Faking It: The Fun One Can Have with Unseen Characters... (LEMON) [Episode 191777]


Ryōga’s mother silently pushed the door, just enough to peek into the room.  Blushing, she could see her manly son, entirely naked, sprawled on his back on the bed.  Atop of him was a nearly-nude teenage girl, wearing only thighs-highs black socks and a bow in her red hair, held in twin pigtails.  In a kawaii touch, said bow sported the same black-and-yellow pattern as Ryōga’s ever-present bandannas.

Mrs. Hibiki could only see the girlfriend from the back, as the head of the bed, which she was facing, was on the opposite wall from the door.  From there, she could nonetheless admire a petite but very curvy body, with round buttocks and strong hips, perfect for childbearing.

As she announced earlier, Ryōga’s lover was now riding atop of him, kneeling above his midsection and impaling her well-greased snatch on his very hard boner.  Guiding it with one hand, her tongue poking out of her lips, she began sliding down her dripping womanhood around the meaty pole.  She sighed in bliss when her crotch finally rested on his pelvis, her tight sex having sheathed the whole length of his phallus.

Ryōga hadn’t made a move till now, just grinning as he watched the marvelous sight of a hot redhead sheathing his cock with her pussy.  Then, he put his hands on her shapely hips, gently nudging her to start humping.  The panting girl got the signal; cute coos and moans escaping her pouting mouth, she began rocking her naughty bottom.  With some wet sounds, the thick shaft slipped, slowly at first, in and out of the stuffed vagina.  With each downward stroke, the purple, venous slab of male meat stretched the narrow vessel, flattening the inner folds of her tunnel with its girth.

The Hibiki boy, also breathing raggedly, watched enraptured as her free boobs bounced lovingly with the rhythmic movement of her body.  Unable to resist to the call of those gainaxing beauties, his hands roamed up, caressing her sides along the way before cupping the twin mounds.  Fingers pressing into the pliant flesh, Ryōga groped and squeezed the succulent melons, flattening the flesh under his palms while teasing the dark red nipples between two digits.

Ranma-chan mewled in bliss and arched her back, pushing further her chest into Ryōga’s calloused hands.  The stream of pleasurable sensations, coming both from her mauled breasts and filled sex, was overflowing her mind.  Her shrill cries betraying her delirious state, she was now rocking faster and faster on top of the male’s hunky frame.  The blood-engorged iron rod pumping into her melting furnace was piercing her to the core, deeply shaking her sexy, female body.



‘Yoiko-chan... her name is Yoiko...’ Mrs. Hibiki mused, eyes watery, tears rolling down her cheeks.  Those two were so obviously in love, it was heart-warming.  Well, the whole scene was full-body-warming, but for different reason.  The mature woman uncomfortably squirmed in her clothes, absentmindedly rubbing her thighs together.  Yet, she kept her gaze locked on the enthusiastically mating teenagers all along.

Both lovers kept working hard on the hot and heavy exercise, sweat glistening all over their flushed skin.  Ryōga’s hands had moved south again, firmly cupping Yoiko’s scrumptious buttocks.  With this firm hold, he was taking over the lovemaking, frantically pounding her gushing hole on his straight mast.  The girl’s stuffed quim was stirred into a froth by the constant and maddening friction of hard, unyielding flesh against soft, giving flesh.  A foam-like secretion was now spurting from her slit, splashing around their junction with each deep penetration.

Yoiko screamed in blissful agony, forcefully bucking in Ryōga’s grip.  She threw her head around and arched her back, tenser than a bow, with such strength that droplets of sweat, drool and juices went flying in all directions.

The Lost Boy was quick to follow her lead after this explosive orgasm, her snug sheath quivering in wonderful spasms around his surrendering manhood.  Gushing out of the pee-hole, thick strands of semen once again painted white his sister’s cervix and womb.  The seminal juices mixing with her abundant fluids, they oozed out of their still-locked sexes once their was no more room inside Yoiko’s well-fucked cunt.

Mrs. Hibiki was frozen in shock.  Not so much because of the intense climax she just witnessed — although it was certainly something impressive.  But, after a nagging sense of familiarity from hearing Yoiko’s voice, the mother finally got the chance of seeing her face when the girl slumped backward, exhausted and panting heavily.

“R-RANMA!?  RYŌGA!  WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING??” was her horrified reaction.

Both teenagers, despite their current tiredness, quite naturally jumped out of their hide when they heard the yell and saw the woman standing at the entrance.

“M-MOM!!!” Ryōga yelped, turning beet red.  Frantically, he tried to disengage from Ranma-chan and cover himself.  Oh boy, what could get more embarrassing?  He had hoped that Shirokuro would warn them if anybody was coming home... though with all the noise they were doing, the dog probably did bark and they never heard anything.

Ranma, her thoughts still somewhat hazy after the mind-numbing orgasm she experienced, didn’t react as fast.  Confused, she first rolled on her front as to no longer see the woman upside-down, and then focused on her face.

“ACK!!  MOM!!  W-what are you doing here!!!” the redhead sputtered, also fiercely blushing and trying to cover her breasts and sex, very incriminating evidences of her recent activities in her mind.

She got no response, though.  After staying transfixed for a few seconds, the mature woman’s eyes glazed over.  Without a sound, she fainted and dropped to the floor of the bedroom.

“GAH!” Ryōga exclaimed, embarrassment replaced by concern.  He rushed to his mother’s side, kneeling next to her to check her pulse.

“Ryōga!  That’s a catastrophe!  What are we gonna do now that my mom spotted me??”

The Hibiki Boy lifted an eyebrow and glared at the redhead.  Standing up, he gave her a bop with his hard knuckles on top of the head.  “Stop fooling around, Ranma!  This is no longer the time for playing your ‘little sister’ game!”

“OW!  Whaddya do that for, you baka?!  I ain’t playing!  I’m telling you, that’s my mom, and now I’m in deep kimchi!!”

“Wha... what the hell are you talking about?  She’s MY mother, certainly not yours!”

Ranma-chan’s eyes narrowed.  “Do you actually bust neurons at the same time you’re busting a nut?  I know you’re bad at recalling faces, but still....”

“Don’t be stupid, Ranma!  I can recognize my own mother—”

“So, can’t you tell?!  This is Saotome Nodoka, MY mom!” Ranma asserted while pointing at the unconscious woman.

Ryōga frowned in severe annoyance, mixed with puzzlement.  “That’s where you’re wrong.  This is Hibiki Nodoka, MY mom!”

Ranma-chan blinked, staring at Ryōga in confusion, then at the woman lying on the floor.  Her auburn hair wasn’t arranged in the traditional bun, and her housewife dress was unlike her usual kimonos... but the face was unmistakably Nodoka’s.  There was no error possible.

“But that’s crazy... she did call me ‘Ranma’... and I never met your mother.  What’s going on here?”

“I have no idea.  All I know is that I can’t leave my mom like that.  Help me, I gotta lay her on the bed....”

“Make that another bed....” Ranma dryly commented, glancing at Ryōga’s tussled mattress, various stains adorning the sheets.

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