Faking It: Nodoka’s Firstborn to the Rescue.... (LEMON) [Episode 196589]


If Ryōga was usually able to walk through a brick wall while barely noticing, he was much weaker — by several orders of magnitude — when in pig form.  P-chan was certainly fast and fierce compared to any piglet his size, but this shape totally deprived him of his superhuman strength.

Hence, a simple cabinet door blocked by a broom handle proved a considerable obstacle.  He had almost knocked himself out by repeatedly slamming against the panel, seeing bright stars orbiting his little piggy snout in the darkness of the closet.  But whatever the form, Ryōga stayed thick-skulled... and stubborn.  Although it was taking him several precious minutes — which felt like hours in his worried mind — he knew he would batter down the obstruction, even if he had to give himself a concussion for that.

And ultimately, after dozens of ramming against the door from the inside, the broom handle was beginning to splinter, then twist, and it finally broke down.  A seething porker rocketed out of the cabinet.  It took him only a short moment shaking his throbbing head and blinking his dazzled eyes to regain his bearings.  Then, P-chan zeroed toward the furoba.  Contrarily to popular belief, Ryōga wasn’t getting lost that much in his own house — especially not when he was very determined.

Only a few seconds later, a very irate Hibiki boy, back to human form, rushed out of the bathroom and ran up the stairs.  He hadn’t even bothered with his clothes, having no time for that; he had just hastily wrapped a towel around his waist.  He needed to be fast in order to save his poor, innocent mother from being raped and humiliated at the hands of his wicked, perverted half-brother.

‘Ranma, if you did dare lay one hand on Mom, touch one hair from her head, I swear I’ll—’

But Ryōga’s silent fuming got suddenly and brutally interrupted by the enthusiastic screams coming from the bedroom.

“STILL THINKING I’M GAY, MOM?” came Ranma’s cocky voice.

“OH KAMI-SAMA, NO!!” was Nodoka’s answer.

‘Oh no... I’m too late... I’m too late... Ranma, I’m going to kill you!’ Ryōga thought in anguish.

“AM I MANLY, MOM??  TELL ME!  AM I A MAN AMONG MEN??” Ranma’s voice insisted.


At this, Ryōga slowed down, his feet almost stumbling on the steps.  The last voice had been his mother’s, no doubt about it... but there was such a shrill, primal, earnest tone of happiness in her words... it wasn’t possible... he couldn’t believe it....  That Hibiki Nodoka, a paragon of motherhood and purity (in his mind)... could sound like she was enjoying herself while doing the nasty with her own (although illegitimate, still in Ryōga’s mind) son... that was plain....

“I’M GOING TO CUM, MOM!  I’M GOING TO CUM!!!” Ranma yelled.

‘NO!  He wouldn’t dare—’ Ryōga gasped.


This time, Ryōga froze utterly.  If he could have tried to convince himself he hadn’t heard right the previous exclamations, this time there was no possible doubt about the meaning of Nodoka’s words.  No woman could ever beg such a thing from a lover, with such genuine eagerness... and not mean it with all her soul.

‘Damn you, Ranma, damn you... for turning our mother into a slut!’ Ryōga seethed, clenching his fists.  He stayed there, on top of the stairs, head down, feeling depression wash over him once again.  This was something he hadn’t felt so acutely in a long time... not since he’d started having sex on a regular basis.  Somehow, it seemed satiating his hormonal urges had been good for his mental health.

Ryōga was surrounded by a cold, green aura, wondering if he should give into the heavy ki and release a Shishi Hokodan in rage... when he heard again the voices coming from the bedroom, this time much less loud.

“I love you, mom....” Ranma whispered.

“I love you too, Ranma-kun....” Nodoka answered.

‘I can’t believe this... after what he’d done to her...’ Ryōga gawked.  He would never have imagined, even in his most lurid fantasies (which Ranma-chan seriously contributed at making wild and imaginative) that his mother could be this kind of woman.  Her having two husbands was shocking enough....

‘She loves him... but doesn’t she love me?  I’m the eldest, after all....’

The Lost Boy felt jealousy mounting, but then he almost slapped himself when he realized the direction his thoughts were taking.

Ryōga was a pervert.  He wasn’t even in denial about that.  He had done enough ecchi things with Ranma-chan to be perfectly aware of the fact.  Not that she was his only conquest; far from it.  Thanks to is accursed sense of direction, he seemed to be drawn toward places full of nude women.  Even if it had never been with any premeditation, he already had walked on girls undressing... on girls bathing... on girls masturbating... even on girls having lesbian sex.  And if, most of the time, this had ended with females screaming at him and throwing various things at his head, he had also gotten lucky on more than a few occasions.

How he had managed to hide for so long how much of a horndog he was to the Tendōs or to other people in Nerima, he had no idea.  Sure, only Ranma knew about his curse, and that he was pretending to be a piglet to sleep in Akane’s bed... nestled between her breasts... against her warm body.  But even so, his frequent nosebleeds should have been dead giveaways.  Those happened because his blood pressure was rising too high and the vessels of his nose ruptured.  This should have given away long ago how aroused he could get whenever he got a glimpse of some naked beauty... but for some strange reason, people weirdly concluded he was just “too shy” around women and “hopeless” with girls.

But yet, despite his relentless urges, despite all the naughty role-playing he indulged with Ranma-chan... Ryōga refused to contemplate how far he could go if he didn’t keep control of himself.  Ranma couldn’t be right... he couldn’t have some kind of incest fetish, did he?  Sure, “little sister Yoiko” was certainly his favorite among the characters Ranma-chan could impersonate for their games... but it hasn’t even been his idea from the start.  It was Ranma who had come up with the disguise... and it always was make-believe... he’d completely ignored that the Saotome aquatranssexual could be his half-sibling....

And still... although telling himself he should just turn heels and get lost for a long time to sort out his thoughts... although his reason battled fiercely with his instinct and yelled at him to run away... his curiosity was getting the best of him.  He needed to see... he needed to know... he couldn’t just base his conclusions on everything he heard... if only to convince himself.

With a start, he noticed that his breathing had gotten raged; he willed himself to hold his respiration and stay silent.  Then, very slowly and carefully, he turned the handle and pushed the door slightly ajar, looking inside the bedroom through the small gap.

The first thing he saw... the first thing that caught his gaze... was that his mother was naked.  But it wasn’t that simple... it couldn’t be summarized by those mere words.  Nodoka was naked, true... as nude as the day she was born, not wearing a stitch of clothing, not even a hairpin to hold her long auburn hair which were cascading on her back.  But for Ryōga, it wasn’t just the simple fact that he was seeing his mother naked... although it certainly had been many years since the last time they took a bath together, when he was a little boy.  No, for Ryōga, it was the sheer realization that Nodoka was a woman... and not a saint-like, evanescent figure, like many boys kept picturing their mommies.  She had curves... she had hips... she had gorgeous legs... she had generous breasts... she even had a plump, scrumptious ass, which he was getting a perfect view of, as Nodoka was currently sitting on her heels and turning her back to him.

In short, Ryōga was discovering that his mother was sexy, which hit him rather hard in the guts.  He felt the blood starting to pump inside his male organ, and the penis beginning to get erect underneath the towel circling his waist.  Gritting his teeth, he took hold of the rod, squeezing to calm it down, but to no avail.

His eyes bloodshot, he leveled them again on the scene before him, while thinking: ‘Curse you, Ranma, curse you... how did you dare lay such a beautiful woman as mom... you sneaky, perverted, lucky bastard!’

Ranma, unaware for now of the glare directed at him, was sitting on the edge of the bed, arms crossed and legs slightly spread.  He was smirking as he looked down at his mother’s head between his thighs.  Nodoka had insisted that after their dirty exertion, it was a mother’s duty to insure her son was cleaned up.  That’s why she was demurely sitting on the floor in seiza position before the Saotome boy, leaning just enough for her face to reach his crotch...

... and her mouth was wrapped around Ranma’s thick cock, her lips sliding up and down along the shaft, coating the purplish flesh with saliva and licking away every drop of their mixed juices that could still be sticking to it.  Her left hand was resting on the base of the rod, just above the testes, so that her fingers could circle the fleshy mast and keep it straight, aimed at the back of her throat.  She was making very little noises during her fellatio, as was more befitting of a lady, be she was certainly taking pride in thoroughly and skillfully cleaning his pipe, as Ranma’s blissful expression sometimes betrayed.

This was sticking it definitely in Ryōga’s mind.  He couldn’t see perfectly well what his mother was doing from this angle, but the way her head bobbed up and down left little doubts about it.  No woman could be forced into sucking a cock if she truly didn’t want to... especially not with the leisure pace and calm demeanor Nodoka showed.  When she stopped momentarily to look up at Ranma’s face and smile, Ryōga got a good glimpse of her hand going up and down on the slick shaft, stroking it deliberately to make her son’s tool just as erect as before.

The obscene peep show got Ryōga’s blood boiling in his veins, in more ways than one.  His nostrils only leaked a few droplets of hemoglobin, though, most of the vital fluids going to his phallus, now harder than stone.  He could even have used it for a Bakusai Tenkentsu... although that would be a waste of such a good boner.

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