Faking It: What’s a Respectful Son to Do? (LEMON) [Episode 193439]


Nodoka knew perfectly well that there was only one sane choice in this situation.  She couldn’t allow her own son to get fresh with her...

... let him touch her in improper ways, in some perverted attempt to make her forget about his very unmanly tryst with Ryōga...

... permit him to make her so aroused that he’d get the opportunity to seduce his mother and prove that he was a manly, hunky, horny young man with the natural urges and hormones for his age....

So, Nodoka tried to open her mouth and express her rebuttal.  But all that came out was an anguished sigh, as she hadn’t realized she was holding her breath.  The flush caused by Ranma’s closeness only spread further, and an uncontrollable warmth invaded her whole body.

“All... all right, Ranma-chan.  I’ll give you this one chance....” she whispered, while another voice screamed in her head.  ‘What I am saying?!

Ranma smiled.  “Perfect, mom.  Now, you wanna take off your clothes yourself, or you prefer me to undress you?”

“Wha... clothes?” she stuttered.  He had been serious about stripping her?  “Hu, I’m... I...”

“Relax, mom.  Just think of it as some kind of backrub.  And it’s easier to give a massage with no clothes getting in the way.”

Massage... of course.  There was nothing wrong with her son giving her a backrub, wasn’t there?  “You’re only going to use your hands, right?” she asked.

Ranma hesitated, but he understood she needed the reassurance.  Hopefully, she wouldn’t protest when he started using his mouth too.  So, he nodded.

Nodoka blushed bright pink.  Turning around, she began unbuttoning the front of her housewife dress.  Ranma, still smirking, didn’t wait for his mother to go further.  He put his hands on her covered shoulders, and began kneading.  Nodoka let out a small gasp.

Ranma guided her toward the bed, so she could sit on the edge.  His fingers gently pressed against her shoulder blades, working out the kinks.  “Hmm, you’re very tense, mom.  No need to be so nervous.” he casually said.

Nodoka was trying to keep her breathing in check.  She didn’t want to show how much this simple muscle workout was affecting her.  Ranma took advantage of her distraction and of the opened dress to slowly slip her shirt down.  Only the direct contact of fingers against her skin, close to her neck, made her realize he had just bared her shoulders.

His calloused hands were warm... and so strong!  Yet, his touch was incredibly gentle at the same time... it felt like butterfly wings were caressing her flesh, giving her goosebumps.

“Your skin is so soft, mom...” Ranma murmured in her ear, resisting the urge to lick.

“Ranma...” she began in a slightly disapproving tone, when his hands wandered down her arms, removing the sleeves of her outfit.

“Shhh... mom.  Don’t talk.  Just enjoy.” was his response.  His fingertips roamed along the smooth skin of her forearms, until they reached her palms, where they lazily drew circles.

Nodoka breathed throatily.  Yet, she couldn’t bring herself to protest any further.  His strokes and caresses, for now, had stayed within the limits of a chaste backrub... he had yet to brush any portion of her anatomy that would be considered improper.  So, she couldn’t understand why she felt so hot and bothered by this light massage.  Even though her top was exposed by now, her chest was still modestly clad in her old-fashioned bra.

What Nodoka didn’t know, however, was that Ranma was pressing several very precise pressure points while massaging her back, her neck and her arms.  They were aiming at various effects, especially making his mother more relaxed and happy... but also, to lower her inhibitions and subtly increase her arousal.

I’ll really have to thanks Tōfū-sensei for everything he taught me....’ Ranma idly thought.  It was too often disregarded that many spots on a woman’s body could be considered erogenous, and not just the obvious ones.  Thankfully, the chiropractor had showed many of them, as well as their effects, to the pigtailed boy... or rather, girl, when it has involved direct demonstration on her female body.

Still behind her, Ranma was now extending his gentle caresses to her front, lightly stroking her belly with his talented fingers, from around the bellybutton to the underneath of her breasts.  Those were still encased in her undergarment, and Ranma didn’t want to push things too fast, so he made no attempt to grope them for now.  Still, given how Nodoka’s breath was quickening and her blood was pumping under her flushed skin, Ranma could tell she was ready for the next step.

“Hmmm... mom, it looks like your bra is too tight... it is cutting your blood flow, and it must be uncomfortable for breathing, too.  For your own good, you should take it off.  Let me.”

“Wha...?”  Before a distracted Nodoka could fully respond, Ranma unhooked her plain brassiere and lowered the strap down her arms.  Nodoka let a little gasp and instinctively grabbed the cups with both hands to prevent them from falling.  Ranma just smiled, and he carefully rubbed the marks left by the straps on her back where it had dug into the skin.

“There.  Ain’t it better now?  I’m sure your chest feel less constricted, mom.” Ranma said in a soothing voice.

“I... hu... it... yes.”  Unable to quite find the words, Nodoka finally relented and nodded.  She was still holding the underwear protectively against her torso, but her son would have none of that.

“Come on, mother dear.  Let go of this rag.  Let your beautiful boobies breath, for once.  I’m sure they need it.”  He gently tugged on the bra until Nodoka relented, and let it fall down her arms.  Her hands quickly went back to cover her mounds, however.

Ranma slightly frowned, but he was sure his mother wouldn’t cling to this last remnant of modesty for long.  Not with how he had her already worked up.  Though maybe he needed to slow down a little; no need to frighten her by going too fast.

Ranma’s hands kept stroking Nodoka’s arms, went again to her back, before wandering to her sides, gently massaging the tension away.  Discreetly but decidedly, her son’s palms were gradually going lower and lower on her hips, until his fingers brushed the remainder of her clothes.  The pigtailed boy was thinking it was time to see more skin.

“Stand up, mom, please.”

Nodoka blinked at first, but absentmindedly obeyed, lifting her bottom from the bed... until she felt Ranma’s pushing down her dress and bunched shirt.  “Wha...!” she started to protest, but it was too late.  Her clothes pooled at her feet, leaving her clad in her modest brief (which were quite unsexy in Ranma’s opinion).

“Ranma...” Nodoka scolded, though with much less conviction that she would have expected.  Her arms were still stubbornly clinging to her chest, but the boy could tell her resistance was eroding fast.  She turned around in reflex to glare at her son, but any words of remonstrance died in her mouth.  This, simply from the sight of the nude, hunky boy, sitting cross-legged on the bed.  He was still wearing the towel around his hips, but it couldn’t hide the bulge of his erection.  It was like a tent pole, pointing at her.  The mother blushed fiercely.

“Now, mom, are you going to keep those ugly panties for the rest of the massage?  They really aren’t flattering on you....” Ranma casually said, smiling guilelessly.

“Hu... the rest... I... I don’t know....” Nodoka stuttered.

“All right, mom.  As you wish.  Now, I think it’s better if you lie on your front while I give you a backrub.”

Nodoka, struggling with her nuclear blush, hesitated again.  Still, although the whole situation would look very improper from an outside observer, Ranma was keeping the pretense this was a mere comfort massage, for which she was grateful.  She hoped he would stick to his promise of only using his fingers.

So, the auburn-haired woman stepped out of her discarded dress, now wearing only a pair of panties, and rested facedown on the bed.  At least, it had the advantage of hiding her face from Ranma, and the maelstrom of emotions that her expression betrayed.  Not that the martial artist had any trouble reading this from her whole body language, anyway.

Then, Ranma-kun kneeled atop his mother, his legs on either side of her thighs.  He stayed careful, for now, to not brush her bare skin with his own.  Looking down, he drank in the sight of the nice curve of her back, the perfection of it marred solely by the interruption of the underwear.  The shape of her round backside could still be guessed through the thin white cloth... although his view was obscured by one very straight pole of male flesh encased in a coarse towel, getting straighter and straighter.

Ranma grimaced from the intense pressure in his loins, trying to regain control of his lust.  Like a mantra, he repeated to himself that he shouldn’t be going too fast.  It was very difficult with his tempting, gorgeous mother sprawled beneath him, almost naked.  But this was a battle of will, first and foremost, and Ranma Saotome refused to lose any fight.

Finding his center, Ranma decided that he should focus on giving a completely business-like backrub.  To this end, he remembered the massage he had given as a girl to the Iemoto of the Daimonji family.  If thinking about the old crone didn’t temporarily keep his libido in check, nothing would.

Hence, Ranma’s hands went anew to Nodoka’s back and resumed gently kneading her flesh.  His thumbs followed the relief of her vertebrae and ribs; his fingers carefully pressed some specific points; his calloused palms caressed her shivering skin.  The praises Ranma had received from the Iemoto, among others, for his massage talents were deserved.  Ranma could easily become a professional in this peculiar branch if he ever renounced making money with his martial arts.  Of course, his girl side would have even more success in a massage parlor.

Nodoka absentmindedly moaned as her son’s skilled hands finally vanquished her nervousness and chased away the tension in her muscles.  She was feeling more and more mellow by the second.  The warmth invading her body from the naughty, intimate closeness was still here, but she cared less and less about how improper all of this was.  Ranma’s touch was bringing her delightful sensations, and she didn’t want it to end anytime soon.

The mother was feeling so content and relaxed that she didn’t notice immediately when Ranma delicately grasped the hem of her brief and began sliding down this last offensive garment.  Her plump, round ass was almost completely bared when she finally reacted, opening her eyes.  “Ranma!  What are you doing?”

“Well, I’m sure you know....” her son impishly answered, never stopping to slid the undergarment down her legs.  “If it is possible to give a massage with your clothes on, it cannot be really thorough and well done as long as there is some annoying fabric covering the skin.  And besides....”  Ranma finished pulling the crumpled panties past Nodoka’s feet, leaving her entirely nude (and very aware of the fact).  He casually tossed them so they landed just before her blushing face.  “... you were actually soaking them.” Ranma concluded matter-of-factly.

Nodoka’s eyes went wide at the sight of the dark, wet spot that marred the crotch area of her otherwise white underwear.  “This can’t be....” she murmured in disbelief.

“Oh yes, it can.” Ranma countered, his voice betraying no strain at all, only amusement.  He had begun kneading directly Nodoka well-toned buttocks, eliciting a breathless cry from his mother.  His fingers digging in the tender flesh of her fanny, he slowly diverted a hand toward the space between her clenched thighs.  “The proof is right here... wow, you’re actually quite wet, mom....” he stated, his digits lightly poking around the outer lips of her sex, just enough to check her moisture, never quite touching the most sensitive parts.

“Aaaaah.... Ranma!  Don’t... not there... don’t touch... you promised... aaaaahhh.”  The woman started thrashing on the bed, her hips automatically rising in an attempt to escape this incestuous contact.  But Ranma pinned her down by sitting on her legs, and his hands reached back for her treasure, more decidedly this time.

“I promised I would only use my hands, mom.  That’s what I’m doing.  You never said anything about where I could put them.”  Ranma’s fingers weren’t too aggressive, but they nonetheless gently stroked the puffy lips of her vulva.  The middle finger repeatedly trekked across the slit, gathering her honey on the tip as it went back and forth, though never pushing enough to venture past the outer labia.

Despite the lack of penetration — or maybe because of it —, Nodoka panted loudly, her face flushed and her hands clawing at the sheets.  The squirming of her naked body, far from shaking off her molester, only inflamed her more by rubbing her front (especially her breasts) on the bedcover.  She could feel Ranma’s warm bottom on her legs, his weight immobilizing her.  She couldn’t tell if some part she occasionally felt rubbing against her skin was actually his manhood or not, but her imagination was easily filling in the blanks.  “Aaaaahhh... no, please... have mercy... Ranma... don’t... don’t push it in....”

“But mom... this part of you is really tense.  You obviously need some serious internal massage here, or you’ll never get o—you’ll never relax.  I can scratch your itch real good, mother, if only you let me....   I can just use my hand and mouth to do that, if you wish, nothing else.  What do you say, mom?  Will you let me make you feel good?”

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