Red Rover: Stiffed (LEMON) [Episode 205375]


Ranma wiped the cum splatter from her lips, scooping up the thick goo with her fingers and licking them dry.  A part of her was repelled by the act, but the rest of her just could not resist the delightful taste.  The other hand continued to unconsciously stroke Ryouga’s shaft.  She turned back to the monster and leaned over.  He tongue flicked out and circled the glans, lapping up every last drop.  The sagging pole began to rise again from it’s little death.

“Hey!” Ranma protested as Ryouga’s hands scooped under her armpits and lifted her up.  “Put me down!  I need to taste it!  I want to suck you dry!  I don’t want to waste it!”

“Oh, I’ll put you down alright,” Ryouga grinned, and lowered her into position.  He loved the feel of her soft breasts press against his chest as she slid into place, and when she realised what he intended, he loved the expression on her face.

Ranma’s eyes bulged wide as the mushroom head jutted against her lowering pubes.  There was a moment of manly hesitation, but it quickly passed.  She’d already been ridden hard earlier and enjoyed it.  Besides, after sucking the boy off and swallowing his cum, it was a bit late to protest that she didn’t like it.  So she shrugged and wrapped her legs around his waist to wriggled herself onto the pole.

“My, you’re getting bolder, you pervert,” she scolded him playfully.

“Oh, like, you’re one to talk, you slut,” Ryouga threw back.  “Ohhh!  I can’t believe how tight your pussy is!”

“Hey, it’s not like I exercise the thing,” Ranma protested as she squirmed and bobbed around.  “Your trouser snake is only one that’s given it a work out.”

“Oh, sure.  I believe that,” Ryouga snorted and thrust in and out.  He looked down at her cleavage and grinned.  Why had he never thought of doing this with Ranma’s sexy body?  It had sure fixed his girl shyness in a hurry.

“What are you implying?” Ranma demanded in a huff as she was jiggled about.  Oh, he was so hard and stiff this time.  He seemed twice as swollen as she remembered.  Not that she was complaining, much, but wasn’t it supposed to get easier to fit?

“The way you flirt and tease guys so much, when this is what you really want?  You’re just a slut who loves to fuck and suck!”

Each word was emphasised with a rhythmic thrust, causing Ranma to moan, “oh, yes!” with delirium, before the meaning registered.  “I mean: no!  I’m not!”

“Oh, yes, you are,” Ryouga accused.  “Admit it. You’re just a slut who loves to fuck and suck!”

“I’m…” Ranma began, but Ryouga broke her concentration buy pounding cock into cunt.

“You’re just a slut who loves to fuck and suck!” Ryouga repeated, thrusting the statement home.  “Come on, slut, repeat after me, ‘I’m just a slut who loves to fuck and suck!’”

“Nohhh.  I…” Ranma moaned, delirious with orgasmic glory.  “I’m noohhh!  Oh, yes.  Yes!  I’m just a slut who loves to fuck and suck!” she admitted; anything to keep him thrusting home.  Besides, maybe it was true.  “I love to fuck and suck and come so much!”  Ranma came hard, and felt Ryouga squirt deep inside her in answer.

“Aheeheheheh!” Ryouga gloated as he dropped his sweat soaked fuck onto the bed.  He loomed over her, still embedded in her cunt, and spunk squeezed out the tight puckered lips  He grappled her teats in his ham fists and squished them hard.  Nipples popped hard between his fingers, and he tweaked them mercilessly, delighting in the way it made Ranma moan.  “I knew it.  This is all your fault, Ranma, and you’re going to get what you deserve.  I’m going to fuck you senseless!”

“Hah!” Ranma cried.  “Just try!  I dare you!  I’ll fuck you under the table.”

“You know what, Ranma, you talk to much.  Akane, come sit on her face.  Put her mouth to good use for a change.”

Akane didn’t like the way Ryouga was trash–talking her master but, on the other hand, she was feeling a little neglected and having someone else like her clit would be nice.  “Arf!”

“Why you, murphle!” Ranma protested as Akane bounced into place.  Then she was too caught up in the compulsive joy of pussy licking to care.  She had something to suck again, and a cunt was as good as a cock.

Ryouga grinned and kissed Akane.  “Come on, girl, lets give the slut a fucking she’ll never forget!”

Why the hell did I do that?’ Ranma wondered as she regained consciousness.  The magic sweets had worn off, leaving her with no compulsion to suck anybody’s cock, but a vague memory of having really enjoyed herself.  It all seemed like a dream and the less… admitable details were already fading or being glossed over.  She licked her lips, tasting Ryouga and Akane’s juices, and shrugged.  ‘Oh, well…

Ranma lay drenched in sweat and buckets of cum.  Her belly seemed swollen from the amount Ryouga had unloaded into her now much used pussy; she was filled to bursting with cum and leaking gobs from her poor pussy.  The stud seemed to have been inspired to heights and just would not stop until Ranma had passed out.  Possibly, a rueful Ranma reflected as she stroked her cum drenched nether lips, not even then.  She hated to admit it, but the boy had won the challenge.  Though perhaps she could claim that using Akane to overload her senses had been cheating?

Loosing a challenge somehow seemed more important than what the challenge had entailed.

“Yo!  Where is the stud, anyway?” Ranma asked his pet as she pried herself out of the mess.  The sheets might need to be cleansed with fire, they were so soiled by sweat and spunk.

“Woof!”  Akane barked, then blushed in embarrassment.  “I mean, he went to shower off.  Only…”   She pointed.

“Uhm, yeah, only the shower’s that way,” Ranma agreed.  “That way is the hall way.  Damn it!  He’s gotten lost and left us.”

“I’m sure he didn’t mean to,” Akane remarked.

“Yeah, he never does,” Ranma said sourly.  “Only, I don’t suppose he paid on the way out, did he?  He’s stiffed us with the bill.  The room’s rented by the hour!  How long was I out?  Cheeses, look at this mess.  They don’t charge extra for cleaning, do they?”

Too focused on money matters, Ranma didn’t pay attention to the fact that Ryouga’s splooge inside her had lasted beyond Sweet Temptation’s “no regrets” enchantment.  Not that Ranma had read nor understood the spiel on display over the counter.  To worried about cleaning up, Ranma didn’t pause to clean herself out.

“Hey?  What are these little balloons for anyway?” Ranma asked, pausing her martial arts maidcraft technique to pick up a pack from the bowl by the bedside.

“Uhm…  I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about,” Akane said nervously.  “Er, why don’t we pay Doctor Tofu a visit tomorrow.  Just to check you, uh, me out.”

“Why?  Are you feeling ill?”

“Oh, no, I’m fine.  Well maybe Just a little queasy from the sweets.  Candy might not be good for me or something.”

“Better have the Doc look you over then,” Ranma agreed, then grimaced.  “Right, let’s go see what the damage to my wallet is.”

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