Pokegirls (P&F): Well this could be interesting... The cat is out of the bag(Lame but true) (LEMON) [Episode 179297]


Brianna was a happy G-splice.

Ranma was a weresmilodon, a race created by Iceron to be the ultimate were, bodyguard and sex machine to keep all his other werecreatures in line. Brianna was definitely not disappointed when she forcefully shredded his clothes, especially his pants. Smilodon or not Ranma would always be manly as his mother would say.

Brianna was one happy G-splice indeed.

Ranma blushed a bit seeing how much... curvier and seemingly more sensual this Brianna was. The rags called clothes that she wore left nothing to the imagination, and there it was, that sweet, sweet scent like the first time he and Brianna had sex..

Sighing a bit, it seemed like it was always the girl whom made the first move on him. Not that he would complain though... “Are you supposed to do all the work he asked cheekily as Brianna finished tearing off his last piece of clothing article and had pushed him to the floor.

Realizing her actions, she chuckled embarrassedly and blushed a cute pinkish hue. “Sorry master... I just really, REALLY need it badly.” she apologized.

Then lowering herself to her knees, she spread his legs apart and then grabbed his manhood, licking its head and length. Her ministrations send shivers through Ranma and he moaned loudly when she began sucking and caressing his balls. He couldn't hold back long and into her mouth.

Brianna's eyes widened but she just continued, drinking the torrent of his seed throughout his orgasm. While it had caught her unaware, Pokegirls were just made possible for that to be done. She then cleaned his shaft, licking up and down, satisfied when she was done with that, she broke into a wide smile seeing that that it was still hard.

Breathing heavily, Ranma returned his view from the ceiling to Brianna whom was moving up to mount him. He decided to thank her and also do some work for her.

She gasped upon mounting Ranma, he was way mush bigger than “3 inch” Sextome, giving a sharp cry when he sat up. Ranma lifted her hips, palms supporting her back as he gently lowered her to the floor. She moaned and gasped as Ranma thrust into her, she was not idle and too continued to thrust herself by wrapping her limbs around him, enjoying the sensation of him pounding away as her perk nipples rubbed against his finely chiseled chest.

The effects of going feral was ebbing away from her and it just felt so good for Brianna. Sextome was just a bastard whom only got himself off, she needed the rest of her harem sisters to assist in the taming so that she would actually orgasm. But this Ranma was different, and he felt so good in her.

Ranma just idly noted that this Brianna was such a nice fit, she wasn't a very tight fit but it was just pleasant and warm. He wondered how it would feel like in smilodon form.

Brianna could feel it, the euphoric feeling of an orgasm, it was weird, the Ranma Sextome she knew could never make her orgasm this way or at all for that matter. How could someone with the face of that bastard Sextome.

Screaming Ranma's name loudly, Brianna orgasmed loudly,the unpleasant feelings of going feral had left her. She hugged Ranma tighter, the wonderful feeling of his fur rubbing against her... wait fur?

She looked up and saw afield of ebony black fur leading to a furry face with two six inch long fangs and a pair of white eye stripes.

“Heh...” chuckled Ranma nervously. He was so used to sex in his smilodon form that he had transformed, so much for keeping that a secret. “ I'm still Ranma, sorry 'bout this...”

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