Setsuna's Fault/Time Lost: Blondes do have more fun (LEMON) [Episode 195314]

by Ranger of the Crossover Fiancees

A hand touched Aenea's shoulder as he started to move forward. He spun around in a flash, weapons at the ready. Only to lower them in annoyance when he saw who had managed to sneak up on him.

"Mana," he said in a disapproving tone as he looked up at his smirking full-blood sister.

She was a year younger then he was, but towered over him as one of the tallest women in the Tribe. Her skin was just as brown as his was, but she had their father's raven black hair and the golden eyes of a hunting cat. Aeneas pointedly pretended that he did not notice how her full breasts were prominently displayed by the thin cotton of the top that the Mothers insisted all of their daughters wear once they'd started changing into women. The Mothers said it was to keep those breasts from bouncing around, but Aeneas was doubtful about that since even when the girls wore them, their chests did things when they ran that made him feel very nervous and weird. Mana was one of those who seemed to take particularly great delight in parading around him like that whenever possible. The fact that out of all the sisters she had the third largest chest only made her that much more insufferable. Mana's only other garment was something the Mothers called a 'bottom', which seemed to consist solely of two upside down triangles of cloth that covered where she peed out of and the other side where they weren't supposed to talk about either because the Mothers got all flustered and said it was not to be said out loud.

Aeneas was sure Mana saw that he was absolutely not paying any attention to how her 'bottom' molded to her bottom like a second skin. Instead he focused on the elaborate braids in her long hair as he told her, "Shouldn't be here."

"You need someone to watch behind you."

Now Aeneas noticed the quiver on her back, a full rack of feathered arrows in it. He knew without looking that her treasured longbow would be in her hands, while a pouch full of carefully selected rocks would be strapped to her waist. His sister might go without bow and arrow at times, but never without her trusty sling. He also hated to admit it, but Mana had the sharpest aim of any person in Serenity, even Father had said so.

He finally nodded grudgingly, "Out of sight."

She nodded back, satisfied.

They started off together to intercept without another word.


"I'm your Venus! Oh yeah!! Ahh!! I'm on fire!! Auun!! With Desireeee!!!"

Minako Aino's cries reached a new high note as the buxom blonde's greedy pussy gripped the hard cock she was happily bouncing on so tightly that Ranma felt as if he was in a soft unbreakable vise. He'd decided over the years that as she was the loudest and most vocal of his lovers that it was better for her to do all the talking and for him to just concentrate on what he was doing. It seemed to have worked well so far as he hadn't heard any complaints yet.

"So good, oh yeah-so close-so close-YEEEAAAHH!!"

They had started off in a reverse cowgirl but midway through her third climax she'd done a kind of half-spinning twirl while still connected that had gotten face to face and sucked out the first load from his balls as they'd kissed. That had given them a few moments of silence broken only by the wet sounds of their tongues venturing back and forth into each other's mouth. He'd made the most of that time to ensure she was still well lubricated as Minako still had a tendency to rush things as though they'd slip away from her if she wasn't fast enough.

Right now Ranma was quietly working hard towards his third orgasm, he'd lost count of Mina's somewhere around number thirty seven. Making love to the beautiful long haired blonde was like having a string of firecrackers going off, loud and flashy.

"Cum with me, cum with me baby-shoot that load-give it all to me-"

His callused hands reached up to firmly grab her sweaty hips and forced Mina to slow down her frantic pace and match his steady rhythm instead of the wild beat she'd been on. She squirmed and swore at him, trying to get Ranma to go faster instead of this teasing feeling of a bubble building up inside her. Her throbbing clit was just barely rubbing against his form on the end of every down stroke as she gripped his shoulders to keep her balance. The pigtailed man simply smiled slightly at her and kept it slow and steady.

"Ranma?! Damn you!! Oh! Oh!! *You*!! Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!"

He started smacking her firm naked ass with the open palm of one hand. Minako's eyes widened as the stinging sensation seemed to magnify the building pressure inside of her.

"Ranma! Ranma-Ranma!! To-ge-ther!!!"

Now the martial artist finally started to speed up, giving her what they both wanted.

"Yes! Yeesss!! YEEEESSSSS!!!"

For Aino, this orgasm was to the last forty eight what a tsunami was to a light drizzle. It was as if she was flying to the moon and playing among the stars for what seemed to be forever, the feeling of her lover's hot liquid filling her insides somehow part of it and at the same time only an afterthought. The blonde slumped forward, her round breasts resting on her lover's shoulders as he too attempted to recover from that their mutual climax.

Someone knocked loudly on the door of the hut they were in.

The sweaty pair blinked and looked at each other before muttering in unison, "Damnit."

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