Feitsh Realm Tournament: Explainations (LIME) [Episode 201498]

by JadeSparda

“Yes people, I did say Fetish Realm,” Mana grinned widely once the shout from our travellers has finished. “A lesser-known part of the Shadow Realm!”

“Hold it, Shadow Realm? I think I've heard of this place before,” Ranma asked, feeling uneasy with the way Akane was glowing in barely concealed anger at the mere mention of the word 'fetish'... “When I was young, just before Pops took me on the training trip, Mom used to tell me stories about how there was a totally different dimension from ours out there. It was home to a large range of different creatures like dragons, harpies and wizards. For the most part, they live in harmony with each other. Certain locations in our world, from time to time, would overlap with this 'other world' so the creatures could travel to our world and vice versa. They're the source of some of the ancient myths and legends of our ancient civilizations. Over the years, those people who have been called witches, warlocks or other names for our magic users actually could connect to the monster's world and summon them here. That's all I can remember though.”

“Not bad Ranma, you’ve a good memory, but you're missing some details. Time for a brief history lesson focusing on Egypt at the time of the Pharaoh Atemu then, folks!” Mana smiled at him, like a teacher praising a good student. Seeing Akane's glare of disbelief at the fact that Ranma actually knew something not related to martial arts, she sighed: “Look, is it so hard to believe that Ranma isn't totally clueless about things in life? You should know by now, that when a certain subject interests him, he's like a sponge for it and soaks up everything he can about it.” Clearing her throat, she began: “Long ago in Ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh Atemu battled hostile creature that an evil group of wizards had summoned to destroy his Kingdom. He, along with his own court of mages, sealed away the monsters away in stone tablets. But over time, people managed to learn how to summon the monsters. They then used these monsters to fight each other in what became known as ‘Shadow Games’. Before the start of each of these games, the players would set stakes. The winner would claim the prize. However, if you tried to cheat, the game would detect it and punish you… They were eventually banned, due to people using it to try and take over the kingdom.” ‘They don’t need to know the whole story,’ she thought to herself.

“That was a very interesting history lesson, Sugar, but what does this have to do with Duel Monsters? It's not like... Oh no! You're not suggesting that...” Ukyou trails off, as everything Mana said begins to add up in her mind. Everyone else has started to reach the same conclusion. “Those Shadow Games were the predecessors to the Duel Monsters game right?!” Seeing Mana nod Ukyou continued: “So how is that going to help us solve our problems with Ranma... or get home for that matter?”

Mana smirks as she ties off “Zu-zu”'s leash to a tree branch, leaving both her hands free. “The answer is simple; we are going to have a tournament, but in a Shadow Game style. All of us, this includes me and “Zu-zu”, will take part. However, we won't be eligible for either the main prize or the forfeit. We'll be just evening up the numbers to a proper amount. For the big winner, what they'll get is a surprise. As for the losers,” here she grins slightly, “well let's just say it won't be a total loss for them with regard to Ranma. They'll have to serve Ranma in a randomly selected way, for X number of days. The value of X will decrease for every round you get through. Once your time here is up, I'll send you home. While we're having our matches, some of my friends will be helping Ranma to learn a few lessons in etiquette and on 'other' matters.” Ranma paled, as his mind processed that statement. Akane, on the other hand, exploded into a rage.

“You hentai, Ranma! This is entirely your fault, I knew it... Was all this part of your plan?” she screamed, as she leapt towards him with the biggest mallet she had ever produced from hammer space. Not only that, it was glowing, as she had subconsciously tapped into her Ki to strengthen it!

Ranma suppressed the urge to whimper as his doom came closer. 'Well, I'm dead for sure this time! Akane is way beyond pissed now... There's no way anyone will be able to get through to her.' He didn't notice the way that Mana narrowed her eyes at Akane.

Mana summoned a Duel Disc, complete with deck pre-inserted, from thin air onto her arm and quickly turned it on! She drew a card, took a quick glance at it and nodded, before she activated it. All this was done in one motion. “I activate the Trap Card: Orgasm Wheel,” she cried out. “I didn't want to have to do this, but you forced my hand! Let this be a lesson to all you girls, you're playing by MY rules here and I don't like it when you attack the son of my good friend.”

Akane's lunge at Ranma came to a screeching halt, her glowing mallet stopping just millimetres from his head. A strange glow surrounded her. She blinked in confusion, her expression mirrored by the rest of the Nerima regulars, including Ranma. 'What just happened here, I thought for sure that was going to hit...' is the general thought running through their minds. Only Mana who was wearing a smirk and “Zu-zu”, cringing at her own experiences of that wheel knew what was going to happen next.

'This should teach her a lesson and get the rage out of her system,' Mana chuckled to herself quietly. The ground in front of Mana started to rumble and a strange looking device rose up.

Ranma stared in shock at it. 'I just know I'm going to get blamed by Akane for this one somehow,' he groaned.

It looked for all the world like a wheel attached to a frame with three protrusions surrounding it. These were set up as follows: two protrusions set at a girl's breast height and one just over where her pussy would be. Akane started to struggle as she was pulled back to it, dropping her mallet to give her more leverage. Her efforts were in vain though. Her hands were drawn up to above her head, where they were secured quickly and effectively by the two spiked shackles there. It seems that there's no visible way to open them. Next, her legs got pulled tightly down until she's fully stretched out on the wheel, where they are then secured tightly like her arms. Finally across her waist the middle manacle locked shut, leaving trapped her on the wheel. Then it started to rock back and forth. The protrusions then started to move closer to the wheel. With each pass, the protrusions got closer to Akane. They started to tear away her clothes at those locations and rubbing those sensitive regions.

“Isn't that a Nightmare Wheel?” Nabiki asked, looking a little worried as Akane started cursing Mana and Ranma with all the curses she knew, promising Ranma in particular the most painful punishments that were humanly possible and a few that weren't. Ranma was turning quite pale at some of the things she was coming up with. Kasumi was looking quite worried as well. Both girls knew that Akane could hold a grudge for a very long time. Ranma would be hearing about this one for sure.

Mana made a quick motion with her hand and a ball-gag appeared in Akane's mouth, cutting off her rant. It fastened around the back of her head with a single locking strap.

“Orgasm Wheel, actually... You're Nabiki and Kasumi Tendo aren't you...? You guys are her sister, right?” Mana asked as she turned to face her and Kasumi, tuning Akane's now muffled shouts and curses out. At the nod of their heads, she continued: “Don't worry, it won't harm her! It should just arouse her enough to allow her have a couple of orgasms. That should help her to settle down, she just needs to get some stress out of her system and this is the fastest way I could think of. I'd give her ten minutes and she should have calmed down.”

(15 minutes later)

Mana sighed; as she heard Akane's muffled protests continue to increase instead of decrease as the machine kept working away. 'I don't get it; the Orgasm Wheel has never failed before! She can't be normal if she's not getting even a little pleasure from this.' she wondered, scratching her head. Mana then started a mind probe to see what Akane's problem was and was shocked by Akane's ideas of relationships. She swore violently in ancient Egyptian, then switched to Japanese: “I don't freaking believe this! Seriously, she needs to get some type of sexual action or visit a shrink... It's just not healthy the way she thinks everything that a normal couple would do is perverted! She ranks just holding the other person's hand without their permission as highly perverted and you don't even want to know what she thinks of sexual intercourse... Just how in the world did Soun and Genma get the idea that she and Ranma would be a perfect match? She does have a better idea of relationships than Ranma does. His father never even bothered to give him the “talk”, after all. But somehow, she's gotten the impression that even the most innocent action would be equal to something out of the Icha Icha series...”

Seeing everyone there wearing a blank look, Mana laughs while sheepishly rubbing her head. “Sorry, I had forgotten that you wouldn't have heard of that series! Let's just say that Happosai and the author of that series would get on great if they ever met... But seriously, even Kuno's attempts to date her shouldn't have turned her off boys that badly.” She pauses as the mind probe finishes, then groans out loud while she slapped her hand over her eyes. “Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me! She actually used THAT...” Turning to the bound girl, she started to berate her: “Akane, what in the name of Ra were you thinking, using that unsupervised? It wasn't meant to be used by someone who was still growing and especially not multiple times in rapid succession! You may have permanently damaged your mental growth...”

Turning to Kasumi, who like the others is wearing a puzzled expression, Mana elaborates: “Akane had been using a technique from one of the old medical books that you borrowed off Doctor Tofu. The book on pressure points, to be precise. She had read of a point that would relieve a person's libido and learnt where to push to activate it. Wanting to avoid having those thoughts, which she thought was a sign of being a pervert, she had copied it down. But she hadn't bothered to read or copy the fine print on it... That point was not meant to be used more than once a month and only by a fully grown adult. Instead, she has been using it at least once a week, for the last two years... But it doesn't get rid of the lust, but merely suppresses it.”

“It's like a dam, where the pressure would keep building up until it burst or the water is released in a controlled fashion. Not only that, but every time she used it on herself, she also was hitting the berserker feminist rage point as well, due to the fact that the two points are so close to each other! It's supposed to only be applied by an expert and never done by a person on themselves. She turned herself into a ticking time bomb with that point. Fortunately, Ranma was around, or things would have come to a head much sooner. Any time he caused her to lose her temper and she hit him with a blunt object, it relieved the pressure inside her slightly. But with each new complication that popped up, the pressure within her just built up again.”

“By now, her rage and anger is at near critical levels. If I hadn't caught this now, she could have ended up going on a homicidal, attacking any male who even looked at her funny. Also she'd be jumping females to have her way in the bedroom with them.” At this all the other girls and Ranma turn slightly green, but Akane is glaring at Mana, clearly wearing a 'Yeah right, I'm not buying it' look. Mana continues on, glaring back at Akane: “Whether you refuse to believe it or not, that's the honest truth. Also, the combination of the two points also has the side-effect of making a user very bi-polar. One minute they'd be totally sweet and nice, but in the blink of an eye they can fly into a terrible rage.”

“I can reverse both points and make it so she can never use them again. But I think the damage may already have been done mentally. She might never be able to have a normal relationship with anybody, male or female. For males, she may see all their attempts at showing affection as something perverted, lashing out at them with intent to kill. And she might try to dominate any females sexually, even if they're not willing.” Mana sighed, shaking her head. “It's too bad really, if she had left things alone, her libido would have settled down naturally. The human body automatically clears the system of that tension. But she had to go and mess with things, thinking she knew what was best...”

With that, Mana hits the counter points. Akane stiffens, and then starts screaming through the gag, as what appears to be a tidal wave of orgasms hits her. The wheel instantly stops and holds her still as she struggles to get free.

“What's happening to her?” Kasumi asks, worried for her sister. It didn't look pleasant at all. Akane's entire body seems to convulse, only stopping for mere moments before it started again. Her eyes seemed to bugle out of their socket with them taking on a feral look. All the while, she was straining to get loose.

“Orgasm overload! This is from all the times she should have released it naturally, but she suppressed it with the point. They've remained in her system all this time and they're only getting purged now,” Mana replied, looking worried as well. And with good reason! Akane has already had 20 orgasms and is still going strong, screaming into the gag all the while...

Mana stared blankly at this sight, nearly completely lost for words. “Ra, I've seen some people who had pent up libidos before, but none of them were ever this bad. I'm surprised that she's still fully conscious.”

Finally, after several tense moments and more orgasms then the current world record holder, Akane's eyes roll back into her head and she sags in her bonds. Everyone tensed up, fearing the worst. Mana slowly walks up to the wheel and checks Akane's neck for a pulse, looking quite worried. She pauses, then releases a sigh of relief: “It's okay folks! She's just out cold. Guess the strain of all those orgasms at once was just too much for her to handle. She just needs to sleep it off. Hopefully, when she wakes up, she'll be cured...” Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, glad to hear that bit of good news. Mana then untied “Zu-zu” and dispelled the Orgasm Wheel and gag. This left Akane, sleeping on the grass. She then called out: “Right, someone grab Akane and follow me. I know a place where you can sleep for the night...”

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