Chained World - Rei: Hey Sugar! (LIME) [Episode 185803]

by Ranger of the Crossover Fiancees

To be fair, that first incident hadn't really been his fault.

After all, how the hell was he supposed to have known that doing something nice for her would result in activating her libido's trigger?

It had just been an ice cream cone, Damnit all!

She'd taken one small little bite. Just one!

Why hadn't anyone warned him that sucrose to her was the equivalent of Spanish Fly x1000?!

When she'd started stripping he'd thought she was just doing one of her 'Rei' things that made perfect sense to her but not to him. Like the time she'd decided that it would be more efficient to go naked while traversing over some really boggy ground rather then get her clothes dirty.

The slight blush on her face he'd initially dismissed as just his overactive imagination. The same went for the strangely Hungry look in her eyes. He'd never seen her anything less then in full and complete control of herself before and had had no reason to suspect anything was different this time.

But the other more obvious signs of arousal such as the stiffening and darkening of her normally petite pale nipples and the trickle of clear fluid from between her legs had been harder to shrug off.

And when she kissed him long and hard, he started to realize something was probably very wrong here.

When she stuck her tongue in his mouth far enough to touch his back molars, that finally confirmed it.

When she started to literally tear his clothes off from his reeling body without ever breaking that same kiss, he began to realize just how much of a problem this could be.

When she'd knocked him on his back and straddled his waist, Ranma had finally decided that he needed to retake control of this situation. Only to discover that the position he was in denied him the leverage needed to overcome Rei's natural strength and determination.

Fortunately for him, Genma had tried to interfere at that point.

Unfortunately for Genma, Rei's awakened libido had not changed her simple Amazonian style view that 'Obstacles need to be dealt with swiftly and efficiently'.

Fortunately for Ranma, Genma's screams of agony had masked his escape.

Unfortunately for Ranma, Rei was very good at tracking her target. And very motivated to find him.

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(Posted Sun, 18 Mar 2007 10:41)

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