Faking It: What’s a Prim and Proper Mother to Do? (LEMON) [Episode 194954]


If Nodoka Saotome, a.k.a. Nodoka Hibiki, had been thinking straight, she would never have let things progress this far... far enough for her to end up naked, with her son Ranma frigging her moist womanhood with the tip of his skilled fingers.

But Nodoka was no longer in any state to be thinking, pondering, weighing the consequences, or telling right from wrong (or even right from left, as a matter of fact).  Her son’s gentle, maddeningly arousing massage and expert poking of her pressure points had turned her into a creature of primal need, animalistic lust, and wondrous sensations.

It sure didn’t help that the mother was one rather frustrated bigamous housewife.  Her first husband was a lazy, good-for-nothing errant martial artist who abandoned her for twelve years, and hid from her in the shape of a panda for several months afterwards.  As for Ryōga’s father, though infinitely worthier than Genma, he was unfortunately far too frequently getting lost, or going on long trips, or both, to really fulfill his spousal duties often enough for satisfying her.

Only Nodoka’s rather conservative upbringing and strong will had allowed her to stay faithful to both her husbands and not take some younger lover on the side.  She certainly had all the time, opportunities — and good looks — to easily indulge into an affair or two... or twelve.  (In fact, the temptation had been almost overwhelming around Ryū Kumon, once she’d learned he wasn’t her son.)  But she experienced already enough embarrassment about her unusual marital status that she didn’t want to complicate things furthermore...

... until this very moment.  All consideration about properness, fidelity or incest taboos had fled from her mind, incinerated by the roaring bonfire of her libido.  She had even mostly forgotten the reason of Ranma’s little demonstration, and why it was so important for him to prove he was a man among men.  She had little doubt right now about his virility, given how easily he made her burning with desire by the touch of his fingers alone.  But she was also very eager to find out the real extent of his manliness.

“Yes... please... oooohh... Ranma...” she finally answered his inquiry, her breathy voice betraying her needy state.  “Don’t leave me... like that... please... scratch my itch... deeper... your mommy... your mommy beg you....”

“ALL RIGHT!” Ranma triumphantly said, throwing a first upward and grinning like his usual egomaniac self.

Lifting his bottom just a little, he pulled away the towel still tied around his hips, fully freeing the very stiff and swollen shaft that jutted from his loins.  Unceremoniously, he rolled his mother on the side and then on her back, so that she’d lie down facing him.  Instinctively, her hands went to her generous breasts to cover the nipples.

At the sight of his proud mast, threateningly pointing toward her naked form, Nodoka audibly gasped.  He was hung!  Maybe not as much as his father, but with his lean and sculpturally muscled frame, it sure looked big... while perfectly balanced in respect to the rest of his body, unlike Genma’s heavyset features.  The woman found herself salivating uncontrollably, and she had to resist the urge of drooling before this mouth-wavering piece of meat.

Why, oh why didn’t she take in some gigolo earlier...?  Then, maybe, maybe she could have found the willpower to resist the inappropriate advances of her gorgeous, beefy, hunky child....

Ranma could easily read his mother’s expression... and that, despite some lingering embarrassment and shame, she was fully surrendering to him.  He wouldn’t take the risk of giving her the chance to think twice about it, however.  Grabbing her legs under the knees and pulling up, he spread them gently but firmly, exposing her womanly treasure to his concupiscent gaze.  Nodoka blushed fiercely when he licked his lips in the most predatory manner, but she didn’t say a word of protest.

No, the only sounds that escaped from her lips afterward were erotic moans... soft, muffled ones when Ranma’s hands caressed the inside of her thighs, close to her sex... sharper, more spaced moans when his fingers stroked the outer fringe of her vulva, softly rubbing the puffy labia and slowly spreading them open... frantic, breathy moans when those digits began fingering the inner folds and teasing her clitoris at the same time....

Then, Nodoka’s vocal performance gained in pitch and intensity when her son leaned forward, wedging his head between her wide-open thighs, and added his tongue to the mix.  The mother plain and simply keened when his wet and wiggly appendage slipped between her petals and began stirring her honey pot.  With typical Saotome gusto, Ranma licked and lapped at her delicious juices, enjoying the strong taste.  Snaking his raspberry as far as he could go within the fleshy nexus, he thoroughly explored the very tunnel that gave birth to him.

Nodoka panted and sighed, squirming on the bed, her auburn hair spilling around her head like a fiery crown, far from her usual neat and tight bun hairdo.  Her hands were still clutching her breasts, but no longer in a transparent attempt at preserving modesty.  Her fingers were going on automatic, kneading at the tender mammary flesh and pinching the erect nipples.  She arched her back and almost kicked like a bronco.  But Ranma, alarmed by the involuntary squeezing of her thighs around his head, pinned her on the spot by solidly grasping her hips.  His calloused palms took advantage of this by further pawing her soft buttocks.  He no longer needed his fingers, his tongue and mouth doing all the work of stimulating her gushing sex.

Hey, who would have guessed that mom is rather wild in bed? ’ the pigtailed boy impishly thought.  ‘Let’s see if she’s a screamer too....

To this end, Ranma doubled his efforts in eating out her pussy, liberally using a mix of sucking and licking and wiggling motions on the succulent peach of his mother.  He didn’t forget about her clitoris during this lovely cunnilingus, using the tip of his nose to rub and circle around the little nub of flesh poking from its hood.  Once again, the experience gained from his girl-side about this main erogenous spot proved invaluable, letting him know the perfect amount of pressure and stimulation the organ could endure for optimal pleasure.  Though he was aware it could vary for woman to woman, and he had yet to discover just how much it would take to bring Nodoka to climax.

Not much, if the way his mother reacted was any indication.  Nodoka had let go of her bouncing chest to clutch at the bedcover above her head.  Her throaty groans and blissful cries definitely categorized her as a loud one, satisfying Ranma’s curiosity.  A curled tongue reaching for her G-spot finally broke down the last of her resistance.  Her whole body shuddering, then shaking forcefully, she thrashed within her manly son’s grasp.  The pigtailed boy held onto her stoically as the storm passed, gleefully drinking the female ejaculate that flooded his mouth.

After the world had gone white for Ranma and Ryōga’s mother, she slowly regained her senses.  She was unable to guess just how long it took for her to come down from the Seven Heavens.  All she could tell was that her whole nude shape, from her lazily wiggling toes to her drenched forehead, was covered in sweat (and other fluids); it had yet to cool off from the post-orgasmic heat that emanated from her whole being.

The next thing she realized, though, was that there was another warm body plastered against her right side... a naked, male, firm and muscular body, whose hot skin was plain and simply melting against her own.  Her awareness increasing, she could pinpoint the origin of the most pleasurable feelings, namely her regularly heaving chest and the pair of pliant mounds that topped it.  Before even opening her eyes, she identified the aggressors as a pair of wet lips, an energetic tongue and a phalanx of fingers, which greedily assaulted her fleshy hills.  Her boobs were pawed mercilessly, her blood-engorged nipples licked, nibbled, pinched, sucked, twisted and generally stimulated beyond what she thought possible.

With a strangled gasp, Nodoka’s eyes bulged open and she tried to focus her blurry vision, first on a black and lustrous head of hair, and then on the face that was currently trying to inhale her tit.  Although it had been years since the last time she breast-fed him, she was pretty certain that Ranma had never been so enthusiastic about milking her dry — and he certainly was already ravenous as a baby!

“Raaaahh... RANMA!!” Nodoka exclaimed.  Her tone was vaguely trying to sound disapproving, but it was drowned by the sheer pleasure that seeped into her trembling voice.

The horny boy nonetheless stopped his attempt at swallowing one of her melons whole (he had lots of training with that), lifting up his face from a saliva-coated boob.  He simply smirked in response to her flushed expression, and slinked over his mother’s sexy body just enough to reach her lips.  Nodoka weakly moaned in protest, at first, when Ranma captured her mouth and started kissing her like no son should ever.  But as the smooching deepened, his tongue wrestling with hers in a no-barrel-hold submission fight, any sounds of objection quickly died down... she dearly needed all the oxygen that her lungs had previously stored, anyway.  Soon, she was reciprocating the hot kiss just as hungrily as him.  Ranma’s wandering hands weren’t idle either, caressing her smooth skin and shapely form as only a lover would, occasionally kneading the sweetest spots.  Nodoka soon mirrored this by roaming her palms all over his manly frame, lingering the most on his toned buttocks.

When they finally broke off the apnea contest, Ranma’s mother was panting, but not so much from lack of air than from need.  Her son just smiled tenderly, looking back straight into her gaze, no hint of shame in his steel-blue eyes.  “You came, mom.  You came, hard and strong, from me giving you head.  You must have really enjoyed that.  Now, is one orgasm enough for you, or...”

Ranma shifted a little, lifting his hips just enough to snake a hand between their entangled bodies and take his erection by the shaft.  Then, he poised the purplish head of the throbbing phallus at the entrance of her dripping sex.

“... do you need more?” he completed, turning head to face her again.  “Tell me, mom.  Do you want it? Will that prove my manliness?  Tell me how much you want it....”

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