Hibiki Lust: A Wild Mare and a Black Rose (LEMON) [Episode 185223]


Ranma came to a stop, landing lightly on the roof of Furinkan, hoping that she had outrun anybody she could potentially look at and trigger whatever it was that Mousse had been trying to use on Shampoo back there.

The small girl was busy rubbing out her eyes, hoping it would rub the dust out of her system as well. She felt hot and her heart was racing, whatever it was Mousse had used was already in her system. The redhead cursed and wondered just how long she'd have to stay away from people to let it burn off.

The only warning he had was a brief footstep about three inches behind her body, and then a pair of arms were wrapping around her, and a modest pair of breasts were pressing into her back.

"Hello, my little harlot," a shrill and longing voice whispered into her ears.

Intellectually, Ranma knew she should push the enspelled gymnast away, but the dust was already working on her, even without seeing the girl that was wrapped around her.

Memories called up what the younger Kuno looked like and the redhead twisted about with a lecherous smile to open her eyes and take in Kodachi's slender body.

The Rose was crazy, sure, but at least she was hot, and out to screw the redhead, not kill her at the moment.

Ranma leaned her face slightly up to look into the slightly taller girl's eyes and pushed up on her toes to bring their mouths together. Ranma's hands circled around Kodachi, reaching down under her skirt to grip the gymnast's ass roughly.

A shriek came from Kodachi as she broke contact with Ranma's lips for a moment, surprised by the rough nature of Ranma's grab. The shriek was followed by a cheerful leer as she pulled open Ranma's shirt and licked the curve of her lover's ample breast.

Shivering in pleasure, Ranma smirked as she wrapped her legs around Kodachi and brought them both to the ground and then rolled around to move atop her.

"You didn't use the tools, barbarian," Kodachi teased viciously as the red head straddled her and held her arms to the ground.

"I got all the tools I need, Kodachi," Ranma said in a sing song as she pulled her shirt the rest of the way off, letting Kodachi angle up in the process.

"Sitting on the Rose's lap," Ranma moaned triumphantly as Kodachi retruned to licking at her full breasts, nibbling at the nipples.

Then someone else came into the act.

Ranma heard the heavy landing, at least heavy by their standards, and looked back to see Ryouga watching them. Still firmly in the spell of the lust dust, Ranma blew a kiss at Ryouga before Kodachi pulled another passionate yip out of her.

When a pair of strong hands grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down, Kodachi with her, Ranma only giggled in anticipation of more stimulation as she lay between Kodachi at her chest and Ryouga from behind.

Her pants were pulled down, easily giving way to Ryouga's strength and opening the way for the Lost Boy. Ranma was back in lip lock with Kodachi when the first penetration happened with a mixture of heat and cold that sent a thrill of tiring pleasure and pain ripping through her.

Kodachi looked up as the pig-tailed girl's eyes suddenly turned yellow and the pupils changed to slits. Amused by this change in her lover, she pulled herself up again, one hand slipping down to where she brushed the lost-boy's member and helped add her own stimulation to the red-head.

Burying her head in Ranma's cleavage, Kodachi didn't notice Ranma's fangs grow into a pair of small fangs, and her ears pointed and lengthened out from the side of her head. She did notice the tingle of fur growing out of the girl's body, but in her current state that only further aroused her.

Ranma meanwhile, felt the climax coming with a helpless sense of wanting and fear. The lust spell was still on her, but each time Ryouga thrust into her body, she felt it burned away as she became less human. Already her cries were turning more feline and she felt her new tail shifting wildly behind her.

Then it came, a freezing-hot sensation that tore through her, drawing a yowl of ecstacy and shame. Then she slumped forward on top of Kodachi, spent and too tired to move.

Kodachi frowned as her lover suddenly seemed to pass out on top of her.

"Pig-tailed girl?" Kodachi asked out of an uncharacteristic concern.

At the moment it was more her problems she was concerned with, the red-head had gotten her very worked up and she really needed to be finished. If the red-head couldn't do it, she hoped whoever it was that had joined them could.

Ranma felt Kodachi push her cat-girl form aside, and wanted so much to tell the gymnast to run. She was looking at Ryouga, and certain he was enspelled just like they were. Only there was something about Ryouga that wasn't exactly right.

Sure enough, Ryouga took in Kodachi's form and smiled a leer that made Ranma certain of what was coming. Kodachi dizzily moved up to meet him, still mostly clothed, and then was harshly and violently pushed back down.

Ranma had to watch, too tired to even close her eyes, as Kodachi met Ryouga in a rough kiss that heralded the gymnast's molested panties finally being torn away. A thrust from Ryouga sent a shock through Kodachi as Ranma watched her eyes shift into a serpentile shape.

The black-haired girl's skin slowly grew slightly more alabaster and a pair of horns stretched out of her skull with each thrust. Suddenly her clothes ripped out of her as a pair of icicle-white dragons wings ripped out her back.

Leaning up and thrusting into Kodachi as he did so, Ryouga re-positioned himself to get at the Kuno's now uncovered breasts, mauling them inexpertly until the final climax came.

Ranma watched as her previous lover slumped just as she had earlier and Ryouga stood up, moving to get back into his clothes. As he finished dressing, Ranma watched the last traces of the lust spell work out of Ryouga's eyes.

Predictably, the Lost Boy freaked out and ran screaming away, leaving two girls behind still recovering from a life-changing circumstance.


Elsewhere, a phone rang in a dingy apartment.

"Mara...what do you want?" a certain blonde said, yawning irritably.


"Yes sir," Belldandy said, sighing. "We'll see what we can do...but they won't be as easy for us to find."

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