Nodoka's D/Solution: Another Episode in which the author postpones the lemony goodness with more plot junk. (LIME) [Episode 190400]


Standing nude by her bed, Kasumi idly kicked her discarded dress away while beckoning to Ranma. "If you would sit here Ranma-sama, I have a treat for you."

Giving a moment to let the idea of Kasumi giving him a treat to percolate through his mind, the young martial artist abruptly stopped playing the 'make the tomboy squirm game'. To Akane's very sudden disappointment, Ranma seemed to completely forget about her as he scooted over to sit on the edge of the bed where Kasumi wanted him.

Once Ranma was seated before her and looking expectantly up at her, the normally sedate and boring housewife knelt between his legs and began fishing in his pants for little Ranma-sama.

Now, there were some things she expected. For one, any boy that had just played with Akane, seen the lewd Kasumi stuffing Nabiki sex show, and now had a gloriously nude older woman kneeling between his legs should have been an addled mess of hormones and otherwise ready to drill through concrete.

On the other hand, this was Ranma Saotome she was dealing with, who for instance had to deal with certain insecurities that came from being randomly turned into a girl for the past two years, not to mention having someone like Genma for a father, a man who had strange priorities for what was right and proper.

So, finding little Ranma-sama to be in a semi-firm state confirmed some of what Kasumi had been dreading, but was why she'd wanted to find out for herself sooner rather than later. Unfortunately the number of causes were too numerous to list; like inherited erectile dysfunction from Genma, a damaged or malformed gland, or even just a mental block.

On the plus side, he was slightly larger than average, maybe two inches shorter than her vibrator. If this was as much firmness as she'd be able to coax out of him it could be an issue, but he seemed to have firmness similar to a latex dildo. It being so flexible and willing to bend might make insertion difficult, but it didn't seem to want to compress, so once inside the girl it should be okay.

Of course, it wasn't that important to Kasumi. If Ranma was stuck as a girl full-time, she'd just teach the little red-head how to play Mistress. Actually, if everything went well with Ranma, she intended to do that anyway, as empowering his female form would likely make him a lot more comfortable in that regard.

Her only real concern was in dealing with his often injured pride. Turning into a girl was likely rough enough on his male image, but tacking an erectile issue on top of that was particularly messy. All it would take was one snide comment from Nabiki and the situation could get ugly quickly.

This was why Kasumi was at a loss for how to address the issue, unable to formulate a question that would find out Ranma's opinion on the issue without it backfiring on her if it turned out to be another type of issue.

Luckily this time, she did have a snide middle sister and an impulsive little sister on hand.

Seeing the superior grin smirking its way onto Nabiki face, Akane was for once not only on top of the situation, but jumping to Ranma's defense before it became an issue, though her choice of words might have been poorly chosen in haste. "...but...why isn't it huge?"

As Nabiki started giggling at seeing the situation turning around, Kasumi moved to soothe a potentially bad situation. "Now now Akane-chan, this is really a bit above average in size."

For some reason upset at the evil grin Nabiki was sporting, as she knew she was going to start barbing Ranma any moment, Akane tried to put her flustered thoughts into better order. "No, no! I've seen him before!"

As the diabolical gears in Nabiki's mind ground to a halt at that monkey wrench, Kasumi turned curiously to her little sister. "Are you sure Akane-chan?"

Now incredibly flustered and only getting more so, the little tomboy was turning tomato-red. "Remember that first day in the bath? How I ran screaming out and tried to drown him in the tub with the lantern?"

Seeing Akane pause while waiting for her to recall the event, Kasumi was drawing a blank. It wasn't that she didn't recall the day, and she knew that obviously Akane and Ranma saw each other in the buff that day. What was bugging her was how Akane recalled herself running and screaming instead of saying she saw Ranma in the bath. "Well yes, you did make a bit of a fuss over that."

Akane apparently thought that was an understatement, now a bit wide-eyed and a touch hysterical in her recounting of events. "It was because I saw that! I thought he was going to split me in half with it!"

A bit off balance by the exclamation, Kasumi squelched the urge to deny what Akane said as outlandish. Whereas Ranma had been somewhat uncomfortable since she'd gotten a hold of him, he wasn't showing any signs of insecurity or being bothered by the current discussion, just his usual blend of honest curiosity.

As Nabiki prepared a snide comment about Akane making up fish stories about how big it was, Ranma stopped her cold by shyly apologizing to Akane. "Sorry 'bout that. I uh, normally have better control than that, but, well, the curse used to mess with my control a lot. Different plumbing and all of that. I was planning on coming back out as a girl, but changing into girl-form when I'm like that makes me feel weird."

Recovering from her shock as her train of thought derailed, Nabiki numbly put her lollipop back in her mouth before she said something stupid.

Images of Ranma 'losing control' coming unbidden to mind, Kasumi kept quiet for the moment. For one, more absurd possibilities for what the meaning of what Ranma had said were coming to mind. Secondly, him and Akane were apparently in the middle of a heart-felt moment, despite the irony of that happening given the situation.

Emotions softening as she was no longer blurting out incredibly embarrassing admissions, Akane gave Ranma a wondering look. "You were really going to come out as a girl? Was it because of what I said?"

Looking a little embarrassed to be admitting so, the young man shyly glanced away. "Well yeah, you made it pretty obvious that telling you that I turned into a guy with hot water would kinda kill the friendship thing. I kinda thought I'd get to know you as a girl and see how it worked out."

Beginning to have another potentially major revelation about her relationship with Ranma, Akane decided to not go the route of accusing him of using his girl form to get close to her for perverted reasons. "So, you would have pretended to be a girl just so we could be friends?"

Looking fairly uncomfortable at admitting his feelings, the young man pressed forward anyways, self-consciously rubbing the back of his neck. "Well, yeah. I'd probably draw the line at dress shopping though."

Having her second revelation of the night, Akane now had both sides of the coin. Now she knew Ranma didn't treat their engagement the way he did because he was an island hopping playboy that had bedded untold of legions of girls and simply wasn't interested in a proper relationship with her. Instead he was an innocent that was using the engagement as a substitute relationship for just being friends with her, which explained why he didn't handle the romantic stuff well. It also explained how the fiancees never made any progress, but Ranma baulked at what was essentially one friend asking him to forsake all his other friends to be friends with just her.

Seeing the moment was drawing to a quiet close, Kasumi could sympathize with her little sister. At this moment, her and Ranma, or potentially Ranma-chan, could have perhaps used a bit of space to further enjoy the moment.

Unfortunately she had something very important at hand and a suspicion about how to get things moving along in her original plan. Seeing as her sex drive was apparently lacking in Reverse and Park gears at the moment and it would only stay in Neutral so long before grinding back into Over-Drive, Kasumi instead made a mental note to arrange for Akane-chan to spend quality time with Mistress Ranko as soon as possible.

Rubbing the chubby at hand meaningfully, Kasumi asked a hesitant yet hope filled question."Uhm, so it gets bigger? Does it also get, well, rigid?"

Blinking innocently at the nude girl kneeling at his feet, the young man gave a typical clueless response. "Well yeah. I did use it as a towel rack once at a hot-spring, but Pops told me to stop showing off because all the girls were giggling and pointing."

Suddenly seeming to make the connection, Ranma turned self-conscious instantly. "Is that, uhm, stiff enough? Are you wanting me to, well, show you?"

Trying very hard to restrain her sudden eagerness to see exactly that, Kasumi managed to nod in the very affirmative after smiling and licking her lips at the thought.

Seeming to concentrate a bit, Ranma just as suddenly stopped to ask another hesitant question. "Are you sure? It uhm, well, it's kinda hard to relax enough to get it back under control again."

Her mouth quirking into a very much not demure, but very much eager grin, Kasumi stated something she felt was incredibly obvious as pleasantly as she could.

"Oh, that won't be a problem. Not at all. Now please Ranma-sama, don't restrain yourself and go ahead."

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