Pokegirls: Tendo Indiscriminate Taming School: Welcome to My Parlor... (DARK) (LEMON) [Episode 206293]

by Red Priest of the 17th Order

Running along the underbrush and cutting through to make distance, Ranma was intent on getting away from the angered girl on his heels.

“RANMA NO HENTAI!” Akane roared, brandishing her mallet as she tried to catch up with the target of her ire. This world was just so perverted, just so evil! And she knew that by being here, Ranma would take advantage of all the perverted things it had to offer! She had to give him what for, and vent some stress at her being a possible target to have sex with for men everywhere.

“HEY!” The pigtailed martial artists called back between swiped of the mallet. “It ain’t like I WANTED to end up here with ya... ya tomboy!” Thus, Ranma did what did he did best... stuff his foot into his mouth.

Seeing red from the remarks, Akane growled as she tried to take another swipe at the target of her ire with her mallet.

Yelping, Ranma ducked and rolled forward, getting back onto his feet as he continued to run for it. “HEY! Watch it!” He yelled back at Akane while dodging the mallet, making sure to jump. Stupid tomboy might kill him if she actually hit!

“RANMA NO BAK~AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Akane screamed as she suddenly fell down a crevice with a decent slope into the ground, which Ranma had avoided on reflex while trying to avoid his fiancée’s temper.

“Eh?” He turned back and saw his fiancée missing in action and his eyes widened in horror. “Akane!” Ranma yelled as he ran back and jumped down after her. Stupid stubborn Tomboy! She wasn’t as good as he was and a fall from that height might just kill her!

However, as soon as he landed on a ledge half-way down into the pit-like area, Ranma went wide-eyed. There was Akane, squirming about what looked like a very large spider’s web. “What the hell? “ He gasped out in shock at the sight. Shaking his head to get his senses back, He called out, “Akane! You all right?” He asked the latter part as he landed near the edge of the web.

Blinking her eyes a couple of times as she came back to her own senses, Akane squirmed a bit, wrestling with the stickiness. She raised her head enough to see the pigtailed annoyance standing off to the side. “Ranma, you idiot!” She shouted in a fit of anger. “Do I look... all...” she trailed off as she was staring at the large form coming out from the shadows.

The overall presentation of the being made Akane’s jaw drop in shock. It was some sort of spider taur-like woman with a carapace of pure ebony, with the exception of two rows of three red dots along the back of her shoulders. Her eyes shone blood-red as it stared down at her captive. “Arachnae!” The pokégirl shouted as she opened her mouth, a ball of sticky web shooting from her mouth that erupted in a spider-web net atop of Akane.

“RANMA!!!” The youngest Tendo screamed as she was suddenly being enveloped in a growing cocoon of spider-webbing...

“Oh crap...” said the Shadowcat as she came to a stop next to Ranma. “It’s an Arachnae! One of the tougher Bug-type Pokégirls to come across...”

Turning his head to look at the arrival, the pigtailed martial artist then shut his eyes shut as to suppress the fear growing in him. He had to not think of this feline as a danger. She seemed to know what was going on. “A what?” Ranma asked lowly. As he opened his eyes, he growling as he saw what the thing was doing to Akane. “HEY! Claws off, creep!” He yelled as he jumped forward.

“Wait! Don’t!” The Shadowcat yelled after her , but it was too late. She was surprised as his jump got him all the way to where the Arachnae was, his kick knocking her away from the crazy tomboy...

...of course, that ended up with Ranma then getting stuck onto the web. “Aww, damn it!” He cursed.

Although the majority of her was tied up already, Akane, could still see. She tried to yell at Ranma to do something to save them, although it was muffled.

The Shadowcat winced as she saw the situation her new owner had gotten himself into. “Don’t worry Master!” She called to him. “Bug-types may be the one Pokégirl that has the elemental advantage on me, but I’ll protect you!”

Using her lower legs to turn herself about and right-side up in her place on the web, the Arachnae hissed in anger as she glared at the human male and the Shadowcat with anger in her eyes. She opened her maw, her mouth dripping poisonous fluids.

Backing up, the martial artist was automatically on the defensive. “Okay, now that’s just creepy...” Ranma muttered while he watched the fluids which dripped ate away at the webbing that he and the spider-thing were standing on.

As her poisonous drool finally started to cap, the Arachnae had her full attention to the male human stuck within the confines of her web’s surface. She opened her mouth wider, and used the Stringshot technique, splattering a quick wiring of webbing all around Ranma to immobilize him enough. Satisfied that he was caught, she then turned her attention to the screaming female, as she began to cover her faster rate with her regular, and much stickier Web technique.

“Oh no!” The Shadowcat shrieked before she disappeared into thin-air. She then reappeared right next to Ranma, before she held onto him and disappeared once again. As miraculously as she had disappeared and first couple of times, she reappeared in the original spot she had been perched, along with her now string-free master. Teleport was a most amazing and useful technique, after all. “Are you all right, Master?” The Shadowcat asked of her studly pigtailed owner.

“I think-ACK!” Ranma cried out as he suddenly jumped back from the black-furred feline female. His hand going over his chest to try and calm the beating, Ranma was taking deep breath. Damn it, he was so not going to get used to this anytime soon!

The reaction she got caused the pokégirl to frown. Maybe he was just in shock about the Bug-type that was going to eat the Tomboy? Too bad really, but she hadn’t been ordered to save her, and... Well, damn, she was completely covered in webbing now!

It was as the two looked at covered Akane, the Cheetit finally caught up with the group. “Damn it!” She cried out in exasperation. “Don’t leave me back there like that again! This forest is so dense, I can’t run through it well... woah...” She trailed off in shock, gasping as she caught sight of what her new master and Harem-sister were looking at. “That Tomboy’s gonna get eaten...”

“WHAAAT!?” Ranma yelled in shock at the spotted pokégirl’s proclamation. He turned to get a good look at the scene going on before him and realized that WAS what was going to happen. “Damn it! I can’t let that happen!!”

The Cheetit sighed. It was her master’s right to use her as needed, but she wasn’t going to like it. Her hand going to his shoulder, she offered, “Want me to do it? I’m not necessarily considered strong against Bug-types, but I’m better than Alice over there.”

“HEY!” The Shadowcat growled out. “It’s not my fault, Cyan!” She complained to her harem sister. “I’m a Dark/Psychic-type pokégirl! While I may be only really weak against one element due to such a combination, Bug-type is THAT element! She could really hurt me...” she then took a breath. “Besides, Master didn’t command for me to try and save her, and he didn’t command you either.”

The spotted cat-type blinked her eyes once, twice... “Oh yeah.” She then stood down and simply watched as the Arachnae hovered over Akane. After all, having been PokéBalled, the Cheetit, like many pokégirls before her, got conditioned cycled, and realized that she had to follow the will of her master and not act out on her own if she knew what was good for her!

Looking back and forth between the two feline women that creeped him out, the pigtailed man was becoming exasperated by how these two seemed to have no will of their own. What the heck was with them!? “Screw this...” Ranma muttered as he summoned forth his chi. He wasn’t about to let his uncute fiancée get eaten by some sort of ugly bug! “Mouko Takabisha!” He roared out as he thrust his hands forward, letting the chi blast fly forward to strike the arachnid-like woman head on!

Both the Shadowcat and the Cheetit stared as their master let loose a large ball of chi. “Wow! Does he have Fighting-type blood?” The Shadowcat asked no one in particular as the glowing ball of spiritual energy went roaring between the distance of her master and the Arachnae.

“If he does, it ain’t going to work...” the Cheetit said, speaking from experience. And as if to prove her right, the chi ball hit the Arachnae. Yet, even as it aimed true, the full brunt of the concussive force seemed to fizzle out against her. The Arachnae simply grumbled in annoyance before biting down onto the web-covered Akane with a spurt of red.

“AKANE!” Ranma screamed out in disbelief at his attack failing to stop that thing which was eating Akane. “WHAT HAPPENED!?” He demanded to know.

Wincing at her master’s screamed, the Cheetit Cyan nervously answered. “Uh... Arachnae and Bug-types in general have a superior element to Fighting-type pokégirls and techniques. You’d have only done half damage compared to full extent of your normal strength at best...”

Eyes wide at that explanation, Ranma shrieked, “What the hell can I do then!?”

“You can order us to try and fight for you...” Alice winced at the look he gave them. “Although I admit we couldn’t do much to help. We’re both kind of weak against her and... well, we could end up joining your Tomboy.” She looked down at the squirming form of Akane, the woman’s screams muffled as the Arachnae drank her blood from the side of her abdomen.

Ranma looked at the Shadowcat desperately. “There’s gotta be something you can do! Can’t you...” he bit his lower lip as he tried to think of something. “I dunno... teleport that thing over the edge of the cliff?” He asked as he pointed at the spider-thing. He really didn’t want Akane ending up as food for that beast.

Blinking her eyes at her master’s suggestion, the Shadowcat admitted, “I don’t think that’s how you PokéBattle, but...” she slowly grinned as a thought came to her. “I think I know just the place!” She then used her technique of Teleport once more, disappearing from her place next to Ranma. She then reappeared right atop the feasting Arachnae before disappearing along with the Bug-type!

Time passed for a few seconds before a very tired-looking Alice reappeared. “You’re right, Master. It did work!” She seemed rather proud of herself and her new master’s ingenuity. “Wow, I never thought one could PokéBattle like that!” She gave Ranma a very wide smile which unnerved him a little because of how she looked. “You’re a very smart master, Master. I look forward to serving under you.” She gave him a playful and knowing smile with that last part.

“Uh...” Ranma gawked a little as he tried to suppress the shiver of fear going up his spine. There were more important things to take care of at the moment! “Can we get Akane out now?” The state she was in was absolutely unnerving.

The Cheetit winced as she heard her master’s request. “She might be dead...” she warned him. She wasn’t hearing any noises, though the girl may have just passed out due to blood and air loss. Still, she could see how much her master liked that Tomboy so Cyan did as her master commanded. Landing by the webbing, she gently pulled the sticky web-covered Tomby off from the large spider web, trying to use her sharp claws to open up the sack. She let out a sigh of relief as she saw Akane was breathing, albeit shallowly. “She lives, Master!” She called up to Ranma.

Hearing that, Ranma sighed in relief as he slumped forward. “Good...” he mumbled lightly before calling out, “Okay, Cyan! Get her outta there!” If one thing was certain, he’d have to watch out for that stupid tomboy even more closely than he did before. Things were just too dangerous in this world!

The Cheetit carefully brought the unconscious girl out the pit. “I got her, Master. She’s injured, and is going to need medical attention. Fortunately, there should be some medical supplies with our former master’s things.” She made a face as she asked, “What are we going to do with the grandson of Stroak?” She may have disliked that little bastard that had been her previous owner, but she respected his grandfather.

Before Ranma could think of an idea i.e. one that didn’t involve beating a person black and purple, a very skunk-like woman burst though the brush. “What’s going on here!?” She shouted as she continued running to the group. Now unlike most pokégirls, this one was wearing a full outfit. Similar to military regalia out of Nazi Germany plus a red cape, this girl was also carrying what looked like a large firearm of some sort. She’d been attracted to all the shouting and noises while she’d been making her way through this forest maze and wanted to know what was going on.

Staring the blonde up and down, Alice whistled appreciatively. “Wow! That’s some nice clothing you got there. You must have a very giving master for him to afford you such clothing. Nice weapon too!” She gave the assumed pokégirl a thumbs-up.

The skunk-like girl looked the group over, a deep frown adorning her face. “Darn it! More of those Tamers! First some jackasses take Jeremy and Ichikoo captive, and now this!?” She aimed her weapon at the group menacingly.

Holding his hands up in a warding fashion, Ranma shook his head in a negative fashion. “No, no way! Not us! We ain’t here to cause trouble!” He may have been prideful and confident in his martial arts skills, but he didn’t like to fight against guns!

Seeming to put two and two together, Alice tapped her chin and nodded. “Oh, I get it. So you’re like our master then, not from here?”

To that response, the skunk-like girl blinked her eyes in confusion. “Wait... what?” She looked at Ranma curiously as she lowered her weapon slightly, understanding starting to dawn on her. “You’re not from here?” She asked the Asian male point-blank.

Lowering his hands and feeling relief as he no longer had the woman’s weapon trained on him, Ranma diplomatically answered. “Uh... nope!” Looking the put-off woman in the eyes, he tried to explain it as best he could. “Look, as far as I can tell, there was some sort of magical accident. An accident that ended up sending me here along with my fiancée and her two sisters!”

“Oh thank God...” Asrial breathed out a sigh of relief before looking into the male’s blue eyes, this time without the malice she’d been feeling. “Listen... my name is Asrial Salusia. My friends and I ended up here in some sort of magical influx as well.... well everything melted around us before going black.” She winced, as she realized she should apologize. “Sorry about that... mister...?”

“It’s Saotome Ranma, and it’s all right, understandin’ the situation and all.” Crossing his arms over his chest, Ranma nodded his head firmly. “As for the description you gave me... same here. But when we landed, we were attacked by some little jerk and his goons as soon as we came to.”

Hearing that made the Salusian wince. “I can also say the same happened... but it was a bunch of people in black uniforms with red R’s on them. They took down Ichikoo and Jeremy told me to run...” Asrial let off a depressed sigh. “And I couldn’t get any help! When I found people, they kept throwing these red and white spheres at me as soon as I approached them! And those hurt, you know!” She shouted angrily, just annoyed with the whole situation.

“Well, you do look like a Skunkette...” Cyan muttered, understanding how Tamers could mistake this new-comer for a pokégirl. “Not to mention that you’re very pretty. Any Tamer would want you as part of their Harem.”

Despite the situation, Asrial blushed through the white part of her facial fur. When she saw the group staring at her, she shook her head violently to shake off her embarrassment. “Look! We don’t have time! This group took my friends, and there are also these weird plant things about too! While running to find some help, I saw a bunch of them attacking a group of three sleeping males and three women. Two of the women looked like Asians, and the third was like an Elf!”

Ranma blinked and his eyes in surprise at that statement before they widened in understanding. “Hey! That sounds like the rest of my group and those jerks who attacked us!” He frowned as he realized the other two Tendo girls were in danger! They had no fighting skills whatsoever! “We gotta go save them!”

Looking down at the corpses of Gary’s lackeys, Nabiki couldn’t help but stare in open fear and awe. After the pokégirl had finished with them, they looked to be a combination of partially deflated and dried out. The more yellowish of the two Plant-type pokégirls slowly began reeling her vines from the two bodies that had been Jack and John, before they coiled underneath the numerous petals that served as a dress-like design on her. “How the hell did she do that to them?” She whispered to herself in complete disbelief. It seemed there was more to this world than being a mix of a PokéMon game and some pervert’s fantasy.

On Nabiki’s left and also stuck to the tree High Elf winced at the grotesque sight that had been left behind. She then spoke in low tones over to her fellow captive as to not get the attention of the two Plant-type pokégirls. “Weepingbutts are normally scavengers but they absolutely adore feeding on healthy, living tissue... those two unconscious males were no trouble for her to eat.” She looked over to her left at the unconscious Kasumi. “At least they didn’t eat your sister yet.”

To middle Tendo sibling’s right was the little bastard that attacked them. Tears pouring down his face, Gary was screaming his head off while he struggled with the sap that glued him to the tree. “I can’t believe she ate Jack and John! I don’t want to die! I want to go home! I want to go home!!”

“SHUT UP!” Nabiki shouted at the idiot. “We can’t go anywhere, can we!?” She asked angrily as she made her point by trying to pull herself free. Whatever that sappy substance was that the thing had spit at them all, it was effectively pinning them to the tree. When Gary started crying louder, Nabiki growled as she couldn’t believe her dumb luck. “This kind of stuff’s only supposed to happen to Akane...” she muttered to herself. Where the hell was that idiot jock Ranma when you really needed him!?

However, before Nabiki could wonder further on her situation, she was surprised as the very green-skinned girl walked over to them with a playful smile on her face. She was holding the knife which had been in a small scabbard alongside one of the lackey’s boots. “Vinebra...” the girl giggled as she started to cut Nabiki’s clothing free.

The most mercenary of the Tendo girls raised an eyebrow. “Oh great... did Happosai plant you or something?” It would just be her luck that the ancient pervert would plant something like this to get at her. At least, that’s what she told herself; while his sort of place, there was probably no way he knew about this world. What she was really trying to do with the banter keep her cool, but she could barely do that. She was victim of this thing’s non-existent mercy!

Once she had the human woman standing there nude, the Vinebra brought a hand up to push some of her vine hair out from her face. She then brought both her hands up to slowly caress Nabiki’s breasts for a moment. “Vine... bra!” She shouted in exclamation before pulling Nabiki free, the sap somehow finally allowing her to come loose.

The Weepingbutt grinned as her vines began to slowly uncoil out from under her skirt-like leaves before they struck out at the naked Nabiki. Her vines wrapped tightly around the helpless human woman, a vine going around each limb before they pulled towards the forest floor, bringing her down to her hands and knees while one vine threw several loops over her shoulders before it wrapped tightly around her neck.

When Nabiki opened her mouth to scream, the end of that bulbous-tipped vine drove into her mouth and down her throat. “MMRPH!?!?” The middle Tendo sibling’s eyes widened. What the hell was this thing doing? As the vine in her mouth started to plunge back and forth in her throat, Nabiki’s eyes widened in understanding. Dear sweet kami, it wanted to rape her! With a renewed sense of desperation, she struggled harder against the inhumanly strong vines that were holding her still.

“Vinebra, bra, bra...” the Vinebra seemed to laugh as she brought a hand down between her legs. She felt her love petals there for a moment, a green light shimmering along her fingers and the nearby patch of grassy area began to shimmer the same sort of light along numerous blades of grass before it suddenly happened. The grass blades uprooted themselves and seemed to move along an invisible wind. The pokégirl removed her hand and allowed the blades to form along the front of her pubic area as she used the ultimate Plant-type Sex technique: Grass Cock! With the blades smoothening out into a near-perfect shape of a man’s phallus, the pokégirl got on her knees behind her captive. Hands holding firmly onto her ass, she then plunged the faux-cock deep into Nabiki’s folds!

At the force of the sudden penetration, Nabiki’s eyes widened in horror. Oh this was not happening! She was NOT going to get laid by this thing!

But as the Vinebra continued to plunge back and forth inside of her moistening sex, the middle Tendo sibling had to face the truth. That was what was happening; the thing was forcing itself on her! “MMMMMPH!!!” Nabiki cried out around the vine that gagged her as she was taken roughly from behind. Her body jolted forward from a sudden smack to her ass.

Biting onto her lower lip, the High Elf couldn’t believe what she was watching. “This... this is horrible!” Those Plant-type pokégirls were taking the human woman so roughly, and she knew this would only be the start of it. Even if they were simply forcing her to be Tamed now, they would want much more of her soon.

“Horrible?” Gary asked as he watched with rapt attention. “This is incredible! Best Sex Battle ever if you ask me! And believe me, I’ve seen a lot of them before.” He sniffed his nose, trying to get the small droplet of blood that was leaking to stop.

Turning her head to look over at her former master, the High Elf glared at the rat bastard grandson of the famed Pokégirl Researcher Professor Alphonse Mahogany Stroak. “By the Thousand Gods, you really are such a douche!” She shouted at the human whose morals were lower than a sea-slug’s belly.

“Bra, bra, bra!” The viridian shaded pokégirl laughed heartily as gave her victim’s pert ass firm slap after firm slap. She held on tighter to those soft, fleshy butt-cheeks as she began to plunge her faux-dick harder and faster into her pussy. She licked her lips as she could literally taste the sexual fluids she was sucking into her body through the Grass Cock technique.

As the Vinebra introduced her special technique to their victim in an intimate way, the Feral Weepingbutt threw several more loops over the human’s head. Her vines seemed to suddenly blur for a moment as dozens upon dozens of thin, tiny rootlets grew rapidly from them and down into Nabiki's skin, digging in through the young woman’s pores. The bulbous heads of the two vines holding her arms opened up, revealing what looked like little suction cups which then latched onto and sucked on her nipples.

At the sudden change to the treatment she was getting, the middle Tendo’s eyes widened in shock and disgust. “MMMMPH!” She tried to protest, but kami! That thing really knew how to make a girl squirm and feel awesome... Nabiki’s eyes widened as she felt herself cum and HARD around the faux-phallus that was plundering her insides. “HHHHHGGGDDSSSS!!!”

Yet even as she was being brought to orgasm and in the midst of it, Nabiki’s mind was active. She couldn’t believe she was cumming from this rape! But then... dear kami, when was the last time she actually got it this good? It was rather sad to think that being raped by two vegetation women was the best sex she had in the longest time, but her body was enjoying it...

Feeling her meal cum, the Vinebra seemed to revel in the feelings as her Grass Cock continued to slowly absorb the sexual fluids as the human woman gave them off, feeding the pokégirl what her victim had to offer. As she ate she nodded her head to her partner, motioning for the other pokégirl to begin eating as well.

Nodding her head in return, the Weepingbutt went to work. The pokégirl forced her victim’s body to relax as the rootlets of the vines delivered a small dosage of neurotoxin, slowly rendering her body immobile as the toxins began to shut down her large muscles groups. The yellow-green vines slowly turned a bright violet in coloration as they began to absorb fluid and nutrients from her, the pokégirl now starting to feed on Nabiki as it previously had the two men.

Feeling a numbed pain jolting through her body, Nabiki knew this was it. “MMRRPH!” She tried to cry out around the thrusting vine in her throat, but to no avail. The Tendo girl couldn’t help but begin to cry, tears trailing down her cheeks as she realized she was being murdered for food and there was nothing she could do to stop it. “Oh please, someone help me!” She thought fearfully.

Fortunately for the woman, her prayers were answered as a mess of people rushed into the clearing from amidst the thick growth of trees. “Leave them alone!” Asrial roared as she aimed her weapon and shot a stream of flame, hitting the yellow-skinned pokégirl directly.

Her eyes widening, the Weepingbutt pulled back as her backside was suddenly aflame, her vines disconnected from her and stuck to Nabiki; a defensive measure of the Weepingbutt biology. The Feral pokégirl ran into the forested area, screaming louder in pain as she made distance between herself and her attacker, leaving small patches of flame here and there on damp wood that would go out with a small passage of time. It was a good thing it had rained last night, lest it be the start of a forest fire.

“Vinebra!!” The green-skinned pokégirl growled menacingly at the new group as she slapped her hands on Nabiki’s ass, grinding the Grass Cock into the human’s folds in a show of dominance. She snarled as she saw the Skunkette come towards her with the obviously human weapon.

Pointing the Salusian rifle right in the Vinebra’s face, Asrial growled back. “This is the only warning you get. Leave now.” A small flame was still flickering at the nozzle end of the weapon as she had it in flame-thrower mode.

Shivering at the sight of fire, the Vinebra realized that retreat would be the better part of valor here. She relinquished her hold on Nabiki, slowly withdrawing the faux-cock. As she did, the plant phallus broke apart into blades of grass, the Vinebra meanwhile rising to her feet. Staring at Asrial angrily, the Plant-type pokégirl then turned tail and ran, disappearing deep into the woods.

The pigtailed martial artist rushed over to and dropped down by Nabiki’s side. “Nabiki!” Ranma yelled as he picked up her nude form and cradled her gently. “Please! Say something!”

Opening her eyes slowly, Nabiki looked up at Ranma with vision that was blurred for a few moments before finally clearing up. She could see the worry on the idiot’s face and somehow... that made her feel better. “What... took you so... long?” She managed to gasp out before pant of breath. Yet even with what had occurred, she couldn’t help but smirk slightly at the dumb jock. It was a relief to see him.

However, before Ranma could say anything to Nabiki, his Cheetit answered for him. “Master’s Tomboy was injured!” She shouted as she cradled the unconscious Akane, the right side of her clothing a dark red in coloration, turning black. “We need to get former master’s med-kit!”

“HEY!” Gary shouted in indignation. “That’s my stuff! I paid for it!” He roared at Alice as she began to go through his backpack

“Oh, shut up!” The black-furred feline pokégirl called back to the rat bastard Tamer. “Master needs it more than you!”

“HEY!” Gary shouted once again at the Shadowcat. “What the hell are you talking about!? I OWN YOU!”

“Not anymore!” The Cheetit smirked as she answered for her sister, for them! She smiled wider as her former master yelled in indignation. Served him right, the little bastard!

Coughing out to try to clear her throat, the Magic-type pokégirl spoke up. “Um... Alice? Cyan? Would one of you be so kind as to let me and the other human woman down now?” The High Elf asked in a soft, demure voice.

“Oh, sure Cassandra,” Alice replied. She then took the knife that had been thrown onto the ground, making sure to bend over in a way to give her new master an excellent view of her ass before she stood up. Walking over to the bound pair, she began to cut away slowly at the hardened sap holding the High Elf and the eldest of the human women.

A deep frown on his face, the pigtailed man felt just awful for what Nabiki had gone through. “I am so sorry about this Nabiki...” Ranma apologized as he gently pulled the vines off from Nabiki, the sensation of him pulling the roots out feeling to the middle Tendo daughter like she was getting waxed; numerous hairs being plucked out at once by the root. “I hope that doesn’t hurt too much”

“...Owww...” Nabiki deadpanned. Really, it did hurt like the dickens, but it wasn’t that bad, nothing compared to what it liked to have fluids being sucked out of her from various junctions of her body. Looking over to the Cheetit tending to her sister, at least she could honestly say she was better off than Akane was. Poor girl looked half-dead. Whatever attacked her really tore into her.

And it was that realization that made Nabiki really try to take stock of their situation. At first, she guessed this could be like PokéMon, and it was in some ways... only it was a lot more dangerous than the actual game... it was real, and the wrong choices could cost them their lives.

But first things first! They needed to get healed up and find out who this new skunk-like woman was!

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