Broken 4th Wall / MPC-OS v1.0: Anticlimactic Humor (LEMON) [Episode 193232]

by Kwakerjak

Ukyo paused to admire her androgynous ninja/slave. Konatsu was on all fours in front of her, completely nude save for the ribbon he used to keep his hair in his feminine ponytail, leather wrist and ankle cuffs, and studded leather collar, which was currently attached to the length of chain. She had to admire her fuck-toy’s dedication to androgyny: Konatsu was obviously in peak physical condition, but somehow managed to keep his muscles from becoming too defined, to the point where his gender came into question when he was viewed from a distance. Ukyo was particularly amazed with Konatsu’s pectoral muscles, which the male kunoichi had built up just enough for him to almost pass for an A-cup. The illusion that Konatsu didn’t grow body hair in most places, Takahashi-sama almost never drew body hair on her main characters, after all. Those places where he did grow body hair were, fortunately, quite simple to maintain, much to the chef’s delight. Of course, there was one rather notable exception to this pseudo-femininity, but Ukyo was more than willing to make allowances for that; after all, Konatsu was a male character in an over-the-top sex story, and like most male characters, he was blessed with an impressive schlong—seven and a half inches, in his case, which the kunoichi was currently displaying proudly as his erect member throbbed beneath his shorn pubis.

Ukyo walked around her possession as she continued her inspection, occasionally prodding and stroking the submissive ninja with a black, long-handled, rubberized Spatula, which she held in one hand and used in the place of a more traditional crop, though its broad head also gave it many characteristics of a paddle as well. It was in many ways the symbol of her authority in the relationship, so much so that Ukyo had decided to capitalize that particular Spatula from a very early point. The other hand was firmly clasped around Konatsu’s chain which was slightly slack at the moment, ready to tighten if the gender-bending teenager did anything his Mistress deemed out of line. Unlike her slave, Ukyo was completely nude; she spent so much time in those damned chest bindings when she was In Character, that whenever she actually got the chance to Domme it up, she refused to be constrained by anything—especially clothing. The only concession she made to that end was her iconic hair ribbon. The chef’s appearance did have one notable similarity to Konatsu’s, though: like her toy, Ukyo was completely hairless from the neck down, though in Ukyo’s case, this was more for practicality than for any D/s symbolism. The fact was that when anime girls were called up to do a lemon scene, often as not, they’d be required to be hairless downstairs at some point. Having to continually shave down there was such a hassle that many of the more popular characters had elected to simply stay hairless unless the author specified otherwise. Yet it wasn’t an entirely utilitarian decision either: Ukyo genuinely liked having permanently smooth skin. That was the real reason she had Konatsu shave: it didn’t seem right in her mind for a slave to have more body hair than his Mistress.

Ukyo finished her inspection and walked in front of her kunoichi. “Well, now. Haven’t we been a good bitch?” she asked rhetorically, using her favorite designation for Konatsu in contexts like these.

Konatsu looked his Mistress in the eyes (as was her preference) and responded, “I do not know, Ukyo-sama. That is for you to judge.” The kunoichi knew that he didn’t have to be this submissive with the fourth wall down, but he didn’t care—being a sex slave was way too damn fun for him to seriously contemplate going too far Out Of Character. He was perfectly content to stick with a simple exaggeration of his canon personality.

Ukyo smiled seductively. “Yes, my kunoichi, you have: you performed very well as a waitress today, and your flirting with the male customers was perfect. Several of the salarymen left with rather noticeable erections. Do you like it when I make you flirt with other men?”

“Yes, Ukyo-sama.”

“Does it turn you on?”

“Y-Yes, Ukyo-sama.”

“You had a boner while you were flirting with them, didn’t you?”

Konatsu blushed and averted his gaze. “Yes…”

Smack! The Spatula came down on Konatsu’s smooth ass, leaving a distinctively-shaped pink mark in its wake. “Look at me when I’m talking to you, bitch!” Ukyo commanded authoritatively. “And always address me as ‘Ukyo-sama’!”

“I’m sorry, Ukyo-sama. Please forgive me.”

“I will, this time. But now, my little gender-bending fuck-toy, what would you like to do?”

Of course, Ukyo wasn’t really asking what Konatsu wanted to do; rather this question was more ritualistic than anything else, which was why Konatsu responded with a ritualistic answer: “I desire to please my Mistress, Ukyo-sama.”

Smiling again, Ukyo pulled a chair out from one of the restaurant’s tables. “Then I shall grant you the opportunity to please me,” she said as she sat down and spread her legs, revealing her hairless sex glistening with her wetness. She pulled on Konatsu’s chain, bringing him in closer. “Lick me,” she commanded, and her ever-obedient slave complied.

“Oh, yes,” Ukyo said as she closed her eyes. “Very good….” She set her Spatula down on the table and began to knead one of her breasts with her free hand. Konatsu was very good at this, and as much as she’d have liked to take credit for the submissive ninja’s considerable skills, it was really due to the training his stepmother and stepsisters had given him. In fact, Ukyo even had the notion that the reason Konatsu was so eager to serve her was because she was so much better-looking than those three. Saying that they’d been beaten with an ugly stick would be inaccurate—it would be more correct to say that the ugly stick had been beaten with them.

But Ukyo, like most female Takahashi creations with any depth of characterization, was beautiful, and Konatsu showed his full appreciation for that beauty as he worshipped the chef’s honeypot. His tongue was moving faster now, and he was starting to show his own excitement, as his hips involuntarily began thrusting into the empty space where he desperately wish one of his Mistress’ orifices would be. He almost gave into temptation and brought his hand to his member, but he managed to retain his self-control. His cock was for Ukyo-sama’s use only: not anyone else’s, and especially not his own.

Ukyo could feel herself getting closer. Without letting go of Konatsu’s chain, she moved her hand behind the ninja’s head, pressing him to her sex as she drew even closer to orgasmic bliss. It was only a matter of time now; soon, her slave would have her in the throes of passion. She was almost there. Just a little closer, and… and….

…and then the phone started ringing.

Ukyo slammed her hand on the table in frustration. “Ah, for fuck’s sake, what now?!” The restaurateur twisted her body and reached towards the phone on the wall nearly tipping over her chair in the process. After about three attempts, she managed to get the receiver to come off of its holder, and was then able to bring it to her ear. After taking a few deep breaths to regain her composure, she smiled and said, “Ucchan’s Okonomiyaki. — Ranchan! How are you? — Oh, I’m fine… uh, could you hang on a second?”

Ukyo set the receiver down on the table, picked up her Spatula, and smacked it once again across Konatsu’s posterior. “Did I say you could stop?” she hissed.

“I’m sorry, Ukyo-sama. I won’t let it happen again,” the kunoichi replied sincerely before diving into his Mistress’ snatch once again.

As Konatsu’s ministrations resumed, Ukyo returned her attention to the phone conversation. “Sorry about that, Ranchan. I just had to take care of something. So, what’s up? — A delivery? Now? Uh, I’m sorry, Ranchan, but I’m sort of busy right now…. — Well, no, I don’t really have any customers at the moment. I’m, uh, working on something with Konatsu. — No, Ranchan, I mean that we’re ‘working on something.’ — It’s different because I’m using finger quotes, that’s why. — Look, I’m not really available to make a delivery. Can’t you just call the Nekohanten? I’m sure Shampoo would be glad to bring you guys some dinner. — What? — Nabiki insists? Why should I care what she wants? — She’s got what?! — But… but how can she possibly make it work with the fourth wall down? — Well, yes, I am pretty turned on at the moment, but I don’t think the Master PC had anything to do with that.”

Ukyo sighed as she listened to Ranma’s response. “No, Ranchan, I’m having sex with Konatsu. — As in right now. He is lapping at my pussy as we speak. — Thank you. Now, can you please leave us alone for a while? — What? — So Nabiki’s going to be a bitch about this whole thing, huh? Fine. Can I at least bring Konatsu with me? — Great. Okay, let me get some clothes on and I’ll head on over. See you then, Ranchan.” Ukyo let out another exasperated sigh as she put the phone back on the receiver.

“You might as well give it a rest, Konatsu. This sex scene’s over.”

“What’s going on, Ukyo-sama.”

“Nabiki’s got a hold of the Master PC and Ranchan says she’s figured out a way to get mind control to work with the fourth wall down. Nabiki, Akane, and Ranchan have been going at it for several episodes now, and they decided to bring me in. So, I’m getting dressed, and then the two of us are headed to the Tendo place for what I presume will be a small orgy.”

“I see. And, uh, am I to remain in this position until we get there, Ukyo-sama?”

“Huh? Oh, right. Stand,” she said, giving the signal that Konatsu was to move about in a bipedal fashion once again. “And you can drop the ‘Ukyo-sama’ as well.”

“Oh. Okay,” Konatsu said as he rose to his feet, his manhood rapidly softening to a flaccid three inches. “Well, then I guess I’ll be heading for my room—”

“Why the hell would you do that?”

The kunoichi looked confused. “To get dressed…”

“You’re wearing a strip of leather around your neck, and four more strips of leather around your wrists and ankles. Not counting your hair ribbon, that makes five articles of clothing, and that’s plenty as far as I’m concerned. You wait here. I’m going to get dressed.”

“Um… right.”

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