Faking It - Nodoka's Career: The fruit does not fall far from the tree. (LEMON) [Episode 188573]

by jdc

Despite her activities of the previous night, Nodoka woke up before the first rays of the new day was over the horizontal. It was a habit born when she became a wife at the tender age of sixteen and had no servants to rely upon. Gently moving the slender arm that was draped across her flat abdomen so as not to wake her lover, she quietly swung her legs to stand from the futon they shared to prepare for the coming day. She was slightly surprised when a gentle but firm and callused hand grasped her arm.

"Oh!" Nodoka started. "I'm sorry if I woke you, Natsumi-chan."

"It's alright, No-chan," Natsumi whispered as she moved closer, wrapping her arms around the older woman. "I should be getting up, anyway. If I don't I might get all of us fired again."

Nodoka quickly placed her hands over the other woman's. She squeezed lightly. "Natsumi-chan. You did not get anyone fired," She said firmly. "You each got yourselves fired on your own, so stop flattering yourself," She finished lightly. As she had hoped, it earned a short but slightly bitter-tinged laugh from the former police officer. She turned her head and gave a quick peck on the cheek.

"I'm not that good, huh?"

"Nope. Not even close," Nodoka turned around in Natsumi's arms until she faced the short-haired woman fully. "But seriously, Natsumi-chan, you should not blame yourself. You were merely unfortunate that the circumstances happened the way they had."

Natsumi snorted and began to turn her head away only to have it jerked back by two hands gripping her cheeks.

"Natsumi Tsujimoto," Nodoka said in her most imperial voice, also taught by the Imperial Household Agency, causing the younger woman to squirm. "I will not have you, or any of the four of you, wallowing in self-pity. Even if the Police Commissioner does not think so, I am sure your friends at Bokuto Station think of you as a good police officer."

The mention of her friends from her old station lifted Natsumi's spirits. They still kept in touch with one another, although she and Miyuki tried to limit their contact lest their stigma affect the others as well.

"And for what it's worth, I would not place my life in any other people but the four of you," Nodoka continued. "Well, except my son. I'm sure he's very manly!" She practically squealed in a schoolgirl-like fashion, bringing her hands to her own cheeks.

At that, Natsumi couldn't help but roll her eyes. She had heard that spiel thousands of times and yet she couldn't help but smile, feeling the last vestiges of her depression slip away. It was times like this she understood the great importance of an Imperial Household hostess. She replaced Nodoka's hands with her own. "Thank you," She whispered before leaning in and kissing the auburn-haired woman passionately on the lips, their bare chests touching and each feeling the other's nipples hardening. Natsumi felt her ardor rise even more as Nodoka returned the kiss with all the skills the hostess had at her disposal. It was with great reluctance that she allowed Nodoka to break the kiss.

"Natsumi... -chan..." Nodoka attempted to say in between gasps and moans as Natsumi's lips continued to seek her own. "we'll be... late..."

"Not if we let Miyuki drive," Natsumi huskily replied in between kisses. "You wouldn't leave me all hot and bothered the whole day, would you, No-chan?" She asked while guiding one of Nodoka's hands down between their bodies and between her legs.

Despite the intervening silicone, Nodoka could still feel the heat emanating from the other woman's sex. "No, of course not," She said before beginning to lubricate the false penis with her own overflowing juices.

"Let me help you with that," Miyuki's partner whispered and demonstrated her superhuman strength by lifting Nodoka by her buttocks without strain. The auburn-haired woman automatically opened and wrapped her legs around the waist of the former member of the Bokuto police station, locking her ankles behind. Natsumi raised and lowered Ranma's mother several times, rubbing the entire length of her dildo against Nodoka's slit, eliciting moans from the two of them, and coating it liberally with natural lubricant. She waited for Nodoka to nod before stopping with Nodoka's hungry cunt above the above-average size appendage.

Natsumi waited for Nodoka to hold the thick head steady with one hand before lowering the older woman slowly onto her lap, watching in rapt fascination as Nodoka's lower lips opened and stretched to admit her fake cock. She resisted the hostess' attempts to urge her faster. Natsumi wanted their lovemaking to last as long as possible and, despite Nodoka's protestations to the contrary, there was always the fear she might hurt her charge if she became too enthusiastic. She knew, as the other three did, how large the sex toy felt as Nodoka had used it on all of them before, though not as often as they had used it on her.

For her part, Nodoka settled down and allowed Natsumi to take the lead. While she could take the 12 inches of the Feeldoe without injury, she could still feel herself stretched to the limit to accommodate it, amplifying the sensation of its realistic texture. As she was raised and lowered deliberately by the short-haired woman to embed the silicone cock inch by inch into her, spikes of pleasure shot out from between her legs with every jab of the bulbous head into her until she had to grip Natsumi's shoulders to support herself.

When Natsumi felt Nodoka's round ass touch her lap, she began to move her hips, raising and lowering the other woman at the same time, pumping 11 inches of the 12 inch long, two inch thick Feeldoe in and out of her partner's tight pussy. She began slowly but steadily picked up the pace until she achieved a rhythm that gave the two of them the most pleasure. The grip of Nodoka's sheath caused the four inch bulb of the fake cock to churn her own tightly-gripping cunt, making her gasp and moan as well.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Nodoka cried out softly in time with the each thrust, her hands tightly gripping muscular, yet feminine shoulders, her vaginal walls spasming involuntarily, the feeling in her core slowly building in intensity towards the peak.

'God, I wish I had a real cock,' Natsumi thought as she took in the look of bliss on Nodoka's face as she continued to move her hips. 'Then I could really make love to her,' She put her mouth to work as she bent to kiss Nodoka hard on the mouth. She felt her lover open her mouth in response to her wandering tongue and heard Nodoka moan her first orgasm as her tongue explored older woman's upper opening.

Nodoka's world turned white and her eyes rolled upwards briefly, experiencing her first climax as Natsumi's tongue ravaged her mouth. She eagerly returned the kiss with the same fervor, her tongue dueling the muscular invader.

Wasting no time, Natsumi switched her mouth to Nodoka's bountiful chest, catching one bouncing nipple then the other. Licking, sucking and nipping them until she felt Nodoka's body shudder with another, bigger climax.

"Natsumi-chan..." Nodoka whispered feverishly. "Please... faster... harder..." She begged as she felt herself just at the edge of the precipice, her hands moving to grip the younger woman behind her head, trying to force more of her breasts into the ravenous mouth.

Natsumi smiled a predator's smile, shifting and getting to her knees without effort while continuing to ravish her squirming passenger. She moved to the center of the futon, pausing in her efforts for a moment with the Feeldoe fully sheathed, as she gently laid down with Nodoka underneath her.

"You want it faster and harder, No-chan?" She asked rhetorically, not waiting before beginning to flex her hips with gusto, pounding the older woman relentlessly with the Feeldoe, feeling their clitoris mash together at the end of each thrust, their chests against rubbing against each other.

"Yes!" Nodoka screamed, before being cut off by another savage kiss, as she felt another orgasm wash over. She was close and getting closer. Her whole world at that moment was focused at the mind numbing sensations coming from between her legs, her hips thrusting back urgently, trying to attain the Nirvana that was so close. "Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!" She moaned every time she was penetrated deeply.

Natsumi was close as well. Seeing the look of pure joy on her partner below, the way her body squirmed beneath her, how Nodoka frantically humped back against her, the deep-throated moans and groans, all these served to push her to the edge as well. She reached one hand behind her and between her curvy muscular buttocks. She found what she was looking for, twisted, and the two screamed in ecstasy, the vibrations sending shockwaves through bodies while their juices squirted forcefully around the Feeldoe embedded in their spasming pussies.

Nodoka lay back underneath Natsumi and waited for her breathing to return to normal. Unlike her lover, she was trained for this and recovered faster from her high. She was thus able to quickly take action when Natsumi bonelessly rolled off her. She crawled down in between the other woman's thighs, smiling at the false penis jutting proudly up into the air, coated thickly with her womanly moisture, before lowering her head.

Natsumi slumped down on top of Nodoka and didn't know how much time had elapsed before rational thought returned and she became aware once more of her surroundings. It was then she felt the tongue that was lapping at her inner thighs making her raise her head to see auburn hair between her legs. 'God, doesn't she ever get tired?' She thought before arching her back as the tongue licked at her outer lips around the artificial dick still in her cunt. She placed her hands on the head.

"No-chan, please, no more..." she pleaded hoarsely.

Nodoka raised her head from her feast and Natsumi saw how her face glistened with her juices. The short-haired woman shivered as Nodoka licked lasciviously at her lips. "You taste very delicious, Natsumi- chan," was all she said before opening those lips to take in the fake cock, bobbing her head to swallow in more and more of the silicone.

"Aaahhh!!!" Natsumi arched her, the sight hot as hell, jamming her entire temporary dick down the other woman's throat, as she came again. Coming down from her high, she raised her head in time to see Nodoka pop the dildo from her mouth. A second later Natsumi felt the Feeldoe's bulb being gently removed from her vagina.

"And now for the main entry," Was all Nodoka said before once again lowering her head to eat the trimmed pussy before her.

"Oh, God!" Natsumi cried out again and again as Nodoka's adept tongue found all the right places, from the hard nub of her clitoris to her G-spot inside her vagina. The sensation was indescribable! She had to shake her head from side to side and bite her tongue to stop herself from screaming. And when Nodoka penetrated her with two fingers, her whole body spasmed uncontrollably, her hands moving of their own accord to press the face of Ranma's mother into her crotch firmly, spraying copious amounts of juice into Nodoka's eager mouth.

Nodoka waited for the woman to settle down, all the while keeping her lips firmly attached to Natsumi's vagina, drinking all the liquid, before moving up the body. She planted loving kisses and licks, paying particular attention to the two soft breasts and hard nipples, causing the shorter-haired woman to have a small orgasm, before finally coming face to face with Natsumi.

Natsumi pulled down the face that was over her, planting a hard, firm yet tender kiss on those lips, pouring all her emotions into yet. 'The police commissioner can go to hell!' She thought. It had taken a while, but she felt she was finally over the betrayal of the institution she had served loyally, served to her utmost. And it was all due to this wonderful woman. A woman whose word was her bond, who would rather commit suicide than break her word of honor. Oh, Nodoka was far from perfect. She could be a real ditz at times but it only made her more adorable, made Natsumi want to protect her even more.

At the beginning, the four of them had reservations about Nodoka's career, but in time, one by one, one way or another, Nodoka had won them over and they realized how perfect Nodoka was for the role. The four of them knew that from personal experience.

"Yen for your thoughts?" The question drew Natsumi from her introspection.

"Just thinking how lucky we are to come here," The former member of the Bokuto police station raised her head and planted a peck on Nodoka's lips. "Thank you," The two held the moment for a while, simply gazing at each other, before Natsumi broke the spell. "Well, we better get going. If we don't, even Miyuki might not be able to get you there in time."


"Good morning!" Natsumi chirped as she walked into the dining/living room, holstering her service automatic under her left arm, smartly dressed in her dark colored business suit, which was mirrored by the other. Though the four didn't have a dress code, they each dressed to match their charge, who usually went about in an elegant kimono, while not sacrificing their ability to protect her.

"Well, someone seems to have gotten lucky last night," Misato Katsuragi replied from where she stood looking over Miyuki's left shoulder at the notebook PC containing the day's schedule.

Natsumi held up three fingers while smiling wolfishly. "Got lucky three times. Twice last night and once this morning."

"So that's why No-chan was late getting up this morning," Miyuki looked disapprovingly at her partner. "You do know she has an urgent meeting with Mr. Joker at 9 a.m., right?"

"Hah! With you and Misato doing the driving, we'd get there with plenty of time to spare, right, Motoko?" Misato asked the last member of their little group, a former major of the JSDF, recruited by a secret government agency who dropped her like a hot potato when one of their operations in a supposedly allied country blew up in their faces.

Motoko Kusanagi had to hold her reply when Nodoka entered the room, demurely gliding on her stocking encased feet, the soft, expensive silk of her kimono giving teasing glimpses of her figure as it clung to her body with each movement. Natsumi, Misato and Motoko, after a moment of admiring their charge, went to help her sit down at the table while Miyuki put aside the notebook PC.

"What are our plans for today, Miyuki-chan?" Nodoka asked after they were all seated and served breakfast consisting of the traditional rice, fish and miso soup.

"Well, aside from your meeting with Mr. Joker at 9 a.m., the days is pretty much clear, No-chan."

The mistress of the house brightened. "I see, perhaps I will have time to visit the Tendous later and see if my son and husband are there already."

The four looked at each other before Motoko spoke. "No-chan, I know you insist on looking for them yourself but don't you think it would be easier if you let us search for them?"

Nodoka shook her head firmly. "Motoko-chan, while I truly appreciate your offer, I cannot let you do that. First, it is my duty as both a mother and wife to look for my son and husband myself and second, it is not right to use Imperial Household Agency resources for a personal quest." With that, the four female bodyguards knew discussion of the topic was closed and spent breakfast talking about other, more mundane topics, carefully avoiding any mention of who might be Nodoka's next client, which in a couple of hours, they will learn is:

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