Lust Dust: Chef's Surprise (LEMON) [Episode 198085]

by Nyteflite

Sometimes it was good to be alive. Right place, right time, who knew what could happen? Take now for example. The guy had only stopped by to ask for directions. Well, that and maybe a bite to eat. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined he'd be doing the sort of thing he was doing right now; let alone, who he was doing it with... without a nosebleed!

The girl atop him sighed contentedly, licking her lips in satisfaction. The sassy young chef reached back, lifting her long luxuriant hair up and above her head for him, granting him access as he planted kisses and light nibbles along her neck. She knelt above him, her back turned toward him as she rode his length again and again. All the while, she was fondled from behind. Her lover squeezing and kneading the soft mounds of flesh, greedily, possessively, and it was turning her on.

Ukyo's head tossed to one side with a hiss, eyes closed as a particularly deep thrust filled her channel, touching that spot her fingers hadn't been able to reach. It was the kind of ravishing she'd secretly yearned for since those lonely days in junior high, surrounded by all those boys. Only fear and reservation had kept from indulging herself. Now she was getting it, the way she wanted and lots of it thanks to the Lost Boy's unbelievable stamina.

For his part, Ryoga was lost in the feeling of Ukyo's body, her soft flesh, the velvety wetness enveloping him. But it was more than that. With each unconscious sound she made, every sigh, every moan, each time she gasped or tossed her head. God! Even the smell of her intoxicated him, driving him to lengths he thought was impossible even for him.

Driven by equal parts lust and desire, he turned her on her side, hooking his forearm beneath her leg, lifting it out and away from her body. Ukyo whimpered, feeling him leave her momentarily as he repositioned himself. Then, spooning against her, he entered her again, from behind.

Ukyo drank it all in. For the fourth time, since they began, she could feel herself nearing the edge of release. So was he. She could feel it, could hear it in each shallow breath and the way he abused her body, plundering her. It was a rush unlike anything she'd experienced. To think that someone typically shy and reserved as Ryoga could lose control, that she was the one making him lose it was exhilarating.

"Ukyo... I can't... hold it much longer. You just... you feel so good!" Ryoga said between breaths.

"A little more... just a little more." she tried to encourage him, wanting them to cum together. He attempted to reply, but couldn't. It was taking all he had to maintain to keep pace. Ukyo smiled fondly at him as she struck by a surprise realization: that Ryoga Hibiki had his limits. More than that, it'd been a girl who'd make him reach it. Her. Distantly, she regarded it as an odd sort of triumph.

"Ukyo..." he pleaded.

Reaching back, she pulled him into a brief, inverted, kiss. Breaking it, she whispered, "Try. For me, sugar."

Ryoga felt something inside him stir, making him pause in mid stroke. He stared intently, til he could see himself reflected in her eyes. Her fingertips were feather light as they brushed his cheek. Ryoga caught her hand in his, kissing the back of it, and held it, making her blush. When he finally answered, his tone was unusually soft, scarcely above a whisper.


Changing places, yet again, he positioned himself above her, hooking his arms beneath her thighs, and entering her a final time. This newest position allowed for a greater level of penetration, making her gasp and claw at his back, her nails leaving faint scratches on his skin. Each thrust was met with a squelching sound and the overflow of her sex as she seemed to melt around him. Near the end, she couldn't take it anymore and wrapped her legs around him, forcing him even deeper inside her.

Despite all the preamble, the end came sooner than expected for either of them. Ukyo arched like a bow, legs flexing, toes curled as she cried out her release. Ryoga thrust one last time, going stock still as he erupted inside her willing body. The tiny spurts of warmth triggered a smaller orgasm within the one she was experiencing, making her moan and finally pass out.

Finally spent, he collapsed off to her side, pulling her against him. Ukyo already fast asleep, wrapped only in Ryoga's arms. Part of him was still trying to make sense of what happened, but his current state and the warmth of her body was making that difficult to do. Oh well. He was sure it'd all work out somehow.

Placing a peck on her shoulder, he finally succumbed and went to sleep... in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

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(Posted Mon, 19 Nov 2007 20:45)

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