Faking It: Ranma!  You Backstabbing Motherf—<beep>! (LEMON) [Episode 200420]


Ranma grinned lecherously.  He loved it when a plan came together!  His mother unexpectedly barging in while his girl-side and Ryōga were role-playing as naughty siblings could have turned into quite the catastrophe... but instead, thanks to his great tactical mind, he salvaged the whole thing into this very nice incestuous orgy.

Hey, compared to any prospect of seppuku, it definitely counted as an improvement!

Sure, learning that Nodoka was actually bigamous and that Ryōga was truly his half-brother had been a shock... though not an earth-shaking one in retrospect.  It seemed that everybody in the family had something to hide, finally.

So, although he certainly took a gamble in attempting to seduce his own mother, Ranma had been rather confident he could make it.  Not just thank to his astounding skills as a lover — although that certainly contributed —, but also because he suspected his mom to be quite the oversexed housewife.  Even before he knew about her two husbands, Nodoka’s obsessive talk about “manliness”, and what were her expectations of a “man among men”, were big hints that she was a pervert at heart.

Not that either of her two sons were holding this against her.  Quite the contrary, indeed.  They were both quite happy that such trivial matters — like the seppuku pledge for Ranma, or the scandalous tryst with his aquatranssexual half-sister for Ryōga — resolved themselves so peacefully.

Ranma, even if he had little doubts he could convince his mother into letting him prove his worth as a male — Tōfū-sensei sure taught him well —, had been less sure of himself concerning Ryōga’s acceptance of the method.  That’s why he’d locked up P-chan rather than trying to convince the stubborn guy.  But thankfully, the Hibiki lad had become quite conciliating once confronted with his mother’s true nature.  And then, Ranma had counted on Ryōga’s raging lusts to do all the work for him.  This, added to the Lost Boy’s usual desire to always one-up Ranma-kun, ended in a foreseeable way.  Ryōga simply couldn’t let their mother un-screwed after he’d witnessed what she was doing to his younger brother.  As the firstborn, he deserved the same motherly attentions, if not more.

Nodoka, if she could have talked about it, would certainly have agreed with the overall sentiment.  It was deeply unfair to refuse to one child what was allowed to the other.  It just led to needless sibling rivalry.  So, taking seriously her mother’s job, she had to satisfy her precious Ryō-chan just like she did with her dear Ranma-kun.

She couldn’t voice this, however, because she was too busy screaming in orgasm.  As well as bouncing, shaking, squirming, rocking atop Ryōga’s body, helped by the firm grip of his strong hands on her plush buttocks.  Her bottom was thrusting rhythmically around her son’s thick pole, which plunged into her slick vagina like a well-greased piston.  Nodoka’s mouth was furthermore occupied by the act of kissing, licking, nibbling and generally smooching her son’s face, who eagerly returned the courtesy.  The young man had pushed himself up so that he was now sitting on the bed with his randy mother in his lap, making love face-to-face as their arms and legs interlocked in a heated embrace.  The mature woman’s cries were temporarily muffled by her lover’s lips while his wiggling tongue hungrily penetrated her mouth, ravaging her oral cavity as intently and thoroughly as he was plundering her treasure grove.

Ranma wiped a hint of drool from his lower lips with the back of his left hand.  His right one was monopolized by the act of stroking his achingly solid and needy manhood.  The pigtailed boy couldn’t stand it any more.  The sight of his mother’s naked, plush ass moving up and down above the meaty pole... the twin half-moons framed by Ryōga’s hands... the pliant flesh mauled by his fingers... all of this was battering down the patience of the Saotome heir.  Her blurry, quivering cleft was enticing him, the small brown hole mesmerizing the pervert aquatranssexual.

Ranma had been wary of horning in on the hot coupling until now, unsure of Ryōga’s reactions.  Subtly goading him into giving Nodoka a wild fuck had been a risky gamble already; it would have been unwise to disrupt their fun too soon and give both of them a chance to think about it twice.  Now, however, they had reached a good rhythm... a good humping rhythm, indeed.  Now that Ryōga could hardly reproach to his half-brother what he was doing himself — not without sounding like a hypocrite, at least — Ranma was ready to take the risk.  It was unlikely the Hibiki lad would protest very loudly against the idea of giving their foxy babe of a mother a taste of two-men sandwich.

After all, Ryōga hadn’t objected too much when they’d done the very same thing, with his girlfriend Akari Unryū in the middle.  Neither did Akari-chan, for that matter.

So, Ranma stepped toward the bed and kneeled behind Nodoka’s bouncing shape, careful not to disturb the rutting pair.  He took his hard boner in hand again, but couldn’t quite aim right as they were still moving a lot.  Instead, he just waited for Ryōga to notice him, leaving the Lost Boy to decide whether he’d allow or not this incestuous coupling to become a threesome.

Ryōga had his eyes closed in bliss while he rocked the world of his lovely mom, his pointy teeth gently nibbling her shoulder.  When he finally opened his eyelids, though, he saw Ranma and his expecting, leering smile.  The Hibiki son frowned slightly, but quickly made up his mind.  He wasn’t too surprised that his hentai of a half-brother would want again a piece of that sexy housewife.  He really didn’t mind; in fact, the mere thought of the additional sensations they could give to their mother by double-teaming her only excited him further.

Grinning, Ryōga slammed Nodoka down on his rod and pinned her, preventing her from rocking any further with the strong grip of his hands.  The woman first screamed in delight as she was impaled to the root by her studly lover.  This quickly turned into moans of frustration, however, from being denied the wondrous feeling of friction of a hard penis within her channel.  But she wasn’t given the time to protest; the contact of another manly body rubbing sensually against her back informed her that the youngest son was joining into the fray.

“Wha...?” she ventured, confused as to what Ranma intended to do.  Couldn’t he wait for his older brother to have finished?  She hoped her children wouldn’t start bickering again between themselves.  She had been having so much fun... she really wasn’t in the mood for some scolding again, and to give them a lecture about the virtues of sharing their toys....

Nodoka needn’t have worried, though.  The two horny teenagers demonstrated that they could cooperate at times; in fact, they proved quite coordinated.  Ryōga helpfully kept her butt immobilized and spread her cheeks open, while Ranma was probing her cleft with the tip of something warm, round and sticky.  Said bulbous head was soon finding the narrow entrance to her smallest hole, gently but unrelentingly spreading the puckered ring of her anus.

“HA!!” Nodoka exclaimed in surprise, her whole body stiffening and her grasp on Ryōga’s chiseled frame strengthening.  Her pretty face, at first twisted in wide-eyed shock, was soon contorting in guilty pleasure.  She couldn’t believe that Ranma-kun could be bold enough to take such liberties with her backside.  Didn’t the boy learn to ask for permission first?  Oh, she’d have to punish him for that... once she’d got a chance to recover her breath.

“Aaaaah... ooooh... oh my....  Ranma!  Ryōga!  What are you doing?  What are you doing to your MOOOOMMMY....”

“Screwing you, mom,” Ranma guilelessly answered, “fucking you in every way possible!”  His hands reached under her armpits to grope her magnificent breasts.  His hips bucked once, then twice, then thrice, burying more of his steel-hard cock in her tender rump.

“We’re making love to you, mom...” Ryōga corrected, “... and it’s wonderful!  Oh yeah, it is so great, mom... you are so wonderful....”

“OH KAMI!!  OH MY SONS!  OH MY MANLY SONS!!  T-two at the same time!  It’s too much... it’s too... AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!”

Nodoka really began to get delirious at this point.  Although she had already indulged in a bit of sodomy during her married life, it certainly was the first time she experienced it while having her quim filled simultaneously.  Even with two husbands, she never had the opportunity to do it with two men at once.  But today, thanks to her loving babies, she was discovering the wondrous sensation of being double-stuffed.

And stuffed she was.  Both lecherous youths were hung and very, very erect.  For Nodoka, it felt like their thick phallus, working together, were going to tear her in half.  Ranma’s weapon, especially, was having a hard time fitting in her very snug rectum, made even tighter by the presence of Ryōga’s log in her folds.  This would never dissuade the pigtailed boy from trying, of course.  Grunting, snarling and clenching his teeth, the Wild Horse bucked against his mother’s back, ramming his thick prick deeper in her anal opening.  His fingers, using her chest as anchor, dug into her pliant mammary flesh with every effort, the palms mashing the nipples.

Nodoka threw her head back, almost slamming against Ranma’s skull, and her drooling mouth opened wide in a long scream of passion.  Ryōga watched with glee as his dear mommy was power-fucked in the ass by his wicked half-brother.  She really looked amazingly hot and sexy right now, howling obscenely and squirming around his pole while her nude, bouncy, sweaty frame glistened under the light of the room.  She was light-years away from the usual, pristine maternal image the sensitive Hibiki had of her... which made it even better in his book.  He was genuinely happy to be giving their mother such a good time, helping her to really let loose and enjoy the moment.

And Ryōga’s contribution, right now, was to thrust up and down with his hips, pounding her creamy twat with all his might.  Soon he was reaching an asymmetrical rhythm with Ranma.  More often than not, Nodoka found herself speared simultaneously by her sons’ two cocks, feeling fuller than ever.  Then one exited, or the other, leaving her cunt or ass momentarily empty, but not for long.  Then they slipped in again, stretching out the narrow dead-end of her vagina or the narrower tunnel of her backside.  Soft, tender female flesh yielded way around hard, solid male bludgeons, plunging again and again in the dark recesses of her womanly core.

Nodoka’s whole world was mainly occupied by the two long rods of manliness plowing her lower body.  But this didn’t drown out completely all the other sensations.  Of her feverish skin rubbing against the virile frames of her sons.  Of her aching boobs, molested by Ranma’s hands as if he was expecting to squeeze milk out of the teats.  Of her lips and tongue, assaulted now and then by Ryōga’s own mouth, always threatening to skewer them with his fangs.






As usual, Ranma and Ryōga were turning this into a contest.  This time, of whom could find the best compliments for their wanton mother while they screwed her brains out. 

“AAAAAAHHH!!!  AAAAAAAAHHHH” Nodoka yelled, louder and louder, as the pleasure overwhelmed her senses.  Fireworks exploded in her mind as a massive orgasm was coursing throughout her inflamed body.  The floodgates opened within her stuffed cunt, female juices squirting through the tiny space left between the stretched labia and the thick male meat of her lover, messily splashing Ryōga’s pelvis.

The Lost Boy couldn’t resist any longer the warm, wondrous bath and massage that his mother’s pussy was giving to his cock.  He gurgled incoherently and pressed her curvy shape harder against him, threatening to break her with his giant strength.  Fully embedded in her gushing love hole, his prick swelled and stuffed her narrow vessel even better.  Then, the bulbous tip of the penis erupted in a shower of milky sperm against her cervix, pumping the incestuous cream directly into her hungry womb.  Nodoka screamed twice as loud from the delightful sensation of her son’s manly seed seeping in her infertile uterus.

Ranma was not to be denied either.  Having his loving mommy going wild from the climax elicited by the double-penetration, he clung to her with desperation, almost fearing to be thrown off by the bucking mare.  Plastering himself fully against her bare back had its perks, of course.  Especially the feeling of her scrumptious buttocks grinding his loins, and her tight ass clenching even further around his aching knot. 

With a grunt followed by a lengthy exhalation of joy, Ranma let the climax wash over him.  His penis, buried to the root in her rear entrance, inflated shortly before discharging in Nodoka’s innards, coating the walls of her anal tract with gooey sperm.  She felt it quite clearly, warming the base of her spine, before the world went spinning around her.  With one last orgasmic cry, she slumped against her lovers, fainting from sheer exhaustion mixed with marvelous bliss.

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