Demon Touch: The Audience at Home (LEMON) [Episode 204191]


Contrary to popular belief, Nabiki was not the financial hub of the Tendo household. The dojo might not be taking students, but Soun still got his Stipend from the local council, and Kasumi picked up money by catering out her services for local events, or renting the dojo for event space.

As happened tonight, Kasumi was catering a Council meeting at the district hall, taking both the elder daughter and the father out of the house to earn the house's keep.

Akane was out with her friends for the night, hanging out and studying a few subjects, and she planned to sleep over for the night. Genma was out avoiding Happosai. Happosai was out for...whatever.

And that left Nabiki in control of a valued resource: the house-hold's single working television set and the new cable Kasumi had recently sprung for.

Eagerly, she rubbed her hands together and plopped herself on the floor with the remote and some cookies.

"Hey," a voice behind her said, and she remembered, all of a sudden that Ranma was still present. "What are you watching?"

Nabiki rolled her eyes and looked back at the martial artist as he sat on the sofa with a bored look.

"Nothing yet," Nabiki said. "I just got here."

Part of her was a little bit disappointed that she'd have to share her TV watching, but there was a small part there that appreciated Ranma's presence. Especially where he was, with a good view of her recently improving rear-end.

She gave that rear-end a little jiggle and hid a smirk at Ranma's reddening before looking back at the TV and starting to scan through channels.

There was nothing in particular that she wanted to see on today, as far as she knew, so she just clicked after a couple of seconds ascertaining that there was nothing she wanted to see and going on to the next one.

Usually if she was going to be alone with the TV, she looked at the schedules ahead of time, there just wasn't that much warning this time.

"Would you just pick something?" Ranma asked behind her.

"You could go somewhere else and...train or something," Nabiki suggested, looking back, irritated.

"That soun..." Ranma cut off, his face turning seriously red as the sound of heavy breathing came on from the TV.

Curious, Nabiki turned around and found herself reddening as well at the sight of a cheap pornography in full swing on the TV in front of them.

A presumably well hung hunk, though the movie was careful about showing much below the waist, had a beautiful, big-boobed woman bouncing up and down on his crotch.

Ranma and Nabiki stared at the screen with identical blank expressions, equal parts embarrassment and fascination.

As positions changed, Nabiki and Ranma's heads both twisted to the side, then back straight up and then to the other side. All in synchronization.

"I didn't know we got this channel..." Nabiki said faintly.

"Is that even possible?" Ranma asked as the scene progressed.

Nabiki blinked, coming out of her daze a bit.

"I don't think its real," she said, turning to face Ranma. "I think the real thing is a bit more...I don't know..."

"So this isn't real?" Ranma asked focusing on Nabiki then, and breaking his fascination with the porn on the screen.

"Oh hell no," Nabiki said, dismissively waving her hand and coming to a seated position facing Ranma.

Ranma glanced to the screen after a particularly loud scream and then back to Nabiki with an "are you sure" expression.

"Listen," Nabiki said, smoothly standing up.

She was fit, not having near Akane's muscle mass or definition, but her jogging left her smoothly toned and graceful, and with the sex-scene in the background Ranma was more aware of that fact.

"This isn't even a well-done movie," Nabiki said, moving in closer to Ranma. "You can tell by the film quality. The girl on top of him comes all the way off on every bounce, she'd probably mash his penis if he wasn't wearing something. And I'll bet sure this scene started with a line like..." and here Nabiki posed with a bimbo posture and adapted a high-pitched air-headed accent. "...'oh how big and strong you are Mr. Plumber, why don't you try fixing my pipes too.' And then..."

In a flash of mischeivous inspiration, Nabiki darted forward to kiss Ranma on the lips, intending to startle and embarrass him into some amusing reaction. As soon as her lips touched Ranma's however, she felt something...right.

Ranma likewise, as Nabiki ducked in at first intended to scramble away from the girl, but then the kiss started and something sparked.

Nabiki's face was an exercise in rapture and confusion as she continued the tentative kiss, her hands reaching out and leaning against the sofa's back and arms.

Ranma shifted in a mix of comfort and uneasiness as Nabiki's body hovered over his, her shapely breasts pushing against the slightly too small t-shirt and hovering just short of pressing against his chest. He couldn't see them, but he could feel their presence inches away from his body.

The martial artist's hands reached up to Nabiki's arms, rough hands tracing softly along her soft skin.

Lips parted and the simple kiss began to involve tongues, but the bodies stayed separate, only Ranma's hands holding Nabiki's arms. Up until Nabiki's knees bent and her body lowered itself on top of Ranma's.

Weight freed from Nabiki's hands, they started to pass over the silk shirt that covered Ranma's chest, undoing togs as she found them. Ranma's hands meanwhile reached around behind her, pushing up the fabric of her t-shirt.

Nabiki's arms came up and then her head, breaking the kiss holding Ranma and her together. Then Nabiki was on top of Ranma, looking down into his face uncertain and eager all at once, her chest heaving under her uncharacteristically innocently white bra, which hadn't been the right size since last week.

With the simulated sex in the background and the sensations they'd had just this far, there was no question of stopping. Curiously, not even the thought of Akane's reaction bothered them, something that would only occur to them later. The only problem they faced was not being totally aware of where to go from here.

Ranma made the first move after that break, reaching up to nuzzle into Nabiki's neck, kissing at her there and pulling her close. Nabiki, reacted by trying to push Ranma's shirt off of him, and succeeded in becoming entangled with it and there for Ranma.

Things became a little more hectic after they'd gotten tangled up and each had one arm more or less limited in ability. A hand rested on Nabiki's rear, slipping in under her shorts and panties and pulling them down as the middle Tendo's eyes closed and she drew in a stuttering gasps.

One of her legs reached up along Ranma's body, showing she had a bit more flexibility than her younger sister. Pulling the leg down she tried to catch on Ranma's tie-string pants, making several attempts before succeeding as Ranma explored the regions of her neck and upper torso.

The ill-fitting white bra snapped painfully across Nabiki's back, leaving a long, thin welt that she'd find later and adding the strong elastic fabric of the bra to the tangled mess of clothing that had their torso's bound together.

As they worked to untangle their upper bodies several near misses between Ranma's manhood and Nabiki's womanhood inflammed them further, but they were still mostly focused on freeing each other so that Nabiki's breasts would be mashed less and caressed more, each thinking, based on what little they knew from pop-culture, that was the best part of sex.

The tip of Ranma's erect cock slipped into Nabiki's folds and out again and both lovers stopped, their focus changing from their upper-bodies to their lower very suddenly.

It didn't take long to reposition themselves and then, Ranma made his first intentive thrust into the girl on top of him. The intake of Nabiki's breath, a short high-pitched scream at the end of it. The second thrust took him to the barrier of Nabiki's hymen and the third pushed it aside completely.

Then, pulled together by arms and tangled clothes, the warmth was spreading through their bodies and into each other as the thrusts continued. Nabiki starting now to thrust back into Ranma, and finding the sensation that much better.

Nabiki was still charged in Ranma came into her, and still clawing for more action and satisfaction. In the end, both lay back on the couch, catching their breath and watching as a second, or maybe third, porn movie was starting up.

They wanted to just rest there, but Kasumi and Soun Tendo would be coming home soon and there was certainly three things about the real thing as adverse the cheap porn.

The first was that the real thing was very, VERY, intense.

The second was that the real thing required a lot more coordination.

And the third was that the real thing was a lot...messier.

It took a bit of doing, but they had the living room clean just moments before the elder Tendos came home.

"How was the evening," Kasumi asked as she walked by Nabiki and Ranma casually watching a Jackie Chan marathon.

"Pretty boring," Nabiki said, not looking at Kasumi, her face burning hot as she said it.

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