Master's Way: Nabiki gets scared (LEMON) [Episode 196347]


“Where sorry, this number has been disconnected…”

It was the third number that Nabiki had gotten wrong as she tried to sort out the jumble that her mind had become to call her own home. With each of those numbers she had gotten a little more worried and panic stricken about what to do. She was in a strangers room trying to call home but all the numbers seemed to be wrong. She had called someone that hung up the moment she said her name, well that wasn’t true they said they’d pay her back at school tomorrow, another number had been to a Tofu shop and this last one was a number that apparently was no longer in use.

She was scared, the stranger seemed to be willing to help but now he wasn’t even in his own room to help her with the phone. A part of Nabiki remembered the use of business, if you want something you give something. But she didn’t really have anything to give right now did she? As that thought struck her panic swept over her. Standing she rushed from the room to find the stranger. She needed help and if she needed to beg so be it, but nothing was making sense to her anymore. She’d become stupid. She couldn’t even read words or make sense of the few numbers on the phone. Everything was such a jumble.

Hearing some sounds from a near by room Nabiki walked in hoping it was the stranger. The room was dark, there appeared to be no light switch but Nabiki could hear some sort movement. “Hello hello? Nabiki scared…” she called out in a trembling voice. It was then that a blur of motion caught her off guard as something warm and fuzzy popped out landing on her tank top between her breasts.

Screaming and smacking the fuzzy object off her shirt she turned to run, which was then that she ran straight into Akira. She clung to him tightly “SCARY SCARY SCARY!” Akira a bit shocked at the sudden grab that knocked both him and Nabiki to the ground.

A small black cat came wobbling out in a daze from the defensive strike from Nabiki. “Shh it’s just a cat.” Akira spoke in soothing tone as he stroked Nabiki’s head.

As much as Nabiki didn’t know about this stranger she found herself trusting him far more due to his pleasant nature “Nabiki… didn’t know where you where, she went looking for you.” she half sobbed as she looked up at him again “Nabiki can’t make phone work, keep getting wrong places.”

Akira sighed. He had no idea girls like this actually existed. “Okay… listen next time you need to find me, how about just calling my name? My name is Akira.”

Nabiki nodded, her nerves coming back under control. Deep down she knew she needed this Akira’s help, she needed to figure out how to reach her home and she certainly couldn’t trust her own mind it seemed. Some part of the old Nabiki was trying to work with what little remained of her intelligence. She had all knowledge still but it was such an effort to get any of it to make sense now.

“Stay with Nabiki? Nabiki is scared she is losing her mind.”

“Um.. Well I suppose I can…” Akira sounded unsure, and as well he should considering he’d only been in the area about a week. His night time snack shop seemed to pay some of the bills but really didn’t know how he could help Nabiki find her home save from going door to door and asking.

However Nabiki’s mind was elsewhere as she remembered Akira’s phrase, it was normally used when thinking about a business transaction. She needed a way to drive the deal home. Leaning forward she forced her lips against his, pressing her body to his. Her body almost immediately started warming up due to a strange sensitivity to her breasts. They where already dampening her tank top that Akira had given her earlier but now something else was getting wet as well.

Breaking the kiss Nabiki smiled at the shocked Akira, moving down she unzipped his pants pulling out his engorged cock she began to lick and suck on it.

Akira was in seventh heaven, he was rapidly losing his wits to Nabiki’s advances and couldn’t for the life of him think of a reason to stop her. He didn’t have a girlfriend, he lived alone… well unless you considered adopting stray cats as family. Heck he was still new to the area and hadn’t even found a girl that he could crush on.

Nabiki’s mind was all fuzzy, She felt the need and desire to be mounted now, her earlier thoughts had become lost in a fog of lust as she kept licking. She needed this elsewhere. With a free hand she pulled her bottoms off as she continued to go at the object of her affection. Finally as Akira was panting and twitching for release. She stopped moving up on top of him she maneuvered him to enter her. At first the sharp pain caused her mind to clear for just a second. “What am I doing!? I’ve never..” those few moments of clear thought where interrupted by the sea of desire that was mounting inside of Nabiki’s chemically altered body. All that was left was an animalistic desire to mate.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

By the time Nabiki was done with Akira both where hot and sticky on the floor, both spent, and both having lost an innocence every person is born with. Nabiki smiled at the man that still held her. It was so warm and safe where she was, there was somewhere she needed to go before. But she couldn’t quite remember quite where that was in her jumbled confused state.

Akira for his own record was sure this was a dream from god, but as he looked at Nabiki he knew it was a reality. Maybe life in this new area was going to be alright after all. Granted he still needed to get enrolled at the local high school but after this, he was sure that was going to be a piece of cake.

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