PokeGirls (GD): Hot Stuff Café and Show (LEMON) [Episode 178539]

by Red Priest of the 17th Order

Smiling, Ranma walked alongside his petite PokéGirl. The Shaguar looked sexy in her new outfit. Plus, her collar really accentuated the look. As much of a weirdo as Ash could be, he sure had good taste when it came to PokéGirl fashion.

Meanwhile, Sheila was all smiles and purrs as she wore her new outfit with pride, walking beside Ranma in a cute little strut to show her stuff.

“You’re that happy?” The pigtailed Tamer asked of his petite Shaguar, who was purring louder than an engine motor at the moment.

“Of course!” The Shaguar responded energetically. “I won a difficult PokéBattle yesterday, got a good Taming this morning, and I got a hot new outfit! I’m on top of the world, Master!” Sheila squealed in pure delight.

And then the rumbling of both their stomachs reminded them that even those on top of the world needed to eat.

“Eh heh...” Ranma chuckled nervously. “So... think you can wait until we get to the PokéCenter to grab a bite to eat?” Personally, he didn’t really feel like waiting, but he didn’t know where else to go for food besides McPoké’s.

“Hmm...” the Shaguar mumbled as she looked around. “Hey! What’s that?” Sheila asked as she pointed toward a black painted building with an outstanding sign.

“Huh?” Turning his head, Ranma caught sight of what Sheila was pointing out. Down the street was what a black building, but there was a nice neon-painted sign with stylish lettering. “Hot Stuff Café and Show,” Ranma read aloud. “Hey, sounds like a place to eat!”

“Let’s try it out, Master! Please!?” Sheila exclaimed excitedly. After all, it might have a more... ‘ romantic’ atmosphere than a typical McPoké’s.

Thinking about it for a moment, Ranma eventually nodded his head. “Why not? I’m game,” he said seriously as he started walking towards the establishment... or, to be more honest, was lead there by his excited PokéGirl.

Moving as quickly as her little Shaguar feet would take them, Sheila led them right to the front door and pulled it open, before leading them both inside.

The inside was a dark setting due to the low lighting, but not pitch black. And there seemed to be... semi-loud music playing. Neon flashes could be seen past the waiting lobby.

Their attention was taken from the look of the lobby when a voice called out. “Table for two?” A buxom waitress asked. While she wore a leather mini-skirt so short her panties were viewable... she was topless with pierced nipples!

“Sure...” Ranma responded, his eyes going to the human-looking PokéGirl’s breasts. The piercings really gave the massive set of mammaries an exotic and enticing look.

“Follow me,” the waitress smiled and lead them into the main room... which got both Sheila and Ranma’s eyes to widen at the sight. There, in the center of the room, was a stage with poles. Lights of different strengths and colors alternated in shining down on her as she danced to the beat of the music playing. On the main stage, a red-scaled reptilian woman with a long tail with a fire on the end moved to the beat as she slid out of her clothing in an erotic fashion. She slowly revealed the pierced nipples, which only served to accentuate the woman’s bright crimson color.

And of course, the main stage wasn’t the only place a PokéGirl could dance. Many of the tables in the place had dancing poles going from the center up to the ceiling too, some already with strippers! In fact, Ranma could see that at the moment, one of the strippers was letting a female customer eat her out!

Her eyes wide as she tried to take in everything, Sheila was starting to drool.

“Holy crap...” Ranma muttered in shock. Gawking a bit as he looked around, the pigtailed Tamer finally turned back to the waitress. “Uh... can we get food here?”

“Of course!” The buxom PokéGirl exclaimed. “We have a full selection of entrées in our menu. Here’s your booth.” She sat them both down in the large circular booth and handed them both a menu. “Can I get either of you anything to drink for starters?”

“I’ll take a Phucktastic Power Drink,” Sheila said. After all, best to keep up her energy.

“Uh...” seeing the page with drink names like, ‘Sex on the Beach’ and ‘Buttery Nipples’, Ranma responded with, “Water is fine for me...” As he closed the menu quickly, it was then that he noticed in the front of the menu was a small plastic sleeve holding a card.

[Today’s Special: Sizzling Sausage]

“Um, excuse me? How’s the special?” Ranma asked the waitress.

“Oh, it’s great for PokéGirls...” the waitress responded. “But you may want something more substantial for you.”

Ranma nodded his head. “I see...” he said slowly, before turning to look at Sheila. “Hey, Sheila... you want to try the ‘Special’?”

“Hmm...” Sheila looked at the front of the cover of the menu. Yes, if you don’t mind.”

The waitress nodded her head as she took the small note-pad and pen hanging from her skirt’s belt and turned to Ranma. “And what would you like?”

“Uh...” Ranma blinked his eyes and looked through the menu quickly. “What do you think?”

The waitress looked him over. “Well, we do have a nice mega tortillas platter...”

“I’ll go with that!” Ranma said as he looked the waitress over. “By the way... what kind of PokéGirl are you?”

Smiling at Ranma, the PokéGirl responded, “I’m not surprised you can’t tell. I’m a hybrid.”

“Oh?” Ranma asked. “You're a G-Splice?”

The G-Splice PokéGirl nodded her head. “Mmmhmm.”

“What kind?” Ranma asked.

The woman smiled. “Nerdette and Milktit. That way I’m very human in appearance, yet I have the tits of any powerful PokéGirl... and I lactate too!” She winked.

Ranma chuckled a bit, eyes focused on her cleavage as she leaned forward, pressing her breasts together.

Grinning, the waitress removed a nipple ring and then squeezed her right breast, jetting milk into two of the empty cups on the table. “Enjoy!!” She winked at the two before leaving their table.

“Wow...” Sheila mumbled in awe. She picked up her glass, and sniffed it for a moment. She then downed it without a second thought.

“Uh...” Ranma was speechless, but tried the free milk. He blinked his eyes as soon as the first drops went past his lips and to his tongue. “That’s... actually good!”

As Ranma appreciated his milk, the CharAmanda on stage stopped dancing and started to collect her things when the song was done. As another song started up, another PokéGirl came onto stage. Green-skinned with a lithe figure yet a decent set of breasts, she pushed back her vine-like hair from her face and started to dance.

Sheila watched the Boobleaf dance as she finished her milk. “Mmm... wish she stayed. I could use some more...”

Ranma smiled. “Here...” he told Sheila as he offered her the rest of his glass.

Grinning, Sheila accepted it without second thought. “Thank you!” She then gulped the milk down, her tail wagging happily.

Ranma smiled as he watched his PokéGirl happily drink her milk. Grinning lightly, he couldn’t help himself. He moved over in the booth a bit; hand rubbing Sheila’s leg.

The Shaguar purred more with the attention. “Mmmm...” the milk was not only tasty, but stimulating... plus the smell in the air was turning Sheila on.

Looking into Sheila’s eyes, Ranma smiled lightly. “You know, it’s odd...” he said softly, loud enough so only Sheila could here. “When I first got here, this sort of place would have put me into a coma from blood-loss... but now...” he chuckled. This sort of thing didn’t bother him in the slightest.

Smiling, Sheila was more than happy to tell her master, “I’m glad.” It meant he would blend in with his surroundings better.

Ranma smiled as he moved his hand up to rub Sheila’s cheek. “You’re a cutie...”

The Shaguar blushed at the gentle caress and compliment. “Aww... thanks, Master.”

Ranma smiled happily, just looking into Sheila’s eyes...

And then the waitress came back with a large tray. She placed it down on a nearby table before bringing over their drinks. A tall glass of water for Ranma and a spided-up Power Drink served in a mug for Sheila.

“And here’s your meal...” the G-Splice then went back and brought over a good-sized platter filled with large soft nachos, covered in cheese, guacamole, sour-cream, and bits of bacon!

“Looks delicious!” Ranma said, his mouth drooling lightly from the sight and scent of his meal.

And then the PokéGirl picked up a smaller tray from the larger one which held everything. This one was holding five different squeeze bottles. “And here’s yours, Shaguar.”

At the sight of Sheila’s ‘meal’, Ranma blinked his eyes. “Hey! I thought her meal was going to be sausage?”

“It will...” the Waitress responded. “She pours the filling sauces on your sausage, and she sucks it off.”

Blinking his eyes once, twice, Ranma could only signify that with an, “Oh my...”

At that explanation, Sheila grinned and picked a bottle of sauce with her right hand before disappearing under the table. The sound of a fly unzipping was heard and Ranma suddenly felt something spread on his cock before a familiar mouth engulfed his piece.

“Ooooooh...” the pigtailed Tamer groaned as he felt Sheila sucking down on him. “Ahh... wuh-what flavor is it?” Ranma managed to ask between gasps.

“Looks like she snagged the ‘Fruity n’ spicy’ type... more milk?” The waitress offered as she cupped a breast.

“Uh...” Ranma groaned as he looked over to the waitress. “Shuh-sure...” he said as he motioned her over; squirming in his seat. “Puh-please?”

Smiling she squeezed him a glassful. “Also... would you like to try it right from the jug?”

Under the table, Sheila sucked Ranma harder as she used a hand squeeze his balls, her tongue dancing all over his member.

“AHHH!” Ranma gasped out as he sat up straight in his seat. He looked over at the PokéGirl waitress and said. “Uh... maybe a little?”

The waitress smirked and sat on her knees at the edge of the booth, her boobs presented and ready.

Shivering a little as Sheila took a moment to add more of a thick liquid to his cock, Ranma reached over and used a hand to take hold of one of the woman’s breasts. “Very soft...” he complimented before slowly bringing the nipple to his lips, and suckling. Little by little he got some of that flavorful taste from her. It made him suck a little bit faster; tip of his tongue licking around the nub to stimulate it to give more.

The waitress shivered and rubbed her fingers through his hair encouragingly as she shoved more of her tit into his mouth.

Sheila sucked her master’s member harder, nipping at the base with her teeth as her tongue wrapped around his shaft.

Ranma moaned around his mouthful of breast-flesh as his PokéGirl underneath the table continued to energetically have her ‘meal’. He was already making a mental note to come to this place again at some point later.

The G-Splice waitress cooed in delight as she was now rubbing her other tit with her free hand, stimulating herself. And she wasn’t the only one as, Sheila was using her own tail, started to rub her now moist ice blue panties as she nipped along Ranma’s entire shaft before teasing the crown and tip with her lips.

Squirming incessantly in his seat, Ranma continued to suck harder, swallowing more and more milk that came from the waitress’ nipple. His arm reached around, pressing against the small of the woman’s back to keep her close as he drank deeply.

The PokéGirl cooed and leaned in, shivering in delight as Ranma drank her milk. “If you think this is good... would you like to sample the ‘juice’?”

Underneath the table, Sheila kept sucking taking a moment to spray on more sauces as she went.

That time, Ranma had to take his mouth off the woman’s breast. “Oh kami!” He shouted as that sauce was actually COLD! ‘Sizzling Sausage’, his ass, this was more like ‘Chilled Cock’! Calming down a moment, Ranma turned back to the woman. “Juice?”

Smirking, the waitress pushed his plate aside and pulled away from Ranma. She then got up onto and sat on the table, her back to the pole in the middle. She untied the g-string on the side of her panties letting them fall off to reveal her wet slit and thatch of trimmed pubic hair.

“Ohhh...” Ranma said slowly as he took a good look. Looking up at the woman’s eyes, he asked, “May I?”

The woman grinned. “By all means.”

“Thank yoOOU!” Ranma cried out as he felt Sheila apply more of that cold sauce to his dick. Shivering a little, Ranma shook his head for a moment to clear it from the sudden shock. He then leaned forward. Placing his hands on her inner-thighs, he stuck his tongue out, licking at the G-Splice’s nether-folds lightly where it was glistening with her moistness.

Leaning back into the pole, the PokéGirl smiled as the pigtailed Tamer tried her ‘juice’. “Mmmmm...”

Sheila meanwhile, was going at her ‘meal’ with more fervor .

Using his tongue, Ranma licked along the woman’s slit again and again, getting more of his waitress’ ‘juice’. He had to admit, it was VERY sweet.

Still, his sampling of some fine PokéGirl pussy only lasted for another two minutes. He had to stop and rear his head back, biting his lower lip to keep from crying out as he finally came into a certain Shaguar’s mouth due to her ‘feasting’.

Finally, Ranma calmed down from his exertion, panting for breath as he tried to regain his posture. “D-damn...” he managed to gasp out. “She really went at me there.”

Sheila gulped down his load with practiced ease, sucking her master dry before cleaning him up. “Purr...”

“Sounds like it.” The waitress smirked as she could hear the noises from beneath the table.

Ranma chuckled lightly, nodding his head in agreement. “Yeah...” he looked up at his waitress. “Thanks for the milk and the ‘juice’. If it’s okay, I believe I want to do something with my Shaguar when she comes back up...”

“But of course.” The waitress said as she pulled her panties back up and tied before standing up on the table and jumping off. “By the way, we do also have ‘private-private booths’, if you want some ‘extra fun’.” She winked at him.

Ranma smiled. “Maybe later...” taking his wallet out of his pants pocket, Ranma took out a one-thousand slc note before slipping it underneath the waistband of his waitress’ g-string. “By the way, what’s your name?”

“Eliza,” the G-Splice PokéGirl told him.

“Nice name,” Ranma said honestly. “Hope to see you later with the check at least.” He told her before giving her ass a gentle slap with his extended hand.

Eliza shivered with the contact and then walked off, hips swaying along the way.

Turning his head, Ranma watched as the G-Splice waitress walked away. Damn, she had a sexy sway to her hips, and such a nice heart-shaped ass.

Finally, Sheila crawled up from under the table, a Cheshire-cat grin plastered on her face. “Mmmm... yummy!”

Hearing that, Ranma turned back to look at his Shaguar. “So... I take it you ‘ate’ well?”

Grinning widely, Sheila licked her lips in confirmation.

Ranma smiled. “I’m hungry too, but there’s something I want first...” leaning over, he whispered into Sheila's ear, “Sit on my lap.”

Grinning ear-to-ear, the petite PokéGirl climbed out of her seat and over to his. “Purr...”

Smiling, Ranma placed his hands on either side of Sheila’s posterior, helping to align her ass right on his hips so that she was sitting with her back to his front completely. “Now that’s nice...” he told Sheila as his hands were moving his Shaguar’s mini-skirt and panties down her legs.

Sheila fidgeted excitedly, knowing what was coming.

Ranma smiled. “Do you like?” He asked her as he had her lower garments down her legs completely. He then reached back behind her and between them, undoing the button on his pants and freeing his hips more. He was thankful that Sheila left his fly unzipped.

“Mmmhmm!” Sheila purred as she tried to press her furry ass back more.

Grinning, Ranma ground his member against Sheila’s now exposed cunny. As he became erect, the length of his member was rubbing right along Sheila’s slit, between her puffy, furry nether-lips.

“Puurrrrrrr... purrleeaasee mmmaaaasssssterrr!” Sheila begged, rubbing her slit against him incessantly.

Ranma groaned happily. “Feels nice, Sheila...” he told her honestly as his hands gripped her hips and lifted her just enough to get the head of his cock right at her folds. He then slid her back, his cock sliding into her nice and warm folds.

“PUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!” The Shaguar exclaimed happily as she cocked her head to kiss him while she started to grind her hips against him rapidly.

Grinding his hips up into Sheila’s ass, Ranma returned the kiss energetically, his tongue feeling around inside Sheila’s mouth. His hands slide up along her body, from her hips and up to her tube-top. He lifted it up a bit higher on her, just enough to reveal her breasts before he started groping them gently.

Sheila moaned into the kiss, her tail rubbing and curling around her master’s balls and squeezing as she ground her hips onto his cock, while her inner-muscles squeezed and churned around him demandingly. She was already quite turned on, so she was plenty wet and ready.

Ranma groaned happily as he continued to make-out with his Shaguar. He was thrusting his hips now, trying to get his cock into her deeper and lifting her hips up to the underside of the table. Skilled fingers pinched and twisted the petite PokéGirl’s erect nipples.

The Shaguar moans back, her tongue now dominating his as she thrust her hips back faster, bucking the table and booth chair.

Ranma was impressed that neither the booth chairs nor the table were moving with them. These pieces must really have been bolted into place; especially with the pole coming up from the center of the table. Still, Ranma was getting turned on, trying to reciprocate the pleasure she was giving him.

Breaking the kiss, Sheila began to pant for breath as her vaginal muscles tightened so hard around his cock that he could barely move inside her. She mewled in bliss as her orgasm, apparently, wasn’t far off.

With his petite Shaguar trembling in need, Ranma smiled mischievously at his PokéGirl as he told her, “You’re cumming first.” And with that, his leftt hand went down from Sheila’s left breast and between her legs...

And then his digits pinched her clit.

Her eyes widened at the pressure and she screamed while she creamed; her love-fluids cascaded over Ranma’s member as her vaginal muscles became even tighter!

Ranma smiled, somehow unembarrassed by how Sheila was drawing attention to herself with her cries of pleasure. Instead, Ranma continued to try and thrust his cock in her folds... but still, even he couldn’t hold off while his little PokéGirl was orgasming around his cock, and he ended up joining her. Plunging his member as deeply as he could, he came, filling her cunny with his hot cum in quick, thick bursts.

Sheila sighed in pure bliss as she felt her master’s cream filling her. As the tension left her body, she slowly laid back against her master, purring loudly.

The two actually got some applause from customers not engaged in sex themselves, before everyone returned to eating or fucking.

Although he blushed lightly, Ranma continued to hold his position. “Did you like, Sheila?” Ranma asked as he continued to hug her from behind.

Nodding her head, Sheila smiled brightly. “Oooh yessssssssss...”

Ranma smiled. “So did I...” he then kissed Sheila on the lips again, very pleased that she brought him here.

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