Broken 4th Wall / MPC-OS v1.0: Setup Wizard (LEMON) [Episode 191557]

by Kwakerjak

In the end, the decision of who would get to use the Master PC Program first came down to a process of elimination. The first candidate to get the axe was Kasumi, who had stated in no uncertain terms that she much preferred being controlled to doing the controlling. As a result, it didn’t take long to figure out that Kasumi would use the program’s power to turn her sisters and Ranma into six-breasted airhead catgirl sluts in order to make them as made as possible, only to “accidentally” let the laptop fall into their hands a short time later so they could take their perverted revenge on her (which was exactly what she wanted in the first place).

Next to go was Akane, who simply liked being In Character too much to deviate without significant nudging (such as the variety commonly delivered by the Master PC). Had she been given the laptop, she likely would have taken dozens of episodes before her relatively conservative sexuality even began to corrode, which simply would not do, as MPC aficionados tended to prefer truckloads of perversion within a chapter or so of the program’s initial activation. There were standards to keep, after all.

Ranma, on the other hand, had no such problem being Out Of Character—in fact, he rather liked not being a sexual neophyte, as it allowed him to act like the horny teenager he actually was. It was also much easier to enjoy his female body when he didn’t have an obsession with masculinity getting in the way—in fact, as far as sex acts went, Ranma actually preferred his female form, since it not only gave him access to gratuitous lesbian sex, but to another form of gratuitous hetero sex as well. Granted, it had taken a while for him to fully cultivate an appreciation for having his womanhood impaled upon a male lover’s staff, but once he’d gotten used to strap-ons and other dildos, the real thing was much easier to manage. However, the real reason he wanted the Master PC at the moment was so he could make sure that the breast count on his female form would not rise above two. Arguably, even when he was In Character, when Ranma had to be female, he preferred being a hot chick to an ugly one, and anything more than the standard number of mammaries did not qualify as “hot” in his book.

Nabiki, meanwhile, was equally keen to be the first one to get her hands on the Master PC, but in her case, it was so she could safeguard her intelligence, which she valued almost as much as her material wealth. The situation appeared stalemated for several minutes (and Akane’s jocular suggestion that the two settle the matter over a game of poker was appreciated by neither her sister nor her fiancé), but eventually Nabiki was able to use her superior bargaining power to win Ranma over, particularly when she pointed out that she wasn’t exactly thrilled with the six-breasted look either. Thus, with the promise that she would do nothing to detract from anyone’s hotness (and the knowledge that if she broke said promise there would be more hell to pay than Dante Alighieri could handle), Nabiki received the perverse electronic device from her delighted older sister, who was already grinning with anticipation over what would occur next.

“It’s all yours, Nabiki-chan. Now how about you sex me up?”

Nabiki held up a hand in an attempt to calm her sister down. “Hold your horses, Kasumi. Before I start messing with your sexuality, I need to get the boring setup crap out of the way.”

“Boring setup crap?”

“You know, registering my name, choosing a password that anyone with half a brain or less could figure out, clicking the ‘Accept’ button on the Faustian terms of service that nobody bothers reading, choosing the interfaces, that sort of thing.”

“Oh, do you have to spend so much time doing that? Surely you could cover that in a sentence or two.”

“I could, but I prefer being thorough.”

“But I wanna have sex now!”

Nabiki sighed. “You know, Kasumi, you could just have sex of your own free will until I’m done getting ready.”

“But I want kinky sex!”

“And you’ll get kinky sex. But surely a little bit of vanilla will hold you over for a few minutes.”

“I guess.” Kasumi looked at the room’s other occupants. “Um, Akane…”

“Try asking me after I’ve been brainwashed,” the youngest Tendo curtly replied. “There’s no way I’ll be in the mood for lesbian incest until then.”

“Oh… okay. Um, Ranma?”

“Eh, I dunno—I ain’t sure I wanna do something as active as fucking.”

Kasumi grunted in frustration. “Well, can I at least give you a blowjob? That won’t require a lot of effort on your part.”

“Well… I don’t see why not,” Ranma responded as he loosened his drawstring pants and brought out his flaccid member, “but as ya can see, yer gonna hafta start from scratch.”

“That won’t be a problem,” Kasumi said with a grin as she dropped to her knees and began massaging Ranma’s testicles, which almost immediately caused a noticeable response from his shaft. “I hope you don’t mind a quickie; I could really go for a mouthful of cum right now.”

Ranma smiled. “Well, if ya insist, I s’pose I can handle it.” Kasumi grinned, taking this as permission to begin coating the martial artist’s penis with her saliva.

“Well, aren’t we the gentleman?” Akane asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I do what I can.”

Meanwhile, Nabiki had booted up the computer and begun the registration process. For a password, she chose her mother’s actual given name, which was not, as was commonly believed in fanon, Kimiko.

“Terms of service… and… I’m in.”

“Cool,” Ranma replied as Kasumi continued sucking the tip of his now fully-engorged cock, “so (unh) what’re ya gonna (oh yeah) do first?”

“Well, I think I’ll start by trying Kasumi’s ‘everybody’s into mind control’ idea.”

“Better make sure that they’re inta bein’ controlled rather than doin’ the controllin’ (fuck, that’s good).”

Nabiki nodded. “Good idea. If everyone wants to be the controller, then they’d all come rushing here to try and take this sucker away, and between the fighting there wouldn’t be any time for sex.” Nerima’s famed “mercenary girl” keyed in several commands that she hoped would achieve this effect (or at the very least something reasonably close to it). “Okay, I’ve set up a macro that should let me implement Kasumi’s idea—”

“Say, just what is a ‘macro’ anyway?” Akane asked.

“Beats the hell out of me,” Nabiki responded. “My best guess is that it’s either some programming term that Master PC writers have turned into a cliché or a term that Master PC writers made up so they could sound like they actually knew something about computer programming which they then subsequently turned into a cliché. In any case, rather than incur the wrath of the Nerima population if it doesn’t work, I should be able to use this to test it out on specific people first.”

“Really? So, who are you going to try it out on first?”

“That… doesn’t actually matter too much, Akane. Right now, I’m just wondering how you feel about the whole situation.”

“Nabiki, our sister is performing oral sex on my fiancé right in front of me,” Akane responded with a gesture to the pair in question, “and I haven’t responded with one of my stereotypical overreactions. If I can handle that, I can certainly handle whatever you plan to dish out with that laptop.”

“Well, that’s good to hear, but it’s not quite what I’m trying to ask you. I want to know how you feel, right now.”

“I feel fine.”

“Really? Even though you know that I’m about to make you do all sort of perverted things?”

Akane began fidgeting a little. “Yes—that’s what you have to expect from stories like this, right?”

Nabiki’s voice took on a leering, seductive quality. “But I can make you do so many things that would normally make you recoil—and you’ll not only do them, you’re actually going to enjoy doing them.”

“Only because you’re making me—” Akane’s eyes widened. “You’re testing that macro thing out on me, aren’t you?”

“Mm-hmm.” Nabiki said with a nod. “Now, how do you feel?”

“I feel… incredibly turned on, and the fact that I don’t particularly want to feel turned on right now is turning me on even more.”

Nabiki smiled. “Good. Well, Kasumi, it looks like your idea is going to work…. Kasumi?”

But Kasumi’s attention was focused completely on Ranma’s shaft, as she bobbed her head over it with increasing rapidity, much to Ranma’s enjoyment, if the grimace on his contorted face was any indication. “Oh yeah, Kasumi… that’s so goddamn good….”

“Um, Kasumi?” Nabiki spoke up. “Could you finish up, please? I’d like both your and Ranma’s full attention for this next part.”

Kasumi lifted a hand to give her sister a thumbs-up sign before getting back to work—and it wasn’t long before Ranma let loose a loud, indecipherable grunt as he shot his seed deep into Kasumi’s throat. As Kasumi had been almost unbearably horny for several hours now, the feeling of warm semen traveling down her esophagus was enough to spark an orgasm of her own, causing her inner thighs to become slick with her juices (fortunately, she wasn’t wearing any panties, which meant there was one less garment to clean).

“Thanks, Kasumi,” Ranma said between heaving breaths.

“No, Ranma, the pleasure was all mine,” the eldest of the sisters replied with total sincerity as she wiped the bits of semen that had managed to escape her mouth from her face.

“Are you two done?” Nabiki asked. “Because I’d like to get started.”

“Go right ahead, Nabiki-chan,” Kasumi said before licking her sperm-coated fingers.

“Good. Time for the real fun to begin.”

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