Eternian Wreaking Crew: A Brief Digression (LEMON) [Episode 184641]


"Ranma-kun, you can't sleep in here." He felt stern pressure on his side. "Ranma-kun?"

"Hmm? Whassat?" He awoke fully, realizing that it was an unfamiliar voice. Slowly opening his eyes he saw the silhouette of a girl with long hair. The flickering streetlamp outside cast a white outline around her face every few seconds but given the darkness of the room he couldn't make heads nor tails of her features. Truly, the only source of illumination in the room was a diffuse glow off her skin.

It was a bed, he realized, a soft bed not unlike the one he awoke in before the redhead attack him and all hell went down. The covers were warm, perhaps a bit too warm - then he realized why: the strange girl's legs were entwined with his. To his personal disconsertion he felt wetness on his kneee where it pressed between the girl's legs. Whispers of wiry hair as he moved away caused him to harden.

Contrary to popular belief, Ranma did have some manner of a sex drive and indeed a strong working knowledge of the act itself. Living on the road and travelling from country to country didn't leave much room for embarrassment over the human form. Once he realized the 'best' way to resolve his 'swelling' problem he understood why his father was always doing something to himself when they washed in ponds and rivers. Soon, Ranma began wandering away from camp in the evenings to 'meditate'. Given his new knowledge, the young martial artist began paying more attention to cities and towns, particularly when Genma would run off to the brothels. It wasn't until he started shooting cum that he fully understood the ins-and-outs, as it were, of lovemaking.

His first sexual experience had been with a girl two years his younger when he'd been fifteen. Genma'd dragged him to a little temple in Tokyo saying something about 'ki' techniques. The old shrine master had welcomed them with open arms and let them stay in the guestroom.

One night, Ranma'd gone off into the trees around the shrine to 'meditate'. What he didn't know was that the granddaughter of the shrine priest thought he and his father were con artists (which of course they were) and up to no good, under this impression she'd folowed him into the glen and observed his sexual improprieties. The girl was an early bloomer and rather precoscious, so when she grew aroused by his display of virility she popped out of the bushes and started yelling at him - hostility being the only way she could express affection. In the end, she'd descended on his shaft and given him an awkward but fulfilling handjob. Thus his first ejaculation was all over the face of the miko-in-training; a surprise to them both.

Just when he'd started fumbling around between her legs his father'd burst through the trees, grabbed his collar, and run off for the hills - leaving a frustrated young girl on the verge of her first orgasm. He still felt bad about it to this day...

After that it was back to meditation until Jusenkyo. Having a busty female body to deal with, Ranma, being the inquisitive adolescent he was, experimented with the female form. During the three weeks following the curse Ranma learned exactly what women felt, which seriously freaked him out. Genma's lectures on the weakness of the fairer sex weren't right but the pigtailed boy did worry about the psychological effects the curse might have on him. Thus he began overcompensating.

But here, here was a beautiful woman (not girl) obviously naked and aroused. The vestiges of his embarrassment and nervousness faded as his libido came back from the dead, igniting a fare that threatened to consume his rational mind.

"I don't think I want to leave." His voice came out deeper, huskier, and his hands snaked around her sides of their own volition. She pushed off against the silken sheets and began to protest before blushing elegantly and aquiesing to his pull. He felt his lips draw up in a smile without really thinking about it, watching the girl's brown tresses dapple down her creamy neck.

"If father cathes you in could be trouble." Voice faltering as he flush deepened, the dream girl crawled backwards on all fours until pulling off the thin sheet over his purple erection with her teeth. Her eyes glowed bright white when her tongue traced the swollen veins along his shaft. He bucked his hips reflexively, un wittingly dragging the puffy flange of his crown across the bottoms of her perfect white teeth.

It was the final straw. With the image of a long-haired brunette with her pretty pink lips wrapped around his manhood, Ranma came explosively - sending semen shooting out of the unprepared girl's nostrils. She pulled off the spurting beast, hacking and coughing thick globules of his seed on his stomach and thighs. Physically exhausted for some strange reason, he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

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