Broken 4th Wall / MPC-OS v1.0: Something Else Happens (LEMON) [Episode 193763]

by Kwakerjak

Nabiki was clearly confused by the choice of option being used to continue the thread. "Something else? We're using the 'something else' option?"

"Apparently so," Ukyo replied, tugging at Konatsu's lead to keep her slave-boy within arm's reach.

"But I thought we were going to go ahead with the futanari thing."

"We were," Ukyo said, "and, technically, we did. But then, something very important came to light."

"And that is?"

"This author is usually turned off by hermaphrodites."

"What?! But I thought he was bisexual."

"He is." At a computer screen in a nearby universe, the author shifted uncomfortably in his chair. There were so many potential definitions to that word that a yes or no answer would inevitably be simplistic.

Nabiki, however, was not aware of this (or if she was, she willfully chose to ignore it). "So? If he's attracted to men, and attracted to women, then it follows that he should be attracted to someone who's both."

"And he would be... as long as that someone isn't both at the same time."

"And how would you know that?"

"Oh, come on, Nabiki, I'd say it's pretty obvious that he's just using me as an author mouthpiece right now. It's simple, really. Pretty girls: good. Pretty boys: good. Chicks with dicks and guys with boobs: not pretty. Or at least not pretty enough that this author wants to spend time coming up with interesting sex acts involving them."

"Alright, so what are we doing instead?"

"Well, first, I think we need to re-establish what everyone's doing—you know, in case some folks clicked on the title thinking this was a continuation of the futa branch."

"Right... so, how are you doing, Ranma?" Nabiki absently called over to her (at the moment physically male) brother-in-law-to-be.

"Just fine," Ranma managed to get out between heavy breaths. "Still fuckin' Akane... an' she still don't got no arms or legs."

The torso in question wasn't really capable of replying, as she had a ball gag in her mouth—and apparently, in the last few minutes, Ranma had decided to add a leather blindfold to the ensemble, in addition to the vibrating pink dildo that he'd inserted into her pussy to add to the stimulation she was receiving from the motion of his manhood in her anus and his rough fondling of her unguarded breasts. Still, Akane's moans had that unmistakable mix of humiliation and ecstasy that put the downright freaky sex she was currently involved in just outside the bounds of large-scale squickiness.

"You think that was graphic enough to earn the lemon tag?" Ukyo asked offhandedly.

"I'm pretty sure," Nabiki replied. "I mean, sure, it's pretty tame by BEA standards, but then, what sex act isn't?"

"Good point. So, anyway, here's what I think we should do with Konatsu: let's give him something like Ranchan's curse, only a bit easier to control. And naturally, when I say 'easier to control,' I mean 'easier for me to control."

"Okay... I think that's doable." Nabiki rapidly typed a series of commands into the Master PC's interface. "And... there we go. Now, Konatsu will change gender whenever you want him to."

"You're sure this is going to fly with the author?"

"Hey, at the very least, it's another girl, and you can't have too many lesbians at an orgy."

"True... so, how does it work?"

"Just concentrate and imagine Konatsu as a girl."

Ukyo did so, and sure enough, in the blink of an eye her kunoichi became female—about the same height as before, but with a definitely female body shape with some very nice C-cup breasts and the same tight ass. Konatsu simply stood silently, with a tremendous blush on her cheeks, dutifully keeping her arms at her sides so that her Mistress could properly inspect her property.

"Hmm... boobs and ass look good... her cunt is quite nice, too... and not an inch of body hair to be found."

"Oh, yeah, I added that part in," Nabiki explained. "Since you don't seem to like body hair very much, I've made both of Konatsu's forms completely bald from the neck down."

"Could you expand that so that she doesn't have to shave her face when she's male, either?"

"No problem," Nabiki replied, tapping a few more commands in. "Anything else?"

"Well, there's a few other things I'd like to try, but nothing that I'd want to make long term yet."

"Right. So, what say we get started with the fucking, then?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

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