Nodoka's Solution - Horror House: Released (LEMON) [Episode 186587]


Nabiki gasped for breath as the tentacles pulled out of her, and the two flower like tips peeled off her breasts.

Nabiki didn't know it as she was released by the tentacle monster and dumped tiredly onto the ground, but she wasn't quite the same as she had been before the encounter.

The tentacle monster's slime had already altered her somewhat, though the bounds of the game's magic prevented anything serious from happening unless the proper event was rolled or drawn. She was at least protected that much.

As it stood, however, Nabiki was not traumatized by her circumstances. She was royally pissed and humiliated, but something about her mind set let her recover quickly. The monsters were only lucky that they were demons that could vanish and be protected by magic. Had another person violated Nabiki or someone she cared about in this way, they'd have not lived too long if they let her live.

In addition, she looked to Ukyou and Akane and recognized that the tentacles were almost finished with those two as well. She didn't notice it yet, but she was already viewing those two with a slightly more open mind than she had had before. She grimaced as she took in Ryouga-in-Kodachi's circumstance and resisted the urge to help the girl with a boy's mind, maybe an event later would let them get some payback, but right now, it would just mean a second rape for her, maybe a longer one for the girl she was trying to help.

And that was just the mental changes. There were slight physical ones as well. Everything was more sensitive, for one thing, and not just to pleasure and pain. Touch was suddenly a whole new set of experiences for her.

Her breasts had not changed size so much, but seemed more firm and perky, somehow. Down below, her deflowered petals were already recovering completely from their abuse, as was her other lower orifice. She'd always be tight as a virgin for the next lover now, whatever came before.

And, while the game protected them from being the host of a newly conceived tentacle monster, it did nothing to hold off the fertility altering effect of the slime. Gone were Nabiki's periods, in their place was a semi-empathic response to her lover's desires for offspring. If her next lover thought about having triplets with her, such would be the result.

Shutting away all that she'd just been through for dealing with later. Nabiki fished the remains of her clothes from around the yard, relieved that they were still somewhat usuable, having been pulled off, not torn off completely.

As she grumbled and glared at her newly-large chested sister for the idiocy that had gotten them like this, she walked back into the room, completely unaware that Shampoo was temporarily replaced by something at least as sex-crazed as the tentacles.

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