Broken 4th Wall / MPC-OS v1.0: Ow… Ow… Ow(LEMON) [Episode 194867]

by Kwakerjak

It had been tough to think of something to top what Nabiki had done to her sister, but he had to admit, the situation Akane and Nabiki were in at the moment was quite a doozy. First of all, there was the whole lesbian incest thing; granted, something like that would barely raise an eyebrow in a thread like this, but these were still two very strong societal taboos, after all, and watching the Tendos break them would never cease to be entertaining in and of itself.

Of course, the problem was that this didn’t have nearly enough of the “squick” factor; anyone who had managed to reach this point in the thread would clearly be expecting a great deal more. Thus, in addition to the lesbianism and the incest, Ranma had decided to throw some bondage into the mix. And by “bondage,” that meant more than simply binding their arms behind their backs and tying their legs back using shibari techniques (though Ranma had done that). Ranma had put Akane and Nabiki in a situation where they were forced to have sexual contact with each other. Still, even this was pretty tame by Master PC standards, but only because the narrator had yet to describe how the Tendos were bound together.

You see, Ranma, in a fit of whimsy, decided to go on a piercing binge with the pair, and had pierced their tongues, nipples and clits—together. Well, the last items on the list were connected by a short chain, but still, Akane and Nabiki were currently in a French kiss which they could not break thanks to the stud that was holding their tongues together, their breasts were in constant contact because they had to share two rings between four nipples, and the chain that connected their clits, while it wasn’t that tense, was taut enough that any squirming from one sister caused tugs which the other could feel.

And there was a lot of squirming, mostly due to the third idea Ranma had come up with: he had place both sisters squarely on that triangular bane of women in bondage anime across the internet, the infamous wooden pony. Thus, as the pointed edge of the triangular prism ground itself painfully into their nether regions, both Akane and Nabiki were loudly moaning and groaning in pain—and pleasure, of course, because physical pleasure justified all sorts of nonconsensual perversion in sex stories. These items of sexual furniture were, of course, far more common in hentai and sex stories than in flesh-and-blood pornography, simply because it was relatively difficult to find porn actresses willing to get on the damned things, for a very good reason which Ukyo intuited almost immediately.

“That… looks really painful.”

“It looks painful ’cuz it is painful. After all, we’re talking the pressure of an entire human body concentrated on a really small surface area that just so happens ta be in one of the most sensitive parts of the female body. But then, you should know, Ucchan.”

The chef wasn’t quite sure what her fiancé meant by this. “What do you mean, Ranchan?”

“Remember that one really dark lemon where I went crazy and kidnapped you, Akane, an’ Shampoo?”

“Oh. That one,” Ukyo replied dully, not wanting to talk about that particular experience. “Yeah, I remember. And with that in mind, I ask the next question: isn’t this a little excessive? I mean, I know the three of you have been doing some really kinky things over the last few episodes, but this seems downright cruel. Hell, I’m surprised this episode didn’t get a dark tag.”

“Ordinarily, it probably would,” Ranma admitted. “But yer forgettin’ two very important things.”

“And those are…?”

“First, Master PC stories are basically all about ultra-kinky one-upmanship, an’ this was the first thing I thought of that was at least one better than that amputee thing Nabiki came up with.”

“Okay…” Ukyo replied. She had to admit that topping that would call for some rather… creative thinking. “And the other thing?”

“Sex story cliché #37: All women are masochists whether they know it or not.”


“It’s true. I mean, just look at parts of the pony where they’re sittin’.”

“It looks… wet.”

“Course it does, ’cuz it is wet. They’re totally bein’ turned on by this, and as Nabiki herself pointed out, in a sex story, bein’ turned on is basically the same thing as informed consent.”

As if to prove the pigtailed teenager’s point, both sisters came hard at that that exact moment, giving the pony a fresh layer of slickness beneath them.

“Okay,” Ukyo said, trying to ignore the pair. “So, are we going to do anything to them?”

“Uh, not really. I mostly just wanted somethin’ ta keep them occupied while I play with you an’ Konatsu.” Ranma returned to the Master PC and started typing away.

“So, uh, what are planning on doing with us?”

Ranma paused and brought his hand to his chin. “Ya know, I haven’t really decided yet. What say we just go to the options until I make up my mind?”

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(Posted Sat, 24 Nov 2007 22:59)

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