PokeGirls (GD): Luscious Lupina, Loopy Leer (LIME) [Episode 184898]

by Red Priest of the 17th Order

Her eyes closed, the Lupina gently growled before kissing her master fully on the lips once again.

Returning the lip-lock, Ranma’s arms went around his Alpha PokéWoman, pulling her up and onto his lap as he made out with her; tongue actively exploring her mouth.

When she was on his lap, Jetta began to grind herself against his crotch, growling softly as her need for him rose with the continued stroking of that small spot right above her tail base. It was a state of arousal that Ranma was set on raising, as his right hand incessantly rubbed at the spot, arousing her more and more.

Growling in a more animalistic fashion, Jetta’s hands went down and unzip his fly before reaching in to fondle him.

Ranma groaned into the kiss, squirming a bit as Jetta played with his member inside of his boxers. It felt so good...

And then the Titmouse waitress came back. “Here’s your meals!” She chirruped quite happily. Her nose twitched lightly at the scents coming from the two.

Using her other hand, Jetta pat the table-top, indicating that the PokéGirl should just put down the plates.

Nodding her head, the Titmouse did as told, placing down their meals on the table, before heading off to handle something else.

Jetta’s hand continued to hold onto her master’s length... and when the Titmouse was gone, she started to stroke Ranma’s member, working him to a rather erect state.

As he hardened quickly in Jetta's hand quickly, Ranma’s member started poking up from his open fly and giving the wolf-woman more to stroke.

At the sight of her master’s meat, Jetta smirked and moved her head to nip his ear. “Like that?” She whispered huskily.

Nodding his head as his PokéWoman stroked his cock, Ranma whispered back into her ear, “You’re very good to me, my sweet Alpha.”

“Hmm...” a mischievous smile came to the Lupina’s face. “Want more?”

“Do you even have to ask?” Ranma asked her as he purposely rubbed his thumb into the Lupina’s sweet spot.

Although it was tempting to continue, Jetta knew she had to teach her master some form of a lesson for keeping her out of the loop. So, smirking deviously, the Lupina pulled her hand back and out of her master’s pants, before moving away and climbing out and over to the other side of the booth, where she pulled her plate up to her. “We should eat before it gets cold." She said as she started to eat, but her foot was still rubbing his cock. “You’ll need the energy Master... ALL of it,” she promised.

Ranma grinned back at his Lupina. He was really happy by how things were turning out. He was so sure his rather bossy Lupina was gonna chew him out thoroughly for keeping her in her PokéBall for such a long time and doing so much without her advice in the meantime... but she took it rather well!

And then he got a small surprise. Although above the table, it seemed that that Jetta was just finishing up one of the meat kabobs before starting another, below, her foot still rubbing his exposed prick as if urging him to hurry up and eat.

Getting the clue, Ranma took his chop-sticks in hand and started eating his noodles quickly; slurping noisily. He still needed to work on his manners...

Still, Jetta didn’t seem to care, as she just finished her second and went for another meat-covered stick with speed. She wanted to eat and get going herself.

As Ranma continued his meal, (and those were some good noodles) he couldn’t help but wonder WHERE people of this world got their meat from. Besides fish, he really didn’t see any normal ‘animals’ as it were. He’d have to ask that question.

Still, as he ate, Ranma noticed the PokéGirl up on the main stage. A rather nice one too, with her long tail that ended with fish fins. Blue skin, smooth body, but a rather vulpine face. That reminded him that he needed to talk to Mitsuko more too.

Noticing the look, Jetta smiled lightly. “See something interesting?”

“Just thinking...” Ranma said honestly. He blushed lightly as a thought came to him. “Remember earlier… much earlier... how you made a comment about how an ass like Sextome would probably whore you off like prostitutes?”

“Yeah...” Jetta said as she remembered Ranma’s ‘orientation’ to their world. “What about it?”

“Sheila... well, earlier today, she made money like that...” the Pigtailed PokéGirl Tamer blushed. “She wanted to, so I let her get up on stage and strip.” Sighing, Ranma looked up from his meal and to his Alpha PokéWoman. “Jetta... am I a bad person for letting her do that?”

“No, not if she wanted to.” Jetta told her owner seriously. “Sextome MADE us do all sorts of stuff against our will. You... you don’t... so no, you’re not a bad person, Ranma,” she explained, assuring the young man.

To that, Ranma let go of a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding in. “Thank you...” he told her honestly.

Jetta frowned lightly as she saw the obvious relief he attained from just a simple answer. “That really hung over your head, didn’t it?” She inquired curiously.

Ranma nodded his head at the Lupina PokéWoman. “I could see that she was enjoying it...” the pigtailed PokéGirl Tamer admitted. “But... well... seeing that she was using her body to make ME money... I had to wonder just how different I was from Sextome...”

“She asked, you allowed,” Jetta told the pigtailed teenager seriously. “You treat her and the rest of us well. There’s a large gap between his asshole-ness and your goodness.”

“...Thanks...” Ranma said honestly as he slowly went back to eating. It was amazing that he could eat SLOW...

It was the most amazing thing ever. Jetta finished her meal before master! He really must have had a lot on his mind...

Still, even as Jetta had finished her entire meal, that didn’t mean she just sat there watching her master continue to eat. Her leg was still up and reaching across to the other side, teasing her master’s exposed length with her foot under the table.

Finally, Ranma finished off his noodles, (it was difficult to concentrate when someone was trying to tease his dick) before pushing the plate away from him. “Not bad... not really authentic Japanese, but it does the trick...”

“Is there anything else on your mind Master?” The Lupina asked in curiousness and honest caring. “I’ve never seen you eat so... slow.” Left unsaid was that she had also never seen him not react to any of her advances before.

“Just about everything...” Ranma said softly. He smiled lightly as he sat forward, pressing his manhood into Jetta’s foot. He wanted to assure his PokéWoman he appreciated what she did for him.

“Mmm hmm...” Jetta said softly as she noticed Ranma was off-beat, but trying to keep with her. He was really distracted, and not in a good way. “You need to relax, Ranma...” she said seriously. She managed a small grin as she asked, “Do you want to get a private room?”

Thinking about it for a moment, Ranma smiled at Jetta. “That would be nice...” it really would. Even ‘relaxing’ today, he was putting on a show and doing work.

Smiling Jetta looked around for and then waved down their Titmouse waitress. “Hey! Can we get a private room, please?”

The Titmouse Waitress gave off a squeak as she nodded her head. “Sure,” she said as she walked over to the booth. “Room number four should be open. Just make sure to lock it behind you so the occupancy light goes on.”

“Sure. And by the way...” Jetta leaned over, and whispered into the Titmouse PokéGirl’s ear. “...is there a girl named Eliza working this shift still?”

The Titmouse nodded her head. She then whispered back to Jetta, “Yeah. She got her break earlier today; we get a few hours to ourselves. She should be back very soon...”

Hearing that made Jetta smile. “Thanks. Now, in, oh... two hours or so, can you send her in?” She winked at the Titmouse.

Smiling mischievously, the Titmouse nodded her head. “I can, if you want...”

“Thank you,” Jetta whispered back before waving her off. She couldn’t help but smirk at the surprise she arranged for her master. She slowly turned her head back to the pigtailed youth. “Shall we?” The Lupina winked at Ranma before getting up and out of the booth, sexily slinking toward the back, her tail wagging side-to-side behind her.

Taking a moment to get his member back into place and zip his fly closed, Ranma got up from the table. “Sure thing!” The pigtailed Tamer called out after his PokéWoman was taking the initiative and heading towards the back with the ‘Private Private Booths’.

Right up at the door, Jetta gave her master a saucy grin before she slipped past the doorframe of four and disappeared inside when the large door closed behind her.

Ranma quickly made his way to the door once Jetta was inside. He opened the door slowly as to not startle his Lupina, before the pigtailed Tamer joined her.

When her master joined her in the room, the Lupina shut the door behind him... revealing she had already stripped out of her clothing as locked the door. Then, slowly turning back to the youth, (and getting a giddy little thrill from how he stared at her) Jetta simple commanded, “Clothes... off!”


OfficerJenny smiled as she pulled her head back into a small ponytail at the base, before putting her cap back on. “Whooo! That was a lot of fun. You sure have a bit of stamina there, kid...” she complimented. “We’ve been at this, what, forty-eight hours now?” She grinned at the memories of his squeals, his shrieks, and the feel of his thick piece of meat sliding back and forth between her legs...

Yes, it seemed he really was a prime protégé of the magical flying island of Vain! Darn, those spell-casters could do impressive things with their bodies.

As he lay there on the wooden rack twitching lightly, Séance slowly looked at the digital clock on the wall. “F-fifty-six...” he groaned as he twitched once again. Fifty-six hours of straight S&M with the OfficeJenny PokéGirl Supervisor of the Greenpeace Correctional Center.

And she certainly proved not all OfficerJennys looked alike. He needed some form of liquid refreshment. He was feeling rather dehydrated.

However, Séance’s attention was taken away from his suffering by the sound of creaking metal as the door slowly slid open. Looking towards the entrance to see why the door was opening, the mystic apprentice stared wide-eyed at who was standing there. “P-puh...” he had to stop and take a moment to try and get some sort of moisture to his mouth. “Professor Ghaleon!”

The pale-skinned man with dark red eyed and dark robes with purple and red accents nodded his head. “I see that you seem to be enjoying your stay at the Correctional Center, Mr. Leer...”

Shaking his head, Séance cried, “Please, Professor! You gotta get me out of here!”

Turning back to the youth she’d ridden for a good number of days, the OfficerJenny huffed. “Geeze! What’s your problem?”

Ignoring the question of the dominant OfficerJenny and the aching of his muscles, the dark-haired Aura Mage Apprentice and PokéGirl Tamer climbed off of the rack and then clawed his way across the floor, to his teacher’s feet. “Please... PLEASE tell me you’ve gotten me a way out of here, Professor Ghaleon!”

Suppressing a groan at the pathetic nature of his student, the high-ranking member of Vain’s Magic Council nodded his head slowly. “Lucky for you, I have.” He took his hand out from behind his back, showing he was holding onto a manila-colored folder that had numerous papers sticking out of it. Holding it towards the OfficerJenny, he said, “I have all the paperwork here. Paperwork and File Concerning Séance Leer, the bail payment receipt, receipt for the three PokéBalls and PokéGirls registered to him that were confiscated, and numerous sanction and permits filled out by myself as well as four other Vain Council Members, including the head of our Council: Lemia Ausa.”

Taking the folder from Ghaleon, the OfficerJenny Supervisor then opened the folder and began flipping through the paperwork, taking time at the moment to just look at the spots where there needed to be signatures. Closing the folder, she looked up to Ghaleon and said, “Everything appears to be in order. For now, I suggest you wait out in the main office, while we get these processed.”

Nodding his head to the PokéGirl in skimpy black leather, the magic-user replied, “Thank you, OfficerJenny.”

The woman waved it off and told him, “It’s okay, Professor. You can call me, ‘Jenny’.”

Nodding his head, Ghaleon replied, “Very well, Jenny...”

Raising his head, Séance looked up at his teacher with teary eyes. “I’m... I’m getting out of here?”

Looking down, Ghaleon nodded his head. “Yes... and when we get you out, we’re going back to Vain... there are things you and I need to discuss...” he told his student, a definite hard edge to his voice.

And from there, Séance felt all his hope vanish. Gulping nervously, the young aura mage PokéGirl Tamer got the distinct feeling he was going right from the frying pan... and into the fire.

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