Sex-toy Nabiki: Needs and Fulfillment (LEMON) [Episode 203671]

by Damion Kitsune

Nabiki surreptitiously adjusted her bra through her blouse as the teacher droned on. She was quite thankful that she had made it through most of the school day without transforming again. It would have been quite embarrassing, and hard to explain, if she had transformed in front of everybody else!

Still, she looked forward to her next encounter with Ranma. Giving Ranma blowjobs was surprisingly fulfilling - and she couldn't wait to see what it was like to take him up her cunt or ass. She was particularly looking forward to taking him up her cunt - it was high time she had sex with him the traditional way!

Of course, a little over twenty-four hours ago, something like that would have been merely a fantasy, but thanks to that ditzy genie, Ranma and Nabiki's relationship had taken a strange turn. Now, Nabiki had twice given Ranma a blowjob, and couldn't think of being with anyone but him - or not being with him. She just hoped Ranma felt the same way about her, and they could overcome or overlook the friction that had been between them prior to this - Nabiki couldn't stand the thought of him rejecting him now, and not just because that might trap her in her freakish four-legged form.

"Why is my bra so tight?" Nabiki wondered as she tried to focus on what the teacher was saying. It was difficult, considering how horny she was feeling. She was just glad her wish hadn't made her constantly horny - that would have made having a life difficult. She had found herself growing more and more horny as the day progressed, however, and couldn't help but wonder how much of that was her, and how much was the wish.

It was when she finally managed to pay attention to the teacher long enough to have something to write down in her note-book that she realized being horny wasn't her only problem just now - her hand felt misshapen and clumsy, and when she looked down at it, to her horror, she realized her fingers had become stubby, and her thumb swollen. She glanced down at her chest, and realized the reason her bra was tight was because her breasts had grown larger. She licked her lips, and found her tongue longer than usual and her lips slightly puffy.

She began to panic as she realized she was transforming in the middle of class! The only consolation was that it seemed to be happening much slower than the first time. Anyone who didn't look too closely at her wouldn't be able to tell the difference - yet.

She stuffed her hands in her pockets as she tried to think about how to solve this dillema. Obviously, she had to get to Ranma - preferably without drawing too much attention to hearself - or at least, to her changes. She couldn't raise her hand to get the teacher's attention - her hands might not have became feet yet, but she wasn't about to go waving them around, either. She could call out without raising her hand, but she worried her lips might have changed enough to interfere with her speech.

Deciding it was the best she could do, she got up and quickly strode to the door, saying quickly, "Nurses office!" once her back was to everybody. Thankfully, nobody stopped her, and she was able to get the door open despite her misshapen hands, which were more like feet without heels now.

With what dexterity remained in her hands, she undid several buttons on her blouse as she strode down the hall towards Ranma's classroom. She undid her bra, letting it hang freely in her shirt, and sighed in relief as she could breath freely again. As heels started to form on her hands, she broke into a run, absently noting that the feel of her huge upper breasts bouncing against the forming secondary breasts was rather nice.

The door to the classroom opening with a slam caught everyone in Ranma's class by surprise, and they only had a moment to glance at Nabiki as she called out, "Ranwa! Cow with we! Now!" She then spun around and stepped out of the view of the classroom.

Ranma had been lightly dozing when Nabiki showed up, but woke up instantly, and at the urgency of her voice, was halfway across the classroom by the time he called out to the teacher, "Sorry, gotta go!"

The teacher protested, but Ranma ignored him as Ranma bolted through the door and closed it.

In the classroom, the teacher sighed and decided not to pursue, while the students (especially the boys) debated whether Nabiki had had larger breasts than usual, or why she had a speech impediment all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, in the hall outside, Ranma asked, "Are you alright, Nabiki?"

Nabiki turned to face him, holding out her arms to show the feet at their ends, and the three sets of breasts straining against the fabric of her blouse. "I'w transforwing again!"

"Oh no! What are we going to do?!"

"We need to have sex," Nabiki said. "That transforwed we wack wefore."

Ranma blushed. "Right now? Here?!"

Nabiki rolled her eyes. "No. Sow-wlace wiwate. Wathwoom should work during classes."

Nabiki led him to one of the girl's bathrooms. Ranma hesitated at the door, so Nabiki reached out with one of her "hands", grabbed his shirt between her big toe and index toe, and dragged him in with her.

After double-checking that the bathroom was indeed empty, Nabiki flipped up her skirt, hooked her big toes into the waist-band of her panties, and pulled them down, even as her arms started to lengthen. She then allowed herself to get down on all fours as her transformation completed.

Nabiki looked at Ranma's crotch, and saw the bulge that showed he was as arroused by her transformation as the first time, and as she was. Turning so her ass was facing him, she said, "Take we in wy cunt!"

Ranma gulped. "Are... Are you sure?" If they did it this way, it would be another step - he would have taken her virginity.

"I'w sure! I'w been thinking awout it all day!"

"All right..." Ranma said hesitantly. He pulled down his pants and boxers, and approached Nabiki. He caressed her butt cheeks with his hand, marveling at how large and soft they were - probably an affect of the transformation they hadn't noticed the past two times. Nabiki gave a happy moan.

Knowing they needed to do this quickly to avoid being interrupted, Ranma lined up his penis with Nabiki's cunt, carefully inserted the tip into her wet snatch, then putting his hands on her hips to hold her in place, thrust in hard.

Nabiki squealed in pain and pleasure as Ranma burried himself in her all the way in one go. As soon as she could catch her breath, she advised him, "You're suwosed to wuild uw to it! You could hurt a girl if she's not ready!"

"Oops! Sorry!"

"No, you were lucky, I was ready. Now let's do this!" Nabiki began rocking her hips forward and back, and Ranma, getting the idea, began to thrust in and out.

The two pumped faster and faster, until finally Ranma emptied himself into her, and she let out a howl of pleasure.

A few moments later, as the two were laying on the floor basking in the afterglow, Nabiki felt a familiar tingle, and her body returned to its' natural shape once more.

"Phew! I'm glad that worked. I'd hate to have been stuck in that form at school, or to have had to get you hard again so I could give you a blowjob."

"Yeah, that's right, that is how you transformed back before. But if you weren't sure this would work, why'd you risk it?"

"I couldn't help myself. I've been dreaming of having sex with you the normal way since not long after we met; I refused to settle for oral sex any longer."

"You have...?" Ranma asked in surprise.

"Mmm-hmm. You are quite the hunk, you know. I just couldn't bring myself to try for a relationship with someone I thought of as just a dumb jock. ...But now, well, that doesn't seem to matter anymore."

"Hmm..." Ranma wasn't sure what to make of that. There was an insult in there, but for some reason he couldn't bring himself to respond in kind. Maybe it was pity?

Nabiki fought off the lassitude sex in her freak-form always gave her, and pulled up her panties. She got up, and re-secured her bra, even as Ranma put his own clothes back in order. As she buttoned up her shirt and dusted off her clothes, she said, "Well, we better get back to class."

Ranma nodded, and headed to the door. After checking to make sure no-one was in the hallway, the two stepped out and headed their separate ways.

As Ranma headed back to class, he pondered what they were going to do about this situation. It was obvious he and Nabiki were going to have to have sex on a regular basis now - something the other fiances would be sure to have objections to. Should he transfer the Tendo engagement to Nabiki? But the only thing the two had connecting them was sex and Nabiki's secret - was that really enough to build a marriage on? Ranma didn't know what to do.

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