Faking It: Probing the Depths of Genetic Sexual Attraction (LEMON) [Episode 196128]


Ranma was still smiling.  He felt very little qualms concerning what he was about to do.  Not that he wasn’t aware it was considered taboo by most cultures on Earth; he just didn’t care much.  He had been largely desensitized to any feeling of wrongness linked to incest after all those games “Yoiko” played with Ryōga.  Learning that the Lost Boy was really his half-brother hadn’t been so much of bomb for Ranma, given all this.  Surprising, yes, and more than a bit ironical... but not utterly shocking.   From his viewpoint, it simply added spice to those erotic memories.

Likewise, thanks to his moron of a father dragging him into a prolonged training trip for so long, Ranma never quite forged a mother-son relationship with Nodoka.  Maybe it would have been different if she’d actually reared him... but as far as he could remember, he met her at sixteen by the side of the canal.  Even then, he only learned later of who she was... and it never stopped him from noticing that she was sexy.  Although the Saotome heir hadn’t exactly fantasized about his mother — the boy-side had quite enough young lovers to be satisfied — he couldn’t honestly say he never was a bit curious about doing it with a mature woman... and a kimono-clad, auburn-haired beauty usually came to his mind first.

Clearly, he was about to find out.  His steel rod felt hot and throbbing in his hand, ready to impale Nodoka’s ready, yearning vulva.  He gently rubbed the puffy outer lips with the tip of his organ, smearing her love juices on the bulbous head.  He had no desire to force her or rush her, despite his own raging needs.  He wanted to hear his mother ask for it, beg him, admit how much she craved this incestuous coupling.  He had very little doubts she would give in....  After the tantric massage, erotic shiatsu and intense foreplay she went through, Ranma was pretty sure to have broken down the last of his mother’s inhibitions.  She was longing for a good penetration, primed for wild and sweaty sex, hungry for a piece of his meat.

“So, Mrs. Hibiki...?” Ranma jokingly asked.  “Are you ready?  You just have to say it... all it will take is a word from you... and I’ll give you what you want....”

Nodoka moaned pitifully as her naughty child kept stimulating her eager pussy with his manly organ.  He even lingered on her exposed clitoris with the glans, stroking the over-sensitive nub of flesh with his pee hole and prepuce.  He was battering down her last resistance, and she knew it.  But she couldn’t deny any longer how maddeningly aroused he had made her.

“Yes, Ranma-chan, please....  Take me!  Push it into me!  Make you mommy feel good!” she finally demanded.  Her eyes were imploring... her face and torso flushed with shame and excitement... her hands demurely kept atop the upper part of her breasts, making no move to stop him... her thighs spread just enough for easy access to her core... her lips cutely parted in a soft sigh of submission... she was entirely offering herself.

Ranma had enough decency to resist the temptation of another “winning” gesture.  It would probably have made him lose his aim, anyway, which was the last thing he’d want.

Ranma’s penis didn’t have a long trip ahead.  A few centimeters forward was all it took for the mushroom head to slip between the blood-engorged petals and disappear.  The fleshy folds had no choice but to part way around this manly ram, opening the path for more shaft.  The warm, red, dim tunnel was very wet and slippery, perfect for the progression of the one-eyed snake claiming possession of it.

Nodoka’s mouth opened wide as she gasped in awed shock.  Her chest shook and bounced as she tensed and arched her back.  Her hands left her gainaxing breasts to claw at the bedcover on her sides.  Her well-trimmed, dark-red bush moved upward as her mons pubis was pushed from the inside by the girth of her son’s manhood.  It felt so warm, and big, and hard, and thick... and yet, it slipped easily in her inner vessel, bringing a delicious sensation of fullness.

Ranma couldn’t believe how snug his mother felt.  It was hard to tell she had given birth twice.  She quite obviously kept in shape, and the Saotome boy was glad for this.  Getting really worked up by the warmth, tightness and wetness of her pussy, he grabbed Nodoka’s thighs more firmly and pushed his rigid pole deeper into her love hole.  Bottoming against her vaginal fornix, Ranma exhaled throatily in pleasure.

“It’s all the way in, mom!  Do you feel it?  Do you feel my hard dick in your cunt?!”

“Aaaaaahhh... Ranma... yeeeessss... it’s sooo big... it’s stretching me....” Nodoka moaned in response, tantalizingly squirming underneath him.

“Do you like it?  Do you like having my big, fat cock in you?  Screwing you?”

“Yes!  Yes, Ranma-chan, I love it!  Kami help me, I love it!”

“I’m going to fuck you, mom!  I’m going to bang you like a common whore, until you cum out of your ears!”

“Raaaa-Ranma!  Watch your... language... aaaaaaammmmhh....”

Ranma almost laughed out loud.  Given their current position, it was quite funny that his mother would still value properness enough to object with him using profanity.  Though he could bet that once he’d fucked her hard and long, she would stop caring about that too.

The first move he made with his hips was still tentative, only twisting a little his knot inside her cunt.  Yet it elicited a gasp from Nodoka and she bodily shook.  Ranma was only testing the waters, checking out how what kind of lover his mother was.  She seemed quite responsive, which only pleased more the pigtailed pervert.

He knew, from experience, that it was important to let the woman get used to his girth — about as important as making sure she was lubricating enough.  But he wasn’t about to delay the action further; though.  He was still a horny teenager, after all, and he was forced to contain his excitement for some time while in the business of seducing his mother.  He couldn’t resist any longer the temptation of doing some real humping.

Slowly at first, then gradually increasing his rhythm, Ranma slid his throbbing shaft in and out of Nodoka’s well-greased quim.  Still holding the firm flesh of her thighs with both hands, his bottom rocked against her lower body.  His pelvis repeatedly beat against her mons with each forward stroke, sheathing his penis all the way in her snatch, sending ripples through her tummy.  The boy’s head and torso hovered above her belly, and droplets of sweat forming on his brow fell down on her gyrating bellybutton. 

Nodoka certainly didn’t lie down lifelessly while Ranma was taking her.  She was fortunately pinned underneath him, otherwise she would have thrashed wildly on the bed.  She was still shaking, trembling, bouncing, squirming and wracked by spasms with every deep thrust of the manhood inside her forbidden cavern.  She cried, moaned, panted, sighed, whimpered, cooed and made plenty of other erotic noises under the tender mercies of her son.  She occasionally bit on a digit to stifle her screams, yet most of the time her hands were too busy pinching her own nipples.

The auburn-haired woman glanced up at Ranma, her gaze made blurry by tears of pleasure.  She marveled at his manliness; he looked so beautiful while he enthusiastically speared her.  His sweaty, muscular chest was heaving with deep intakes of air... his dark pigtail was whipping left and right while he rocked to and fro his athletic body... his face was set into a determined expression, his eyes boring into hers brazenly.  Nodoka felt a rush of unconditional (if quite un-motherly) love for her child throughout her whole being, mixed with wave after wave of lust.

She finally diverted an arm from her breasts to reach for the sticky meeting place of their sexes with her fingertips.  It was as if she thought there wasn’t enough contact already between their respective genitalia... she needed to touch it to actually believe it... to convince herself this wasn’t a dream... that she was really doing the nasty with her own flesh and blood... and that she was actually enjoying every second of it!

Nodoka then threw her head backward and howled in bliss.  Her fingers, going on automatic, began frigging her own pussy lips, engorged and stretched around his purple warrior, as well as rubbing her peeking clitoris, giving an obscene show for Ranma’s leering gaze.  She pushed back against each of his pistoning move, raising her toned butt from the bed despite the weight of her lover.

Ranma could tell his mother was climaxing under the continued assault on her senses.  The way her juicy oven clamped around his sausage left little doubts about it.  This was making it harder for him to continue with the intercourse at this rythm.  His own load was building up in his testes, ready to gush through his fleshy firehose and flood Nodoka’s womb.  Pre-cum was already leaking copiously from his pee hole.  Despite all his martial artist stamina and self-control, he had also been extremely aroused while sexing up Nodoka earlier.  The prolonged efforts to keep his own urges in check and not rush things with his mother had taken a toll on his sexual endurance.  The Wild Horse was craving release.

Yet, Ranma didn’t stop pounding this delicious pussy.  He had something meaningful to do first.  Leaning further forward, he pushed Nodoka’s legs before him, having his parent almost bent in half with her feet on either side of her head.  From this slight change of position resulted an even deeper penetration, since with the help of gravity the thick cock impaled the upturned twat to the core.  She shrieked in shock from the complete, total claiming of her womanhood by her son, her drooling mouth opening wide and her eyes glazing over.  The pigtailed boy, now lying almost fully atop his mother, grabbed her large breasts and mercilessly kneaded them, to make sure he got her attention.

“STILL THINKING I’M GAY, MOM?” he asked with a treacherous twisting of his hips.

“OH KAMI-SAMA, NO!!” Nodoka heartily answered.

“AM I MANLY, MOM??  TELL ME!  AM I A MAN AMONG MEN??” he gleefully insisted.

“YES!  YES, YOU ARE!!  YOU’RE MY MANLY, LOVING SON!!!” the delirious woman happily exclaimed.

Ranma was in heaven — and not just horny teenager heaven.  At last, he managed to prove his manliness to his very demanding mother.  At last, the seppuku threat was thwarted — definitely, he hoped.  Delirious with joy, he pumped his male pride faster in the wonderful haven of female flesh encasing it.  Abundant love juices squirted from the narrow space left by their snug joining, splashing over his frantically swapping balls.

“I’M GOING TO CUM, MOM!  I’M GOING TO CUM!!!” Ranma warned, urgency in his voice.  A sudden fear clenched his heart.  Would his mother want him to withdraw before he’d risk impregnating her?  He had no right to refuse her, and yet he wasn’t sure he would find the strength of will for such a sacrifice....

“YES!  YES!  CUM IN ME, RANMA!!  FILL YOUR MOMMY WITH YOUR SPERM!!!” Nodoka loudly begged, quickly washing away Ranma’s fears.  She had gotten her fallopian tubes tied years ago.  It had been an indispensable precaution, given how lucky she considered herself for having hid Ryōga’s birth from Genma, and Ranma’s birth from Mr. Hibiki.  She couldn’t afford to take the chance of yet another pregnancy after those two close calls.

Ranma grunted in triumph.  Now that he received parental permission, nothing could stop him.  Burying his purplish sword one last time in her red-hot scabbard, he tensed from head to toes.  The phallus swelled within her vagina, mashing her tender folds further, the glans pushing against her cervix.  The blood pressure flowing through the veins of this highly-vascularized reproductive organ was making it throb considerably.  But this was nothing compared to the tremor that went with sudden rush of seminal fluids through the urethra.  The tip of Ranma’s manhood erupted in a mini-shower of gooey cream.  Spurt after spurt shot from the tiny hole, coating Nodoka’s insides with forbidden seed.  Despite her own overdose of sensations, she could feel the warmth of his juices seeping into her uterus.

The excess of cum, which couldn’t find enough space in the stuffed pussy, leaked out from the juncture of their sexes and stained the bedcover.  Groaning and panting, Ranma finally slumped atop his mother’s lush shape, covering her like a warm, sweaty blanket of hunk.  Releasing his grip on her thighs, he allowed her to unfold a bit by spreading her legs to the sides.  They stayed linked at the hips, though, and the boy’s hands absentmindedly pawed her plump breasts.  He found her still-gaping mouth with his lips and smooched her again.  Their tongues mimicked the kind of wrestling they indulged with their bodies earlier.  After some time of sharing the kiss of satisfied lovers, they gasped for breath.

“I love you, mom....” Ranma whispered.  He was surprising himself with those sappy words, yet it felt entirely natural to express this now.  After all, a good son was supposed to love his mommy, right?

“I love you too, Ranma-kun....” Nodoka answered.  Her arms wrapping around his sweaty frame, she hugged him close to her heart.

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