Harem Kunoichi: Haruno Sakura (LEMON) [Episode 206146]

by O.M

He was about to address the person when he heard a soft, "Ranma...?"

"Sakura?" He looked toward her shadowy form by the door. "What are you doing here so late at night?"

She took a step towards him, "Ranma... I'm sorry, but I just couldn't get you out of my mind..."

Ranma looked at her in confusion. "Look, if it's about that scene with Tenten, I can explain... Dammit, Sakura can't you wait 'til morning to kick the shit out of me?"

"I don't want to hurt you, Ranma. I don't care about you and Tenten." She was only footsteps away from where he sat on his futon.

"You... you don't?" He didn't take his eyes off her for a moment. When Sakura wasn't hitting him he always became very nervous. Something was defiantly strange about her and he didn't trust it.

"No Ranma..." She stood before him now, illuminated by the moonlight coming from the window. What he saw shocked him. "I want to be with you... just for tonight..." All she wore was a short, almost see through gossamer nightgown. He could see the curves of her figure through the fabric, and the line of her legs from under the hem. "Please Ranma... Please don't send me away..."

Vaguely he noticed his father was not in the room. "But Pop..."

She knelt before him on the futon and touched the side of his face ever so slightly. "Don't you remember Ranma? Everyone has gone away..."

He gulped, his body was starting to react to her presence. "Sa... Sakura?"

"Yes Ranma?" Her hand had gone from his face to his chest, where his heart was beating fast.

"Wha... What do you want...?" He couldn't help but blush... *Oh man, am I hard... I wonder how she would react to that?*

A shiver ran down his aroused body as she whispered softly in his ear, "I want you to make love to me..."

He moaned softly when she rose and lifted the hem of her nightgown. His eyes never left her body as she slowly pulled the material up over her head. She tossed the gown to the floor. All she wore was a very tiny pair of panties and a shy smile. He gulped again. He could see just enough of her luscious little body to know she was either aroused or cold, and since it was summer...

He watched, his body frozen stiff, as she pulled his tee shirt over his head. When she had disposed of the offending garment she knelt so close to him he could feel her hard nipples brush lightly against his chest. His body decided to let his brain take over, he had so many questions, but he could only ask one. "Sakura... are you sure about this..."

"Oh Ranma, I've been sure since the first moment I saw you..." Her eyes suddenly began to tear up. "Ranma, please tell me you want me too... I couldn't bare it if you were to reject me..."

"I want you Sakura... Oh kami-sama do I want you..." He shuddered as her hand travel down his chest and stomach. Her fingers brushed his hard member through the material of his shorts.

His words were all the encouragement she needed. She stood and pulled him to his feet. She kissed his lips ever so softly and then let her mouth run down his body. Ranma couldn't move, the pleasure she was giving him was overwhelming. Her hands found the waistband of his boxers and she began to pull them down with a tug. He flinched as they snagged his hard penis. He reached down to help her and together they pulled them off with a little difficulty. It wasn't until he felt her hot breath on his member that he realized that she was kneeling in front of him. *Oh my God...*

"It's so big, Ranma. Are all men this big?" She touched it with her fingers. It jerked in response. "Oh!" She giggled, "Was that a good response?" He didn't say a thing, once again his body was frozen in place, and his brain frozen in neutral. Her fingers touched the very tip of the head, feeling the small trickle of white liquid. "What's this?"

His tense legs almost buckled when he felt the very tip of her tongue lap up the creamy liquid coming from his loins, "Mmmm... It tastes good." He was reeling from this strange sort of penis worship. Sensation after wonderful sensation coursed through his body. When he was able to move again, he knelt down in front of her and grabbed her by the back of her head pulling her lips to his. He could taste his essence on her lips as he kissed her passionately. His hands fumbled with the waistband of her panties as he pulled them down and off. He could smell her arousal and it was sending him over the edge.

His hand traveled up her leg and to her inner thighs. Encouraged by her moan of pleasure and her hand guiding him, his fingers gently rubbed the outer lips of her wet flower. He continued to caress her until her breath started to come in quick pants.

She leaned back on the futon and spread her legs wide, "Take me Ranma... I want to feel you deep inside me..." As if his body had a will of its own, he moved toward her willing body. He wanted to bury his throbbing member deep into her wet velvet flesh. Deep... so deep... He wanted to lose himself inside her. He could feel the juices of her willing flesh on the head of his penis as he moved forward to push his length pass the lips of the entrance to her love cavern... and into the warm, tight place waiting for him inside...

He rolled off the futon and smacked his knee hard on the wooden floor. His eyes shot open and he looked up. Sakura was gone, his father was snoring softly across the room and he was hard as a rock. *Shit... Shit... SHIT!!!*. It was just a dream and he didn't know whether to feel relieved or upset about it. *Well I've got to do something about _that_*, he thought in deference to his throbbing and erect member. He sighed as he stood and made his way to the bathroom.

He walked into the outer part of the bathroom when he stopped short. Sakura was there with a vivid blush on her face. She quickly left the room, not bothering to say a word. *Well that was odd*. He began to remove his clothing when he noticed that there was something in the laundry basket. He looked closer.

It was a pair of Sakura's panties, and they were wet...

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