Chained World - Dr.: Private Examinations (LEMON) [Episode 185384]

by Kender

He knew that it was a moment when he should be about to jump out of his skin, as he had no idea about what was 'right' in these sorts of situations. Normally, he would simply jump up and run out of the room, but his instincts immediately told him that doing so might hurt the doctor. So, he hesitated, with his heart thumping in his chest for reasons that weren't only from mere panic.

When her soft lips met his though, Ranma found that it was more than merely 'pleasant'.

Just why the touch of her mouth would feel so good escaped him, but he found that he couldn't dwell on such things. Rather, he was caught up in how a small tilt of her head, and a subtle repositioning of her mouth could change the strangely good sensations so much. This certainly wasn't the sloppy and manic mess that he'd heard of back in his school locker rooms. Instead, it was something that would almost be relaxing if it didn't bring up a certain desires that he wasn't exactly sure as to how he could express them.

Not that Kumori was all that unaffected herself. His initial reaction had been to grab her by the arms, but rather than restraining her now, they were merely holding her, almost as if they were happy to feel her slim limbs. Clearly, he wasn't the sort to merely muddle through the situation, as he was almost hesitant to react. That shyness was rather endearing, and she could feel herself respond to his gentle first attempts to figure out what was a proper response to her apparent offer.

What he was doing did do a nice job of pleasing the both of them, as the contact of their chests attested to. Her breasts might have been contained within the covering fabric of the dress, but the way that the stiffening nubs of her nipples were poking through the material, it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. The absence of that intimate garment actually proved to be something of a plus, as her cleavage started to rub and roll against his bare chest, pushing her cloth covered nipples against the hard muscles there.

It just felt so good that he couldn't stop himself from wrapping his arms around her, and he almost jolted himself away from her when he realized what he'd done. Only the fact that she continued without interruption, and his hormones reminding him that he had a nicely curved and willing female in arms kept him from immediately bolting. His eyes did go wide as he realized that she was lowering him to the bed, and he pulled back enough to look her in the eye.

"But I.... I don't know...." he whispered, his Adam's apple bobbing as he tried to keep himself calm."

The look that Kumori gave him was a reassuring one that actually helped as the slight tremble it had showed her own nervousness along side her desire. "Don't worry."

"But I've never...."

"I'll teach you," she told him simply, and guided one of his hands up one of her thighs, along her hip, and onto the gentle curve of her buttocks.

That surprised him, and he reflexively squeezed what he held, making her gasp. It took him a long moment of worry to see that she wasn't all that put out by the action, and even found that she was rubbing that cheek against the fingers that had grabbed it. Licking his lips, he wondered what that could mean, and ran the fingers of his other hand along her back and arm, seeing her eyes go hooded as he did so. Getting that reaction made him bold, and after he went up from her belly, he groped at her breast... which got a momentary scowl from her.

"Sorry," he muttered, looking chastened by the experience.

Something about his expression told her that he wouldn't try again, and that actually didn't sit well with her. Putting her hand over his, she brought it back to the firm mound, and led it to cup and stroke along the supple flesh there. When her fingers tightened a bit around his, it surprised him, but he found that it was nowhere as hard or as disliked as his previous attempt had been.


"Yes," she agreed, sighing a bit with pleasure. "'Oh'."

Her comment emboldened him, and he began to realize that too much force wouldn't work in this encounter. What he needed was a more subtle set of movements, and he didn't have the time to stop and think about them. So, he improvised, and moved his hand to caress the side of her neck from collarbone to chin, and then cup her cheek.

"Like this?" he asked, leaning in to give her a small kiss.

"Mmmm hmmmm...." she hummed in confirmation, and teased at his mouth with her tongue. As she had thought, he was a quick learner, but she didn't have the time or inclination to bother with analyzing his techniques. Instead, she rubbed her palms over the broad expanse of his torso, admiring the tight musculature there less as a doctor would, and more in the way of a woman. The bruise was something that she had to be careful about, but even it managed to be a point of pleasure. Trailing her fingernails around the edge of it, she brought out a hiss from him, but one look at his face made it clear that this wasn't a bad thing.

So, she pulled back, noticing the confused dismay in his eyes. A raised brow told him that she wasn't moving any further away from him, and the look in her eyes was that of a woman with desire on her mind. Reaching to the fasteners of the dress, she undid them, letting the garment fall loose, and allowing him to have a chance to see what was beneath it. Trembling a bit, he gave her a look that asked her what he should do, and the expression that she gave in response told him all that he needed to know.

With hesitant hands, he reached up and pulled the cloth from her body, giving him a clear look at that soft form. Creamy skin was exposed, and he got his first real look at a woman's bosom. He couldn't look away for a long moment, and he swallowed hard as he realized that any stories from his peers were gone from his head right then.

"Go ahead," she softly murmured. "Touch them. Touch me."

Hearing that didn't do much for his certainty as to what would work well, but it did shore up his confidence enough for him to act. Taking her words as the permission they were, he felt along her hard tipped breasts, finding wonder in how they could be both so firm and soft at the same time. They seemed to mould to his hand, and the way that he stroked his hands over them made her let out a long breath of pleasure.

Not that he particularly stopped there. Her body seemed to enthrall him, and he pressed his lips together as he ran his fingers over the smooth surface of her skin. Doing so seemed to delight her, as she shivered at the sensations that brought out. Even the way that he grasped the cheeks of her buttocks and pulled slightly on them didn't seem to be all that bad, and actually stirred no little bit of heat deep in her belly.

Running her own fingertips over the stiffness stretching his pants brought out a hiss from him, and she stroked the outside of his thighs before tugging slightly at the garment. Pulling down his pants and boxers surprised him, and allowed his manhood to spring out to freedom. This was no 'hulking rod', but it was certainly large and solid enough to please her. She couldn't pull her eyes away from the bobbing organ, and wrapped her fingers around it as much to touch it as to bring out the moan that the hold took from him.

"Ahh.... Doc...." he gasped, clearly out of sorts at the moment.

As her own thoughts were fairly absent at the moment, she answered as simply as she could. "Hm?"

"I... You're so.... This feels...."


"But.... What 'bout ya?"


The pigtailed boy's face showed concern mixed in with his desire. "What am I givin' ya...."

His apparent desire to do 'right' by her touched her in a way that didn't have to do with sex. That emotion made her shift her hips and expose her most intimate place to him, which he got a very clear view of as she spread the lips with two fingers of one hand. Seeing something that boys always wished to view seemed to enthrall him for a long moment, but it took her showing him for him to move his hand to where he could touch her as she was stroking him. To her delight, he didn't shove his fingers into her, or merely fiddled around, but touched, teased, and played in ways that were clearly inexperienced, but were making her insides warm from that point up. As he barely pinched the stiff little nub there, she knew that it was time to move to the next step.

Having her shift her position confused him for a moment, but as her long legs rubbed against his, something he didn't quite understand had him feeling... anticipation. He didn't know why that was, but it didn't seem to be at all 'bad'. Instead, he could sense that something rather good was about to come about, and he wasn't disappointed.

Lightly raising his manhood, she lowered herself onto it, sliding him into her most intimate place. The sensation of doing so made her weak in the knees and she groaned with the wonderful feelings it brought up. She was caught in the way that he filled her as much as he couldn't escape how her warmth was so perfectly tight around him, but she didn't merely wait there. She began to pump herself up and down the length of his shaft, resting the weight of her body upon his as she focused her attention on that one point.

Her actions weren't something that he minded though, as he found it actually quite welcome to have her body in such close contact with his. It made her feel so much more real at a time that he couldn't be sure that he could feel as good as he was. All that he knew was that he wanted more of what he was getting, and that he was going to get it. That didn't mean that he couldn't do his part in bringing them both pleasure, as he began to bring himself up to meet her on her downward strokes. Doing so wasn't something that he stopped to think about, but it proved to be quite welcome as her small cry of desire matched his grunt in accepting this move.

This had long moved beyond a mere 'lesson', and the kisses that they traded as they pumped against each other were not simple pecks. They were open mouth contacts that allowed sighs and moans to be expressed into each other, and were as needed as the contact of their intimate parts was. Previous rumors and experience were gone in the intensity of the 'here and now', and they didn't mind it one bit.

The cry of her name that he gave as he came deep within her was possessive, needy and totally oblivious to anything but her.

She might have been disappointed if he had proven to be nothing more than an inexperienced boy, but by the time that she felt his release, she was on the ragged edge of her own need, and she lost control of that desire. Stumbling emotionally for a few moments, she fell over the edge and found her own release, going weak as all of her being became focused on the overwhelming passion that crashed over her system.

Feeling her fall limp over him, he pulled her into his arms and held her there. "Ya okay?"

"As well as I could ever be, Master," Kumori admitted.

"Oh. Cool."


"Well, I'd kinda hate to think that I'd been bad."

"Oh, you," she mock admonished, tickling him slightly. "As if you were alone in this."

"Hey, I know that...."

"I'm glad."

"Me too. I'm happy that ya got ta feel good in this," Ranma grunted, and yawned broadly before slipping into a light doze.

Smiling at the sign of his exhaustion, she snuggled into his embrace, and let her head rest against his shoulder as she let herself drift off, while:

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