Faking It - Nodoka's Story: Taking Your Work Home With You (LEMON) [Episode 195254]

by Bub the Zombie

This had been the last thing that Ryu had expected to happen. He had expected to get a royal thrashing for his insolence. Instead, he was getting passionately kissed by the woman of his dreams. He was totally blown away by it and opened his mouth in surprise. This enabled Nodoka to thrust her tongue into the boy’s mouth, where it and Ryu’s tongue proceeded to wrestle. At the same time Nodoka wrapped her arms around Ryu’s torso while sitting on his lap. Her hands moved this way and that, fondling and caressing the martial artist’s chest and back, her touch causing his skin to tingle. She also ground her round, full ass on his crotch. After being frozen for a few moments, Ryu responded by tentatively wrapping his arms around Nodoka’s body and then proceeding to stroke and caress her. His hands travelled all over her body, mimicking her hands’ movements on his. His hands pawed her breasts, which were squished against his muscled chest, her slender back, her flat abdomen, her soft and smooth buttocks, her shapely legs. All this caused Nodoka to coo and moan pleasantly during their lip-lock. She could taste, smell and feel his need in every sense. She could tell he was in an extremely excited state, and the thought that it was her that was causing it was very arousing.

She paused from their kiss to move on to his cheek and nibble sexily on his ear. While she did this, she whispered words of encouragement in between kisses and delighted moans. “Yess, Ryu-chan…ahhh…let your hands…oooh move freely. You can do…hah…with me whatever you like...” Ryu was likewise imitating the older woman’s actions, following her example. He also moved downwards, settling to kiss and nuzzle her neck, which caused more delighted groans. His hands had settled into pawing her fleshy buttocks, gripping and kneading the firm derriere.

They kept going like this for several minutes. Finally, Nodoka broke the kiss. She stood up and stepped away, still facing Ryu, enticing him with her nude body. “This is very nice, Ryu-chan, but I can think of a more…comfortable place to continue this.”

“Do you want me, Ryu-kun?”

Standing up on shaky legs, Ryu could only stare at her with lustful eyes, his massive hard-on a clear sign of his desire.

“I take that as a yes. Follow me, dear,” said Nodoka as she took him by the hand and lead them out of the bathroom, her shapely ass waving in front of him. Ryu followed her into the hallway, eyes nailed at her well-toned rear that was no longer covered by a kimono. He was almost hypnotized by the Saotome woman’s movements and watched her intently, following her every move.

Happily humming, Nodoka led the docile Ryu by the hand like a little child, toward the bedroom. She opened the door and stepped in a little more, until she stopped at the edge of the futon. Then she turned around and embraced Ryu again, kissing him passionately. She practically wrapped herself around him, hooking her right leg around his waste. He responded by putting his left hand on her right thigh and stroking it, before moving it to cup a soft buttock. His other hand stroked her back.

She then broke the kiss and proceeded to undress him, first removing his tank top. Then she moved her head downwards. Leaning down she roamed her hands on his muscular chest, raining kisses as she went down. Ryu could only groan in pleasure as Nodoka’s head descended toward his crotch. “My handsome Ryu-chan, you look delicious,” she said impishly as she pulled down his pants and boxers so she could release his hard rod. When it sprang free (almost hitting her cheek) she gave out an admiring sound. Licking her lips, she then stuck her tongue out and first gave a few tentative licks on his member, before she began licking up and down his length, nuzzling it. Finally she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock, while she took a firm hold of his muscular ass with both hands. This caused Ryu to put his hands on her head and run his fingers through her hair as Nodoka started bobbing back and forth on his member with great vigour. This continued for a few minutes, until Nodoka chose to demonstrate her excellent deepthroating skills. This was the final straw for Ryu, having never experienced a blowjob before, and with a wordless growl he shot his creamy load into the older woman’s mouth. For her part Nodoka didn’t falter and indeed clamped her lips tighter around his spurting cock, greedily sucking everything through her hungry throat.

Having finished milking his cock, Nodoka withdrew her mouth from it, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. At that moment, Ryu impulsively grabbed her by the shoulders and lifted her up, capturing her mouth with his, not caring about the recent contents of her mouth. As she let out a delighted gasp, he took the opportunity to cup her buttocks and fondle them.

He seems to be attracted to my rear, not that others haven’t, Nodoka thought to herself while frenching Ryu. At the same time she wiggled her ass against his groping fingers.

Ryu for his part was surprised that already his member was hard again. Must be her, she’s so hot, I could spend the whole day, no, a whole week with her! Of course, he didn’t yet know about the effects of Nodoka’s “special tea”.

Suddenly Nodoka pulled herself out of Ryu’s embrace (Ryu was much stronger than her, but he feared hurting her and that’s why he refrained from embracing her too tightly, remembering his killer embrace in his battles) and stepped backwards towards the futon. Turning around, she stood sideways to Ryu. She stood in a demure but enticing pose, an arm under her large breasts and a knee slightly bent, waiting for Ryu to take the initiative. She turned her face towards him, giving him an enticing, pleading look that to Ryu made her look like a young girl.

Wondering for just a second, Ryu seemingly understood. Moving over, he lifted Nodoka up, causing her to squeal in delight. He then lowered the both of them down onto the futon so that Nodoka straddled him, his erect cock sticking up and running over her rear.

“Mmmm… interesting position, Ryu-chan…” cooed Nodoka, punctuating her words with a kiss as she wiggled her hot body against Ryu. “But I would like it better if you were on top. It’s the manly way to do it…mmmh… for your first time…” she said.

Ryu shrugged, and smiled. “Whatever you say, No-chan,” he said, and kissed Nodoka rather deeply once more.

She responded eagerly to the kiss. While mooching, she skilfully guided the boy so that he was on top and she was lying on her back. Ryu continued to kiss Nodoka deeply. He reached down, running his hand along her smooth thigh, before pulling her shapely leg upward, making a space for him to enter her. She moaned softly when Ryu moved her thigh and she felt the head of his member on her puffy lower lips.

“Oh yes…Ryu-chan…ahhh…don’t hold back… take me with all your might… make me yours.” Instead of complying with her wishes, Ryu chose to nuzzle her neck while his hand slowly caressed her thigh. Somehow, he sensed that Nodoka didn’t want him to go in immediately. So he continued to tease her.

In this he was correct, for though her desire was greatly inflamed, she didn’t urge him in any way. It was the man’s choice to settle the pace and take her treasure as he’d see fit. That was one of the first lessons she had learned while training to be an Imperial Hostess.

Ryu continued his tease as he kissed her neck before moving to nibble gently on her earlobe, while his hand brazenly grasped her breast and started to play with it, gently at first, before getting bolder.

Nodoka moaned and squirmed under Ryu as her soft, curvy body responded warmly to his touch. In her excitement she hugged him, rubbing hot skin together. Her large breast provided a smooth mound of pliant flesh under his fingers, except for her nipple, which was hard as a diamond.

“Oh yes…” she cooed, “show me how manly you are!”

“Tell me how much you want it No-chan. Tell me how much you want me to bed you,” Ryu said teasingly, getting into the act. Inside, he was surprised at his choice of words. Their… activities had brought out a side of him that until now he hadn’t known existed. It was like a slavering beast that hungered to devour the lovely woman beneath him. He slid downwards, licking and suckling the breast he wasn’t giving attention to.

Nodoka sighed in need. The teasing of her breasts was insufficient to quench the fire building up in her. She showed no qualm voicing her desire:

“I want you, Ryu… my dear Ryu-chan… I want you to take me… I want you to plunge your cock deep into my tender pussy.”

As her excitement grew, her tone turned more wanton:

“I want you to fuck me… to hump and hump until I scream… to make me delirious with pleasure… again and again…”

Her heavy breathing making her voice husky, she added:

“I want you to fill me with your creamy, manly seed… until I’m full…”

He moved up again, rubbing his member against her lower lips. He kissed her deeply, his tongue running around in her mouth ever so gently, while his hand ran against her side, having gotten the hang of it now. “Tell me again, No-chan.”

She moaned in frustration. Even while performing her duties as a Hostess, she had seldom been made to wait this long. Her clients varied in terms of how much or how little they waited to get to the main event. Now, though, she was getting really worked up, and Ryu could tell from her voice that she couldn’t wait anymore.

“TAKE ME, Ryu-chan! Thrust it in me! I want it! I need it! Oh please don’t leave me like this!”

Ryu, surprised at the vehemence of Nodoka’s words, thrust his member deep into her snatch as he simultaneously kissed her. “As you wish, No-chan,” he said as he started to make long, slow, deep strokes to and fro.

Nodoka, for her part, screamed. Not from any pain of the sudden penetration, though. She was already wet enough. Instead, her cry was one of release and immense joy from the end of her frustration. She kissed him back, sucking his mouth with all her might while her arms and legs shot around him and held him close, guiding and helping enthusiastically the wonderful pumping of his powerful hips.

As he continued to thrust in and out of Nodoka’s hot slit Ryu could feel his seed boiling in his sacks below, wanting to burst and spill over for the very first time into this magnificent, lovely woman under him. He wasn’t thinking about how easily she could probably get pregnant with his child (and there was no doubt whatsoever that she was a fertile woman, what with her curves), but only how hot she was and how very fuckable she was also. He couldn’t quite believe he was doing this. In one way it felt wrong, not to mention dangerous, but at that moment all he could think about was how hot she was, and how hard he was pounding her.

Nodoka was enjoying immensely the vigorous ride Ryu was giving her. The loud slapping of flesh against flesh and the thrusting of his hard meat in her love tunnel was filling her world. However, despite the extreme physical and mental bliss brought by their joining, Nodoka couldn’t help but think that she was forgetting something. She then remembered that she was supposed to be teaching him. She reminded herself that there would be plenty of time later for her to totally submit to her animalistic desires, once she had trained Ryu with all her skills as an Imperial Hostess, of course. She therefore tried to force some words between her ecstatic moans.

“Ryu…*OH*… that’s so good…*AAAH* but… slow down… *mmmmmhhh* you must… make it last… *OH GOD*… always… make it last…”

Ryu nodded and started to slow down, making his thrusts last as he kissed Nodoka’s soft neck over and over. He lay over her body, rubbing his chest against her breasts. She moaned in delight as Ryu made love to her, stimulating her with his whole body. Kissing her shivering neck; rubbing his rock-hard chest against the pointy nub of her nipples atop large, soft breasts; sliding his throbbing manhood to and fro in her needy, warm, wet cunt. She was in pure bliss.

Ryu continued to move slowly, feeling his cock move in and out of her hot, wet, juicy snatch. His instincts told him to pound on her like an engine, but he restrained himself, since he wanted to keep on doing her for a long time. “Gods, Nodoka…you’re so good…” he grunted.

The only responses he got from her were moans, sighs, pants, coos and other inarticulate sounds of pleasure. Nodoka was past coherent speech, solely enjoying her ride, her head thrown backward on the futon, her hair by now having come undone and spilled around her face like a corona. Instinctively, her legs wrapped around his hips to guide his pace. Hugging his neck she rocked with his thrusts, moaning loudly and enthusiastically as he screwed her with all his might.

“AH! AH! AH!” she moaned loudly in sync with each thrust, her hands gripping muscular shoulders. Ryu continued his pumping, going a bit slower now as he thought that this might be more pleasurable to her this way. Indeed, Ryu’s gentle rhythm did allow Nodoka to catch her breath.

“Oh, yes Ryu… you’re doing good… that’s it… always think of your lover’s pleasure first…” she moaned in his ear as she clutched him in a warm embrace, rubbing her full, womanly breasts against his chest. Then she proceeded to brazenly nibble a bit on his earlobe.

Ryu responded in kind as he slowly moved in and out of her, trying to be as gentle as he could. Although truthfully he wanted to pound her as quickly as he could, not because he was in a hurry or anything, but because he was curious to see how long it would take to make her orgasm.

“That’s it Ryu… now you can go faster… I’m almost…*AH*…there…mmmmhh…”

Ryu moaned out in turn. He felt the pressure building up within him but waited as best as he could, moving a little quicker for her sake. He hoped he wouldn’t blow his load until she had climaxed.

She was loving it, loving every second of it. But she knew it couldn’t last forever, much as she wanted to.

Not knowing that Ryu was trying to hold back his orgasm so that she could come first, she urged him with her legs, pushing on his ass. She was certain that she’d orgasm immediately if the boy, no, manly man, discharged his precious sperm in her.

At that moment, Miyuki and Natsumi were driving back to Nodoka’s house. The hostage situation had finally ended thanks to their combined efforts, and they had received a commendation for it to boot. Of course, this wasn’t enough yet to get them fully re-instated in the force, but it was a start.

However, their return had coincided with the rush hour. That was why they were now stuck on a highway, with all the cars moving ahead at a snail’s pace.

“This sucks,” Natsumi eloquently said as she sat on the passenger seat, with Miyuki driving.

“It can’t be helped. Besides, I’m sure that No-chan is fine. During all this time we’ve been guarding her, has there ever once been a kidnap attempt?” Miyuki replied reassuringly.

“Touché. Aah, it’s just that I’m sure she has a fine meal waiting for us…I know,” Natsumi said as her hand reached towards some buttons in front of her.

“What are you doing?”

“Just checking our mikes in the house to make sure,” Natsumi said.

“Well, all right, but I’m sure you won’t find anything out of the ordinary,” Miyuki asserted.

“You’re probably right, but just to make sure. Lessee, kitchen,”


“Check. Living room,”


“Check. Bathroom,”

CLICK. As the bathroom mike went on, both policewomen paused. There was no sound in the bathroom itself, but they could hear just a faint hint of a sound coming elsewhere from the house. The voice sounded like Nodoka’s.


“Ok, next one, the bedroom.”


As soon as Natsumi clicked on the bedroom bug, a loud noise coupled with heavy breathing filled the car which first completely baffled the girls. Until they could make out articulate words.

“Han! Han! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! HAA! HAA! HAA! HAAA! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *YESS*!!!!”


Ryu, with one last thrust, shoved his cock as far into Nodoka as he could, feeling her hot cunt wrapping around his manhood, as he started to shoot his potent, sticky seed inside of her, not caring anymore if he should or shouldn’t, or if he would get killed because of this.

Nodoka had been right in her expectation. Feeling Ryu’s throbbing member ejaculating in her was the spark she needed. Legs and arms pressing her lover against her naked, sweaty, hot skin, her body was overrun by joyful spasms as she succumbed to an earth-shattering orgasm brought upon by her conqueror. This caused her to scream in a way that was sure to be heard at least three blocks away.


“Uuuuuuuuuurrrrrggghhhh!!! Oh Nodoka!!!!” Ryu yelled out, then panted as he started coming down from his natural high.

“Oooooooohhhhhh… So… So good,” Nodoka cooed lightly, her limbs not giving up their embrace of her lover’s body. Her chest heaved regularly as she breathed long gasps of air, her sweat-soaked skin glistening under the light.

Ryu blushed and looked at the woman who had just now made him a man. He knew he had feelings for her, but could it be something deeper? He was quite confused. At that moment he didn’t care though, as he leaned down and rather brazenly kissed the Saotome woman on the lips.

Nodoka gave into the kiss, adding lots of tongue. Inside, she was giddy. Ryu had just made wonderful, energetic love to her even though he was just a beginner. What he could achieve after she had gone through with him all the way…! She knew she had at least a week’s leave, so there was plenty of time to teach him all about the Clouds and the Rain. Still, she had to make it clear to him that she would never be his only woman.

“That was wonderful, Ryu-chan. Now you are ready to be a man with all the girls in your life.”

To this Ryu smirked. “Why would I want to, No-chan?” he asked simply as he kissed her again, before continuing, “Since I already have you.” Nodoka responded to the kiss by sultrily licking his face. She then answered:

“Because, Ryu-chan, you’re only 16. A young, strong, manly man like yourself shouldn’t limit himself to just me. There is a whole world of beautiful women out there, and I know that they would all like to, uh, get to know you very well,” she said with a wink.

She then grabbed his butt and grinded his still imbedded manhood against the walls of her womanhood. “But I’ll teach you… Mmmh… all you need to know… how to make love to your girls… how to take them… in any position you want…. OH!” gasped Nodoka as the friction between Ryu’s softening but still-hard prick and her vaginal walls triggered a mini-orgasm.

This made Ryu blush and chuckle nervously. “Well, uh, actually, is it good if I don’t cum too soon? Because I think I could’ve held out for a few more minutes if you hadn’t pushed me with your legs, and I seemed to make you wait too long,” he asked.

This made Nodoka pause in wonderment. She then gave him a warm smile. “Why Ryu-chan, you’re full of surprises! That’s definitely good; I should be the one apologising for hurrying you so. You definitely have the equipment to make a girl happy,” she drawled while tapping her fingers on his tight rear.

This reassured Ryu somewhat… until he remembered something else. He might not have had a normal upbringing, but he wasn’t totally lacking in education. He knew enough about the “birds and the bees” to ask. “Um, I just remembered, I wasn’t wearing anything when we… you know. And I came… a lot! I don’t want to cause you any problems by, er, putting a bun in the oven,” he stuttered.

Nodoka wondered what he was talking about, until realization dawned in her eyes. “Don’t worry Ryu-chan. You don’t have to worry about getting me pregnant. I’m protected against that,” she reassured him while kissing him on the nose.

“Oh, Ok. Good thing that’s settled. So, uh, what next, No-chan?”

“Whatever you want, Ryu-chan.” She kissed him on the lips. “You want to try another position?”

Ryu blinked. “There’s more?” he asked, forgetting that in the beginning he had positioned Nodoka on top of him.

Hearing this caused Nodoka to giggle girlishly, but she stopped herself. “Ahem, of course there is. Lot’s of them. On top, on the bottom, side-by-side, doggie-style, and that’s just for starters,” she whispered to him in a playful tone.

Ryu thought for a moment. “I think I’ll settle with this for now. You can teach me… later,” he said as he lowered his face to kiss Nodoka passionately.

“Mmmh, don’t mind if you do,” Nodoka said through their kisses as Ryu pinned her arms on the futon, their bodies grinding against each other as Nodoka hooked a leg around Ryu’s.

In the car Miyuki and Natsumi sat still, their faces beet red. The bedroom bug had been turned off minutes ago. Even so, what they had heard was evidence enough. Natsumi swore in her mind that some of the porn movies she had drunkenly watched with her female friends had been nothing like this, audio-wise at least.

“Well…” both policewomen spoke out loud at last, then caught themselves as they realised that they both had spoken out simultaneously.

After a second, Natsumi spoke. “It’d seem that our charge isn’t on leave after all. This is the first time I’ve seen… uh, heard her take her work home with her,” she said with a nervous smirk.

“But No-chan has never done something like that before! Besides, something in her words reminded me of something familiar,” Miyuki replied.

“Yeah, now that you mention it, I think she cried out the guy’s name. But I couldn’t make anything out of it,” Natsumi pondered.

“I think it sounded like ‘Ryu’,” Miyuki said. “That’s right!” she exclaimed as she clapped her hands together. “Ryu Kumon!”

“Kumon? Wait, isn’t he that teenaged martial artist No-chan sometimes speaks about? The one who posed as her son for a bit?” Natsumi asked. The afore-mentioned situation had occurred before the two had been assigned as Nodoka’s bodyguards.

“Yes, and I’ve noticed that sometimes when she talks about him, she has a… wistful tone,” Miyuki said thoughtfully.

“Well, isn’t this now interesting. What do you say we pop over and get to the bottom of this, ne? I think this could be fun,” Natsumi grinned.

“Seeing as how we were already heading there in the first place, I concur,” Miyuki said as she pressed the accelerator, now that the traffic was picking up again. “I think I’d very much like to meet this Ryu Kumon.”

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