Chained World Ninja: Intimate Weapons (LEMON) [Episode 202396]

by Kender

Her experience with matters of intimacy was spotty at best, and Tenten knew that. As she wasn't the sort of girl who easily acted in ways that got her quickly experienced in such things, she had to rely on what she had gone through, and what little she'd been told. Yet, she also wasn't stupid, and she easily understood what the uncertain look in her Master's eyes meant.

Knowing that he was too caught up in his own thoughts, she made the first move, and balanced herself on one hand as she used the other unclasp her blouse. That allowed the garment to hang free, and gave him the first glimpse of what lay below it. It wasn't easy for her, as she had never done that for a boy before, but her hand had not shaken as she did it.

It did give Ranma a nice view of her chest, which was framed nicely by the blouse, even if it was covered at the moment. Oddly enough though, his attention was also drawn to her exposed middle, which looked flat and smooth, save for the faint definition of muscle on her belly.

Recognizing that he truly was appreciating her body drew a warm feeling into the kunoichi, and she idly felt an urge to just let him look. Yet, she couldn't help but feel that she wanted to see more of him as well, and slowly reached down to pull his blanket off of him. Despite the surprise that drew from him, she just went on to push his undershirt off of his body. This allowed her to run her hands over his muscled chest, and felt curious tingles of pleasure as she felt herself drawn into a sort of rapture over being able to enjoy his form.

She knew that he was apparently very unsure at that moment, but wasn't about to leave it at that. Deciding that she was going to have to go all the way if she was going to go with this at all, she took off her blouse and tossed it over to the side before moving to grasp his hand at her hip. Hooking his thumb under the strap of the skimpy garment, she looked him in the eyes and nodded. When he looked like he wasn't clear on whether she really wanted him to do this, she just gave him an impatient expression.

Once he did start to pull her panties off of her, she almost sagged with relief. That wasn't to say that her body didn't droop, but that the comfort of having things continue was mixed with a sudden upswing of desire that had her feeling a tensing between her legs that she'd never felt before. It wasn't exactly 'helped' when he reached to brace her, but as she rather enjoyed the feelings that he brought up, she didn't mind one bit.

Of course, his instinctive grab had the pigtailed boy grasping a toned buttock that had been long firmed by her training regime. He squeezed it a couple of times as if trying to confirm that it was really what he was holding, but when he did realize exactly what he was holding, he almost looked like he expected to be hit. However, her only sign of distress was a wince, so he was left to wonder as to what he should do next.

This wasn't a problem for her, as she knew what she wanted, and yanked his underwear out of the way to free his stirring manhood. Seeing the swelling organ brought her short for a moment, but she began to poke at it almost immediately. Jabbing at it with her finger, she rolled it around almost in a circle before he grabbed her hand.

"Ya mind?" he grunted, clearly caught between annoyance and remaining desire.

The kunoichi immediately realized what she had done wrong and ducked her head a bit. "Sorry."

He answered with a grunt, but his following shiver didn't come from any sort of distress. Rather, it was in response to her apologetic massage of the organ, as she didn't know what she was really doing when she smoothed her slender fingers over that hardening shaft. All that she was aware of was that he was breathing harder, and it seemed that he was getting over his earlier pain.

Not that she seemed to want to avoid giving him some enjoyment with her body. Shucking her bra, she let him gaze upon her breasts without anything more covering her up than a blush. Her nipples stiffly crowned cleavage that wasn't quite as generous as some of the girls that she knew, but that wasn't a problem by a long shot. What she did have was pert and firm, with just enough jiggle to make them bounce quite nicely when she shifted her weight over him. They fit well in his hand as he cupped one and then the other, drawing a trembling sigh from her throat as she almost preened like a cat from his touch.

Actually, it seemed like she was almost content to let him continue just petting her breasts, which was rather surprising. Ranma clearly knew that they both wanted more, and it would take a move from one of them to get things to go further. Yet, it was like they were quite caught up in their fondling of each other, and he knew that he could easily get used to having the smooth length of her legs rub up against his, discovering that she'd had hidden their shapely curves under her pants.

However, he was aware that she wanted more, and he could see that she was torn in her eyes. It was obvious that she wanted more, but that she was enjoying herself too much to actually work for anything. Gazing back at him, she caught his intentions in his expression, and silently agreed with them.

With that quiet admission, he steeled himself for what he was about to do, and did it. Using a supple movement that his training in the Art had made him capable of, he twisted the two of them about so that he was on top of her. This knocked the wind out of her, and he let his lips thin as he looked over her for signs of injury.

"Ya okay?" he asked.

Tenten nodded, and smiled. "Just surprised."

"We don't haveta...."

"We do."


"Don't stop," she told him, spreading and raising her legs. "I need this."

Raising his brows, Ranma wondered if the weapon was that important to her, but dismissed that thought as he caught his first glimpse of the space between her thighs. He had heard of what was there before, and known what he was supposed to see in general terms, but that knowledge wasn't enough for him to be ready for what he saw. There was something almost... mesmerizing about those slick petals, and he knew that she was giving him a free view of what plenty of boys would have fallen over themselves to peek at. "Ya sure?"

"Of course."


"You have to do this. For me...."

Something in her voice sounded almost pleading, and he saw a need that he was almost certain was on an edge that only he could answer. Seeing that he would have to be the one to push things on, he grabbed her legs and held them up, which treated him to not only a clear view of her lower lips, but the sight of the tight curves of her buttocks as well. For a moment, he mentally stood on a precipice, almost as if caught on the awareness that he was about to fall in.

Pulling him to her was what finally caused their full joining, as he sank fully into her tight depths. A slight twitch was all that she needed to express as he brought her fully into 'being a woman', although she had little concern for that. Feeling him begin to thrust into her, with his thighs smacking against her as her own legs rested on his shoulders, was too good to ignore. Gasps, whimpers, and moans were all the noise that she could manage, and she had little trouble with letting him settle on the rhythm of their coupling. In fact, she wasn't about to let him stop, as she held onto him as best she could, combining a hold with her hands with a crossing of her calves over his back.

Not that she had to worry on that score, as he was too caught up to falter now. He'd heard all sorts of stories about what it would feel like to have a girl wrapped around one's manhood, but this felt so much better and more real than any of those locker room rumors. A part of him knew that he would have simply stared at seeing her breasts bobble with each thrust alone, and that it was just another part of enjoying what he had with his dark haired slavegirl. If nothing else, he could almost think that the look of utter pleasure on her pretty face was focused on him as a desired partner, which made things even better. Still, even if it was merely fulfilling a role and getting a power up that she felt she needed, it was overridden by the fact that she was more than willing and comfortable with the act which she had already agreed to repeat performances of.

Both of them didn't have much to really ponder or say about it at the moment, as they were too busy enjoying themselves to get that deep into reasoning. Right then, only sensation was important, and she enjoyed the feeling of him filling her up, as he groaned over how wonderful it felt to have her tightness squeezing upon him. Sweat slicked bodies slid against each other in an almost feral run of passion, as neither one was the sort to hold back from any activity, especially ones that they really desired, like this one. There was harsher exercises that they'd gone through that hadn't left them panting as they were, but those had never been as vigorous or as energized as the rush they were going through right then.

The sensation of his release into her was like a pulsing rush of pleasure, and she couldn't help but arch as she felt her own answering orgasm race through her. Had she been able to, she might have protested the idea that her squeal of enjoyment had come from her, but she was too overwhelmed how she was feeling at the moment. To tell the truth, it felt so good that when he slumped against her and nearly folded her in half, she didn't mind one bit. However, tired bodies couldn't hold that sort of position without some sort of restraint, so it was understandable as her legs slid from his body to drop to the futon. This allowed him to lay on top of her, with her breasts mashed up against his chest. But that was fine by the both of them, as they enjoyed the chance to lay closely with one another.

Feeling a warmth that wasn't simply just a result of the lingering pleasure that she felt, Tenten snuggled up to her Master, curling into his embrace as he instinctively drew them into laying on their sides, still intimately joined. Their legs tangled up and her palms rested against his shoulders as she settled as close to him as possible. Resting her cheek against his collarbone, she relaxed, feeling comforted by the fact that she'd gotten what she'd so desired. Not many slaves had the chance to be with a Master that they'd want to be part of a couple with if they'd been free, but she was one of the lucky ones. Combined with the joy over what she'd just experienced, she relaxed with the satisfaction of one who'd finally gotten to be with their desired partner.

Soon, the only sound from the tent was a light snoring, as Ranma's usual night time thrashing was not in evidence, what with the girl he was holding so tightly in his sleep keeping the sleeping boy 'busy', while:

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