Ranma's New Day: One Sister's Honor (LIME) [Episode 178517]

by Sainin

"Nabiki!? What's gotten into you??" Ranma cried from the carpet top as he stuck his slippered foot onto her forehead to pry her and Ryoga loose by pig-boy's hair roots.

It wasn't what was "in" her, but "on" her: And Ryoga's cum was still coming. But now yanked from its landing place on Nabiki's hot skin, it was being pumped out elsewhere. Finicky Carpet didn't want to get any on itself, so it deposited its master on the tabletop. Ryoga's cock was pointed one way("Oh, my!" Kasumi cried, stepping away from the semen.)...and Ranma's head was pointed the other: "Akane!?? Pop!!"

"Come on, come on! Give me your little boy that I want, Mr. Saotome!" Akane demanded while reaching under his pants to pull it out.

"UhMmlnDHngdffd!" Genma tried to preach. But with the young girl's sopping pussy mashed down over his mouth, only Ranma could make out the meaning of his words: 'Oh, the unmanly indignity of it!"

But the infected pussy juice was already working its way down to his manhood.

"Got it!" Akane cried in glee, bringing out the growing male organ.

--- --- ---

"Kasumi... ." Ryoga's lust turned to where his eyes looked.

"Oh, my, please, no, Ryoga," Kasumi asked nicely.

"Aw, geez: Man!" Ranma had to make a choice, and his first was to defend the honor of poor Kasumi. (Akane didn't look like she wasn't bothered about thoughts of her honor.) He kicked the loser's butt back towards Nabiki, while leaping to stand in front of the eldest sister.

"Ryoga! You've returned to me just in time," the now totally nude Nabiki grinned, glomping onto him. Ryoga instantly responded by glomping back.

"Ranma, you must believe that my sisters aren't normally like this, Kasumi asked.

"I believe: Something weirdo’s goin' on. C'mon, Kasumi! Stay behind me." Keeping a wary eye on Ryoga (and Nabiki), he sidled over to Akane and his pop. "Okay, you two: I say stop it!!"

"Yes, please do, Akane. You should save yourself for marriage-Eee!" Genma's hand had reached out for the other nearby female. His brain clouding up with lust, ancient attitudes of his had him seeing the other sister as just another to add to the harem each man had the right to, if he were strong enough! And this girl was definitely more of his idea of what a wife should be.

"No ya don't, Pop!" Ranma screamed, stomping a foot down the dishonorably hard man's hand. It had been a fraction of an inch of touching a leg protected only by a pantyhose.

Genma didn't cry out. Even if his mouth were freed of Akane's silky vice-like thighs, he was too far gone to the pleasure her mouth was giving to his end for the pain to even register.

"It's not safe in here, Kasumi!" Ranma declared (where was that Carpet when he needed it!?) He picked her up in his strong arms and took her out of the room.

"That is a disappointment," Kasumi sighed. "And the pheromones and just the smell of plane, raw sex were just beginning to affect me, too."

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(Posted Thu, 30 Nov 2006 00:03)

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