The Club: Meeting A Lady... (LIME) [Episode 202172]

by JadeSparda

As Nabiki and Ranma left the lift, a voice called out to them: “Hi there Mistress Ruby! Good to see you again… When you see Red Queen, tell her I said thanks for giving me a hand with Snowflake here. Before that, she was nothing but trouble! She just kept fighting with me, always tried to break free at every chance… And just flat-out refusing to obey any command, no matter how nice I tried to be. But once she got through with her, the difference was incredible! Whatever she did, really worked wonders...”

Nabiki just stared at the new arrivals in total shock, having got a clear look at the mistress. She appeared to be just barely twenty! Not only that, she appeared to be quite pale and sickly looking. But an odd aura of power seemed to surround her. Her hair and eye colour was a dark shade of purple, reminding Nabiki of Shampoo's hair. 'I wonder if a distant member of her family tree has an ancestry with the Amazons… That hair colour of hers is not a common sight here in Japan.' The outfit she was wearing was a white and purple striped cat suit, complete with built in gloves and high heels. The mask she was wearing was a simple white Zorro style one. She was holding tightly onto a pair of reins in her right hand, to lead her slaves along. On a belt she wore over the waist of the suit, three large water bottles and a riding crop were fastened.

Her two female slaves, Nabiki could tell the gender by their body curves, were covered head to toe in formfitting shiny rubber. Their outfits were most unusual. Nabiki hadn't seen anything like it before, either in her fetish magazine or even her most hentai dreams. But Ranma didn't even blink an eye at their appearance, much to Nabiki's amazement. 'This must be a common enough sight around here, for him not to pay attention to it,' she reasoned. 'After all, most normal people would do a double take at the sight of two girls wearing highly realistic ponygirl outfits!'

Each girl was covered all over in a shiny material which appeared to be either rubber or a very high-quality leather. However it seemed to be porous enough for their skin to breathe and sweat through it, to a certain degree. They each had a unique colour for them; one was white while the other was black. Their suits each melded flawlessly with the hoof-boots that girl was wearing. It was clear each girl had their hands rendered totally useless for anything but movement inside their pairs of fore-hooves. Their feet meanwhile, were affixed onto slippers inside the much thicker looking hind-hooves, which extended beyond the length of their feet before forming hooves, giving their legs an odd kind of fetlock.

This type of set-up, Nabiki realized, enabled them to stand and move around in a much more level, realistic four-legged fashion then if they were crawling along on their hands and knees. And it seemed to be much more comfortable to endure than if they were forced to bend forward to walk on their hands and feet. It also had the side-effect of presenting their buttocks quite nicely for all to see. Nabiki also noted that the whole system seemed as if it could be adjusted, so the girls could be changed back to being able to stand and move about in a bipedal stance, of course that was totally up to the owner. She then focused on what she could see of their faces.

The girls’ hoods made an excellent job of making them look like a pair of real horses. Both seemed to be moulded out of solid rubber, and made to look like a normal horse head, complete with a fake horse’s snout. A pair of horse ears stuck out the top of each hood. As Nabiki watched, the girl in white shook her head and whinnied gently. ‘That must be Snowflake,’ Nabiki guessed. Snowflake’s owner looked at her and whispered a question. When she got a nod in response, she ran her first finger on her left hand around the snout on Snowflake's face. It then suddenly came away, leaving a bare patch of skin around Snowflake’s mouth. This revealed a hollow ball gag which held her mouth partly open. This also had the effect of reducing her ability to say anything to simple horse noises. A thick white strap kept the gag firmly in place with the buckle apparently behind her head, underneath the hood. Her mistress then took one of the water bottles and inserted it into the gag. Snowflake then started gulping down water. After she had drunk her fill of water, she softly neighed. Then her owner held the snout back up to where it once was and reversed her action with the finger. Snowflake then gave her head a small shake and the snout didn’t even budge. ‘That’s strange,’ Nabiki frowned under the mask, ‘I didn’t see any sign of a zipper… And it didn’t look like there is any Velcro on either half, so how is it sticking there?’

What appeared to be a wig on each girl acted as their manes, completing the illusion. But on a closer examination, the “wigs” turned out to be their actual hair! Snowflake’s hair was coloured a medium shade of green cut to a medium length. Meanwhile, black’s hair was cut fairly short and was a shade of blond. Each hood also had a pair of hard and colour-tinted, horse-eye-shaped Perspex lenses for each girl to see out of. Snowflake had a pair of light brown coloured lenses, while the other girl’s lenses were light blue.

From what little Nabiki could see of their eyes, both seemed a little embarrassed by their whole predicament! But, while the Snowflake seemed totally spent and docile, with no fight left in her, the other girl still had a bit of a wild, untamed look in her eyes. Every few seconds, she would try to jerk her reins out of her owner’s hand, hoping to get free. However, her mistress kept a firm hold of them. 'She doesn’t seem too pleased with her current situation, I wonder why that is? But she’s out of luck, since there appears to be no way for her to remove her suit, even if Snowflake tried to help her… And at the moment, that’s not looking likely,' Nabiki noted.

To add to the whole humiliation factor for both girls, a long flowing tail was built into each suit. Each tail seemed to have been made from a sample of the girls’ real hair. From the way the girls were flushing slightly and breathing quiet heavily, Nabiki guessed they were dealing with the constant presence of a vaginal intruder on the other end of the tail. Not only that, but it appeared they had their two holes free. This meant they could relive themselves through the suit. Finally, on each the right buttock of both girls was what appeared to be an identifying brand, like the one used by a stable. It looked like a h, but with a line through the top half, making it look kind of like a cross and a little loop like an sideways s on the right. Nabiki also noticed that, as the girls moved about on all fours, their suits didn't bunch or crease at all anywhere but remained flawlessly smooth on them. 'Their suits must have been made to their exact size and they were then sealed into them somehow…'

Around their necks and hoods, they were each wearing a thick purple vinyl bridle. Each one was locked on using a special type of buckle that replaced the usual pin and square set up with a loop instead of a pin. The padlocks were locked onto the loop so that the bridle couldn’t be removed. On each bridle, at the neck, was a metal D-ring onto which held a metal pet tag. A unique symbol for each girl was set into their tag. The symbol for black was like a capital H, but with a line through the middle with a circle at the bottom of that line. Snowflake's symbol was that of a trident. Attached to each bridle were the reins their mistress was holding.

“Nice to see you too, Lady Cronus. I see you’ve got Beauty and Snowflake there,” Ranma replied, as he nodded his head slightly at the other mistress. This caused Nabiki to refocus her attention back towards Ranma and the mystery girl. “How are Panacea and Juno getting on with their slaves? I hope those girls haven’t been acting up too badly…” Lady Cronus, as she appeared to be called, chuckled at this comment.

“Oh, don’t worry about them! They’ve been behaving themselves just fine... Surprisingly, the one person we expected to give us the most trouble actually gave up without a fight. Apparently, secretly she was turned on by the whole idea. Who knew? It was a tough battle at first though, to get the rest of them to behave. It's their own fault that they're in this mess though! They all should've read the terms of the wager they had with the three of us more carefully. Their forfeit, if they lost, was quite clearly laid out near the top of the contract... But out of the six of our slaves, five signed their contracts without even reading it properly. Only the woman we were expecting trouble from, bothered to read it in full and she still signed it. When the rest of them did lose and found out what they had agreed to, they all started to protest, saying it wasn't legal. These two were especially bad! But, unfortunately for them, all the contracts were ironclad and legally binding, so they had to follow through. That didn’t stop them from defying us. Since these two were the most defiant, the three who also disagreed followed their lead in everything… It was getting very hard to control them all. But Red Queen soon made some of them change their tune! Now, just the mere mention of a ‘training session’ with her strikes fear into the others. In fact, I may ask her to give Beauty her first “proper” lesson; she's been very naughty. If she won’t listen to me, maybe she would like to see just what my teacher can do, hmm?” As soon as Lady Coronus said this, Beauty stopped her struggles and began shaking her head, eyes wide in fear. Lady Coronus gave a grin and continued: “See what I mean?”

Nabiki started sweating bullets at this piece of news. ‘Note to self: don’t get on Nodoka’s bad side here… She must be really strict and vindictive!’ As this thought crossed her mind, another one popped up: ‘But I always thought she was a little clueless, as she was obsessed with her son’s “manly nature”. Why the total U-turn?’ Nabiki then mentally slapped herself on the head as the answer to this question hit her like a bolt from the blue. ‘Man, I’m such an idiot! If Ranma could act like a total dumb jock and fool everyone in Nerima for the last two years, his mother probably could have done the same sort of thing. And it worked even better for her, since she didn’t have to keep up the act 247 at first.’/

Lady Cronus then noticed Nabiki for the first time and her eyes lit up. “Is that your first personal slave you have there? Congratulations! You must really be lucky… It took us six months after finishing the training to acquire our slaves. And if it's not too much trouble, could I take a close look at her?”

“No she’s not a personal slave, not yet anyway. It’ll be her choice if that happens! She’s someone both me and Red Queen know...” Ranma replied. He scowled as he continued: “Those idiots in Security picked her and some other people we knew up, due to that ruckus with the intruder outside earlier. They took the others into the high-security area, while she was placed in observation. Red Queen decided to collect the others, since she felt she’d be better able to keep them in line. I got the job of collecting our friend here up. I’m actually glad I was the one, she has been very well behaved so far.” He then paused slightly as he looked over at Nabiki. “Well, do you mind if Lady Cronus takes an once-over glance at you? If not, I'll understand...”

Nabiki thought it over: ‘I might as well let her do that. After all, I did make a vow to become Ranma’s willing slave. He may want to show me off to other slave owners in future. So, I’ll need to get used to the idea of people looking me over. Besides, Nodoka will probably want to do the same thing to me when I get to the room. So knowing what to expect might be a very good idea.’ She then nodded her consent to Ranma. He gave a small smile, took out a key from a hammer space pocket and unlocked her ankle shackles, removing them entirely. Then he handed her leash over to Lady Cronus and took over watching Snowflake and Beauty.

With that, Lady Cronus started to look Nabiki over with a critical eye. Firstly, she ran her gloved hand up and down the inside of Nabiki’s bare thighs. At first the motions seemed to be in a totally random pattern and levels of pressure. But as the glove moved over her bare skin, Nabiki began to feel more and more aroused. 'I've never felt anything like this before... How is she doing this to my body, it doesn't make any sense,' she wondered in awe. It took every bit of willpower she had not to cum right then and there. But she couldn’t suppress a soft moan of pleasure from coming out, which was muffled by the gag. Next, Lady Cronus poked Nabiki in both of her breasts a few times. Nabiki was reminded of her reaction to seeing Ranma for the first time and she mentally grinned, as she remembered it... She then jumped slightly and let a muffled yelp out, as Lady Coronus pinched her on her left buttock, then slapped the right! It took all Nabiki’s willpower not to lash out at Lady Cronus. No-one had ever dared to do a thing like that to her before, considering her reputation... And it had also stung! But she kept both feet firmly planted on the ground with only a slight twitch.

‘Calm down there Nabs, it’d be a bad idea to attack her. She's a friend of Nodoka and Ranma. Do you want to ruin your second chance with Ranma by attacking a friend of his? Besides, this is all part of the process. You did want to know what to expect, and now you do... Finally, Ranma trusted you enough to free your ankles. If you lash out at her now, you'd be abusing that trust. Ranma may even decide to turn you over to Nodoka's care for a punishment. And that would not be good... she sounds be quite strict. So suck it up! You made a promise and you're going to keep it, no matter how much you dislike parts of it,' she mentally growled to herself to keep her temper in check.

After a few more moments and a few more tests, including how far Nabiki could bend over both forwards and backwards, Lady Cronus stopped, stepped back and smiled: “Hmm… Not bad, not bad at all! Her self-control is quite impressive; most women would melt uncontrollably from just one pass of that technique. I should know that, from my personal experience. Red Queen always demonstrated every new technique she taught on me and my friends in our practical sessions first. Then we had to recreate the exact result on each other before we moved onto the next skill. But she managed to suppress her physical urges to a reasonable level. She’s also in very good physical shape with a well-developed bust and ass. Good flexibility too… Most importantly, she knows when to control her temper! I know she wanted to lash out at me for that stunt I pulled. Her slight twitch indicated that she had been considering that option. But she swallowed her pride and kept her temper in check. All in all, she’s a prefect catch. If she does agree to become your slave, you’ll be a happy mistress…” She then trades back Nabiki's leash to Ranma for her own slaves' reins.

“We'll see Cronus, but she may not be interested. And even if she is, she'll have to pass Red Queen's series of tests first... I don't know what Red Queen has planned, but it could be quite challenging for both her and the others girls,” Ranma responded in a calm tone.

Lady Cronus was about to reply, but a rapid beeping cut her off. She picks a pager up off the waist of her outfit and looked at it. Then she scowled: “Well that's just typical! I was about to do some training with Snowflake and Beauty here for the big race that's coming up. But something just had to go and ruin it... Panacea just paged me; we're needed in the park. It's a three-star scale emergency; I have to leave now with these two to sort it out.” Seeing Beauty sag a little in barely concealed relief, she smirked. “You do realize that how long this takes will be coming out of your personal ‘pleasure and relaxation' time without the suit? I have that down as part of your contract...” She chuckled as Beauty’s head jerked back up in shock. Waving to Nabiki and Ranma, she headed off towards the lift, with both Beauty and Snowflake in tow. Before she entered the lift she turned around to them and spoke again: “Well it was nice meeting you guys. I hope she does agree to become your slave, Ruby! Maybe we'll meet again soon? Panacea and Juno would love to meet her...”

After the lift door closed, Ranma turned to Nabiki. “Well, since you behaved yourself there, I think we can leave the ankle cuffs off for now. But that delayed us slightly. Shall we pick up the pace then,” he asked. Nabiki quickly nodded. She was now really getting curious for answers. They then set off at a much faster pace, now that Nabiki's ankle shackles were removed. A few minutes later Ranma stopped outside a door with a key card lock. The nameplate on the door read 'Red Queen'. “Well here we are then Nabiki,” Ranma stated with a hint of relief. He took out a key card from the same place as before, swiping it through the scanner. A beep and green light indicated the door was now unlocked. He opened the door and walked through. Nabiki followed him, finding herself in...

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