Faking It: Ryōga’s Turn to Prove Himself (LEMON) [Episode 197901]


Ryōga wiped the blood under his nose.  He was still mad, yes, but not so much at Ranma.  He was mad at Nodoka, his dear mommy, for having shown her true colors today.  Not only did she lie to him and his father for so long, by having another husband and child on the side... but now, he found out she was also enough of a nympho to let her own son screw her, in order to prove his elusive “manliness”.

Ryōga felt betrayed.  He was also feeling acute jealousy.  Did his mother fancied Ranma more than him?  Did she love the pigtailed pervert more than her firstborn child?  He was ten times manlier than the Saotome boy-girl... why did she never test HIS virility?

Ryōga gritted his fanged teeth together, as if in pain, and took his heavy, throbbing manhood in a calloused hand.  The penis was not only very hot, it was also hard as steel and fully erect.  Although his mind was hazed with guilty lust, Ryōga could still recognize the state he was in.  He knew that when he was getting this aroused, there was little he could do to keep control of himself.  Ranma-chan had experienced it often enough.  The Lost Boy realized he had to act before he’d lose his mind.

He let the bothersome towel fall from his hips, and pushed the door completely open.

Ranma raised an eyebrow when he saw Ryōga enter the bedroom, while he was still getting fluffed, licked, fingered, sucked, wanked, swallowed... by his hungry mother.  But he quickly relaxed, and smirked at his half-brother.  If the martial artist had any intention to fight, Ranma’s danger sense would have warned him already.  And the fact he was naked and sporting a boner that would put a bull to shame only too clearly hinted at his mood.  Ranma could easily tell the Hibiki lad’s state of mind, his girl-side having gotten on the receiving end of this beast a few times already.

“MOM!” Ryōga bellowed.  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!”

Nodoka, who never noticed her other son’s entrance, choked around Ranma’s fleshy mushroom, which she was currently trying to deep-throat.  Coughing, the flustered woman emptied her mouth and turned halfway around in fright, though her hand never gave up her grip on Ranma’s pride.

“Ryō... Ryō-chan!  That’s not... that’s not what you think....” she stuttered.  Then she froze, not saying another word, when she noticed Ryōga’s state of undress.  Her gaze fell on his turgid organ, and she got even redder in the face.

“It’s not what I think?” the fanged boy parroted.  “Because I’m not thinking you’re giving a first-class blowjob to your own son, maybe?  Tell me what I should think, then, MOM?!?”

“I... you... it’s... what... I can... explain....” Nodoka tried to articulate, but her embarrassment was too high... not to mention the trouble induced by Ryōga’s meaty canon, aiming right at her, and which she simply couldn’t pry her gaze from.  Then Ryōga stepped closer, and his privates seemed to occupy her whole field of vision.

Ranma just crossed his arms and snickered.  She would get no help from his side; this was quite evident.  “So, Ryō-chan, finished bathing?  Finally joining with us?  I’m sure you were worried about me, but there’s no more any reason too... Mom finally admitted how manly I am.”

“Shut up, you sick bastard!” Ryōga growled.  “I can see that...” he nonetheless added, looking down at his mother still kneeling on the floor.  “How could you, Mom...” he hissed.

“Ryō-chan....” Nodoka murmured, tears of shame in the corner of her eyes.

“... How could you fuck that small-dicked brat FIRST?”

Nodoka just blinked in astonishment.

Ranma’s smile froze, and his left eye twitched.  “Hey....”

“I’m the eldest son!” Ryōga pursued.  “That honor belonged to me....”

“What?” the naked mother blurted out.

“Feh... can’t you see it, Mom?” Ranma huffed.  “He’s plain jealous.  He never could digest that I’d beat him at anything....”

“Can it, Ranma!”

“Wha....” Nodoka croaked.  She couldn’t understand how she put herself in such a situation.  She never doubted her two sons were manly, but... not THIS manly.

“Now, Mom, care to explain why you’re neglecting me for this sissy boy?” Ryōga still ranted.  “I’m a much better lover than him!”

“Oh, really?” Ranma interjected.  “Well, Mom, this sounds like a challenge.  As a martial artist, I am bound to take it up.  And as a martial artists’ mother... you’re in the best spot to be our judge.”

“But...” Nodoka timidly blurted.  She still had a hard time believing what was happening to her... and how little she felt like protesting about the whole thing.

“No but, Mom.” Ranma added, looking quite pleased with this turn of the situation.  “Now that you’ve recognized me as manly, in all fairness you gotta give a chance to Ryō-chan for proving himself too.”

Ranma gently took Nodoka’s left arm — her right hand was staying wrapped around his penis all the time, as she had been too stunned to think of letting it go — and guided her fingers toward Ryōga’s jutting rostrum.

The Lost Boy let out a sigh when the slender digits wrapped around his thick shaft.  Nodoka felt his warmth and hardness in her hand, the blood throbbing underneath the tissues.  She blushed even more and gasped, staring back and forth at Ranma’s and Ryōga’s cocks in her palms.

“Oh my... two at once... there’s so big... so virile... so....” she whispered, her voice sounding awed.  Her hands automatically began to stroke the manly rods up and down, the skin rolling over the erectile flesh.  Ryōga grunted, but Ranma-kun stoically smiled.

“Come on, Mom, time to use your mouth....” Ranma urged, pointing at his brother.

Nodoka hesitated slightly, but she soon obeyed.  Leaning her face toward Ryōga’s crotch, she inhaled the heady, musky scent of male arousal floating toward her.  Closing her eyelids in appreciation of the smell, she then opened them again to look up at Ryōga’s expression.  The Hibiki boy was biting his lower lip with a fanged tooth, but in his eyes could be seen the eagerness and pleading of a horny teenager wanting to get off.

Nodoka smiled, and parted her lips while getting closer to his organ.  Her tongue darted out first to lick at the turgid tip, gathering a droplet of precum leaking from the pee hole.  Ryōga shivered, and his hands instinctively went to his mother’s head, caressing her beautiful hair.  She kissed the glans and gave another lick at its underside, reaching the frenulum.

Nodoka’s mouth then closed around the mushroom cap, sealing against the tasty flesh.  Ryōga began panting from the stimulation of his most sensitive organ.  Her tongue shortly slithered out to wrap and circle around the junction of shaft and prepuce, coating it with glistening drool, to be soon rejoined by her hot lips, now swallowing the whole bulbous head.  The loving mother began swallowing the delicious sausage, sliding more and more of the shaft in her oral cavity, while making discreet slurping sounds.

Though only an appetizer, the royal treatment his mom was lavishing on his boner elicited a delighted groan from Ryōga.  The lustful son enjoyed the fellatio without moving, barely even guiding Nodoka’s head with his strong hands.  She was doing most of the job of moving back and forth.

Ranma sniggered.  “Very manly indeed, letting Mom do all the work.  I bet you could barely take a bath by yourself till only a few years ago, right?  Let me guess, you had mommy scrub your pee-pee as long as you could sucker her up...?”

Ryōga, although loath to let himself get distracted from the wonderful sensation coming from his loins, nonetheless answered his half-sibling.  “Watch out, Ranma.  I could just kick your ass out of the house.  It ain’t like I need you here....”

Hearing the exchange, Nodoka stopped sucking on Ryōga’s penis and slightly squeezed both her sons’ scrotum.  “Ranma, Ryōga, be nice.  No fighting, please.” she admonished, sounding as if she was scolding a pair of small children.  “There will be enough for the both of you.”

Of what there will be enough, she didn’t elaborate.  But as not to play favorites, she went back to Ranma’s cock, clamping her mouth around the hard tool that so nicely screwed her earlier.  At the same time, so that he wouldn’t grow impatient, she masturbated Ryōga’s knot with swift up-and-down movements of her fingers, slick with her saliva.

Then she alternated again, enthusiastically blowing one of her sons while jerking off the other, looking pretty much like a pro doing some pre-orgy shots during a pornographic movie.  Her face moved faster and faster around the stiff pricks she was inhaling, and at the same times her fingers danced over the engorged penile flesh.

She could also feel, whenever her hands roamed down to their dangling bits, the manly fluids swelling the testes, ready to discharge copious amount of semen.  She gently cupped the skin-wrapped sacks, their warmth and weight settling in her sweaty palms.  Nodoka experienced an irresistible urge to taste their sperm, to gorge herself with the seeds that promised her grandchildren.

Ryōga’s phallus proved to be the most promising in this endeavor.  Although he had fucked “Yoiko” at length, it had been longer since that than Ranma-kun’s recent ejaculation.  The recovery rate of the Hibiki boy was nothing short of amazing — maybe helped by his interlude as a pig.  The temporary Jusenkyō transformations, as they discovered quickly after being cursed, could help replenish sexual stamina much faster than with normal people.

The already-throbbing Hibiki rod swelled in her lovely mouth, almost too much for it to fit between her jaws.  Then it erupted like a fire-hose, spurting jets after jets of warm jizm directly down her throat.  Nodoka swallowed desperately, trying to not waste a drop of the delicious man-milk.  Ryōga lengthily exhaled in bliss, letting the orgasm rush throughout his whole frame like a wave, before rolling back into the very focused sensation of his balls emptying.  It felt like all the fluids of his body, as well as his vital energy, were escaping through the tiny canal of his urethra before bursting into his mother’s oral cavity.

A small rivulet of mixed drool and sperm leaking on her chin, Nodoka nonetheless managed to drink most of the love batter that her son discharged in her mouth.  When her red, pouty lips let the turgid organ escape, strands of saliva still linking them together, only a mere droplet of spunk oozed from the tip of the glans.  The woman idly noticed that the vigorous cock had barely deflated, feeling still quite solid and pulsing under the unyielding grip of her fingers.

“Always, the quick-draw, eh, Ryō-chan?” Ranma mocked.

“Shut up, Ranma!  And I’ll be still plenty hard enough again soon, Mom, don’t you worry.” Ryōga retorted.

“H... h... hard enough?” Nodoka repeated after reflexively gulping one last time.  She seemed both eager and a bit disoriented.  Her hands finally let go of the warm prick, as if suddenly a little afraid of it.

“Oh yeah, Mom, that’s true...” Ranma commented.  “In some cases, when that hornhog is really excited, a mere blowjob ain’t enough to make him limp.  I guess that his lower head can get just as thick and hard as his upper one.  It simply doesn’t have the sense to get soft... I know....”

For once, Ryōga didn’t contradict Ranma in his assessment.  He just stroked his slick shaft ostensibly, right before his mother’s face, showing off its humongous size and bone-like rigidity.  Nodoka felt like a little bird mesmerized by the gaze of a big constrictor snake.

“I mean, maybe we shoulda worry, it could be some medical condition or something...” Ranma continued before being silenced by a growl from his brother.

“H-h-hard enough for what, Ryō-chan?” Nodoka finally got the courage to ask, her voice breathy.  She certainly guessed it by now, but she felt it was the proper thing to do.  Her instinct told her that a polite Japanese mother should at least show a modicum of shyness and embarrassment before being screwed silly by her son — even though it was doubtful this was notified in any book about good manners.

“Hard enough for THAT!” Ryōga answered with a smirk.

Grabbing her arms, the Lost Boy made her stand up and hugged her against his strong, hunky, chiseled frame.  Nodoka immediately swooned from the contact with so much manly, warm, teenage flesh, letting out a delighted gasp.  Ryōga’s lips crashed against his mother’s, raping her mouth, stealing her breath and entangling her tongue with his own.  His powerful hands settled on her firm buttocks and he lifted her up slightly with this grip... just enough for his jutting manhood to slip between her legs, the shaft resting against her juicy sex.  From Nodoka’s viewpoint, it almost felt like he could support her whole weight solely with this hard rod.  Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around Ryōga’s waist, crossing her ankles against his muscular ass.  She was no longer touching the ground, every bit of skin-to-skin contact being of the carnal kind.

Nodoka lost herself in the kiss, responding just as hungrily as Ryōga to the incestuous mouth-to-mouth.  Neither needed resuscitation, though, as they both were quite lively and enthusiastic.  Her tongue, wiggling against her son’s teeth, felt the sharp points of the canines and the tip lingered somewhat on the cute Hibiki fangs.  They shared saliva just as willingly as they shared heat.  Nodoka’s heavy breasts were plastered against her son’s flat torso, the tiniest of their moves bringing delicious friction to her nipples.  Ryōga’s hands were pawing his mother’s scrumptious butt cheeks, the fingers digging into the pliant flesh with abandon.  Their needy sexes were rubbing lewdly against each other, the womanly juices dripping on the thick, throbbing piece of malehood.

Behind them, Ranma observed the peepshow unabashedly, arms crossed and a smile on his face.  His own mast was just as erect, proudly jutting from his crotch, but he didn’t attend to it for now.  He knew that Ryōga wouldn’t tolerate his half-brother horning in until he’d claimed their mother just as fully as the pigtailed boy did.  Then and only then they’d be even, and the Hibiki lad would be in any mood for sharing.

Ryōga finally broke the kiss, allowing his mother to catch her breath.  Her loud panting was as much the result of intense arousal than of oxygen deprivation, however.

“I’m going to fuck you, Mom.  I’m going to fuck you just like you let that jerk Ranma did!  Do you hear me?” Ryōga stated, wanting his dear mommy to be fully aware of what they were doing.

“Oooooh... yesssss... Ryōōōō-chan... you sound so determined... I feel it... you want it... you want me...” Nodoka cooed in response, sounding half-delirious.  She squirmed against Ryōga’s midsection, grinding her yearning pussy against his cock.

“Do YOU want me, Mom?  Do YOU want to have your son making love to you?  Are you a naughty woman?” he insisted.

“Yes!  YES!  I want you, Ryō-chan.  I am naughty.  You two... you are making me sooooo naughty.  I want to feel how manly you are, my darling son.  Kiss your mommy.  Fuck you mommy.  Pretty pleeaaaaase....”

Ryōga felt elation... and love.  A feeling he rarely experienced, especially when he was lost in the wilderness.  A feeling he only too rarely felt, even with a lover, though he’d sometimes come very close to it with Ranma-chan.

Inching backward toward the bed with Nodoka still in his grasp, Ryōga finally let himself flop on the covers with his hot mother atop of him.  Nodoka gasped from the mild shock this brought to her naked, soft body against her son's much more solid frame.  But her chest was equipped with a pair of meaty air-bags substitute, which nicely cushioned her fall against Ryōga's hard torso.  Still, the flattening of her generous chest and rubbing of her nipples, along with all the delicious flesh-to-flesh grinding, sent a rush of sensations throughout of aroused, sexy shape.

Ryōga, now lying on his back, helped his mother rose a bit from him with both palms on her curvy sides.  Now that Nodoka was straddling him, he said “If you want it so much, Mom... then you’ll be the one to do it!  Ride me!  Take my hard, thick cock in your hand and push it yourself in your hot quim!”

To make clear he wasn’t like Ranma, Ryōga didn’t want to trick or force his mother to have intercourse with him.  He wanted her to choose, to do it willingly, which would completely alleviate any feeling of guilt from to the Lost Boy.

“Just like you... letting Mom doing all the work.  You’re really Mommy’s big baby, right?” Ranma commented.  But he was ignored by both lovers.

Nodoka used both arms to push herself from Ryōga’s torso and straighten her back.  She was now sitting fully on his midsection, with her yearning sex right against his erect pole.  Glancing above her shoulder, she blushed.  She could see the tip of Ryōga’s boner emerging from under her behind, right between her ass cheeks.  The glans was purplish and turgescent, a pearl of white cream oozing from the pee-hole.  Almost by instinct, the aroused mother wiggled her hips back and forth to rub her privates against the warm manhood.  Female juices quickly coated the penile rod, making it throb in anticipation.  The young man exhaled lengthily and grunted in need.

Nodoka had no intent to tease him for long this way, however.  She was way too ready herself to make the torturous wait last, even as pleasurable this incestuous frottage was.  This was only a set-up for more, and they both knew it.  She settled on her knees and raised her bottom just enough to free the jutting organ.  The proud mast immediately pointed upward, right at her dripping pussy.  Soon, Ryōga’s wish was to be granted, as his mother grabbed the rock-hard phallus underneath her, trembling digits closing around the pulsing meat.  Her other hand went to her vagina, gently spreading the outer lips to ease penetration.

With a mixed look of concentration and shame on her face, Hibiki Nodoka slowly lowered herself, carefully aiming the tip of her son’s prick at her nether hole.  The fat head came into contact with the drenched folds of her womanhood, mashing the inner labia.  Then, she guided the bulbous tip deeper within herself, letting gravity pull her down.  Nodoka gasped from the feeling of her vulva stretching around her son’s main weapon.  She frantically sucked on air, her mouth cutely pouting and her eyes closing as she was awash with carnal sensations.

“Oh my!  So big!  It’s so big!  Oh Ryō-chan, you’re so big!!” Nodoka throatily exclaimed.  She certainly would have a hard time sheathing this sword if not for Ranma-kun’s earlier loving attentions.  Thankfully, he had well prepared her pussy for this a few minutes ago by screwing her brains out.

Ranma, still standing close by with his arms crossed, did frown.  His mother hadn’t so much complimented his girth earlier.  Alright, Ryōga was endowed, he knew about it better than anyone.  But it wasn’t so much size that mattered, but skill.  Everybody realized that.

Ryōga put his hands on his mother’s hips, both to steady her... and to urge her on taking more of his shaft within her core.  “Come on, Mother dear.  Your little slut of a redheaded daughter had taken this rod all the way in more than once... and she’s much smaller than you... in fact, she’s just a little girly... not at all a real woman like you.”

Ranma’s eyebrow twitched something fierce.

Nodoka didn’t know if she should be pleased by Ryōga’s praising her womanliness... or scold him for speaking badly of his sometimes sister.  Though, in truth, she was too distracted to decide... having a thick, manly snake trying to burrow its way in her tender snatch could do that even to the most levelheaded mother.

Moaning shrilly, Nodoka was dragged down by Ryōga’s strong hands... and by her own lust.  The fleshy, venous ram battered down the last of her resistance, stretching out so nicely her love tunnel, filling out her drenched vagina with plenty of male meat.  It was not long before the purple-headed warrior bottomed in the lovely woman’s belly, a bulge outwardly visible from her Venus mons to almost her bellybutton.  She let out a deep, breathy sigh of delight while her innards got used to the presence of the massive invader, her vessel lubricating madly around it.

Along with a marvelous sensation of fullness, the full implication of what she was doing came crashing on Nodoka.  She was having sex... she was copulating, fornicating... under her own will, with her first son, shortly after letting the younger one fuck her silly.  She was a naughty, wicked, loose woman, indulging twice in a row in the great taboo of incest with both her teenaged children.  And she was enjoying every second of it.

She grabbed her full, lush breasts in her own hands and squeezed hard on the mammary flesh.  Nodoka arched her back, her long auburn hair whipping and dangling freely.  She began panting lewdly while starting to bounce up and down atop Ryōga’s muscular frame, helped by her son’s strong arms.  He lifted her hips just enough to shortly expose the shaft section of his prick, coated with her juices.  Then he pulling her down on his mast, her lower mouth swallowing it back in one sloshing gulp.  The horny mother was bodily shaking from the rhythmic thrusts.  The sound of their loins smacking was added to the erotic groans, sighs and coos they emitted.  Her eyes hazy, Nodoka couldn’t help but drool, lips wide open and tongue hanging as Ryōga screwed her so nicely.  Her saliva dripping on her cleavage, it only mixed with the sweat covering her glistening skin.  Other fluids were copiously produced, splashing out of her stuffed twat with each inward stroke of the grinning Hibiki boy.

Ryōga, greatly enjoying the obscene show of the sexy, mature woman squirming atop him and the feeling of her warm, drenched cunt around his cock, increased the pace.  He rammed faster and faster into his mother’s love hole, making her squeal from the overdose of pleasure.  Her gorgeous, bouncy, naked shape was trembling and tensing under the assault, every square inch of her skin flushed and sweaty.  Her breathless cries and frantic moans were clearly hinting of a rapidly mounting orgasm, a quite welcome one if her tone was any indication.

All along, Ranma was raptly watching the XXX-rated spectacle his mother and half-brother were giving him.  He was glad to have provoked this carnal encounter between the two people he loved the most.  The hot sight of Nodoka and Ryōga coupling was truly warming his heart — as well as plenty other organs.  If he was distractedly stroking his own erection, it was just out of reflex; he certainly ran no risk of getting soft any time soon.

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