broke the kiss. “C-calm down a little, will you?” She asked as she started taking quick intakes of breath.

Grinning widely at the Salusian, the Peekabu politely replied, “But Alpha... you’re a little overdressed for taking a bath...” she winked at the skunk-like woman before she kissed her again. As she kissed, her hand pulled down the zipper of her jacket.

Closing her eyes, Asrial shivered as she felt the Peekabu’s hands slip up in front and squeeze her breasts. “Ooooh...” she gasped out. Okay, so it did feel good, better than that asshole who started to take her up the ass, that much was certain!

With the Salusian’s jacket open, her hands undid each button of her dress-shirt. She grinned as she saw the Salusian hadn’t put her bra back on after Ranma tried to dress her the first time.

Gasping as the Peekabu’s curious hands started to get bolder, the Salusian brought her hands up to grab Kiiro’s wrists. “All right, all right... that’s enough...” Asrial told her as she let go of her wrists once more. She then stepped back and slipped her shirt and jacket off, exposing her naked upper body to the Peekabu.

“Whooo hoo! You’re beautiful, Alpha Asrial!” Kiiro said, whistling and grinning lecherously. She had an appreciation for the female form, and the skunk-like girl had a very nice one.

She stared at the Salusian’s breasts and licked her lips. “You have such a nice set of D-Cups. I’m so jealous...” she said as she cupped her own small set of B’s, trying to push them together to make more of a sight of cleavage than there really was.

Asrial blushed and shook her head. Most people didn’t compliment her like that. Well, those that did were just sucking up to her because she was royalty. Blushing slightly more, she undid her pants. Unbuckling her belt and then dealing with the button and unzipping the fly, she brought her thumbs to the waistbands as she pulled them and her underwear down in one go.

Smiling widely, Kiiro’s eyes literally sparkled as she stared at the Salusian as she became nude. “So... so beautiful! I’ve seen Mephitits and Skunkettes before... but you’re the best!” She said in all seriousness, just staring at the Salusian of imperial birth in awe.

“Uhhh... thanks?” Asrial replied, unsure of herself. She was flushing with a bright crimson that showed up through her white facial fur before shaking her head. Looking back at the Peekabu, she told her, “Come on already,” her hand grabbed onto the door-handle of the actual bathroom. “Let’s get cleaned up.”

As soon as the Salusian turned to open the door, she stopped like a deer in headlights. There was Ranma, stepping out of the bathtub with one leg up on the edge of said tub... unfortunately the one on the other side of his rather gifted maleness.

His jaw slowly moving up and down, the pigtailed man could only gawk as he stared at Asrial and Kiiro. While he was used to seeing the Peekabu naked and he had seen Asrial nude once when he saved her... this was really, REALLY different!

“Uh... um... ah....” the Salusian princess stuttered at the sight. Asrial’s eyes widened further as she looked him over. Damn, he was well-built. As she stared, she couldn’t help but wonder if it hot in there from the water in the tub or was it just her?

Squealing in delight at the sight of her master naked as could be, (and obviously being blessed with the Horse Hung Blood Gift) the Peekabu kicked the door closed with her foot. “Charge!” She cried out triumphantly as she started pushing Asrial forward, charging at their master with the Alpha being used as something akin to a battering ram.

At the sight of the two rushing at him, Ranma’s eyes widened. “Hey, wait!” He managed to shout out before he was crashed into by two furry bodies. “GAH!” He cried out as he was forced onto his back. “What was that for!?” He asked the Peekabu. Though, damn, Asrial did feel rather soft and nice on him like she was...

The Peekabu smiled as she had them all on the floor. “Alpha Asrial wants to give me a bath... and lucky us, master is here to help too!” She pressed her breasts into Asrial’s back...

Which pressed the Salusian’s breasts into Ranma’s chest. “V-very soft...” the pigtailed man gasped.

Asrial blushed at the position she was stuck in and shook her head. “That... eeep!” Her eyes widened as she blushed when she felt a certain something press into her inner thigh.

Eyes snapping wide open, Ranma knew exactly what had happened; the fur against his erection could only have been her leg. “Uh... sorry ‘bout that...” he offered nervously before he chuckled and tried to explain. “You just... feel so good.”

Hearing her master say he liked them just brought forth a level of cheer and exceitement from the Electric-type. “Yay!” Kiiro cheered with a smile on her face while reaching around and sliding her hands between the two bodies so she could cup Asrial’s breasts. “If we’re good, Master’ll Tame us!” She grinned, quite pleased at that thought.

Ranma blinked his eyes. “Kiiro? What's with the cheer...ing...” he trained off. He didn’t get to finish his question as the Peekabu had turned Asrial’s head with her right hand and was kissing her right atop him! Damn, that was hot! His dick twitched in agreement with him. “Uhh... never mind.” It didn’t help that Kiiro was fondling Asrial’s breasts... and that the Salusian kissing BACK!?

Continuing to kiss the Salusian and caress her furry mammaries, the Peekabu opened an eye and looked at Ranma, the black orb sparkling with mischievousness. Closing her eyes, she made a show as her tongue reached further into Asrial’s mouth.

Ranma just gawked as Asrial’s throat twitched and moved with a certain bump. Holy hell! She could reach THAT far with her tongue!? That was one really talented electric-type mouse-girl!

Asrial groaned into the kiss, shivering as she felt the Peekabu’s tongue slip down her throat. “Mmmm...” she couldn’t help but moan in slight pleasure; her throat vibrating around the tongue. Her eyes closed as those skilled hands continued to massage and groped her breasts. She blushed as she realized she was getting more and more turned on by all this. Kiiro was something else!

Licking his lips, Ranma softly mumbled, “So beautiful.” Blushing, he leaned up to try and kiss Asrial’s neck... and then had the Peekabu move both her and Asrial’s heads, trying to make it a three-way kiss between them all. Ranma was rather surprised but couldn’t help himself as his tongue rubbed up against both the Salusian’s and the Peekabu’s.

Kiiro mentally grinned and cheered. As she kissed her master and Alpha, she slipped one hand down and between Asrial’s legs, rubbing her pussy and causing the Salusian to groan out loudly, her body trembling in desire. The Electric-type’s eyes widened as she felt a sudden rush of moisture. Did Asrial just cum from that little bit of stimulation!?

Breaking away from the two, Asrial cried out as she orgasmed, her folders quivering around the pair of fingers that tried to invade her folds. She couldn’t believe she was so turned on in such a situation. She was a royal Salusian, not some... pokégirl!

But god almighty, if it wasn’t such an incredible feeling!

“Wuh-what?” Ranma asked in surprised as Asrial tensed atop of him and he suddenly had a rather wet thigh where Asrial practically straddled him with her legs.

Her hand continuing to rub between Asrial’s legs, Kiiro grinned and nuzzled the Salusian from behind. “Wow... you came hard,” she said, slightly in awe of her Alpha.

Blushing brightly, Asrial gasped for breath. “I-I’m sorry,” she tried to apologize. It just...”

She never got to finish as suddenly Ranma rolled them all over, getting the Peekabu on the bottom. However, rather than just laying atop them, he got on his knees, straddling two sets of legs for a moment; glad for the cheap shag carpeting as tile would’ve been hell on his knees.

He then rolled Asrial over again so she was face-to-face with Kiiro, his hands massaging her back as he ground his member between her butt-cheeks.

Asrial groaned more and shivered in pleasure. “D-damn...” she gasped out. It was... pretty good, actually. All this attention... she wanted it, all of it and more!

Bringing her arms up and wrapping them around the Salusian, Kiiro kissed Asrial as she hugged her tightly. Her tongue explored the skunk-like woman’s mouth as she started to purposely rub her breasts into the Salusian’s, making sure their hardened nipples made contact again and again...

Ranma shivered as he rubbed his dick between Asrial’s butt-cheeks. “Good...” he groaned as he squeezed her furry butt, causing it to push against his dick as he slid it back and forth.

Closing her eyes, Asrial moaned louder into her kiss with Kiiro, the sensations from every which way getting to her. She couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying this attention! It was almost addicting!

Panting as he continued to move back and forth between Asrial’s butt-cheeks, Ranma stopped as he caught sight of the Peekabu thrusting her hips up into Asrial’s. He frowned as he knew that unlike Asrial, she NEEDED it... but he couldn’t just stop doing what he was, it wouldn’t be fair to the Salusian either...

Blinking his eyes, it was then a sudden thought came to him. Their... he gulped as he got a good look. Their pussies were rather close. So with that in mind, Ranma held his member in his left hand to hold it steady between he tries to slip it between two pairs of lightly-furred nether folds.

Eyes widening suddenly at the contact, Kiiro squealed with delight as she tried to hump harder, to press her burning heat against the maleness which offered salvation and sanity to pokégirls.

Asrial groaned louder at the lost of contact with Ranma’s cock until her eyes widened as she gasped and stiffened from the sudden change of contact. “Oh... oh gaawwwd....” she moaned out, shuddering as she felt her body spasming again, this time from the very intimate contact with Ranma’s dick.

Feeling her pussy beginning to flutter, Ranma placed his hands on her back again, massaging along her spine where he could manage as Kiiro was hugging her tighter. He himself moaned as he started sliding his cock back and forth faster and faster as it started to become slicked in two sets of womanly fluids.

Kiiro moaned in pleasure, smiling happily as she felt her new master’s cock rub against her pussy. That was good, though she really wished that her master would take his dick and shove it inside her. Still, she wasn’t about to complain. She could feel herself building up to an orgasm and she knew she was going to get her master’s seed, one way or another very quickly...

Trying to surpass the pace, Ranma panted and groaned. “Fuuuuck...” he moaned as he slid back and forth faster and faster between two sets of folds. He felt like he was going to explode if this kept up for much longer.

Shrieking to get a hold of herself and get air back into her lungs, the Salusian princess was shivering. “R-Ranma!” She gasped. “I... I’m gonna cum!” She cried out.

“Hold on! A little longer! Please!” He tried as he thrust even harder and faster, making it more difficult on Asrial as he tried to help himself and Kiiro reach release.

Kiiro groaned and groped Asrial’s breasts, before moaning as the Salusian began kissing her on the neck. “Muhhh.... Maaassssteeerrr... guuh… gonnaaaa.... cuuuuum....” she groaned out in pleasure between breaths. Her whole body shuddered and twitched as she was about to hit orgasm.

Ranma felt it. Trying to keep from cumming because of one set of twitching folds was difficult enough. Once Kiiro started it was all over. In fact, it had caught him so off-guard that the pigtailed man himself game, his cock throbbing between the two as he splattered his seed all over their abdomens in thick, sticky spurts.

“YES!” Kiiro cried, as if in reflex, in having her new master dominating her, she came. Her outer labial folds clenched around the length sliding against it for dear life, her juices flowing all about there en masse.

Asrial groaned as her own folds began to spasm. “CUUUUUMMMMIIIING!” She screamed as her pussy clenched and her juices gushed out, soaking her thighs, Kiiro’s thighs and pussy, as well as Ranma’s cock. “SO goooood! She cried out, barely believing the pleasure in her loins.

Ranma panted as he continued to plunge his cock back and forth, trying to prolong orgasms all around. Holy crap! That’s what it was like to cum? No wonder everyone makes such a big deal out of it around here!

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