Broken 4th Wall / MPC-OS v1.0: A Farewell to Arms (LEMON) [Episode 193315]

by Kwakerjak

Truth be told, Ukyo didn’t really have all that much experience with the Master PC—at least, not as much as Ranma and the Tendos. Sure, every now and then she popped up, but even then it usually seemed more like an afterthought than anything else: most of the time, when her name was put into the Master PC, it was part of a plan to neatly “take care of” Ranma’s fiancées in one fell swoop, and something which usually happened as a thread was running out of steam at that. So, in essence, all of the chef’s knowledge of the Master PC and its capabilities were second-hand, and she didn’t really know what to expect when she entered the Tendo compound with her nearly-nude kunoichi sex toy.

It didn’t help matters that the Master PC seemed to be used in very unusual ways when it was brought to the Ranmaverse. In a typical MPC yarn, the protagonist would generally use the program’s powers to fulfill normal fantasies, such as turning all the female members of one’s fantasy into incestuous nymphomaniac sex slaves. It should be noted here that Ukyo’s standard of “normal” was generally derived from Japanese hentai doujinshi, where it seemed like every family with an absent father was obligated to screw the brains out of all immediate family members of the opposite sex, with optional BDSM for flavor.

Since she didn’t know what strangeness awaited, them Ukyo stopped to give her plaything some last-minute instructions, tapping him lightly with The Spatula to give her commands extra weight. “Alright, Konatsu, I don’t know what’s going on in there, but I want you to stay away from any freaky sex that’s going on unless I say otherwise. Understood?”

The sex slave responded with a brief, humble bow. “As you command, Ukyo-sama.”

“Good. Here we go…”

The first thing of interest Ukyo saw was a male Ranma sitting on the floor and holding Akane in his arms. The martial artist was, at the moment, somewhat preoccupied with his current task of plundering his fiancée’s rear entrance with his stiff manhood. His technique was a rather interesting one: taking advantage of his rather tight grip, Ranma was physically sliding Akane over the length of his shaft through a perfectly timed combination of shoulder shrugs and hip thrusts, which conveniently left his hands free to fondle the girl’s breasts and pussy. At the moment, Akane had a ball gag placed firmly in her mouth, but oddly enough, there were no accompanying restraints for her arms, which one would normally assume would be necessary to prevent the wearer from removing the gag.

Yet this, in and of itself, was not really that surprising. After all, when it came to binding a partner’s arms, there was always one thing that remained constant: the subject in question had to have arms to bind, and at the moment, Akane didn’t have any of those, nor did she have any legs for that matter. All that was there was a head and an extremely muscular torso, which was currently squirming in Ranma’s arms due to his efforts.

Still, Ranma managed to retain enough knowledge of his surroundings to notice his best friend’s arrival. “Hey, Nabiki, Ucchan’s here!”

This exclamation naturally redirected the culinary-minded Domme towards a small table in one corner of the room, where Nerima’s famed “mercenary girl” sat, one hand providing physical stimulation to her womanhood while the other hovered over the keyboard of a small, grey laptop computer.

“Hello, there, Ukyo!” the nude girl said amiably from behind the computer screen without so much as a pause in her masturbation. “How are things going with you?”

“Um, okay, guess….” Ukyo’s curiosity, however, was almost at its breaking point, so she decided to save the general questions for later and focus on her most immediate concern: “What the hell is going on with your sister?”

“I believe it’s called ‘anal sex.’”

“I can see that,” came the chef’s irritated clarification. “What I want to know is why she doesn’t appear to have any arms or legs.”

“Well, that’s an easy one,” Nabiki said with a smirk. “She doesn’t appear to have any arms or legs because I used the Master PC to remove them.”

“You cut off—”

“No, I didn’t ‘cut them off,’ I used the Master PC to make it as though she never had them in the first place. If you’ll look closely, you’ll see that there’s no scarring whatsoever at her shoulders or hips—she’s just a perfectly formed head and torso.” This was indeed true—there appeared to be no evidence that Akane was physically harmed as a result of her body modification. She didn’t even have any stumps: her lower body simply stopped with her pelvis, and her upper body stopped at her shoulders, leaving her completely armless and legless. Yet she was still quite sexy-looking for someone without any limbs.

Ukyo, however, didn’t really care about the details of Akane’s situation. “Why the hell would you do that?”

“I felt like playing around with an amputation fetish.”

“Again, why the hell would you do that?”

Nabiki chuckled. “This is a gratuitous sex thread, Ukyo. It’s all about turning the whole lot of us to sex objects, and what could be more objectifying than reducing a woman to her cunt, mouth, tits, and ass? Akane’s incapable of defending herself without her limbs, and thus incapable of resistance, as Ranma is finding out.”

“That… that’s monstrous! I knew that infernal machine would corrupt you! I should—”

“Oh, don’t get your panties in a knot, Ukyo. She’ll have a chance to change back when it’s her turn to use the PC—or even Ranma’s turn, if he feels like doing it then.”

“I ain’t entirely sure I will,” the pigtailed martial artist replied as he continued to pump into his fiancée’s rectum. “Akane’s a lot of fun right now.”

“Right,” said Nabiki. “In any case, when her turn rolls around, she can do whatever she wants to me, like giving me the same treatment, or coming up with something even more degrading—assuming that she isn’t having so much fun that she’ll be grateful that I did it to her in the first place.”

“Huh? What’s that supposed to mean—and since when do people take turns with the Master PC?”

“Since we gave everyone in Nerima, ourselves included, a passive mind control fetish. We’re all turned on by the thought of someone else manipulating our minds and bodies ‘against our will,’ if you’ll pardon my finger quotes.”

At this point, Akane let out a loud moan through her ball gag as her orgasmic juices began flowing out of her womanhood like a broken water main. Like most women in gratuitous sex stories, having foreign objects shoved into her anus was almost as pleasurable as when things were inserted in her pussy. Sure, there was some discomfort, but that discomfort was an integral part of the pleasure, particularly since it was considerably lessened by the mysterious unmentioned lubrication that always seemed to be a part of anal sex scenes like this one. Nobody was quite sure how it worked, but it certainly made the rear entrance a lot more easy to access than in real life. Thus, while the youngest Tendo’s humiliation was obvious from the beet-red color of her cheeks, it was just as obvious that she was finding the whole experience enjoyable, at least on a physical level.

The chef scratched her head in confusion. When she looked at the overall situation, it seemed that Akane was having a good time, and knowing that one would eventually get the opportunity for “revenge” certainly would make it a lot easier to tolerate the situation, so she decided to give Nabiki the benefit of a doubt. “Oh… that makes sense, I guess. Wait, when you said ‘everyone in Nerima,’ does that include…?”

“Of course it includes you, Ukyo. This sort of thing wouldn’t be much fun if you couldn’t enjoy it.”

“Whoa, hold up. I don’t think I want to be a part of this—the only chance I get to be an over-the-top Domme is when the fourth wall’s down, and I don’t want to give anyone control over me, no matter how pleasurable it is.”

“But Ukyo, when it’s your turn, you’ll be able to make the three of us your sex slaves, and what’s more, you can make us as devoted and obedient as Konatsu—and speaking of Konatsu, your sex slave is exceedingly well-behaved. I don’t think he’s moved from his spot since the two of you came in here.”

“Thank you, though for future reference, I prefer to refer to him using more degrading language, like ‘fuck-toy.’ I also like using words normally reserved for females, since his androgyny is a big turn-on for me.”

“So, what, you refer to him as a slut or a bitch?”

“Yeah. But that brings up another point: Konatsu is my slut, and I’m not too keen on sharing him.”

“I see…” Nabiki couldn’t think of a way to cajole the chef into letting her kunoichi in on the fun, so she resorted to her all-purpose Plan B.

As Nabiki’s hands flew across the laptop’s keyboard, the Dominant chef immediately became suspicious. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing major. I’m just editing your profile to force you to share Konatsu with us.”


“And… done. Now, what was that about not sharing Konatsu?”

“I said I’m not… not…” Ukyo suddenly found herself unable to finish her sentence: how could she not share her fuck-toy with the others? After all, watching him service others could be almost as pleasurable if it was done right…. Holy shit, that thing works fast! “Dammit, how the fuck am I supposed to be authoritarian when that damned thing takes away all my authority?”

“You can’t… but you can turn that to your advantage.”


“Well, when it’s your turn to use the Master PC, you’ll have authority up the wazoo, which means you can punish the three of us for subverting your authority, right?”

Ukyo’s eyes widened as the realization dawned on her. “Oh, yeah… I get it, I think. If I let you do humiliating things to me, I’ll have plenty of reasons to punish you later.” She stopped for a moment and shook her head rapidly to clear her mind. “That was the mind control talking, wasn’t it?”

“Most likely.”

“I’ve got to admit, this setup isn’t starting to look so bad.”

“So are you in, or am I going to have to fuck around in your head some more?”

“No, I’m in—and so is Konatsu. When is it my turn?”

“Well, since you got here last, that means you go to the end of the line, so that means you’ll have to wait until Ranma and Akane have a chance to go. Then it’ll be your turn, and Konatsu—”

“Konatsu doesn’t get a turn,” Ukyo stated firmly. “His body is for the pleasure of others, not himself.”

“You don’t have a problem with that, Konatsu?” Nabiki queried.

The kunoichi silently shook his head—Ukyo-sama had not given him permission to respond verbally, after all.

“Don’t worry about him—he honestly does like being submissive. In fact, I think the only reason his name is capitalized is because the writer’s word processor is set to capitalize ‘Konatsu’ automatically, and correcting them all would be a pain in the ass.”

“Right,” Nabiki said with a nod. “So, why don’t we get started, then?”

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