Chained World - Rei: Kinky Clone (LEMON) [Episode 198213]

by Kender

Despite what some people might have thought, Ranma understood some oddities about sexual behavior. He knew that a lot of guys tended to look to archtypes for their desires, such as the visions of the 'sensual older woman', the 'innocent schoolgirl', and the ever popular 'cute and popular idol'. It wasn't hard to notice all the drooling over 'class representatives', 'track stars', and 'girl gang leaders', among others, and he'd learned that never really paid much attention to the fact that they'd have to actually approach these girls to actually get anything. But he did know that he had, at the moment, one of the archtypes right then and there.

Plenty of his classmates would have loved to have a girl who would be totally submissive and willing to let them do anything they wanted with her body, just like Rei was doing now. However, even if the idea of free reign would have delighted them, he wasn't about to treat his slavegirl like some doll. Besides, the truth was that he wasn't exactly sure as to how to continue, now that he had control of the situation.

He'd never been someone who sat back and waited for things to happen though, and decided that he'd at least act before things got screwed up. Reaching out, he went to encircle his right arm around Rei's waist, and marveled at how slim it really was. Pulling her against him, he swallowed hard, and leaned his head down to kiss her. Having never actually gone and done so before, he couldn't shake his nervousness, but once he'd made his decision, he wasn't going to back down.

Not that he apparently had a need to worry, as Rei's lips parted beneath his, and she gave off a quiet little moan as he initiated a kiss for the first time. Yet, rather than the impatient mess that he'd grown to be familiar with, she melted beneath the hesitant touch, and he knew that he had a chance to really get this right. So, he slid his hand over her smooth back, seeming to enjoy the feel of her skin under his palm, to the point of nearly forgetting that there was plenty more to do.

Almost to remind himself, he cupped one of her buttocks in his hand, squeezing the supple cheek, very aware of where he was touching. When she seemed to move to aid his hold, he recognized that she was giving him all the aid that she could, as she was too busy moving her neck in response to the nuzzling that he was doing to it. Tapping his fingers along the backside seemed to please her as he was apparently enjoying himself, but he wasn't about to let her be.

With his free hand, he stroked along her inner thighs, touching her so lightly that her muscles seemed to jump in surprise at at each brush. He didn't go for what was between them though, as he went up her hip to her belly, letting one fingertip circle, and then poke into her belly button. That shouldn't have been intimate in any way, but as a reminder of what their sort of activity could really lead to, it was effective.

Of course, she wasn't all that bothered by the possible consequences of their actions. Instead, she advanced their coupling with her quiet move to assist him in shucking his clothing. Undoing the ties of his shirt and pants took mere moments, and when she did, he was able to get out of the garments. This allowed her to slip her small hands under his undershirt, but even as she ran her fingers over the ripples of muscles in his chest, she was very aware of the bulge in his boxers.

When his underwear came off, she only showed pleasure at the sight, though she didn't make a move to take advantage of that fact. What she did do was hold her body so that he could tap his length against her, and as she was pulled onto his lap as he went to sit on the floor, she put up no resistance whatsoever. Sex was not to immediately be had though, as he merely turned his attention to her breasts. This was not a problem for either of them, as he found that he didn't need some jiggling bag to please him, what with how Rei's firm mound fit just right in his hand. Dragging a sound of pleasure from her was his aim, and he moved his hand on her cleavage until he found all the spots and methods that caused her to make the cute little noises that signaled spikes of sensation. Even when he lowered his head and gently nibbled upon her stiff nipples, she didn't put up a fight, as she was too busy jerking her hips just a bit.

Patience was something that she had, and she shifted slightly so that she could spread her lower lips with one hand. "Do you not want to play with this?"

"Ya better believe it," he grunted.

"Then why not now? It is there for your use."

"Ya do have a point," the pigtailed boy admitted... and merely went to slip two fingers into her tight passage. A squeak passed by her pale lips, and tremors of sound accompanied as he pumped those digits into her, his thumb touching the nub there in ways that sent jolts along her nervous system that were not like anything that she'd ever gone through before.

Yet, this wasn't quite what she'd expected, and he knew that. His shaft still sat hard and ready against the underside of her buttocks, and it would only take a simple lift to position her waiting gate to slide upon it. No matter how much he'd like to sink into her though, he couldn't simply rush through what was proving to be a really pleasurable experience for the both of them, instead of the grind of flesh that the lethargic older woman had gone through.

So, he pulled her towards him with the arm that he also used to brace her back, and looked as serious as he could. "I want ya ta enjoy yourself."

"You do?" Rei asked, blinking slightly.

"Hell yeah. Do whatever it is that ya think would make this even more... fun."

Her head cocked to the head for a moment, and then some sort of idea took root in her mind. Never being one to question what was decided upon, she nodded to herself, not showing any urge to go against whatever instinct had kicked up. With that thought, she leaned back... and grabbed the arm of a now groaning Maya Ibuki.

Before the elder girl could do much more than yelp, Rei had the other slave straddling Ranma's lap, with his manhood resting just at her most feminine part. Doing so had the effect of shoving Maya to a much more wakeful state... which didn't exactly help, considering how Rei was guiding her Master's hand in playing with the natural born slave's breasts. Whimpers were about the only sound that the technician could make, and twitching in response to the sensations merely had the result of rubbing her tight little backside and thighs against his hard rod.

And when the clone slave helped him fondle the elder slave's womanhood, flicking that part's hard tip, it was clear that the brunette wasn't going to be able to make much in the way of a coherent complaint. She could squeal a bit as Rei moved to place a french kiss against her lips, and she merely panted as the blue haired slave didn't move much to kiss her master over her shoulder. If there were phantoms of their previous 'session', one couldn't tell them apart from what was going on now.

With Maya's back pressing against his chest, Ranma tried to come to some quick decision as to what to do. From where he was, he could see where the elder slave's breasts were squashed against his slave's, not that the latter seemed intent to move. Oddly enough, she seemed to have no reason to move, and luxuriated any attentions that he gave them both. Recognizing that she'd given him another female body to 'play with' in addition to her own, the teenaged master licked his lips, while:

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