Personal Presents - Silver And Gold: Fantasy Gift (LIME) [Episode 200200]

by Kender

Understanding girls was not a skill that Ranma thought that he had, and he had no problem with admitting that. All the times when he'd been hit, or had girls try to push themselves onto him had proven that to him. With his past, he hadn't had a chance to really connect with any sympathies for feminine desires, and didn't even have much experience in such matters. Still, he rather thought that, despite her usual crafty and tricky mind, he understood a part of why she'd put herself under the Christmas tree for him.

It hadn't been his fault that he had been listening at her door though.

Not that he had meant to do that. At the time, he hadn't even gone to the room for himself, as Kasumi had asked him to let her know that the bath was ready. When he'd gone and done it, he'd merely thought that he'd knock on the door, let her know, and that would be the end of it. Everything was straightforward and simple, and he didn't forsee any complications.

He'd been about to knock on the door when he'd heard the moaning. At first, he'd thought that she might have been in some sort of pain, or reacting to some sort of emotional trouble, but it had been too low and stiffled for that. Then there was a creaking sound, like something was being moved back and forth, but only enough to make squeaks from time to time.

That confused the hell out of him, and he began to wonder about just what was going on. Various sorts of possibilities came into his mind, from her having strained a muscle, to her thinking about something bad that had happened to her. Analyzing it didn't seem wise though, and he was going to leave it at that.

Apparently, fate had other ideas, and he got an earful.

"Oh, oh, oh.... please. I need it more. Touch me more...." Nabiki murmured, her voice barely carrying through the wood of the door. "Feel me, pinch me.... I love it...."

A wince had crossed the pigtailed boy's features as he tried to not react to her words, but it was hard. He'd apparently come across her when she was... in disposed, and he didn't even want to consider how. Given that their relationship hadn't exactly been a romantic one, he wasn't about to pass judgement, or push himself to do anything, since he was not wanting to call attention to the situation. Even if she was entertaining a guy in her bed, he didn't want to force some sort of 'moral anger' on her.

"Make me squeal.... My, my, my...."

Memories of his very fleeting experience in seeing an AV movie passed through his mind, and he wondered if his dismissal of Hiroshi's tape had been hasty... since he hadn't thought that girls would actually talk 'kinky'.

"Ah, ah.... It feels so GOOD!" she rasped, and he could hear not only the sound of flesh hitting flesh, but a sort of noise that came from wetness.

Frozen where he was, he wondered about what he was going to do. Leaving would mean that he wouldn't have done what Kasumi had asked him to do. However, actually knocking on the door would have broken into her... private time, which would have been something really embarrassing.

"Ehh... ehh.... Oh.... Oh...."

He almost moaned himself, but in distress, as he was too freaked out to really get his mind working.

"Oh.... Ranma!" Nabiki whimpered.

Time seemed to stop at that moment, and he realized that this was not something that he'd have ever expected. Certainly, he'd known that she'd tease him quite easily, but the fact was that nothing had come of it. Had he been asked, he wouldn't have thought that she liked him.

Her own words seemed to counteract that assumption. "I'm a bad girl.... punish me...."

"Gah, hah.... Oohh.... Make me yours.... I'll belong to you.... Your pet. Your slave. Your toy... oh, oh...."

An academic part of his mind recalled the fact that his friends had brought out all sort of magazines before, and that paying attention to them would have helped him understand just what he was hearing now.

"In me, in me, in me.... Ranma. Use me... take me.... your property...."

Now her voice was getting more and more incoherent, but his thoughts couldn't exactly manage to analyze her words even then.

"Uh... uh... uh.... Ranma!" she cried, and one could hear a loud creak before the muffled thud of something hitting the mattress reached him. Then came the panting, and an odd silence that he understood from years of hard exercise. Connecting that to his own experience gave him some grounding... but he was still too dumbfounded to think of moving when he heard a new sound.

Hearing the sound of footsteps on wood had warned him, but his eyes still went wide as she opened her door and stood face to face with him.

Of course, she was obviously equally surprised, as she stumbled back a bit. "Ranma?"

"Ahh... hi...." he murmured.




"I.... Kasumi says the bath is free," he blurted, taking in her disheveled appearance and the way that her nipples poked out through the fabric of her blouse. Realizing that he'd done what he'd come to, he nodded, turned to the side, and walked stiffly away.

For a little bit after that, he'd waited for it to blow up in his face. She wouldn't have had to really do anything, as just the idea that he'd been around when she'd been... 'amusing' herself would have been enough for people around him to go nuts. It could get worse if someone thought that he'd been spying on her, and if someone were to think that she was sweet on him, it would be problematic at best.

Yet, other than a new... tension between them, nothing had happened. There had been a couple of times when he'd thought that she was pushing things, but she never challenged him over what had happened. Honestly, he rather thought that she had the right to do it, but she had seemed to be ready to let it be. Near as he could tell, she wasn't acting out some part, but he knew that she had to have come to some conclusion about what she was going to do about it.

And at that moment, as he stood in front of the Christmas tree, it seemed that this was what she'd decided to do this.

Looking down at the girl who had apparently given herself to him, he felt his heart go still and wondered about what this meant. If it was for real, then it was going to be more than a major change in their relationship. The other girls, including her sister, would certainly have a lot to say if they found out, most of it likely to be combative and destructive. However, if she was serious, and really wanted this, and him, then denying her this choice was going to possibly hurt her, and make her mad.

On top of it all, he felt a stirring in his pants at the idea of having free and complete access to the supple body in the box, which was causing him all sorts of stress.

Resisting the urge to adjust his clothing, he swallowed hard, and hoped that he knew what he was doing, while:

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