Combined Arts: Movements (WAFF) (LEMON) [Episode 206322]

by Iridium Heart

Bunshichi Tawara contemplated the back of the Executive Council President's chair as his long-time friend looked out the office window.

"This is becoming...complicated," Bunshichi observed. "I know we were supposed to leave the Aoyama girl alone as long as she didn't directly oppose us, but she seems to be getting drawn into our business by her relationship with this Ranma guy."

"We cannot take Ranma Aoyama lightly," Mitsuomi observed. "He is one of the most powerful fighters in this country, and possibly the most powerful of his generation, even including me and maybe even you, Bunshichi."

"That tough, huh?" Bunshichi remarked, scratching his chin.

"With his recent affiliation with the Shinmei Ryu, he must be handled carefully," Mitsuomi concluded.

"Maybe we should just talk to the guy," Bunshichi suggested. "You know, suggest that if he stays out of our business we'll stay out of his?"

"I would like for you to handle it personally," Mitsuomi replied.

"What? Why me?" Bunshichi protested.

"Because I can trust you not to pick a fight with him," Mitsuomi answered.

Souichiro sat alone in the rain. He had lost. For the first time in his life he had lost a fight—and in a big way too. All his life he had been shunned by his peers and he had made the choice early on not to allow himself to be victimized by anyone when the neighborhood kids ganged up on him. He had beaten all four of them at once and it had felt good.

He had continued taking on and beating down all comers until he built a reputation as someone you didn't want to screw with. When Bob had come along, they had been kindred spirits. Bob had also felt the cruelty of cultural bias, being clearly a gaijin in Japan, and the two had bonded over their shared experience, becoming an unstoppable team...until coming to Todo Academy.

However, it wasn't only losing a fight that bothered him; no, what bothered him most was that for the first time since he was a kid, he had felt fear. The power of that Takayanagi guy was horrifying. Even now a day later his face was a mass of cuts and bruises. One eye was swollen shut and he could barely open his mouth to eat without a great deal of pain. He was lucky he hadn't lost any teeth. And that wasn't saying any thing about his body. His lower back was still stiff and aching from where that guy in the tang has kicked him the first day. The worst part was that now he had to admit that the first guy hadn't even taken him seriously.

Souichiro didn't want to lose—couldn't afford to lose. If he did then it would be like letting all those assholes that had looked down on him and treated him like trash win. But to go up against a school full of monsters like that? What chance did he have? It seemed like determination and the will to fight wasn't going to be enough anymore.

Ranma was currently engaged in his new favorite pastime: attempting to remove Motoko's breast bindings while simultaneously occupied in a heated tongue battle with his lovely wife. The front of her kimono was loose and open allowing his hands inside. His own shirt was open and pulled down off his shoulders. Motoko was straddling his lap facing him.

Motoko moaned into his mouth as he finally freed her of the restrictive foundation garment and his hands found the soft flesh revealed. Ranma felt the tips harden under his caresses, standing out like fat pencil erasers. With a feather light touch, he stroked the outsides of her breasts and then lightly ran his thumbs around the bases of her turgid nipples drawing a throaty, purring moan from her.

"Ranma!" Motoko gasped as she broke the kiss to arch her back and press her breasts more firmly into his hands.

Motoko's body was on fire. Ranma's touch left trails of electric heat across her skin as he slid his hands up and pushed the kimono off her shoulders as his tongue found her left breast. She urgently tugged the kimono out of her hakama, casting it aside. Ranma's shirt followed moments after. They briefly separated so that she could pull Ranma's tank top off.

This was as far as they had been since having been under the effects of the Lust Dust, but any worries that they couldn't recapture that intensity were rapidly being burned away by the heat of their desire. Uncertainty had stopped them from going further than they were now, leaving both of them aching with unfulfilled need. She pushed Ranma back down on the futon and vowed tonight that need would be filled.

Motoko followed Ranma down pressing her breasts against his bare chest and capturing his lips in a scorching kiss. Almost immediately, Motoko was gone, leaving him panting and confused—at least until he saw her standing above him untying the cords of her hakama. With a sly smile she allowed the voluminous garment to fall to the ground before being kicked to the side. Reaching her arms up behind her head, she removed the ribbon binding her long raven hair, shaking the midnight-colored mane out in shining, silken waves. Now standing above him in only her damp panties, flushed with arousal, she pinned the raptly watching Ranma with a smoldering look.

"Tonight," Motoko said huskily. "I can't wait another night."

Ranma stared up at her, uncomprehending and lost in the lovely view she was presenting him, but the words soon penetrated through the haze of desire she was engendering in him. Hastily, he scrambled to undo the ties on his pants and kick them off along with his boxers. The material had no sooner hit the floor than Motoko was back on him, her lips seeking his as her breasts pressed tightly to his chest and his erection pressing against her belly as she straddled him.

Ranma's hands glided up and down her spine, kneading the muscles honed from years of swordwork they found there and making Motoko moan and whimper in pleasure. This didn't last too long, however, before Ranma deftly flipped them over so that he was now on top.

Taking the dominate position, he planted soft, light kisses along her jaw line and then down her neck. He paused briefly to suckle her breasts, causing her to squirm and pant before he continued on, his lips and tongue dancing down her taut belly.

"These are in the way," Ranma growled as he reached around under her legs and hooked the waist band of her panties.

Motoko obligingly lifted her bottom off the futon so he could pull them down and then she raised her legs straight up in the air allowing Ranma to divest her of the offending material. Ranma immediately returned to where he left off, breathing deeply of the musk of her arousal. Slowly, he began to lave around her moist center with his tongue, teasingly staying clear of the hot point of desire burning there and making her squirm in a futile effort to get the caressing organ where she needed it so badly.

"Please," she whimpered, grabbing his head and guiding it to the spot that was aching for his attention. "Please..."

Motoko gasped when he granted her wish and his tongue plunged between her swollen labia, drinking deeply of her essence, thoroughly exploring each fold. Motoko's body stiffened and one hand darted to her mouth as his tongue finally stroked across her button. She bit down on her fist and squealed passionately as he stoked her fire into a raging inferno.

When Motoko couldn't stand it anymore, she pulled Ranma's head away by the handful of hair she'd been clutching and guided him upward until he was poised above her, supporting himself on his elbows and looking deeply into her eyes. Her hand then reached down and grasped his rigid manhood, guiding to her opening.

Pausing at the brink of penetration, gazing deeply into her gold-flecked sienna eyes, he whispered, "My beautiful Samurai warrior..."

Tears of happiness flooded Motoko's eyes at hearing his words and then she sucked in a breath as he began to slowly rock into her warm, moist depths giving her the feeling of fulfillment she desired so ardently.

Some time later, the couple lay entwined and sweaty in the afterglow of their love making. Both were enjoying the feeling of contentment and closeness as they rested from their exertions.

"Motoko?" Ranma asked softly.

"Hmm?" she inquired wordlessly.

"Is this love?" Ranma asked, causing her to open her eyes and look at him.

"I hope so," she answered. "I think so."

"Me too," Ranma said, a small, happy smile appearing on his face and he snuggled closer to her. "I love you, Motoko." Tears flooded Motoko's eyes again as a brilliant smile bloomed on her face.

"I love you too, Ranma," she answered, her heart singing with joy.

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