Day by Night: Head Westward: A Woman's Touch (LEMON) [Episode 198981]

by foesjoe

While Integra was pondering what to do about the news about another pair of vampires appearing in London, Ranma and Nabiki had troubles of their own to deal with.

“Here, let me help you sit down, Master,” Nabiki said as she and Ranma entered the kitchen of their modest two-bedroom apartment.

The kitchen, like the rest of their apartment, was sparsely furnished. A high table surrounded by four chairs sat at the wall opposite a window and their small stove with a cupboard above and a refrigerator next to it was located at the wall facing the entrance.

Since they didn't need to eat or drink like normal humans anymore, Nabiki had decided to forego buying anything else. They only owned a tea kettle and a few cups, as both of them still enjoyed a nice cup of tea.

With a groan, Ranma let herself sink down on a chair. Her good hand went to her right arm to pull out the shards of her sword embedded in it and a hiss of pain escaped her lips. “Stupid enchanted sword, hurts like a bitch.”

Nabiki sat down next to the pigtailed midian. “Careful, Master,” she cautioned. Looking at Ranma, she couldn't suppress a new wave of worried feelings. She looked even paler than what was usual for a vampire and had trouble sitting up straight. “Are you sure you don't want to drink some blood first before we take care of your injuries?”

Grimacing in pain, Ranma nodded. “Yeah. We don't have enough blood as it is. I don't want to waste it. It wouldn't do any good anyway, not as long as I've still got this stuff sticking in me.”

Ranma tried again to remove the remains of the sword from her arm but the pain was too much and she had to give up her efforts. Cursing softly, she looked at her companion. “Do you think you can pull this stuff out?” she asked, indicating the small jagged pieces of silver embedded in her right arm and chest.

“All right, Master,” said Nabiki, then with a mischievous grin on her face she added, “It's going to cost you though.”

Ranma was in no mood to negotiate a price with the mercenary and simply agreed. “Whatever you want. Just get this stuff out.”

“Okay. Take off your shirt.” Nabiki instructed. Ranma did as she was told and the mercenary was able to see the full extend of her Master's injuries for the first time.

The flesh surrounding every single shard had turned black and blistered heavily. Blood was pouring out of every injury in small rivers, making Nabiki worry that her Master might die from blood-loss. She also saw the huge gaping hole in Ranma's right forearm for the first time.

“Master!” She gasped in surprise, “You've been shot!” Nabiki had taken cover behind a garbage container as soon as she had seen Wilson take out that huge revolver, which had prevented her from seeing the final outcome of the fight between Ranma and the English man. All she had heard had been Wilson firing his weapon and her Master's sword fracturing into pieces, followed a short time later by her Master calling out one of his special techniques. She had assumed her Master had used his sword to deflect the bullets and had then used his Demon God Assault Bomb to kill the other vampire. Seeing her Master's bullet wound made her realize just how close they had both come to dying an hour ago.

After inspecting her Master's wounds, Nabiki said, “Wait here, Master. I'll go and get a pair of tweezers.”

“Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere,” Ranma replied with a humourless chuckle, followed by another hiss of pain.

When Nabiki returned to the kitchen, she gasped in fright. Ranma was half-lying on the table with her eyes closed and since vampires didn't need to breathe, Nabiki assumed the worst.

“Master!” the mercenary exclaimed agitatedly, rushing to her Master's side and slapping Ranma's face. “Please wake up, Master!”

The red headed girl shot up and bit her tongue to keep from screaming as jolts of agony shot through her body. Turning blood-shot eyes on her companion, Ranma asked, “What's wrong Nabiki? Are we being attacked?” The thought of them being under attack and the danger this meant for her companion gave her new energy and she struggled to stand up.

“No, everything's fine,” Nabiki reassured Ranma. She put both hands on the red headed girl's shoulders and softly pushed her down to a sitting position again. “It's just that when I got here you were lying on the table and I thought that ... erm, that is, you had fallen asleep,” she lied, not able to tell Ranma that she had been worried the red head might have died during the short time she had been away.

Ranma blinked a few times. “Oh.” Another jolt of pain shot through her body, reminding her of what they had been doing before she had fallen asleep. When the pain had subsided, she managed to ask, “Did you get the tweezers?”

“I've got them right here,” Nabiki said, showing her Master the tool. “Now hold still, Master. This is going to hurt.”

“Yeah, yeah. Let's just get it over with.”

It took Nabiki twenty-five minutes to pull out every single one of the enchanted shards and when she was finally finished with her task, Ranma had trouble keeping her eyes open.

Nabiki walked to the refrigerator and took out one of the blood bags they had stolen during an earlier raid

“Here, drink this, Master,” she said, handing her Master the plastic container filled with the life-giving liquid.

Biting into the bag, Ranma began drinking the blood and Nabiki could see her Master's wounds healing at an incredible rate. The various holes in her body closed, flesh knitted itself back together and by the time the red head had emptied the bag, there was no trace left to tell that she had been injured at all.

“Thanks, Nabiki. I feel much better already,” Ranma said. Her voice was a lot stronger and she was once again almost radiating energy.

“That's good to hear, Master,” Nabiki replied. “Now go to the bathroom and prepare a nice hot bath. I'll just put away the blood we gathered today and then I'll join you.”

“What?” Ranma asked, blushing in embarrassment. “We can't! That wouldn't be proper!”

The mercenary rolled her eyes at her Master's shyness. “Please, Master,” she said in a voice close to the sarcastic tone she had used when talking to Ranma before they had been turned. “We've already done much more than simply taking a bath together. And besides,” she added, that mischievous glint in her eyes again. “You did promise to do anything, or have you already forgotten?”

“No, I haven't.”

Nabiki grinned at Ranma joyously. “Good, because I want to do more than simply taking a bath with you.” Shooting her Master a seductive wink, she turned to go and retrieve their backpack from the entrance to their flat. .

Nabiki was in the bathtub together with her Master. She was leaning on his chest with her back to him and he had his arms wrapped around her midsection.

Being surrounded by the warmth of the water and that of her Master while she basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking was almost worth being turned into a vampire and bonded to Ranma in Nabiki's mind. But only almost.

While the sex was the best she had ever had - especially when he took her from behind, with his balls slapping against her clitoris while he rammed his huge cock deep into her pussy and nibbled the spot on her throat where he had bitten her, that just made her cum and cum and cum... – and being immortal and a lot stronger and faster than she could ever have imagined was pretty neat, it didn't make up for the fact that she was now no longer independent. What made her situation even worse were the different feelings that kept welling up within her and that she was no longer able to suppress.

She had worked hard to obtain that ability. Feelings only got into the way of thinking straight and kept you from taking advantage of every business opportunity that might arise. Losing that ability was to Nabiki like no longer being able to gauge the strength of your punches would be to Ranma.

Once she and Ranma managed to get rid of that annoying spell, she'd make the people responsible for it pay. She would go easy on Ranma, he was as much a victim in this whole mess as she was after all, but Happosai would get to feel her full wrath. Together with that bunch of thugs that had robbed her. They would wish they'd never been born once she was finished with them. Ranma would only have to pay for all the sex he got to enjoy with her.

Thinking about the only positive thing in this whole mess got Nabiki thinking about the other issue she had with her current position. And while she couldn't do anything about being dependant on Ranma for now, she could do something about the feelings of worry that came up whenever her companion rushed into battle.

“Master?” Nabiki began.

“Hmm? What is it, Nabiki?” Ranma asked the girl in his arms.

“I think we should stop fighting ghouls and other vampires.”

“Huh? Where did that come from?”

Gathering her thoughts, Nabiki tried to explain her reasoning to Ranma without revealing her true motive. That was made especially hard by the fact that the spell didn't allow her to outright lie to her Master. “It's just that I think we could spend our time more productively.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we came here to find somebody who can help us with this spell. Shouldn't we spend our time looking for somebody with the ability to do that instead of hunting monsters?”

“I don't know, Nabiki,” said Ranma. “I mean, I'm a martial artist and Pops was always telling me how it is a martial artist's duty to fight monsters 'n stuff, y'know?”

Seeing that her current approach was unlikely to yield the desired results, Nabiki decided to change tactics. “But don't you want to go home again, Ranma? Especially now that you know that monsters exist? Imagine one of those monsters attacking Akane or one of your other fiancÚs and you not being there to protect them. The sooner we find somebody to help us with this, the sooner we can go home again.”

Ranma thought about this in silence for several minutes before he finally replied. “I, I guess you're right. We'll try to find somebody to help us with this magic spell and then we'll go home.”

Nabiki allowed a satisfied smirk to appear on her face.

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