Demon Touch: The Sister's Room (LEMON) [Episode 204203]


The Tendo family sat in the living room along with Ranma, Genma had excused himself, several faces were looking with varying degrees of concern at the center of attention. A crimson skinned figure familiar to all there as Nabiki Tendo, only things were very different.

Ranma, for his part was remembering the conversation he'd had with Nabiki the night before.

"Nabiki, you're hot," he said worriedly, a hand on her blood-red thigh.

"Thank you, Ranma-kun," Nabiki said. "A girl does like to be appreciated."

"No...well, yeah, that too...but you...a fever," Ranma stopped in frustration. "You know what I mean, you are burning up."

"I feel fine," Nabiki waved it off.

Ranma frowned and, bringing Nabiki closer, feeled out a nub at the base of her spine, two others behind her shoulder and finally a pair of tiny knots growing out of her forehead.

After a week, there was no more white in Nabiki's eyes, and the brown had changed to a brilliant red similar to her skin. She was still as beautiful as ever, but it was like she was changing into something else.

"I get the changes," Nabiki said, brushing a lock of silvery hair out of her face, another change. "But I don't think there's anything wrong with them."

Ranma looked at her, silently interrogating her and getting to the worry behind the middle Tendo's surface.

"Well," she said. "There's nothing to do about it anyway."

"We can see Cologne," Ranma suggested.

Nabiki thought about it for a moment and then shook her head.

"Not yet," Nabiki said. "Let's try a doctor first. Anyway, they're going to make me go tomorrow, aren't they."

Ranma stood up straight away from his lover, surprised.

"Come on, that's my thing," Nabiki said. "Anyway, that's good, because while they're taking me to the doctor, you're going to be alone with one of my sisters."

"What...are you talking about?" Ranma asked.

"You feel it too, don't you?" Nabiki asked, sitting up herself and leaning forward. "There's supposed to be more of us. And that includes my sisters."

"I'm not a..."

"...a pervert?" Nabiki asked. "Ranma, a pervert would be doing this stuff against our wills, but you're not."

Ranma sullenly stayed silent, leaning back.

"Tell me I'm wrong and you haven't been watching other girls and feeling they should be with us," Nabiki said. "Tell me you don't feel...lonely...incomplete."

Ranma crossed his arms and sighed.

"I can't," he said.

Nabiki smiled triumphantly.

"So, what do I do?" Ranma asked.

"I...think, it'll just happen," Nabiki said. "If its one of the girls we're supposed to be with, and you're alone with them, it'll just happen."

"Nabiki, there is no argument," Soun insisted. "This 'allergic reaction' is going too far. Today, we're bringing you to the hospital, and there is nothing else you can say."

"Fine," Nabiki said, crossing her arms bitterly. "You're bound and determined to have some doctors poke and prod me, whatever."

There was a bit of real resentment to that, Nabiki hadn't had the best view of hospitals since the death of her mother. And these changes certainly seemed to be something something that could translate to the dreaded diagnosis...cancer.

"Oh my," Kasumi said. "We're just worried about you, Nabiki." Kasumi glanced toward Ranma silently pleading for him to tell Nabiki that she was just being silly.

Both Nabiki and Ranma wondered briefly if the elder sister knew what was going on between them.

"You've gone all black and red," Akane snapped.

"Except her hair," Ranma noted quietly, drawing a glimpse from Nabiki and then a flush and as Ranma realized he'd come close to revealing some intimate knowledge.

"How do expect us to react?!" Akane demanded, after watching Ranma out of the corner of her eyes.

"They aren't going to find anything," Nabiki insisted. "And then I'll become some sort of experiment. And it will be your fault."

"You're just being paranoid," Soun insisted. "Now, we have an appointment, so, we're going to go, the Taxi should be here in a moment. Get what you need together and then let's go on."

The man was being strangely stoic over this issue, perhaps he'd cried himself out over medical issues with his wife. Or maybe this was such a scary subject that he couldn't think right at it.

"Fine," Nabiki said, frowning.

It wasn't much longer that they were all in a taxi heading for the hospital, but as they came near the hospital, Nabiki cursed.

"What's wrong?" Soun demanded instantly.

"I left my homework at home," Nabiki said.

"I'll head back for it," Akane said instantly.

"All right," Soun said. "When we get to the hospital, you and Ranma shall go back to the house to get Nabiki's homework."

"What, why me?" Ranma asked.

"There's no sense asking Akane to go alone," Soun said.

"I can take care of myself, Dad," Akane insisted, but didn't otherwise protest the situation.

The taxi pulled to a stop as Nabiki smirked and quietly winked at Ranma when nobody else was looking.

The martial artist flushed brightly, and rolled his head up in apparent exasperation at being asked to perform another errand.

Akane was more than a little confused as she flew through the night sky in Ranma's arms.

She was worried about Nabiki, and at the same time something told her that everything was coming out as it should. Since she didn't understand that, or how it could be so, that feeling just made her more worried. And then there was the distraction of being so close to Ranma.

It shouldn't distract her, not right now, but it did. The feeling of being held safe in his arms as they traveled over rooftops was more the comforting.

It was intoxicating.

When they landed and Ranma set her down, she let go of him only reluctantly.

"Let's get the homework and head back," Akane said. "Do you know where she left it?"

"Listen, Akane," Ranma said following the other girl into the house. "I have ta tell you something."

"Not right now," Akane said. "We have to find Nabiki's homework."

So saying she turned and walked quickly up the stairs. Ranma took the short cut, leaping up and bouncing off a wall to land at the top of the stairs ahead of Akane.

"Listen," Ranma said insistently as Akane stomped past him for Nabiki's room. "Damn it, Akane."

Chasing after her again, after looking to the sky for some patience, Ranma turned into the room and saw Akane rifling through the papers on Nabiki's desk.

"Nabiki is going to be fine," Ranma said catching Akane and pulling her in to a comforting hug. "Her chi is strong and she's...she's just getting stronger."

"What do you mean," Akane asked, looking up to Ranma suspiciously, tears holding other at the brink of her eyes.

"I don't think she's...human," Ranma said.

"Not human?" Akane repeated.

"Not physically. Some of her chi stays the same, an' I think that's her soul...but..." Ranma shrugged. "I asked to her see Cologne, but she doesn't want to yet."

"You asked her..." Akane paused a moment and thought a crazy thought.

"Yeah, but she ain't listening to...mmph," Ranma blinked as Akane pulled him down and started kissing him.

The feeling of rightness he'd felt with Nabiki came down again, and he could tell it filled Akane too as she let him push his tongue into her mouth and closed her eyes as she dueled with it.

From past experience, Ranma would have preferred to pause and take the clothes off Akane and make love to her without the danger of accidental strangulation, but the passion of the moment wasn't going to let him.

He wanted this now.

Akane wanted this now.

There was no pausing.

He did, however, have a better idea of what the goals of this exchange were.

Moving forward, Ranma backed the youngest Tendo to the edge of Nabiki's bed and when her legs stopped, she pulled down Ranma on top of her, both of them falling down to the soft mattress.

Akane noted that Ranma's hands were surprisingly sure as they traced along her spine and her sides, as compared with her own motions, which struck her as more unknowing as things progressed.

As Ranma broke off the kiss to nibble at her ear, something he did with only slight hesitation, Akane found herself giggling and would later wonder how she'd forgotten her worry about Nabiki enough to do that.

Meanwhile, one of Ranma's hands were slipping under her school dress to tickle at her flower through the panties she was wearing.

She'd expected Ranma to go right for her chest when they started this, what with all his commentary on her chest, which was by no means flat any longer. She wasn't finding herself regretting the fact that Ranma was focusing elsewhere.

At the moment, Akane was just appreciating Ranma's apparent experience. Analyzing it would come later when the initial rush of discovery had passed. There was only one point she had a complaint about.

"Quit taking it easy," Akane gasped. "I can barely feel you on top of me."

Ranma looked up from her neck to note the challenging look in her face.

Ranma was noting differences as well, Akane didn't have Nabiki's smooth skin. Her muscles were hard with frequent exercise and they were criss-crossed with small imperfections: scars from knicks and cuts, bruises from that day's physical education events.

There was nothing remotely boxy about Akane's form, no doubt was left in Ranma's mind that she was anything but female. Though the thickness of her muscles meant some of the stuff that worked with Nabiki just didn't seem to even tickle Akane...or else just tickle her.

He'd been afraid to grip tightly, since too much pressure would have broken Nabiki, but this wasn't Nabiki. Akane needed, and had vocally demanded, a firmer hand.

Ranma pulled Akane's panties down from her legs, and hiked the skirt up before thrusting into her firmly. Gratifyingly, Akane's face was overwhelmed by the sudden surprise and she arched her back.

With the second thrust, one of her arms had come free from the overall-skirt's shoulder band and the partially unbuttoned top started pulling open, revealing the over-packed bra underneath.

Akane's legs locked behind Ranma and pulled tightly in time with the thrusts as her hands roughly pulled his face to hers for a full kiss that let her send all the spirit of her passion and screams into Ranma and let him swallow it all.

When she came, and she noted that he was driving at the "sweet spot" before she knew where it was herself, she screamed out into Ranma's mouth, blowing air and voice into his lungs and almost making his eyes pop in their sockets as he kept thrusting, to finish himself off and work her back up.

From there the energy started to wind down unto both Ranma and Akane lay spent entwined with each other, atop Nabiki's bed.

A long moment later, they both sat up and Akane fumbled quietly with her top and overalls to set them right.

After a long moment, Akane took a deep breath and said quietly.

"You're sleeping with Nabiki," she said in a simple tone, not an accusation, jsut a statement of fact.

"" Ranma demanded.

"Oh please," Akane said. "Usually the first time you do something it's a near disaster, but you knew what you were doing this time, and part of it you were showing me what to do."

Ranma looked down and flushed.

"Yeah," Ranma said, shifting to the side nervously. He was waiting for Akane to find something heavy and hit him with it.

"I don't know what to do," Akane said. "I don't even quite know why I did what I just did."

"Are you sorry?" Ranma asked.

"No," Akane said instantly. "Just...what's going to happen with, that's not a problem, is it?"

Akane now looked to Ranma in accusation.

"Well, she sort of...umm, set this up," Ranma said.

Akane stared at Ranma in...not surprise...somehow she wasn't surprised. She should be, but she wasn't.

"She said that if we were alone together, it would just happen," Ranma said, shrugging.

"There's something more to this," Akane grumbled. She rolled her eyes and Ranma blinked.

"Akane, look up to the sky and just move your eyes," Ranma said.

"What? Why?" Akane asked, turning to Ranma.

"Just do it," Ranma said.

Shrugging, Akane looked up toward the ceiling, keeping her head still. When she heard Ranma grumble she looked back at him.

"What is it?" she asked.

"The backs of your eyeballs are black," Ranma said.

"Is it happening to me now?" Akane asked quietly.

"Maybe we should go back to the hospital, Ranma suggested.

Akane nodded, feeling a bit cold.

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