Day by Night: Kolkholz Slaughter (DARK) (LEMON) [Episode 183566]


As events proceeded in other parts of Nerima, a certain cleptomaniac figure-skater was irritably tapping her feet and pacing back and forth and tightening her grip on her skate-laces. This competition was due to begin any moment now and Mikki was off somewhere romancing some new girls.

"Azusa not happy at all," she said irritably, wishing that her partner would take their figure skating more seriously sometimes.

It wasn't that she minded him going after girls, as long as it wasn't her, but not while they had a competition to act in.

He was supposed to have been here an hour ago.

She stomped her foot down and directed herself towards Mikado's dressing room, not caring what she would find there. They had an audience to dazzle and wow, and they couldn't do that if he was gettin' busy.

Azusa's single-minded task carried her through the darkened halls and past the gaping open doorways. heading for her casanova partner's sanctuary. She had eyes for nothing but what lay ahead of her and didn't ask the question of why the school's hallways were dark during an event.

Her worst suspicions were confirmed as she heard the moanings and shrieks coming from with the room.

Getting herself ready for an embarassing amount of naked flesh, Azusa gripped the door and pulled it open.

What was within was minimally like she thought it would be.

In Sanzenin's hands, the fashion club's student teacher, some older chick from college named Sainoko, writhed and moaned as he thrust into her and unabashedly licked at the soft flesh of her back. Her long hair clung wetly to her body and shimmered a disturbing red in the flickering light of the room.

Off to the side, the fashion club president crouched naked over the torn and violated body of one of her club members. Neyoko's dyed-blonde hair was still in its stylish ponytail even as she hungrily bit into the dying girl's thigh and crotch.

Everywhere in the room was splattered with blood, gore and bodies.

Azusa choked despite herself and stepped back away from the door, too late to avoid notice.

"Why hello," Sanzenin said. "We've been waiting for you, Azusa."

Before the little brown-haired skater could react, the feeding blonde was behind her and ripping pulling down the front of her costume. Sanzenin and Sainoko disengaged and started coming towards her, holding a small piece of metal with tiny flaying wires.

"You're going to love eternal life, Azusa-Chan," Neyoko said throatily as she groped Azusa's ample chest.

Whatever the little piece of metal did, Azusa didn't want any part of it. She ignored her uncovered chest momentarily, letting her body weight pull her out of Neyoko's unskilled hold before she whipped up into a somersault kick shattering whatever monstrous thing they wanted to put on her.

Immediately, she twisted into a spinning scissor kick, taking advantage of Mikki's surprise and the two girls' lack of training to knock all three of them off their feet. Then she was running out the door and pulling her top up as well as she could, not wanting to be thrown off balance by the movements of her chest.

"Guess you'll have to settle for being a mere ghoul then," Mikado shouted after her.

The girls were screaming in fury behind her and the sound echoed ahead and around her to the arena, but she ignored it. She had to find someone to help her. Someone had to be able to stop this.

Reaching the arena did not help her situation, because that's when she learned that not all the screaming was just an echo.

The competitors and audience alike were screaming as what looked like zombies shambled through the aisles, looking for prey. Even as Azusa watched, more were standing up from the remains of those fallen.

Crying, Azusa slipped her way into the locker room, avoiding a pair of ghoulish gym teachers, and tracked down her roller skates. It was a risk, but she didn't think she'd get out without them.

As a further addition, she grabbed her sweater and slipped it over her body, to further shore up her semi-unclothed nature.

Then it was time to get out.

There was one advantage she had over Mikado, he'd never demean himself by riding rollerskates, not wanting to "corrupt" the "purity" of his art. Meanwhile, Azusa was as much of an artist on the streets as she was in the rink.

Rolling softly out of the locker room, Azusa barely ducked in time as she was faced with the Kolkholz hockey team. She'd decimated their forces time and time again before, but that was with Mikki and it was before they were dead.

Now, she didn't even try to face them, but shifted back, towards the rink, trying to get speed through the corridors as the ghouls cluttered the halls behind her. Looking back briefly, she saw with a pang that the hockey team had lost all their technique and skill now that they were dead.

Mikki had stolen their art from them, and now he wanted to do the same for her because she didn't want to accept whatever it was that made him monstrous.

The rink lay before her and Azusa did not stop, even on her roller skates, instead, she let herself slide across as a horde of ghouls slipped about gracelessly behind her.

Ahead of her, Azusa swallowed as the blood splattered college student appeared. Unlike Azusa, she hadn't yet bothered to get dressed.

Sainoko moved to the ice with a grace that she would have never credited the old lady before. Still, however, the girl-turned monster was an amateur and Azusa was not.

"Don't you look tasty, Azusa-chan," the girl said, mouth open wide to reveal long canine fangs.

On her roller blades, Azusa knew she didn't have full maneuverability on the ice, but the fanged specter in front of her gave her some new options.

As Sainoko approached, she tried to keep her mind clear of the sex and cannibalism she'd witnessed and focussed only on her task. Picking up on foot and twisting it about, her glide seemed to twist out of control, and so it would have done if Azusa's foot did not impact Sainoko's head.

A moment later, the vampire was rocketing across the rink and Azusa was flying up into the seating. Down below her, ghouls were slowly rising and pushing the remaining living victims forward as they shambled about to feed.

Azusa swallowed and gathered herself to land on the edge of a stair in the bleachers, projecting off it before any of the ghouls could reach her and heading back into the air aiming for the control box. She landed and came to a tight stop long enough to click a few buttons.

As the bleachers started to pull inward, the mindless ghouls were thrown off balance and the remaining people quickly fled away into the halls and out of the school.

The splattering footsteps behind her gave Azusa ample warning to get out of her spot and she leaped down to skid across the edge of the closing bleachers for an exit, glancing back to see Neyoko angrily smashing the machines before leaping after the figure skating martial artist.

Then Azusa was in the halls and gain momentum as she easily out manuevered the few ghouls in the halls and listened to Neyoko and Sainoko shrieking out obscene comments at her that could have any of a number of meanings hinting at both pleasure and pain.

She burst out the halls and was sliding down the railing as she saw Mikado ahead of her.

He'd snatched a girl out of the running crowd and was getting ready to sink his teeth into her neck. Azusa reached the bottom of the railing and kicked up into an arc that would lead her to slam down on Mikado's skull with lethal force.

As she saw her partner's image approaching from beneath her, a single tear shed down her cheek and then came impact.

Instinct made her grab the near-victim and toss her ahead into a soft patch of grass that cushioned her fall without slowing her escape too much.

Looking back as she slid to an abrupt stop, Azusa saw Mikado standing up and the young man and suffered little to no damage. Behind him, Sainoko and Neyoko, now dressed in clothes that seemed to have been taken from slain bystanders, swayed out to his side. All three smiled large, fangy grins as the ghouls that had not been crushed in the bleachers shambled out behind them.

"You've caused us some trouble, Azusa-chan," Mikado said, his smile turning into an angry frown.

Azusa fled for her life down the street, and the undead pursued.

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